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  1. @Helyx Look, it's 165 already! Yeah, it must be a joke.
  2. By now 160 people are objectively wrong. I hope this is just some trolling action going on and these people purposely pick the wrong answer. Even the developers confirmed that these games aren't related.
  3. It's not a bug. It's just the way this works.
  4. Nah, it's fake.
  5. FromSoftware and Kojima Productions 😁
  6. The easiest and fastest way to get a combo like this is to use the nemesis whip on the big scorpion boss. As soon as you break free, run behind it and attack the leg that's closest to the corner. You will be safe there and you can build up the combo in about a minute or two.
  7. @Deep_Space_5D Beautiful song and pretty long too. Like this one a lot. 👌