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  1. Sonic forces. The time trials will make you restart and get the perfect time and don't forget that you can download supersonic for free from the store to make it easier to finish them in time. But it's really annoying to get collectables so be warned.
  2. You would be a millionaire. DO IT!
  3. Was it fun? And yeah it wouldn't be bad if it came to PS4/PS5 that would be an interesting trophy list for FNAF World
  4. They already have an engine to develop the games for them in most cases, so it's not as hard as before to make a game and if you're paying 15 for a few maps and cosmetic I think one season pass is good. Yeah, what you're saying makes sense and like I said it's a bit easier to make games but still hard but for a few cosmetics and a map and short missions 15$ is good for at least 5 maps and a few cosmetics. They are milking it.
  5. ok...
  7. I hope you're able to solve this problem and find a solution. Good luck!!!
  8. I think the name was Five Nights At Freddy's World or FNAF World which sounds better and way shorter.
  9. I guess they did it on purpose because of the trophy's name "wait... what?" .
  10. 30 hours?!?!?!?!? I've played 20 hours in total for now so 10 more hours according to you. Thanks for the information!!
  11. Hi, so when I started It was season 1 I played abut 7 hours, and then I quit then when I saw that there was squad mode I thought it would be easier, and I would get infallible, but it's still really hard to be fair I only got to the final round 2 times in squads but 30 times in main show by myself. SO how do I "GIT GUD" I don't care about the platinum any more I just want to get a win.I'm usually at thin ice in the final round and hex-a-gone so can anyone help me please any tips and or tricks would be appreciated.
  12. How long would the platinum take just the platinum not the 100%. Thanks beforehand!!!
  13. me too
  14. Yeah me too I don't normally argue with people online but I wasn't hating you I just said that you want the platinum to say rarer and that's your opinion I'm sorry I didn't mean to insult you.
  15. No, I meant that the guy that you quoted is only thinking of themselves when they said "Hope the game is full of sweats now". I wasn't saying it too you... Sorry if I offended you.