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  1. Pro tip: If you equip the Clever Rat's ring and the Morion Blade in the off hand and reduce your HP below 30% you will get a 140% damage boost (a.k.a Hyper Mode). If you have a fast weapon that can stun the phantoms, you can kill them quickly just by spamming R1. Works the same with Old King Doran.
  2. It really doesn't matter if you play online or not. I know there were issues with this in the original DeS on PS3, but in the remake it's not the case anymore.
  3. If you want pure black character tendency without killing any npc's you can hunt down other players as an invader. If you need pure white character tendency you want to kill specific black phantom npc's or players that invade your world.
  4. You can do it without letting her heal: