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  1. Yo, open the floodgates for all these classic games to have trophy support. 😎 Great news here if this ends up being true. Never really owned a PS1 or PS2 back in the day, and since I love older titles and retro games so much, being able to play them nowdays with proper emulation and some goddamned tropyh support on a console sounds like a blessing for me. ^^ Fingers crossed so that they add a ton of games to the service over time.
  2. Really want to give this series a go sometime soon and, since I own this very first entry on the PS3 as well, I was looking forward to hearing some inputs on here too. I haven't really had that much experience with rail shooters in general, but the trophy guide on PST makes it seem as if this one is considerably hard. Maybe not House of the Dead or Time Crisis hard but it's kinda up there too, and given that this entry is only in Japanese, well, it'd be great to have some more info about it. And aye, we all know the game is hard to play when playing one-handed. That's the entire point of it, no? 83
  3. It's been a while since I played both games but GT6 is far easier than GT5. Leaving the grind aside in GT5 and focusing only on the difficulty outright, yeah, GT5 is the much more difficult game here overall. There are a ton of events in that game with very, very strict time requirements. A good chunk of the license tests, the Nascar challenges, the AMG races, the Grand Tour special events, the motherfuckin' Sebastian Vettel Red Bull X challenge. The game is really hard on the times it asks the player to complete. Many of them require hours to complete with a gold trophy for the uninitiated in this type of racing games. GT6, on the other hand, is much easier by comparison. Sure, if it's your first type playing a sim-like or simcade racing game, then yeah, it takes a while to adapt to how to drive properly in these games. They certainly aren't as pick up n' play friendly as other arcade racers out there. However, the time requirements for most of the events in GT6, I still found them to be a cakewalk. If I remember right, only 2 or 3 of the events for the S License I remember being a bit hard. Everything else was a breeze to complete. This talking about the base game, though. The Ayrton Senna DLC kicks up things a bit from the base game, with at least 2 events there kinda reaching GT5 levels of difficulty, but that's about it. So yeah, that's how I would compare them at least. GT5 also had easy events, but overall, it had a much higher quantity of events that demanded precision driving and multiple retries from the player to master whatever car or track they gave you at the time. GT6 is the much better game in terms of quality but it is also much easier compared to its predecessor, with many of its events not always reaching the same peaks GT5 often had. So far I've only played these two games in the series, but I look forward to trying the rest of the games at some point. As for whether if gamepad or steering wheel is better, you can honestly use both of them. I started playing with a gamepad and was able to complete most of the events this way. The steering wheel gives you a bit more range with your inputs, both with braking, acceleration, and steering itself, but above that, it just feels cooler. If getting one is too pricey for you or you just don't have enough room for one, the gamepad is perfectly serviceable too.
  4. You should totally play Trackmania, though. It's a great game. I'm sure you'd do just fine. 👀 Great tier list, Copanele. Very well organized and tidied up. ^^ I obviously can't say I agree with all of it (Lords of Shadow was actually a fantastic game in my opinion and I will die on that hill 😛), but I was very glad to see games like Guacamelee, Arcana Heart 3, Blur, Turok, Slain: Back from Hell & Bioshock scoring high on your list. I also think those games rocked in their own right. 😌 Now, will we ever see Catherine and Mirror's Edge completed before the heat death of the universe? Who knows, all I know is that your hate for those games can't really be quantified, lmao. 😂 Holy shit, man, Mirror's Edge was sweet. All you need to improve on your jump-button coordination for that one, y'know.
  5. Platinum #170 - Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online (PS4)

    La06c1a.png  1L760146.png

    Let's Nep them up!


    A rather interesting spin-off in the Neptunia franchise that I found myself playing recently. I want to play most of the games of this franchise in order, however, spin-offs inside the franchise, I am open to playing those whenever. What we have here is the first spin-off of the franchise that was developed with the PS4 specifically in mind. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online is a JRPG/hack n' slash/faux-MMO developed jointly by Tamsoft and Compile Heart and published by Idea Factory circa 2017. It follows the titular characters of the franchise, the 4 main CPUs and goddesses (Neptune, Noire, Blanc & Vert) as well as the 4 CPU candidates (Nepgear, Noire, Rom & Ram) as they tackle a fictional online multiplayer game known as 4 Goddesses Online. This made-up game coincidentally features their actual CPU likenesses implemented into it. So, in a way, it's kinda like playing a game within a game with games-related characters and references. Talk about gameception. 8D



    Don't let your memory banks overheat with the "bouncey bouncey" just yet


    4 Goddesses Online takes place in Alsgard, a region filled with verdant greenery, ancient ruins, murky caves, rocky mountains, treacherous volcanoes, and much of what you can expect from a fantasy-MMO, except maybe for those last spacey-looking stages. One important thing to mention is that this game is a faux-MMO, in the sense that, even though it has an online component to play co-op with other people, what you're mostly playing is a JRPG with an active, hack n' slash combat system with characters simulating being in a virtual MMO. Got it? Okay, good. There's only one city in the game, the city of Wishuel, which acts as the center point from where all expeditions to nearby dungeons are taken from. Alongside that, you can also expect Wishuel to host stores for items and gems that we can use to boost our characters' stats and equipment, and a smith that can help us to upgrade our equipment. There's also a cathedral that can bestow upon us an assortment of different blessings to boost specific stats or conditions during an adventuring session.


