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  1. From memory of ps3 you need to be 4
  2. Really cool site, thanks for sharing
  3. Yes, there no more community challenges so 2 trophies from the dlc are unobtainable.
  4. I have been fortunate to avoid the leaks/spoilers and will still be buying this day 1 based on my enjoyment and quality of the first game. If I’m disappointed, I want it to be because I experienced the game for myself
  5. Mystery Portal is up with Tactical Team-up so no Boss hunt again
  6. From memory I think it starts on the first Tuesday of every month. not sure which Timezone it’s based on but should know by the end of today I guess
  7. How is this compared to Overcooked? Anything broken in the game?
  8. Im Australian so I very much know the pain of trying to play mp on out servers. Is there anyway to change servers or you have to have someone from another region invite you?
  9. HIt up the US East/West servers. Always seem to be able to find something between them. As usual, Australian servers are pretty dead for the most part.
  10. This month is Capture the Taco... Fingers crossed for next month I guess
  11. I'm just as surprised, especially with all 4 dlc still being pretty active. It's one of the reasons I'm playing atm, you just never know when people will move on. I haven't played 2 for comparison but I really enjoy playing 1 so have no interest in boosting it, especially while there is an active player base of mixed skill levels so anyone can still start out in 2020. I assume there might even be a higher player base now that everyone is staying home with.
  12. I can jump in with an opinion on 1 for you! Currently playing atm and no issues finding matches requiring 12 player. For matches requiring 40 players or DLC, no issues on weekends but would be lucky to find someone on weekdays. Sitting at 40/64 trophies and haven't had to boost a thing but may have to boost Crush them with one swift stroke…due to being pretty difficult to obtain through normal play. Only lvl 50 is required for the plat, but lvl 100 is required for 100% and the permanent double XP helps immensely.
  13. 4am and 5am are the only times I haven't earned any trophies, Its way too early and late for me. Only reason I'd be up and playing is if It was hard to find other players for mp trophies. 6am: 5 7am: 16 8am: 39 9am: 76
  14. Got it at 1019 miles which is about right as I didn’t join a club straight away. I played a mix of bikes and dlc too so it definitely counts
  15. Finding people to join for trophies that require multiple people. My timezone is on the other side of the world to almost everyone else which makes it almost impossible trying to fit it into life.