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  1. What do you mean level 66 to level 81 or what?
  2. Yeah that sucks, use your warranty like a lot of people have said.
  3. No, I don't have the game. I got the trophies from my cousin's house and they live 2 hours away. Sorry, can't help u.
  4. Yeah, I don't know no one has been answering any of my questions too. You should probably check the trophy guide.
  5. Blackouts District's Album - You're Welcome but my favorite was Bielliving The Hype . Some of Travis Scott's songs but my favorite one was Sicko Mode. Flying Kitty's remixes but my favorite one was Godzilla 2.
  6. Oh sorry, it's just that it seems so far away to get the platinum.
  7. There isn't a ton of misinformation about how long it takes. It'll still take you at least 1,000+ hours because of kill 200,000 mist monsters, exploring 10,000 zones, building 500,000, completing 1,000play with others missions. It's a really long platinum and instead of getting one platinum, you could get 20 platinum that takes 50 hours. I know it's ultra-rare but if you're not having much fun don't do it. I played for about 30 hours and I really didn't like it.
  8. Ok first of all this game will take you at least 1,000+ hours like @aZombieDictator said and it's not free to play and there's no reason to waste 1000+ for one platinum when you could get at least 10 platinum instead of just one and you'll have to do the same thing over and over again trust me not a good story, not a fun grind. But if you want you can still go and be in the top 1000 to get the platinum only 204 got this platinum.
  9. really?
  10. There's been a lot of these games in the past 2 weeks first 4 stacks of just Outbreak came out, then Outbreak: The New Nightmare had 2 stacks. The nightmare chronicles also had 2 stacks and then the newest one Outbreak Epidemic. Also, I've realized that all of them have 8 trophies and no platinum obviously. If anyone has played one or more of this 4 games series please explain what is it about. I know I could just search this but I want to hear what the PSNPROFILES community thinks. I'm not gonna get it because I don't have a PS5 and I barely buy games the last game I bought was Last Of Us Part II and I pre-ordered in February. Ok before I get Off-topic I'm gonna submit this topic.
  11. Yeah here it is. I don't think you will be available to because I don't see an option for FIFA 15. So the Plat is unobtainable. Well that's what it seems like.My bad search FIFA 15 it's still there just not on the main page.
  12. Yeah thank you. This will help me a lot because I still haven't finished this game and I'm getting to start playing again I already played 5 hours.
  13. Well you were right just that in a different way. It's free for PS Plus for PS5. congratulations 100 posts.
  14. They made it a PS Plus Game as well for Decmeber so no grinding in my opinion. I'm gonna pass this game.
  15. That's a glitch I've never heard of before. But did you do it on Editions (PS4 Edition) or Bedrock . Or maybe they changed the requirements but not the trophy description.