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  1. I haven't even tried to attempt this cause I can tell from just looking at it, it will destroy me 😂
  2. FEBRUARY Prince of Persia: 0% > - First plat of 2021!! Knocked this out as I was feeling a little tired of grindy plats. Played this back on ps2 so it was fantastic playing through this again for me. I forgot how much I enjoy the banter between the two in these games. This also became my newest fastest plat. Sacred 3: 15%>17% - Finished the Deity difficulty play through. Still having trouble finding people to do the MP. Ghost Recon Future Soldier: 48%>51%: Found a group doing the Mp so im back trying to finish the online stuff Left Yakuza 3 for most of the month as i wanted a break from the grindy stuff. Probably spent most time playing ps4 this month so my backlog was neglected a bit. The ps3 issues on PSN are a bit concerning atm as its affecting so many games. Hopefully they fix it or theres going to many incomplete games left on my list. Also, server closure at the end of April for Defiance was announced so ps3 will get more attention this month as I want to try and finish this.
  3. Defiance servers are closing on April 29, 2021. Anyone else have this in their incomplete list?
  4. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long until this was announced. It’s sitting incomplete on my backlog which is annoying as I feel obligated to try and give it a go at completing. Game was actually good (my first mmo) but the developers are terrible and just didn’t support the community at all. As far as I know, the plat on ps3 version is still obtainable. Only the dlc is broken. What makes it unobtainable?
  5. Watching a couple of videos to learn his patterns and when to attack really changes the game here. Before that I had pretty much given up as I'd found it almost impossible trying to beat him.
  6. Can you link the source? I'm curious to read it. I'm going to get on this asap before it ends up like the rest of the games that just go down with no notice
  7. Damn that's a messed up bug. Do you know if I play the updated version of the game, would the bug possibly remove my editions option or would I be safe?
  8. So I just installed the game for the first time to check this issue out (disc & original version) and my menu has the 'editions' button which worked as I played several matches in it and earned trophies. I shouldn't have access to editions if I have never played/installed the game before Bedrock was out, right?
  9. Yeah that could be the case as most would have probably gone to the lockers straight away. At least it unlocked for you eventually
  10. There shouldn't be any issues with it unlocking, or any others in this chain as long as you have done the prerequisites
  11. Are you talking about sub-story Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 4?
  12. Only 62,592 to go
  13. There's still a very active player base so trophies are obtainable without boosting. I ended up boosting most of the xp as it would take a substantial amount of time to get to lvl 50 without it. Be prepared if you play the mp though as the player base is mostly max lvl and have been playing for a long time.
  14. JANUARY Bioshock 2: MP is done! & 100% are mine! Yakuza 3: 51%>60% - Sub-stories are almost done but have been more time consuming than I planned as the mini games are mixed in to several of them and I am finding them diffficult to master. My goal for Feb is to finish hitman missions & sub-stories and start my ex-hard playthrough. Aiming for :plat: sometime in March if I can keep on track. Crysis 3: 3%>4% - Playing the MP casually trying to knock out as much of the trophies as I can Sacred 3: 0%>15% - Started this and I see what a grind it will be. Also it looks like a lot of the trophies require help from co-op games so this may take a while to work through Overall I was happy with the progress for Jan - finished Biohshock 2 as I had aimed to do plus got started on a new game. I haven't been bogged down by ps4 server closures which made it easier to spend time on ps3 this month. In Feb I'd like to find something to plat as I am at 0 for 2021. Hopefully I can make more significant progress in Yakuza 3 so that I can finish it in March.
  15. This was just on sale too, hopefully it will be again as it sounds quite interesting