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  1. I have had this sitting in my backlog for a bit now and wanted to start it, but I see the VIP pass has been taken out of the store. Now I can't use my code to get online for the mp (I have a new complete edition). Does this mean the plat is unobtainable now for people who haven't got the VIP pass?
  2. I pre-ordered mine last week when EB had a second batch available on their website. I think i'll start with Legend of Zelda
  3. Just got my GoW 3 plat, can you upgrade me to a Titan?
  4. Ah ok, at least I the one for completing Act 3 didn't glitch on me. I'll be waiting for something to glitch now that I know about the loading screen thing. It makes it seem like having a glitched trophy in this game will be unavoidable no thanks to the devs who refuse to patch anything
  5. Damn, I still have Defiance on my list to get through but I thought only the DLC trophies were glitched/unobtainable, do you know which ones from the main set are glitchy?
  6. You will have to sync your psn account on your friends ps3 if thats where the trophy unlocked. The games server data will have you marked as it having achieved previously so you wont be unable to unlock it on a different ps3.
  7. # 33 Medal of Honor Well, 6 years and 8 months later I finally have the plat for this. I decided to go back and finish this up recently after deciding to try and fix up my horrible back-log. The SP was pretty basic and quick to run through with the only real difficulty was trying to finish each level under time. The MP is the most difficult part of obtaining the plat due to the fire controller trophy. Besides that, I actually found the MP enjoyable and liked the maps and modes. The max rank is only 15 so it really doesn't take too long to rank up and is easily done naturally. My one big grievance with this game was the MP is region locked, which for me meant that even when there was 100+ players at times, I was placed into empty games. It was frustrating as hell as meant it took all that much longer to plat. The game is still very platinum-able with a decent level of mp activity so by all means, give it a go while the servers are up and functional. On a a personal note, this is the first plat I've earned in just over a year. The last 12 months have been some of the most difficult I've ever faced and I had pretty much lost all interest in gaming, amongst other things I enjoyed. In the last few i months, I slowly found my way back to gaming and trophy hunting, as I started putting my life back together. It was sad to have such a long absence but I'm happy to be hunting once again
  8. There are a lot of issues connecting online for LBPK if you have the digital version. I'd recommend getting a physical copy if you don't have one
  9. I'm trying to finish up Medal of Honor but due to the region locked mp, I always get placed into empty games 😑
  10. I earned a new trophy in Crysis 2 and after updating here my PSNP list is in proper order again. Trophy card is still showing another game but I don't really mind too much about that
  11. The online was so broken there was never really one to begin with
  12. Buy the physical copy if you want to try for the plat, heaps of people on here with the digital version have had issues trying to get online
  13. Seems to be an issue connecting to EA servers for any game atm, haven't been able to find any reason doe the outage yet thou
  14. Sign me up as a Relic Finder. 1. Uncharted - Ps3 2. Uncharted 2 - Ps3 3. Uncharted 3 - Ps3
  15. For one that hasn't been mentioned, I'll say the first Bioshock. Otherwise, top of my recommendations would be Uncharted series and the Last of Us.