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  1. PS5 it is. Im going to wait until a new update releases, my deadzone settings keep bugging out to where i cant increase it after decreasing it. Deleting my save seems like the only fix. Do you have any recommendations for deadzone, aim smoothing and aim assist settings? The remaining settings wont be too hard to experiment with after getting the first 3 set optimally.
  2. So far I’ve played the PS5 version on my alt account but I’d appreciate if somebody can help me with a few questions. 1. Should I play the PS4 or PS5 version? Aside from frame rate (i have 60hz tv), does the ps5 version have any extra advantages? 2. I was having alot of trouble configuring my controller settings, i cant get the aiming to feel right. Should i use aim smoothing, what fov should i use and should vertical/horizontal sensitivity be the same value? For reference, in other games i play ~95 horizontal fov, 10-15 deadzone and 6h/5v sensitivity (cod). Ion fury is the last old school fps ive played which had funky controls but this game feels a little worse.
  3. Ok, i think ill start dracula x first while i wait for a trophy guide. Plus im sure ill like that one the least so best to get that out of the way first lol.
  4. Do any of these games have missable trophies? I’ve never played any of them but sotn is one of my all time favorite games. I dont really want to go in blind or without knowing some key things so i dont have to restart.
  5. I spoke too soon. Before I did dlc mode, I was missing double claw/both crimsons/gtb. I did all of them and got the red icon symbol for each boss but the trophy didnt pop at the end. Since then i did both crimsons on cs mode but the icon didnt show up and i did the 4 ac bosses again in case i didnt do them properly (i did). Im going to do gtb and double claw in cs mode after i finish cs mode (4 missions left) but if i dont get the trophy after that then either im missing a boss or dlc mode bugged my progress. Edit: I did gtb and double claw in cs mode, icon didnt pop up and still no trophy. I highly doubt i missed a boss, i think its bugged via dlc mode or quitting out of levels (i definitely didnt use restart).
  6. The dev recently stated that afterlife will be a patch on ps4, so no seperate list/game. Not sure whether the trophies stay the same, base trophies get slightly altered or new trophies are added. Alot of fundamentals are getting changed and so far old patch saves on other platforms are not compatible on afterlife so i wont be starting this game until the update drops. The update will drop on ps4 sometime within the next 3 months.
  7. Well shit, I guess ill be skipping this game like serious sam 3. Hopefully #4 wont be buggy when it releases on playstation. Thx for the info.
  8. A few tries as in reloading the final checkpoint on the last mission or completely redoing campaign?
  9. Im about to test it. I have all ac bosses and 4 cs bosses left to burst counter. I think ill buy all the dlc since its 50% off, i got this game awhile back for $5 so its still a decent deal for me. I doubt very many people still play this game but ill be listing all dlc bosses for future reference in case dlc mode counts for burst counters. Edit: Dlc mode does count. I bought 1 pack at a time: Capcom = G. Bite, Great Thing, Golden Ruler, GTB, Crimson Cave= Double Claw, Azure, T. Edge Taito = GTB, Crimson, Savage Ruler Im not going to buy the rest but I definitely feel cave/taito dlc is worth it.
  10. Still no fix? I’ve had this game for a few months but I havent started it yet. Is there only 1 glitched trophy on the US version? Im cool with missing just 1 trophy but i dont want to start it if multiple trophies are unobtainable and/or buggy.
  11. I thought burst counters count in every mode? I have both nightmares, GTB/V, double claw, savage ruler and all 3 thousand bosses left to do. All the dlc packs are 50% off right now, I may buy some but I’d like to know the boss layouts for them first. It would be awesome if any or all of the whip bosses are available in the dlc because i really dont like the original mode. I knew about the restart bug when I first started this game so I made sure to always avoid it, i’d NEVER redo cs mode lol.
  12. Is there a list of boss fights for each dlc pack anywhere? I’m currently going for burst countering every boss but some bosses take a really long time to reach in the base game and I’m just wondering if there are any dlc packs that shorten the grind.
  13. Easily 150+ hours since unlocking all skills and crafting all weapons will be a HUGE grind. Difficulty is only a 3/10 id say. Since SP endgame activity is time gated, aside from hours via grind, around 2-3 months is required unless you pay money.
  14. I totally agree with you regarding the stamina which is why I NEVER throw heavy punches or head kicks against high difficulty computer, I use 95 stamina/endurance but it barely helps when I miss those head kicks and haymakers. I think the grappling in a small step up from ufc 1/2 but I HATE the new sway system replacing the parry system. Swaying is a complete roll of the dice usually against you but the AI uses it perfectly like it’s a skill you can gain. And then the AI is completely incompetent on the ground even on highest difficulty while being stand up GODS.
  15. Yes there are difficulty spikes when u are champ but there are much smaller than the spikes went u hit division 4, 5, 6 and 7. The AI difficulty went u are champ in division 1-3 is a normal “prospect” fight when in division 4-7. Im almost halfway through division 6 and I’ve done enough testing. My advice, went stand up gets too tough switch to a grappler/specialist and win on the ground. I hit lv 50 now and most of my wins are first round submissions and I’m in division 6. I did some math, with a 90% win rate it will take around 950 fights which will take around 50 hours if ALL wins are via first round stoppage.