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  1. oh wow. I guess I'll take it! haha
  2. I was wondering if that was it. Do you know what the max threat level is? Mine was at 23 and was working towards 24 when the match ended. It was about 70 or so xp shy of hitting 24. Unless it was still factoring in xp as the book was exploding. As the match ended I was 13,929/14,000 to getting threat level 24.
  3. It can't be. This was my first game as Demon when I got the trophy. I got it at the end of the match. I hadn't put any points in demon under the collection stuff.
  4. Although I have earned this trophy, I do not fully understand what I did to earn it. When it says "Reach the maximum level with a demon", does that mean fear level? Or does it have to do with Infernal upgrades? If it is Infernal upgrades is it based off of how many points you put in, because I did not have every box in every category filled up.
  5. Well there is not a guide on PSNProfile that I am aware of and I didn't search for a guide anywhere else as you really don't need one outside of the fact you can't turn on Auto play. So I wanted to let people know the only thing they need to be aware off in this game. So sue me.
  6. it disables the trophies. I just found this out after doing a lot of the game and I had turned auto play on. FYI
  7. I am really interested in this, but I want to wait for reviews. I haven't seen any yet and just curious if any of you have seen any.
  8. Just curious if you can do it by yourself using 2 controllers?
  9. Thank you!
  10. The description of this trophy says complete all night runner trials. Do we have to only complete each trial and get any medal or do we have to get gold in each one?
  11. oh wow I haven't seen Alien in so long I forgot the names! That is so awesome! And now that you said that about error 404, it kind of makes sense how 404 is related to S.T.A.R.S. and being a secret group that can't be found.
  12. **Warning! Possible spoilers ahead!** I came across a Resident Evil easter egg where I find Leon and Chris Redfield. They were part of a group called Unit 404. I was curious if 404 had anything to do with Resident Evil but my google searches do not give me any definite answers. Is 404 or Unit 404 related to Resident Evil in any way?
  13. Sorry. I edited in my post that I found out what my issue was. I have now made it better to see my edit. The 4th skill tree was part of DLC and I did not realize that. So that is what messed me up.
  14. Just curious what everyone thinks of this game. It has a very low platinum rate.
  15. I am level 51 and I am still 3 perks short. Did DLC or something change that? I have answered my own question... They added in a 4th skill tree, Traveler, that is not part of the original game. You do not nee to do the traveler skill tree to get the platinum. You only need to do Prowler, Brave, and Forager.