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  1. I’ll likely stick with essentials. I can’t see myself streaming any new games when my backlog is huge as it is
  2. If the game is moving to season passes, I just hope there wont be any dlc trophies going with them. The base game trophies were punishing enough
  3. I’m so relived they weren’t wiped, it’s one of the few times I’ve been able to just make it to a gold
  4. It sounds similar to a an error I’ve received with trying to download ps3 dlc. I just kept selecting download and eventually it worked
  5. After grinding out the mp trophies for this back in 2014, I decided to finally come back and finish the sp grind as all I had left was stunts, pigeons and 100% completion. On starting up the game I saw there was a new update (1.08) which I skipped and loaded up my previous save. After realising trophies were not popping for me, I went back and did the update. Now when the save loads I get the error “trophies are not available for old saves” and tells me I have to start a new game. Has anyone else encountered this? I can’t find much after googling it but I’m hoping there’s a way around this stupid issue. I can’t believe I would have to start a whole new game just due to an update. I never used cheats so that is not a possibility. Any advice would be great at this point. I don’t have it in me too go back and work up to 100% again.
  6. Doesn’t the server do this from time to time for this game? It’s usually back online in a few days. Ubisoft just fixed the server so I can’t see them giving up on it anytime soon
  7. From memory, you need 8 to start a match
  8. I also found karaoke one of the hardest mini games as I'm not great at rhythm games either. I can share two tips that I think really helped with my timing in the songs - Keeping the music up and repeating the song to learn patterns. Once I got one or two done, the rest seemed to get a little easier except for one song (I forget which one) which is known to be the hardest. I left that for last 😅
  9. Never heard of this before and I just did the same thing. Thank you!
  10. If you're looking specifically for a series & not on the xbox 360, these have yet to be mentioned: - Metal Gear Solid collection -Splinter Cell trilogy
  11. Sacred 3 is still active, mostly on weekends but I can more often than not find someone to jump into a match with
  12. I only played this after being included as part of the LOS collection but I absolutely loved it. Mirror of Fate was amazing and would highly recommend it - even if you can't get it in the collection anymore, it's worth the purchase.
  13. Its been a while for me too however I just remember getting my ass kicked when I tried to "button mash" my way through this, especially on paladdin. My strategy ended up being learning his attacks, knowing when to counter and when to avoid him. You do minimal damage but you just have to keep chopping away. With the high attacks on his head, I don't remember having issues with this so I would just suggest keep using double jump to get height and attack at your peak. If you get the angle right, your attacks should land.
  14. Having platted this last month, it's totally doable. You can still easily find matches for the base game as well as the dlc - some easier than others of course.
  15. I'm aiming to go through and complete games I have sitting unfinished on my list - a lot with the MP trophies already done. I'm in the middle of Cod:Black OPs atm and have just finished up all the online stuff so just the offline trophies to go. I'd like to finish the DLC trophies for this and [email protected] but i'm not too fussed with how long that takes. I've also gone back to finish AC: Brotherhood so that I can start Revelations. I still have a lot of games with online trophies left but i'd like to knock out Far Cry 2 this year and will probably be my slow grind through 2022.