    Much of the game progress in a very linear manner, albeit at an intense speed. As it is a common thing in the Neptunia franchise, characters and their interactions take center stage. The game always manages to crack up a smile or a laugh when it needs it the most and, on top of that, I love how it is always self-referential, or just referential in general to a variety of aspects within the anime/games/otaku/weeb culture. This means that, if you are the intended audience for this game, you're always going to find yourself nodding along with the story and cracking up a big laugh at the characters' interactions. Neptunia revels in this and knows it very well, as such, it does an excellent job at keeping players engaged in its funsies at all times. Even though the 4 CPUs and their 4 sister candidates are playing a game together, it won't be long until things start to go amiss in the game world due to outside interference and cheating, and it will be up to us, the kickass 4 CPUs of Gaminindustri, to stop this mischievous plan from taking place to make sure 4 Goddesses Online stays, well, always online. So, from Neptune's constant 4th wall-breaking moment scenarios, to Noire's hardcore efforts to get into her character, to Vert's relentless rampaging desire to obtain a little sister no matter what, laughs and smiles will be a plenty as we venture into the land of Alsgard.



    I really liked the HUD and combat system. It's simple and it works


    The gameplay is solid but not without its faults, though. I loved the fact that, unlike previous games in the series which have been turn-based, 4 Goddesses Onlne instead goes for the full-time hack n' slash approach. We can freely move in the field and whack as many enemies as we like with absolute freedom. We always move as a party of 4 and freely switch characters at any time during gameplay. In addition to being able to hit enemies, dodge, or parry their attacks, there are also skills we can use to deal extra damage to our opponents. Much of the combat is very simple and mostly revolves around parrying or blocking enemy attacks and then spamming as many skills as we can when we have an opening. It's simple and with very little strategy involved, but it works well. Being sure that our characters are properly equipped and boosted with the rights gems is important to make short work of enemies and bosses. Only bosses can pose a bit of a challenge at times, but again, really, they're very easy to bring down if you know what you are doing. The AI controlling our partners is mixed. Even though we have tactics we can use, I always went for the "Prioritize defense" one because my healers and spellcasters always wanted to be whacking the enemy bosses up close, which often resulted in them quickly biting the dust. The "Prioritize defense" tactic was the one that worked the best for me to avoid this scenario.


    The thing with 4 Goddesses Online is that you can feel the game was designed with a very stringent and thin budget in mind. That is, repetition ensues quickly with the (high) number of recycled enemies (there are only so many recolors of this boss I can kill...) and the quests never vary from the "go kill this" and "please gather this" endeavors. It's very simple, repetitive, and lacks the depth to be enjoyed for an extended amount of time. Thankfully enough, the game is well-aware of this and moves at an exceedingly fast speed, both in its story and whenever you are out adventuring. Clocking at around 20 hours, it's easy to say that this is not the massive 300-hours-JRPG or 5,000-hours-MMO some players might be looking for...and thanks Neptune for that because I feel this is the right approach here. Since we're progressing at such a speedy rate, the game will be over and the platinum ours before we start seeing all of the cracks in the game's design. Seriously, this is cheap JRPG, but cheap JRPG done right. It knows its limitations, it knows its budget, yet it stays enjoyable and engaging for as long as it knows it cans and then waves you goodbye with a smile knowing that it fulfilled its role in the most appropriate of manners.



    The camera in this game does have a tendency to get funny at times but not always in this way >.<


    Visually, the game is heavy on the moe aesthetics and makes heavy use of bright colors. Character models seem to have gotten the most attention, but enemies also look passable within the confines of this world's visual style. There are few stages to travel to but they are varied enough between each other, and by the point the game ends, you certainly won't be needing any more than this. Again, it knows its budget. Hell, one of the stages was pretty much an Unreal 4 engine testing area, or it felt like that at least. Illustrations and CGs are beautifully drawn and deliciously sweet to the eyes, much like the constant panty shots and properly implemented boob physics. Performance was, for the most part, all stable across the board. However, some slow down was noted when battling too many enemies at the same time in forest areas, at least on my PS4 Slim. In the sound department, music is pretty much the standard fantasy fanfare you'd expect. It's not entirely original but it doesn't feel bad either. Personally, I preferred the most upbeat tones, such as:



