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  1. Hi, so when I started It was season 1 I played abut 7 hours, and then I quit then when I saw that there was squad mode I thought it would be easier, and I would get infallible, but it's still really hard to be fair I only got to the final round 2 times in squads but 30 times in main show by myself. SO how do I "GIT GUD" I don't care about the platinum any more I just want to get a win.I'm usually at thin ice in the final round and hex-a-gone so can anyone help me please any tips and or tricks would be appreciated.
  2. Yeah, can't wait to try it!
  3. Hi I know I'm a few years late and this game is now 4 years old but I hope I can help some people with the platinum.I didn't follow the roadmap and it took me 26 hours, 32 minutes and 9 seconds to get the platinum which is like 13 hours 30 minutes saved and you still get to enjoy everything this game has to offer except for the extra side missions that don't give trophies but you can do them if you want. Here a few things you want to do: Play on story mode. You still get all the trophies and it's so much easier. Play all main story missions until "Maker's End".Then, buy all maps for collectables and start doing all Tallnecks(5), bandit camps(6), cauldrons(4), hunting grounds with a blazing sun(5 hunting grounds 15 trials) not too hard and corrupted zones(11) while also getting all metal flowers, all Banuk figures, all vantage points, all ancient vessels and all grazer dummies that aren't classified as a collectible but there's a trophy for it and you should watch a video because it'll make it way easier. At this point, you'll have every trophies in stage 2 and 1 trophy left in stage 3 which is for obtaining the shield weaver outfit but for that, you can only get it at the 3rd last mission. Also, kill any animals you see especially foxes and boars because animals sometimes drop rich meat and with it, you can go buy a fast travel pack from one of the merchants so that you can fast travel and the reason for foxes is because if you get a fox skin you can buy an unlimited fast travel pack from a merchant, it's really rare so don't expect to get it but it's still possible. After having done all of that now do all main quests until "Looming Shadow" and when you reach that QUEST DON'T DO IT first complete the 11 side quests which are: Traitor's Bounty Queen's Gambit- Unlocked after Traitor's Bounty A Daughter's Vengeance A Moments Peace Sun and Shadow Honour the Fallen Sunstone Rock Hunting for the Lodge - Errand Hunter's Blind - Unlocked after Hunting for the lodge Deadliest game - Unlocked after Hunter's Blind - Errand Redmaw- Unlocked after Deadliest game. After you've done all of that and don't forget to grab the power cells at Maker's End (You have to go there as part of the main quest Maker's End), All mother(You go in here during "Womb of The Mountain" and "The Heart of The Nora"), the grave hoard (You go there as part of the main quest (The Grave Hoard), Gaia prime (You go in there during the main quest "The Mountain That Fell") and the "Ruins" you fell into as a kid. So you can get all of them as part of the main story except for 1 which is the bunker you fell into as a child. After all of that just finish "Looming Shadow" and "On The Face Of Extinction" and you should have this platinum in less than 30 hours. Hope this helps!
  4. The thing that's funnier is for premium members they have an option to show ads. I know it's a good way to support the website but you paid for premium so IMO it's a funny option.
  5. Last of us 2 - 80$ Far cry 3+4+my name is mayo 2 = 30$ 110$ for the year for now
  6. Wow, nice I’m going to try and see how long it'll take me in total since I didn't play the DLC yet!
  7. Yeah, it's called that because you can customize your nights.
  8. Hi, I just wanted to know if you needed to buy the blackbeard dlc to obtain the trophies. I know that you have to buy freedom cry in order to obtain the trophies but I wanted to know if we needed to buy the first dlc to get the trophies anyways any help will be appreciated.
  9. My bad I forgot the remake yeah at this point they're just milking it. They gave away uncharted 1-4 and last of us the only naught dog games of these 2 franchises they have yet to give are uncharted lost legacy (It will probably happen someday) and last of us 2 (expect to wait at least 3-4 years for this to come to PS plus) I'm probably not going to buy the remake it's pretty much pointless. Yeah they're probably going to remaster or remake TLOU 2 5 years later.
  10. Good idea!!! That would actually make a good story and ending.
  11. I agree they didn't need a sequel to the first game you're 100% right. But I don't think they are milking it but a fourth one maybe and I do agree with you that it shouldn't keep dragging on and on and it should end on a high note. But IMO they aren't overrated these were the few games I actually felt the story and all the characters emotions. My favourite series are : Bioshock, Last of us and uncharted. Just saying not trying to start a problem but you have some fantastic points as well.
  12. I remember the big argument in the trophy thoughts for My Name Is Mayo 2, do you remember that .... (I also remember it was in the Top 5)
  13. Wow that's expensive it's probably the makers of the show that wanted some extra cash and had nothing else to think of...
  14. Hi, I'm not doing much but if you couldn't find PS3 guides for the DLC I'll link the PS4 DLC Guides, so people can know how to get the trophies and people don't make a guide since someone already did it. But you can if you want to make one anyway. Here you go the DLC Guides: For DLC 1,2 and 3 : Scroll to the bottom to the last 22 trophies and they'll help you with these trophies. For DLC 4: For DLC 5: For DLC 6: For DLC 7: For DLC 8: For DLC 9: For DLC 10:
  15. Nice congratulations!!! You got first in the world.
  16. COD Black Ops III. Personal decorator trophy you have to do a lot of stuff including finishing every chapter on veteran without reloading a checkpoint.
  17. Sonic forces. The time trials will make you restart and get the perfect time and don't forget that you can download supersonic for free from the store to make it easier to finish them in time. But it's really annoying to get collectables so be warned.
  18. You would be a millionaire. DO IT!
  19. Was it fun? And yeah it wouldn't be bad if it came to PS4/PS5 that would be an interesting trophy list for FNAF World
  20. They already have an engine to develop the games for them in most cases, so it's not as hard as before to make a game and if you're paying 15 for a few maps and cosmetic I think one season pass is good. Yeah, what you're saying makes sense and like I said it's a bit easier to make games but still hard but for a few cosmetics and a map and short missions 15$ is good for at least 5 maps and a few cosmetics. They are milking it.
  21. ok...
  23. I hope you're able to solve this problem and find a solution. Good luck!!!
  24. I think the name was Five Nights At Freddy's World or FNAF World which sounds better and way shorter.
  25. I guess they did it on purpose because of the trophy's name "wait... what?" .