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  1. How many trophies can I get with free starter pack and hitman 2.
  2. i tried at least 100 times but thanks for trying to help out
  3. Thanks but I've already done it a couple of times it just wont work
  4. no i tried for hours and i still haven't unlcoked it even went to costumer support it just doesnt work
  5. you're welcome good luck
  6. Just monika
  7. Our fallen soldier will be remembered.
  8. This is life And also what are we supposed to do about it....
  9. I’ll do it that sounds like a great YouTube video idea!!!
  10. Yeah, can't wait to try it!
  11. The thing that's funnier is for premium members they have an option to show ads. I know it's a good way to support the website but you paid for premium so IMO it's a funny option.
  12. Last of us 2 - 80$ Far cry 3+4+my name is mayo 2 = 30$ 110$ for the year for now
  13. Wow, nice I’m going to try and see how long it'll take me in total since I didn't play the DLC yet!
  14. Yeah, it's called that because you can customize your nights.
  15. My bad I forgot the remake yeah at this point they're just milking it. They gave away uncharted 1-4 and last of us the only naught dog games of these 2 franchises they have yet to give are uncharted lost legacy (It will probably happen someday) and last of us 2 (expect to wait at least 3-4 years for this to come to PS plus) I'm probably not going to buy the remake it's pretty much pointless. Yeah they're probably going to remaster or remake TLOU 2 5 years later.