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  1. Does anyone have an issue with downloading the new DLC or just me?
  2. Guys, it is obtainable but a bit of a grind. It is not an auto-pop from PS4 since my friend tried it multiple times without success. What you need to do is upload your save once you get 19/20, keep trying to get the trophy by discovering the last area. I got mine after 3 tries.
  3. Totally understand haha, just that I been dodging any Cyberpunk related news until now since there are rumors about the game being a buggy mess. I have no idea who that character even is and just recently learn Keanu Reeves' character name, sorry for asking you to do that.
  4. I really appreciate that you have taken your time to reply to our questions but the second part it is a bit spoiler-ish, would you mind leaving that part out?
  5. Apparently rejoining player won't come back with any life now...
  6. Do not attempt this with someone who doesn't know the game, ever.
  7. Can possibly make NG+ runs easier with a blueblood sword (luck scaled), so it could be a useful glitch. However, the blueblood sword needs a boss soul that will run your lowest NG+ runs to 3-4 times. If you used savefile backup correctly, the minimum NG+ runs should be 2 without getting the blueblood sword. I mean I wouldn't know, I did 4.
  8. It is actually going by percentages, like dying in the flesh resolve in -20%, while defeating a boss in soul form gives +45%.
  9. You are a G!!!! I stuck on that bs for years!