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  1. Same here so you're not alone. From what i've read, boss hunt is a punish with some of the bosses so it may not have been possible to get the trophies using unlevelled characters anyway. At least if it hopefully pops up in the future, I'll have a better chance of being able to get all the related trophies
  2. Resogun - Last month a couple of trophies from the dlc were briefly unobtainable as the ability to share a custom made ship and like ships made by the community stopped functioning. Fixed now but may become an issue if it happens again
  3. 1. Resistance 2 (2.11%) 2. Dead Rising 2 (2.18%) 3. Killzone 2 (2.22%) 4. LittleBigPlanet (3.27%) 5. Red Dead Redemption (3.51%)
  4. Thanks for adding this feature, recently I've been looking to complete online trophies that rely on certain generated events participation as they seem to be shut down/broken without notice. I'd like to suggest Resogun. In the last month, the ability to share a custom ship and like a ship on the servers broke. Luckily the devs still care and this was fixed but this may not always be the case.
  5. I started playing this a month ago when I saw boss hunt was finally in the mix... still worth adding it on my profile as I can at least got the cats v dino trophies knocked out
  6. I opened my sealed copy just over a year ago and redeemed the codes with no issues. I'd say its a safe bet expiry codes only relate to bonus dlc items, not expansion packs.
  7. Yes! Went and got my trophy for sharing my custom ship as soon as I saw this. No issues either, its all working fine again. I cant believe how quick this issue was fixed. I really expected this (like almost every other game) with a function that stops working to get ignored. I've got the 2 that relate to customs ships, but is there any other trophies that rely on their servers to obtain? I'd like to get these out of the way in case their serves go down again but don't get fixed.
  8. Tried to create and share a ship but it doesn't seem to be working. At the moment there are two trophies affected by this and are unobtainable from what I can see
  9. Guitar Hero 5 - Started this just for fun as I know I’m not very good at music/rhythm games. I also don’t have any other instruments so pretty much impossible for me to ever plat this
  10. #39 - The Last of Us (ps3) 4 years 10 months Cant help but love everything ND does and this is no exception. Campaign is just amazing and I enjoyed every play through. Wasn't a fan of MP so only played what I needed to for the trophies which are pretty simple to obtain, only a bit time consuming. I'll probably complete grounded mode for 100% before tLoU2 drops.
  11. Theres no description in the store at all, just this "Note: Multi-player and all online features for this product will be terminated and will no longer be available from 03/09/2019"
  12. I just bought the add on bundle but can't find grounded in the download list, have I missed something?
  13. Most people that were going for the mp have probably finished up by now as the server closure is overdue and could be shut off any day. If you make a session, I’m sure there will be some others out there that will join
  14. If they want people to stop "harassing" them, perhaps they should actually give people a straight answer about it
  15. 3rd September 2019, along with U2 and tLOU (ps3)