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  1. I got this list from the AS digital version: this list is shared by the physical release according to @HuntingFever. And I got this list from the NA digital version: The Vita version isn't available on the EU stores unlike the PS4 version, so I would give a AS tag to the first list and a NA one to the other.
  2. After looking a bit more, I think the list labelled as AS is tied to the Vita version that was released on the US store, but I can't buy it at this moment so if someone can check that it would be cool. And the list labelled as PH is probably AS. I can confirm this now: - = AS - = NA
  3. I played the digital version from the Hong Kong store yesterday and I got the list labelled as Physical. So this: = AS version And this: = should be the PH version See HuntingFever's post below, I don't know what this list is for at this moment but the other list isn't physical only.
  4. This stack is for the AS version, not this one.
  5. The tweet I linked is a new one from 25 minutes ago but you never know, maybe they'll give a new time for the 3rd time by then lol
  6. Servers should come back in 2 hours from now ... if they don't postpone again by then. "Regarding the maintenance on May 28th (Friday), we have extended the end time to May 29th (Saturday) 3:00. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers. Thank you for your patience."
  7. The game is completely dead, you'll have to find a boosting partner. This trophy guide explains everything you need to know:
  8. I would like to replace 探险家斯皮兰卡 / Spelunker World with Secret Ponchos.
  9. Tier 1: - 探险家斯皮兰卡 / Spelunker World (CN - 0.93%) - 80% - Games of Glory (0.05%) - Friday the 13th (EU - 0.91%) - 74% - NBA 2k20 (0.38%) - 31% - Hustle Kings (0.02%) - 22% First game of my tier 1 is finally done, it's Games of Glory. The servers are closing on March 26th so I focused on this game since the shutdown was announced. Nothing much to say about it, it was just a long and boring grind and if it wasn't for the many servers issues and a full stats reset (which probably occured when the server shutdown was announced), I would've finished it sooner. Very glad I can remove it from my backlog ! Also a little shout-out to @Mui-Desu for doing the Arkhashan games with me ! (btw I did a PSN name change since I registered, SkepticV_ => ScepticW)
  10. There is a workaround for this trophy. It looks like the download function stopped working since December.
  11. The servers were down for the past 3 days or so but now they are working again.
  12. @jayboo1991 The servers are working again.
  13. I personally did the Arkashan games with a friend against 2 PS4 and a PC but the method mentionned on the 2nd post should work. For the difficulty and time rating, it's a 1/10 and should take you between 150-200 hours depending on the methods you use. It's just a long and boring grind but easy to do while watching a series/doing something else.
  14. I had this from time to time as well, hopefully it doesn't happen too often until the server closure because I still have about 400 games to play on Svandia ...
  15. Games of Glory servers are closing on March 26th at 00:00 UTC+1.