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  1. Congratulations dude!!!! You can do this!!!! Keep us posted
  2. Good job @DarthMagnus0605 of getting down to only 4 songs left. I haven't played in a long time. I should get back into it. I didn't notice that the game miscalculated. I will pay attention to it, next time I go into the game. Keep up the great effort man! Looks like you will join the platinum club before me 😄
  3. That is amazing! I still need to get gold stars on 14 songs. It is a very challenging trophy for me. But it is nice to get back to the game every now and again. I do agree that I enjoy it more then Beat Saber due to its complexity. To be able to get gold stars on the later songs you really have to be in hyper focus mode the entire song. Let me know how you progress. I would love to hear it : )
  4. Thanks @wuwiwa I will give it a shot for sure. What I do think is strange is that the timer in the vid says 33 minutes and the trophy still unlocks. Does this mean that there is a margin which is still acceptable over the 30 minutes trophy requirement. Also the loading times seem to be excluded. So that is good. I also don't think there is a way to see which time you got in the game other then to time it yourself and pausing during the loading screens. What have been your closest time spend?
  5. I am going to give it a shot. Not sure if this game will have any other challenging trophies other then the collecting of fire alarms and fire extinguishers. It is a nice little puzzle game 🙂
  6. Ah that is so awesome to read!! I got two more songs with golden stars now. I am just at the half way point. There is still a lot to be conquered in the Audica realm haha. But I will keep practicing for sure. I also think I will enjoy getting better at Highway to Oblivion more then G.O.A.T. For now I let those two songs rest and I will focus on the other songs first I already broke one of my move controllers. The trigger button is not 100 % responsive and that really is needed in such a rhythm game. I will get a new one, as I will continue my path to be one of the few gamers to have this game as a platinum trophy. A lot of practice will be needed.
  7. You are a life saver! I didnt feel like doing the whole game again either! Thanks!
  8. Thanks man! How far are you? Did you get some gold stars yet? I have a pretty good strategy. I played all songs on advanced and 5 starred them on that difficulty. Then I moved to expert, I just 5 starred some of my favorite songs. I was then getting the hang of it and could 5 star more and more songs on expert. So then I had the feeling I could at least 5 star all expert songs. And now I am at a point where I am very experienced in the expert songs. The way I practice for gold stars is to play a song 2 times on 80 % speed in the tutorial mode. This way I get a feeling for the mapping. I might do one more go at 90 % and then I just keep mastering the track. So far the earlier songs have been doable. So I wonder how far I can take it As for the 1 billion points achievement I am now at 41 %
  9. I am really enjoying the game and I am working through all the songs to get gold stars on every single song. Doing that will allow me to get a platinum trophy for this game! Currently I have gold stars on 11 of the 33 songs. Yesterday I checked and on the final song ' Highway to Oblivion' only 10 people have the gold stars. The most difficult song is G.O.A.T. I think and only 8 people have gold starred that song. The total leaderboard on PSN currently has 10290 players, so it will be really cool to be one of the very few who platinumed this game. It will take a lot of practise!
  10. Currently working on getting the platinum trophy for Audica!