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  1. Man, this game is a BLAST, but... trophies seem bugged as all heck. Trophies "pop" on PS5 but don't show up on your profile. On top of that, in-game stickers for completing challenges don't seem to work correctly. I have one trophy without all the stickers showing and another one that didn't pop despite clearly having beaten all the target scores. I don't think Trial trophies work at all, even on PS4. No one has unlocked them, plus it seems this particular cheevo was broken on PC since the initial release in 2020. It has never been patched from what I can see on Steam. I really hope they patch the game on Playstation, but I have some doubts.
  2. So yeah, I just got the plat, and I can confirm that "Skull Storm" is where the difficulty is at. Because of one specific difficulty modifier, this would be a 8/10. A single mistake will usually cost you the whole run. On the other hand... with some save scumming it can be brought down to a 6/10. :-/
  3. Well, damn you guys, I just bought the game again. I hope you're proud of yourselves. 🤓
  4. Did she play before or after the dev was kind enough to add a new mode for free? The trophies for this new mode are pretty time consuming and difficult, to be honest. As a shot in the dark, maybe 6/10 difficulty, 40 hours? EDIT: I'm really curious as to how "Agonizing Remorse" is handled on Playstation, it's very much a PC type of thing. DOUBLE EDIT: Hmm, I might be underestimating how hard Skull Storm is, it's a doozy.
  5. Nope, trophies are not fixed and this patch made things even worse. Now the unlock text doesn't even correspond to the item being unlocked anymore.
  6. So it's strict liability, gotcha!
  7. Oooo, forensic trophyology, exciting! What's the burden of proof? (eatingpopcorn.gif) I don't know about the technological mumbo-jumbo, but what's the motive? Assuming this is the only discrepancy on the OP's profile, would they really have started hacking trophies 13 years ago, guessing trophy leaderboards would eventually become a thing? I dunno, seems far-fetched, but with the Internet, who knows!
  8. I've played the whole thing on PC and I think you'll probably get 90% of the trophies just by completing the game normally. I'm pretty sure the only annoying trophy is "The Legends are a lie". If it is what I think it is, it requires completing part 3 in a very specific way that requires a guide. You can probably get everything with about "1,5 playthroughs", which is pretty merciful. There are a bunch of events that require making some very specific choices in every act (ex: making sure a character survives all the way to the end). They could have made those into trophies , but it seems they didn't. EDIT: So they combined the chapters in a single game? The multiple launchers was kind of a minor annoyance on PC.
  9. Yup, same here. Got the jackpot twice, no trophies.
  10. Yup, trophies are working on PS5. To be clear, just finishing the game gets you 100% of trophies.
  11. Hmm... anyway, I think the game is way too long for my tastes, but the trophies are fairly generous. Like many said, it doesn't require you to get every single unique item, just a few specific ones that are hard to miss, most quests aren't needed at all and you can get the platinum in one run with a good ol' save file backup for the endings.
  12. Wow, ok, so I guess with cheats this is a 1/10 game then. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll never get used to games having two sets of difficulty levels, i.e. now they throw a bunch of toggles in an "Accessibility" tab that completely negates the point of difficulty levels, but without affecting trophies or anything else. I suppose I'm getting "too old for this shit", ahem. At least here it's been tucked under a "Game Genie" interface, lol. Aaaanyway, does the ending change when you use one of the special characters or is it just the normal good/bad endings?
  13. There's a trophy for beating the game on Classic (i.e. "normal") mode, but I'm not sure if you can use cheats and still get that trophy. If you can, that kinda makes the whole restriction pointless, lol.
  14. Yeah, it doesn't delete anything, it just creates and starts a new save file.
  15. So I just got my 100th platinum trophy. This is as good a time as any to reflect on why I've been doing this in the first place. I was going to create a thread for my musings, but it's obviously not the first thread on the topic and this one really fits the bill. I love the original post. I also started my trophy hunting "career" a dozen years ago. My first thought when they introduced trophies is that I'd 100% every new game I play. How hard could that be right? Mirror's Edge broke my 100% dream soon afterwards: it wasn't technically impossible, but it turned out doing all the time trials was a bigger hassle than I was willing to deal with. From my stats, I can see I've been getting more trophies in the last few years. I can pin that on a change in my life circumstances and, well, good ol' COVID. Honestly, I don't really like trophies anymore, but I still feel compelled to get them... to get it done, to get that game 100%, y'know? It's somehow more about the relief of being able to let go rather than about the joy of getting 100%. It's been that way for a few years now. They say the first step to fighting addiction is to realize you have a problem. Well, not a "problem" as in waking up in an ice bath with two kidneys missing after an all-night bender. More of a "problem" as in someday you have to start thinking about what you're doing with the finite amount of time you have. What else are you not doing with your time when replaying the same game four times for the trophies? I realize there's an element of compulsion to it: if I start a game, I'm going to start obssessing about all the stupid collectibles. So I'd rather not play a game at all. So uh, kind of like an alcoholic who can't have "just one". It's all or nothing. Some say it's stupid not to play a game because of its trophies, but in my book, any excuse not to play a game is a good one. It's not like I haven't played enough videogames yet, lol. I've read in another topic that you could say the same thing about books or movies. But no, games are more addictive, they're often built for that specific purpose. Books don't ask you to flip through the pages to find every instance of the letter "y" and noboby watches movies five times, but this time the fight scenes are longer, etc. Books don't go "bloing" when you finish reading them, an obvious design flaw, but it is what it is. I have a nice book on the structure of Roman society just waiting to be read, but no, I've got to catch every stupid persona and do all the fetchquests, all for a check mark in a private company's ledger. It's obvious "completion" was less important to me before trophies. I had a Final Fantasy Tactics save file with all items and a 99:99:99 in-game clock, a point of obvious pride, but I sure didn't care about getting 100% in every new game before the advent of the ol' trophy system. It's a system that's banking on addiction. So that's that. Maybe I'll try getting my profile to about 70% and then I'll call it a day. I'll totally stop caring about my profile and trophies, I swear! Haha, I guess we'll see... one day at a time, I suppose.