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  1. I jumped on for the end as well and saw everyone gathered around saying their bit before they hit the switch. It sounded like there was a pretty amazing and dedicated community surprisingly given how old the game was and Trion's lack of support with the game's issues.
  2. APRIL Yakuza 3: 75% > 79% - Finished Coliseum and started both Ultimate Skill and Ex-hard playthrough Defiance: 52% > (58%) - Managed to platinum this before the server shut a couple of days ago but the dlc are all glitched so no chance at 100% Fallout 3: 0% > 2% - Just started I spent the majority of time in April working on Defiance. Originally when I heard the server was closing, I wasn't sure I wanted to invest the time trying to get the plat. The last few server closures I've tried have left me with incomplete games, so I was reluctant to put all my time into another one. Thankfully there was enough time and people to get this done at a reasonable pace. Trion, who pretty much abandoned the game and its issues, even assisted by increasing rep earned and gifted players with extras. Looking to try my first MMO, I started this back in 2013, but feeling overwhelmed and lost by it all, I gave up and moved on to something else. Coming back to it now with a bit more experience, I still felt the elements were hard to wrap my head around. The game was ok - not bad but not great. A little too repetitive and not enough incentive to keep grinding away. I jumped online for the last hours before the closure and found a whole bunch of players gathered at one spot. I found this game had quite a dedicated community. People were in the chat talking about how much they loved the community and what the game meant to them. It was actually pretty amazing to watch right before the game shut and became no more. And with that, I have my 2nd plat for the year. Started Fallout 3 and continuing with Yakuza 3 now. I've also dived back in to Black Ops zombies trying to finish these trophies, but I am really not good at this game. It's going to take a while.
  3. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier (3x DLCs: Arctic Strike Pack, Raven Strike Pack, Khyber Strike Pack) There's no season pass and they're all pretty expensive from memory
  4. I really wish they would just fix the store or bring back the old one
  5. Out of curiosity, is the list based on all regions or region specific?
  6. Did you find it in the EU store?
  7. Both have had their servers closed and are now unobtainable
  8. Is it just my mobile browser or is the closure date listed as only “2021”?
  9. If Hitman:Absolution servers closed already, would that mean being unable to download it's patch wont affect the trophies as its all offline now?
  10. Doubt it, they still can't get PS Now right - it still isn't available in every country
  11. No thank you, I definitely intend on using that golden pistol the whole way thorough 😅 Yeah, I have struggled with karaoke when I tried it out but I feel like golf and pool are my weakest. Its going to be a longggg time before I think I will nail those and will delay platting this
  12. MARCH Yakuza 3: 60%>75% - Finished all the sub-stories and started working on the Coliseum which I'd like to finish before I attempt my ex-hard play-through. Not looking forward to the mini-games. Defiance: 15% > 52% - Server closure announced for the end of April got me trying to finish this off. Sacred 3: 17%>25%: Started some of the DLC Pretty much have spent the majority of my game time this month working on Defiance. The DLC trophies are glitched so there's no chance of 100% but I want to try and prevent another unobtainable on my profile. This game was my first experience with an MMO and in hindsight, its a not a bad choice but I wish I had picked another. The developers didn't support the community and problems were left unfixed. It also gets a little repetitive and don't care much for the story involved. Less than a month to shut down and there's still a bit of a grind to go so I'm hoping I can manage to get this done.
  13. If you want to go for some of the trophies while you can, I have been using the ps3 guide on .org - It's a decent guide and probably can be used for Ps4
  14. I haven't even tried to attempt this cause I can tell from just looking at it, it will destroy me 😂
  15. FEBRUARY Prince of Persia: 0% > - First plat of 2021!! Knocked this out as I was feeling a little tired of grindy plats. Played this back on ps2 so it was fantastic playing through this again for me. I forgot how much I enjoy the banter between the two in these games. This also became my newest fastest plat. Sacred 3: 15%>17% - Finished the Deity difficulty play through. Still having trouble finding people to do the MP. Ghost Recon Future Soldier: 48%>51%: Found a group doing the Mp so im back trying to finish the online stuff Left Yakuza 3 for most of the month as i wanted a break from the grindy stuff. Probably spent most time playing ps4 this month so my backlog was neglected a bit. The ps3 issues on PSN are a bit concerning atm as its affecting so many games. Hopefully they fix it or theres going to many incomplete games left on my list. Also, server closure at the end of April for Defiance was announced so ps3 will get more attention this month as I want to try and finish this.