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  1. I’m wondering if you just get the disc version of this game then the Nightmare mode would be easier. As long as you don’t update the game on the PS4z
  2. How do I get involved with this new multiplayer revival?
  3. I've been practicing this for a couple days now. I think I have some partial advice to give here. ( I say partial because I am by no means an expert ) If you're holding down the attack button, hold it down REALLY hard and try doing the timing that way. This probably doesn't work for some people but I noticed my timing is a bit better. I went from no "Just Cuts" to "Jackpot" in almost an hour. That doesn't really mean anything to me now, simply because I am not consistent. But maybe it might help others. I'm also moving the controller forward (then back) a little bit in a rhythm and it seems to help. This technique could also help you. Also, I've been watching Youtube videos of people practicing Just Cuts in the Void. There's a controller input that shows the button presses and how they do it. I then follow along with my own controller to get my timing closer to theirs. If anyone wants to jump in this thread and offer their experience then go for it.
  4. Not gonna lie, this is one of the most difficult trophy lists I’ve ever done. Specifically the 50 challenges needed. In fact, the Challenge trophies are now the rarest trophies on my profile. Even beating out the Devil May Cry 4 platinum trophy. Bravo, trophy hunters, if you can pull this off.
  5. @Metal Slime King yeah I’m doing that with YouTube vids. So far it seems doable. Not as bad as Metal Gear Solid 2, which is pure insanity
  6. @KouponKarl thanks I’ll keep that in mind
  7. @Hvalpen now that’s what I want to hear! also, congrats on Yakuza 0. Great game but annoying trophies. Bravo
  8. @B1rvine 😰
  9. @DeepEyes7 ok cool
  10. I know there’s multiplayer trophies but is it possible to get them all by yourself? By playing with random people? Doom 2016 was like that. It had a bunch of multiplayer trophies but you didn’t need any boosting. Just grind out the trophies. Resident Evil 6 was NOT like that and you definitely needed a partner. The MP trophies were too ridiculous.
  11. @B1rvine @IvoryRose88 Thanks.
  12. How difficult are these Gold challenges? How many lives do you get in each challenge? I haven’t played Mega Man in years so I want to complete this trophy set then do the next Legacy Collection. Thanks for any help.
  13. Does anyone else have problems with the game crashing? I have the digital version from the PlayStation store and I’m on a PS4 Slim.
  14. After 35 hours with this game, I finally found the Bandit Slingshot on the Xiao-only floor of the Divine Beast Cave. It was not in the back floor and I constantly reloaded my save after I didn’t get a weapons chest on the floor. This trophy is super annoying.
  15. I know it’s supposed to be the Divine Cave, Wise Owl Forest, and Shipwreck but I’m not sure which floors are best. I spent like 15 hours on Shipwreck floor 14 but I haven’t found any bandit weapons. (I used this area the most because of the backfloor grind.) Some of you might suggest the limited floors for Xiao and Ruby but I’m not sure those are completely reliable. I used Floor 5 of Shipwreck a lot with Xiao but all I found were bunch of swords 😑 And how is this game 20 hours?? I beat this game many times on PS2 and it’s definitely not 20 hours. Especially if you want the best weapons.