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  1. I’ve slowly been trying to chip away at my backlog, only making small progress averaging about 2-3 a year, with 2020 only having 2 so far. This event sounds like a good way to push myself a bit harder over the next 12 months. I have a huge backlog so not sure if I will start everything I want to but I’m hoping I can make a huge dent in it. Likewise here, I’m not getting a ps5 until I’m done with Ps3 and most of ps4. Unfinished games: Yakuza 3 - 18% Bioshock 2 - 88% Splinter Cell Blacklist - 16% Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - 25% Ghost Recon Future Soldier - 48% Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - 44% Assassins Creed: Brotherhood - 80% Crysis 3 - 1% Crysis 2 - 64% Dirt 3 - 22% Dirt Showdown - 0% Motorstorm Apocalypse - 97% Hitman Absolution - 23% Battlefield 3 - 51% Defiance - 15% Killzone 3 - 76% Sniper Elite V2 - 75% CoD classic - 82% CoD MW3 - 25% CoD black ops - 34% CoD black ops 2 - 36% Saints Row 3 - 3% Saints Row 4 - 2% Far Cry 2 - 11% Max Payne 3 - 3% Batman Arkham Origins - 13% LBP Karting - 80% DJ Hero - 71% SSX - 14% Dragon Age Origins - 6% Resident Evil 6 - 25% Ridge Racer Unbounded - 76% GTA IV - 76% Bulletstorm - 34% Prototype - 80% Ill add my unstarted games when I’m back from holidays. And it will need a spoiler 😅
  2. You can’t even arrange the order in how it’s presented to you. Ie new to old, cheapest to expensive, dlc. You just have to look through the whole thing to find something you might be looking for
  3. Ugh, I just went to look at last dlc purchase for ps3 before the changes tomorrow and saw the store has already changed over. Thanks Sony. Also, I’m talking about the Australian store and I’m using mobile site
  4. I was just wondering if I had missed the boat on this game... but seems like it’s worth starting it up in time for the new season
  5. Have Sony made any announcements of when the update will happen? I start working out what I still want from the store before I risk losing it
  6. Ah nice, I didn’t want to buy two versions of the same game. Not into stacks. I already have ultimate which sounds like I’d prefer with better graphics and platinum 👌
  7. Is PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate the ps4 release of Shooter 1 & 2 or are these different games?
  8. Yeah I’m going to start picking up anything I need to from psn store for Ps3 now after the recent delistings. I hadn’t paid much attention to the psn store sales over the last 12 months but had actually been wondering if I should wait for a sale. Seems like like they don’t happen anymore and I should just grab what I can while I can
  9. I only just saw this thread and panicked. Spent the next 30 minutes intensely searching my downloads list to thankfully find I bought this years ago (assuming it was on sale at some point). Think it’s time to look through and download any EA dlc I need for my backlog as they seem to just take it down if they release a ps4 remaster.
  10. I'm not sure they are overly difficult modes, it's more the amount of people and some of the tactics used that make modes hard ie grabbing other players. If they removed the grabbing from non team games it would make those modes so much easier to play
  11. While they have said it will be easier to earn crowns, it seems like this will be offered through rank progression. I don't think being able to earn crowns easier has any effect on making infallible any easier
  12. I’ve accepted I won’t get the plat in this game due to infallible. I can barely win a final let alone 5 in a row. I’ve only just managed to get the 7 wins trophy and I hit lvl 40 about a month ago. I could eventually get the win related trophies but unless the devs change something, I won’t be getting infallible
  13. No worries, thought id add my experience in case it was useful. If that's the case, it sounds like the blur ray laser on your disc drive is on the way out. If it's still under warranty, I'd take it back cause you'll be have it replaced pretty soon.
  14. I have the disc version too. I played it back in 2012 and 2016/17 but never encounters any of the glitches you mention. I also never heard of this game having an known glitches like that either. I hate the suggest the obvious, but have to tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Might be worthwhile if other games play fine on your ps3. I can't quite remember if I had issues with the Autolog. My only thought would be that the serves for this game are old and just not maintained like they used to be.
  15. Thanks but I have done both scrap challenges tied to the online server and currently don't look like I have glitched stats for scavenging locations. I am trying to clarify if having both scrap challenges done and scavenging locations not glitched the only thing I need for a backup save?