    Notable issues I could mention with the game. There is the well-known camera issue that my friend @Zassy also experienced during her playthrough. Although, I only had this one happen to me twice. Basically, the camera stays locked into place and kinda, like, "forgets" it has to follow our heroines. Not sure what's up with that. One issue I had the bad luck of encountering a lot of times in the game was getting stuck "inside" bosses. I mostly used Noire in the game (best girl...best panties...Black Knight panties...) and, for one reason or another, after spamming a number of skills on the boss, I would get stuck inside its geometry. That is, I wouldn't be able to move away from the boss at all, and the boss wouldn't be able to move anywhere on the field either. Parrying an attack would sometimes break me away from it, but more often than not, I would end up having to face the boss dead close to it. The Minotauros' fights? I had to tackle those carefully because getting stuck to him during his rampage attack almost always ended in certain death. Another issue I found with the game is that the cosmetics store was always empty... Then, I happen to read that the devs messed it up when they added certain DLC into the game? What a shame. So no cute outfits to be used, which is a shame considering this is a fan-servicey game after all. I was expecting at least a few basic outfits to try on, but in the end, I could only use a small array of accessories I found out in the field.



    Noire with fox ears and a fox tail? I'll take your entire stock of that


    Trophies, you shall not worry about them. Everything comes in the way of normal play. Even after you're doing saving 4 Goddesses Online, (as in, the game inside this game) and then beating the game and its post-content, there's no need to grind too much to unlock everything that's required for the trophies. So yeah, an easy and relaxed Sunday drive in terms of trophies.


    TL;DR: For fans of Neptunia and anime/weeb games, 4 Goddesses Online is an excellent, cultured choice. JRPG enjoyers should also be able to get decent fun out of it provided they get it at a reasonable price to compensate for some of its shortcomings. All in all, I had a good time with this spin-off. It was fast, it was colorful, it made me chuckle, the girls were pretty, whacking enemies was fun, and above all, it succeeded at being fun. It has a notable number of weak areas but it knows how to play to its strengths. Score another positive mark for Nep-Nep and her crew.


    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Yuber6969


      Congrats! This sounds a lot more fun than Re;Birth 1, which is the only game in the series that I played so far. Loving that Vert fanservice in that screenshot too. 😏

    3. Flubberwunked


      Nice review! This was like the second game I played on my PS4 and also my first Neptunia game and for me it wasn't a great start. The Art and some of the songs were the only real highlights for me. 20 to 25 hours already felt too long for me lol.  


      Who would be your other favourite characters along with Noire? Noire would be my second favourite goddess (RIP old English voice actor who left the role)


      If you're looking for a spin off that's more in line with the main games, then Super Neptunia RPG would be a good Nep game to play next. It's just as short (if not shorter) than 4GO. The story is pretty good and the turn based combat is engaging. There aren't as much CG images from what I remember, but there's swimsuit DLC outfits to compensate for the lack of fanservice lol. It goes on sale often, so keep your eye out for it if you're interested.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Hey there, everyone! Thanks for the comments. Sorry for taking so long to answer here. My PC sort of died a few days ago and I had to get a new one. :P


      @nestamar5 Yes, you're right. Let me clear that up. With that I mean, the main entries in the franchise in order, which means either Mk2 or Rebirth 2 should be next, then Victory or Rebirth 3, then Megadimension VII, and so on. Spin-offs like Action Unleashed or Hyperdevotion Noire, (among others) I can play those out of order and at any time I want to. :)


      @Zassy Aye, I never expected a faux-MMO to be this level of interesting. Due to the reduced level of social interaction and the ability to be able to play them offline whenever without depending on the online status of a server, I can certainly see their appeal. If anything, it made me interested in checking other fake-MMO games out there, like the SAO games or the .hack franchise. ^-^


      IF could certainly clean the entire world with that level of recycling they employ in their games, sheesh. xxD It's a slot compared to the JRPGs I've played out there, but thankfully, it never became a source of distaste for the game. In this case, in particular, it was due to the game knowing how much it could keep running and keeping players interested by recoloring the same assets over and over again. It didn't overstay its welcome. And yessies, totally noticed the most sultry, yuri-infused, panty shots in this one. Totally appreciated. uwu


      That was a thing too, y'know. I noticed they slapped that damned blue doggo in more than a fair share of maps with only a tweak to its stats. IF = Masters of Recycling, really. They could've at least tried to recolor or add anything else to the doggo to make it pass for a different enemy. But no, blue and red doggos everywhere. xP


