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  1. I see a lot of people say this is just the first year of the console and I get it but if the rumors are true that Sony is only planning on the PS5 having a 5 year life cycle then I think your disappointment can be a little justified. I have been fine with it so far but the only thing I am disappointed with is most games only have higher resolutions and higher fps. Ray tracing rarely gets used and I don't even have a monitor that can do better than 1080p. So I feel like I am mostly just getting ssd and higher frame rates, and I've played console all my life so lower frame rates don't even bother me. And I really am not complaining. I am having fun and enjoying myself. I like the load times and I like the better visuals.
  2. The fact that they call any game "trash" when there are people out there who put a lot of work into these games and are proud of their work should tell you that they are not someone whose opinion you want to take seriously.
  3. Super Awesome! Thank you!
  4. Well I went back to play through the chapter. One of the memories I got the trophy for but it was not detecting it I guess, but I did get it now. It was the old paper memory.
  5. Just wanted to say this in case other's experience the same thing. It is for collecting all memories in chapter 3 which I have done. I am on PS5 fyi
  6. Yeah I have tried out most of the options and I feel the 2 games/movies a month work great for me.
  7. I have been using it off and on for years now and was curious what other's think of it. I think it works great for me. My biggest gripes are for some reason some newer games will come out later on GF than other places you can buy it. And for obvious reasons digital only games you can't get. Also I don't understand why they only have the PS4 version on some games that have both ps4 and ps5. For instance they only have the ps4 version of Life is Strange True Colors but luckily you can get the ps5 upgrade for free.
  8. Or do you have to be PSN friends with someone to do the multiplayer stuff?
  9. For as fun as the game is they really crapped the bed for when it came to trophies/achievements.
  10. I just did pubic matchmaking and got set up with randoms.
  11. I have done all 12 campaign missions on standard difficulty and nothing. Is there a mission I am missing somewhere? Do I have to do the Horde mode to accomplish this?
  12. Well that is so silly they don't put it in the description. I just wasted a few hours trying to do this.
  13. I don't know about OP but I have been trying to complete it and I did not get ammo. I have also done it where I don't get cache's as well even though it does not say cache's in the description. I am now going to attempt it without using abilities. It does not say abilities so I have been using them, but now I am going to try it without abilities. I would assume it is not for the whole team as it doesn't say that but I don't know what else to do.
  14. Everything everyone has said are valid points and great advice. I appreciate everything everyone has said. I definitely have decided to keep my account and not start a new one but I did think about starting a new one. The numbers are just numbers. I want to fix my numbers for me. I am not worried about what anyone else see's. I am not trying to prove myself to serious trophy hunters or try to be one of the best. To me it's just a personal preference and a goal I would like to set for myself as a fairly new trophy hunter.
  15. So much wonderful and amazing advice! Thank you so much and I will use it! I think with the MMO's that I have both PS4 and PS5 I will probably just focus on the PS5 version and down the road I will come back to the PS4 version. But we will see how it goes. Also I enjoyed the little bit of the NieR games I played but I easily get distracted and then those games get pushed to the side and then I end up never coming back. Like for instance I started the NieR remake but a day or 2 later the Mass Effect Legendary Edition came out and I just never got back to Nier after that. But yes I do need to focus on completing games before moving on. It's a horrible habit I have and I definitely need to fix it. Thank you so much for the amazing advice and it is all so helpful!