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  1. Gamespark games definitely went down. Some were saved if they got moved but others died like Strikers Edge MP mode for onrush doesn’t have specific trophies attached to it. But the levelling system and loot boxes related trophies are tied to the game having an online connection so the SP progression is tied to a server unfortunately. The game is completely functional atm and has been announced on EA’s website that its servers will shut down Nov 30th
  2. Currently playing it atm - still fully functional Checked Strikers Edge and it’s definitely done. Keeps trying to reconnect online but fails. The online match options are also greyed out
  3. I thought that information was only assumed but not confirmed? Unless I’ve missed something
  4. Thanks for that, I'll start chipping away this weekend now
  5. Would it be insane to start this game now if I don't have a turbo controller?
  6. Are you saying the only trophy that you successfully could earn offline was Casting Director?
  7. Just wanted to confirm with you that you got all your trophies with just 2 controllers and didn't need another player to boost anything? Except for the match against a friend of course. I want to also secure this plat but there isn't much information around about the trophies.
  8. That good to hear, I'm 99% certain I have not touched the single player stuff. Thanks heaps for the info! I'll check it out after work but at least I have time to go back if I have missed these.
  9. Thank you for this, I had missed this information in all the threads. Having done the co-op a while ago I don't actually remember if my partner and I did collectables, is there anywhere to check this? (besides running through all the levels again).
  10. I had hope when they claimed they were working on making the online functional again after seeing FC2 brought back earlier. They have but all been silent now about working on the servers for this and I am starting to feel like its been left to die an early death
  11. Not sure if I am doing something wrong but I cant get this to work. I have tried several times in between having to delete some people here and there but getting the same result. I have a wired connection as well. EDIT: NVM, had to delete friends until I was left with 42 before pivots appeared.
  12. I was hoping I wasn't the only one that spent hours trying to defeat this boss. Not one to hack and slash through for sure
  13. I am sad to see the Killzone franchise end this way - a dead mp and a 3 week server closure notice. KZ2 was the highlight in the series for me and one of the first multiplayer games I really got into and enjoyed. Shadow Fall just fell a bit short for me and after playing it initially, I left it for years until this server closure was announced. At least I had the time in the past few weeks to finish it.
  14. And now back to all the Ubisoft games 😅
  15. @JoesusHCrust I played some TDM and found them easier there as they got frequently used