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  1. Yeah there is, I did the Flecca heist yesterday and my partner showed me what roles would get you the platinum award. Setup 1 & 2 - be the driver & Finale - be the intimidator/driver. Got 3 platinum medals from the run
  2. Picking this up again I've found I'm also feeling the same way - mostly due to only being lvl 13. Does anyone have tips for solo ranking up?
  3. They have in the past so its worth continuing to check
  4. SEPTEMBER: Max Payne 3: 51% > 63% - Finished the mp trophies before the server closure. Grinding out that chapter was painful to say the least. This is going back on the shelf for a bit as I need a break from this game. CoD World at War: 73% > 76% - Got the plat for this a while ago and did a couple of dlc. Would like to try and 100% this. CoD Black Ops: 33% > 35% - This has been in my backlog for ages. Going to try and see of I can knock the zombie trophies out to plat this and maybe do some dlc. GTA V: 7% > 11% - May as well try and see how many trophies I can earn before the servers close as I had started it already. I'm a little burnt out after September mainly due to Max Payne 3 which I managed to get all the mp trophies for, but it will go back to the shelf for a bit. Started doing some of GTA V. I started this ages ago but left it thinking R* wouldn't be killing the servers until their next game as GTA IV is still up. My bad. Not sure how much I'll commit to this as I'm a bit burnt out by MP3. Aiming to try and finish the zombie trophies for black ops this month and if I can knock those out quick enough I might make one more plat before end of the comp
  5. Was a physical edition ever released which contained the game and all dlc? The season pass is currently 85% off in the store and will probably grab it if I can't pick it up in a physical copy.
  6. I can't understand why the Lion King and Aladdin are being releasing again just to add the jungle book to it. Was the jungle book that popular that people would purchase this with the other games again just to play it?
  7. I’m confused, didn’t others on this thread say the Ps3 version isn’t affected by this?
  8. I'm not a big tech geek or work in IT so forgive the possible nieve question, but is there a difference between ps3 and ps4 servers? As time goes on, the ps3 seems to have an increasing amount of hacked games (LBP, RDR, GTA IV & V, CoD: WaW are the ones i'm directly aware of) but I don't really hear about that many hacked servers on ps4 (LBP3, Titanfall 2). Is there a difference between the server or system security on each console? Thank you in advance to anyone that help clarify this for me!
  9. The Uncharted series. I have the platinum for all 3 on ps3 and have the ps4 games in my backlog. Looking at the ps5 release already and I don't even have the console yet
  10. AUGUST: Yakuza 3: - Finally got through all the mini games! I can see why this is a plat stopper and tbh I wasn't quite sure I would be able to beat some of them which are particularly frustrating (baseball, pool & karaoke). I found the dice & card gambling games quite fun so it wasn't a complete grind fest. I'm quite proud of this plat - its ultra rare and my first Yakuza game. I look forward to playing through the series. Max Payne 3: 40%>51% - I've hit lvl 40 and I can't bare playing ch 4 pt 1 anymore. Its killing me. I'm trying to mix it up by also playing online matches but 16 Sep is creeping up fast. I've also been mixing it up by playing the main game and challenge mode. After the servers shut for this, this is definitely going back on the shelf for a break. Sacred 3: 68%>69% - Found an online match I could join to knock out the 4x fm players trophy NFS: MW: 29%>30% - Finished the main mp trophies and now just the dlc mp to grind through. Hope this isnt shutdown at the end of the month. Half of next month will just be dedicated to Max Payne 3. After that, who knows. I might be so burnt out from that grind I will barely touch a game for the rest of the month. By that point some of my state's lockdown restrictions will be eased so the temptation to go out an be social will probably take over after weeks of being stuck at home.
  11. Portal 2: Professor Portal & Friends List with benefits - I really enjoyed this game and with no remake on the ps4 or ps5, I'm happy I got the online done before the servers shut and the plat became unobtainable. Uncharted 2 dlc - Its my favorite from the series and it was probably the first mp that I became really invested in. By the time the shutdown was announced, I'd already obtained all the dlc trophies just from playing the mp so much. Uncharted 3 just didn't land the same for me and which is probably why I couldn't commit to the 100%. Ridge Race Unbounded: Best in the World - Somehow managed to get this before the shutdown. Not only was the game a glitchy nightmare to play online but getting 7 others together for 5 events, well you can imagine the frustration and rage trying to go for this. I still remember getting the trophy while listening to others in the group complaining and arguing. COD BO2: Big Leagues - I don't need to go into the history of this trophy as its pretty well known here. For some reason, instead of adding it to the backlog when I bought this like I normally do with games, I decided to try it out and played in the League Play before it was no longer supported. For this reason alone I will endure the challenges and come back to grab the plat one day.
  12. #46 Yakuza 3 (ps3) 3.14% My first Yakuza game which did not disappoint at all. It was hard choosing a starting point but after reading many threads, I decided to start off where the series was introduced on the Ps3. The main story was interesting to play through and there are so many things to do in game which kept me entertained in between continuing with the main story. While the mini games are fun, I can completely understand why that turns a lot of people off the platinum and tbh, I thought I wouldn't be able to build the skill to pass them. I found the batting, pool and karaoke to be quite challenging and made me put the game aside for a while as it became less and less enjoyable. Coming back to it later made all the difference and somehow I managed to get through them all to add this ultra rare plat to my collection. I have heard this is one of the grindiest & challenging in the series for mini games so I'm happy I played this first instead of towards the end.
  13. It's also my rarest, now sitting at 5.03% EDIT: @kevao97 beat me to it lol
  14. This might be a little of a tangent but has anyone looked at repairing them? I have shared this frustration for a while now as my controllers have one by one stopped working properly. The difficulty in replacing them has lead me to researching diy repairs on YouTube… so far I have fixed 3 of my controllers and they are working just like new again. (My controllers all began doing random inputs when I turned them on, making them impossible to use)
  15. JULY: Sacred 3: 64%>68% - Only have a couple more misc trophies which needs 2+ others and then the grind to max all characters lvls which is going to consume alot of time. 1 level left and deity will be finished also. Max Payne 3: 3%>40% - Concentrated on this during July. Only a few mp trophies left and one long grind to lvl 50. This will probably take me all of August. Tried the mini games again in Yakuza 3 again and made some progress (Baseball, Pool, Darts & Bowlings are done) going to attempt golf and leave karaoke until the end as I still cant seem to get the rhythm stuff down. Also going to be attempting to finish MP3 mp next month.