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  1. Finally done customizing my PC! ^_^


  2. Sign me up! Here's my list! Hopefully I'm able to finish this by the end of it!
  3. New Update! Sorry for the lack of updates! Been busy with my work and I build myself a pc recently so I'm spending more time playing games on there as well. The graphic changes compared to the vita further made it difficult to justify playing on the Vita but I hope to spend more time playing on the vita while I'm in camp! I plan to clean up Sly and hopefully Shinobido 2 before the event ends! With that I'll have 23 games completed. Titan souls will be completed once I'm close at 1498 trophies as to achieve the plat as my 1500th trophy. As always, happy trophy hunting!
  4. Finally had some free time this week and manage to snag some trophies along the way! Hopefully I’m able to beat @Krazy_99
  5. I apologise for the lack of updates lately. I had a busy week with work, didn't manage to find time to play my Vita at all and my PC components arrived so I build myself a PC which (I'll be playing more now) but I'll definitely get trophies whenever I'm able to!
  6. The PC parts I purchased came recently and I managed to build myself a gaming PC :yay: Ultra High 1080p gaming here we go!


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    2. Saori Shirosaki

      Saori Shirosaki

      What are the specs Sylvie?

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      I had that image as a background for my PS3 once.

    4. Sylvieeex


      @UltraFire121 RTX 2060 + Ryzen 5 3600!

      @Rally-Vincent--- It's a nice wallpaper especially with the rain effects


  7. 7th Week Update! Swaps Used [2/2] Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate > Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Here's my 7th week update! This week I platted the easier games such as God of War II, Tearaway and Metal Gear Solid 3 especially since I don't have as much training as I'm supposed to do due to unforeseen circumstances. I will also swap out another game since I gave Batman a try and it's not a genre I enjoyed (which is also the reason I swapped out AC: Chronicles) With that, let's get going into the games! Tearaway - O boi, It's one of the games I wished I started earlier. It's a beautiful, colourful and unique game where the world is basically made of paper and it does feel like you're in one, so immersion is one of the strong points of Tearaway. The way the game utilizes PS Vita's functions is created in such a way that it blends very well with the story and gameplay and I don't feel it broke the immersion at all, if not, it only made it better. Such as using the camera to apply textures on characters and using both touchscreen to allow interaction with the protagonist that are implemented smoothly. I had fun with it and only wished Tearaway: Unfolded was made for PS Vita. God of War II and Metal Gear Solid 3 are pretty solid ports for the Vita. Although the frame drop is terrible at times for GoW II, it felt playable and still fed my GoW craving that I have. Anyone that's looking for an action game for the vita should get the GoW collection. Metal Gear Solid 3 on the other hand is an enjoyable stealth game but I used a platinum trophy video walkthrough that assisted my trophy hunting. Some of the parts was not as simple as in the video and took some tries due to the controls which I found odd. Definitely doable though! This week I'm aiming to complete Seran Kagura, Sly Cooper, Shinobido and lastly Titan Souls! I'm left with 5 games where I'll reach my limit and be able to add more games towards the list. Hopefully I'm able to complete soon as I'm in Trophy Hunters League and I need to start playing some easy games to obtain as many points as possible As always, Happy Trophy Hunting everyone and stay safe!
  8. So far I've only managed to complete God of War II. Still working on the rest of my backlog for Summer Backlog event and once I'm done with that I'll be moving forward to play this event! 0 - 1 - God Of War II 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -
  9. What vita game should I buy next? 

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    2. Edunstar84


      Persona 4 Golden, the Danganronpa collection, Odin Sphere many great games on the Vita!

    3. JaM


      Genre? Regardless... Zero Escape Trilogy and perhaps Danganronpa while it is still available on PSN.

      Since you played Muramasa Rebirth and Odin Sphere... Dragon's Crown or even Grand Kingdom(not sure if 100% atm is possible)

      For rhythm - DJ Max and Project Diva games. 

      JRPG - Digimon! Trails of Cold Steel I and II. Persona 4 Golden. Neptunia series and Spin off as well (except Producing Perfection I guess). WoFF, Tales of Hearts R

      ARPG - Ys MoC, YS Origins, YS VIII. Just finished Tokyo Xanadu and it is so fun to play. Akiba'STrip :awesome:

      SRPG - Disgaea ofc, Rainbow Moon/Skies and if you don't mind Visual Novels - Utawarerumono

      VN - Steins;Gate.. if you don't mind Otome... Hakouki, Code;Realize, PunchLine

      Metroidvania - Salt and Sanctuary, Axiom Verge, Chasm, Unepic

      Platformers - Shovel Knight, Rayman Legends if you don't mind Online grind.

      Dungeon Crawler - Dungeon Travelers 2, Demon Gaze

    4. Sylvieeex


      @zajac9999 Still, the average time to complete that game takes about 200 hours which is way above the hours I'm able to commit to a game :P All the best for your progress!


      @Astray404 I've read and heard good things about Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice. Copies are still not as cheap as I want them to be though, so I'm waiting for a good sale and I'll get both of them. Thanks for your suggestion :D


      @DEI2EK I've seen the gameplay and it looks good! I'll try to find a copy in my area. Thanks for the suggestion!

      @Edunstar84 Yup! There's a lot of great games on Vita and I barely scratched the surface xD 


      @JaM Woah, that's intensive list! I'll give the games you suggested you try! I've been eyeing some of the games you suggested as well such as Danganronpa, Ys Series, Persona, Metriodvania games and I'll try to get them once it gets cheap enough for me :D  I tend to avoid the longer games such as Disgaea because pointless grinds don't resonate with me well. I appreciate the effort you took to suggest the games! ^_^


  10. GG @blu3st4rdust305 God of war 2 decided to glitch on me and I only realised half way through the game, so I had to restart the entire game 😐 Always make sure that your intended trophies are popping correctly guys!
  11. I won't play a game if I see the challenge is tough and that I don't have the confidence to complete said challenge. I will avoid unattainable trophies as wel because Non-100% games sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm aiming for that 100% completion rate and the lowest I'd go is 90%+ completion rate. It's sad but, considering that this is my alt account it's fine since I can play any game I want to on my main account!
  12. 6th Week Update! Phew, this week didn't end up being as free as I thought it would. My weekends were pretty much filled with outings and birthday parties, which led to the decline in game progress. I tried to complete Shantae as I could before I went out, at the expense of my sleep OOF. As for this week's progress, I plat'd Rayman Origins & Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. Both are stellar platformer games in beautiful worlds, especially Shantae due to the 3D +2D effect that the game utilizes. At first the controls are hard to get used to but eventually you'll get used to it. I suggest that everyone give it a try! Also, I will be starting God Of War II and Tearaway this week and if possible, Metal Gear Solid as well! Have a good week everyone and all the best to your trophy hunting!