      Vert was hoarding all that loli kawaii NPC Bouqet action from us. xxD But aye, the Boss Velcro glitch hit me quite the number of times. I also think me playing as Best-Panties Noire had a lot to do with that since, I was always up close smacking the bosses, which ended up in me getting stuck a lot of the time to them. Eventually, I learned not to go too combo crazy on them to avoid facing the stuck. x3


      That Cat Paw Shuriken was a big enough reason for Ram becoming my second most used character. She was always a constant member of my party too. Can't let such a cute girl with such a cute weapon go unnoticed. <3


      @Raveniteh Thanks! I'm eager to try the rest of the series. Maybe not right now, but I definitely look forward to checking out the rest of the franchise. :D


      @AihaLoveleaf Your recent completion of the original HDN really took me by surprise. I was under the impression that that very first game in the franchise had a number of issues, judging by scores from both critics and gamers alike at the time, but your recent experience with it really proved that it's a game worth experiencing even today. Now, considering the number of games the franchise has put out over the years, I reckon both you and I have a long trek to do to catch up with all of the games, lol. xD


      @Yuber6969 Happy to provide some Vert fanservice to you, good sir. 🎩🍷


      @Flubberwunked Dang. Sorry that you didn't enjoy this one too much at the time, Flubber. 😅 I haven't really played much of the franchise yet, but so far, I had a good time with this one. Gameplay-wise, I found it fun to play. And thank the goddesses that it didn't send me into an endless odyssey to grind stuff for countless hours. That would've killed a good part of my enjoyment with it. 😶

      As for the characters, besides Noire, I really liked Neptune, Ram, and Uni here. From what I remember in Rebirth 1, I also enjoyed much of the same ones plus CyberConnect 2 😻 & Falcom. Compa and Iffy are quite special too. ;)


      Awesome. I'll be sure to keep Super Nep RPG in my list of Neptunia games to play next. I'll most likely be playing a main entry first next, though, either mk2 or Rebirth 2. I think I remember hearing some mixed opinions on Super Nep RPG at some point but, as with all games in the series, I'm still interested in giving it a go at some point. :D

  6. Yo, Dyad. I remember I started that one a long time ago on the PS3 but never finished it. I liked the game but man, was it trippy. I never really dove too deep into it at the time. At first, it does look as if it was a rhythm game but it plays more like a racing game than anything else. You have to really master the game's mechanics as they are introduced to you on each of the levels to be able to beat the requirements for the trophy levels. It was fun, I liked the experience. Some of the levels I tried were easy, but then there were others that ramped up the difficulty considerably. I remember I got frustrated with it at a certain point. Can't remember exactly why I dropped it, though. And yeah, that comparison to Wipeout's Zone Mode is way off. It may look nearly as trippy for a racing game but the gameplay fundamentals are entirely different from one another. The skill level required for one doesn't necessarily carry to the other as well. Anyway, nice to see you booting and playing this one. Will look forward to hearing more about your progress on it. Who knows, maybe it'll motivate me enough to go back to mine one of these days, lol.
  7. This is interesting and, above all, sounds very positive of the PS brand that they're finally taking game preservation as a serious matter, which it is. Hell, they can make it profitable too within reason and preserve games at the same time. It's a win-win situation for gamers and businesses alike if they do it right. As for whether they'll do it right or not, well, that remains to be seen. I kinda want to believe they will. Hopefully, this will mean we'll be getting tons of classic games from past eras in the new tiers for PS+ they are advertising, properly emulated, with trophy support, and with the respect they deserve.
  8. Platinum #169 - TERA (PS4)

    L5a7de5.png  1L09affe.png

    Hurr durr, moar liek Tap Elins' Roundy Asses uguu~ uwu


    As much as I like that subtitle, it is actually The Exiled Realm of Arborea. That's what TERA stands for, even if the constructs of my mind want to tell me otherwise. This platinum here was one I had been planning for a while to tackle but only jumped recently thanks to an event that motivated me to jump early. To be perfectly honest with you, MMORPGs are a genre I often avoid due to the commonly required social interaction that's required to progress on them. Simply put, I am a gamer that enjoys playing single-player the most, and the more online and social a game is, the more I can't help but feel that it doesn't cater to me. TERA, however, did have something that catered to me a lot... Elins! >w< I know what you're thinking, "HH, you're a goddamn pervert, horny otaku, aren't you?" And I'm like, "Why, of course I am, thank you." More of that in a bit. 8D


    I am hardly knowledgeable when it comes to MMOs as I've hardly played any of the most well-known ones. RuneScape? No. Lineage? Nope. World of Warcraft? Fuck no. For real, the only MMOs I remember ever playing for a bit were Tibia, Mu Online, and an itty bit of Ragnarok Online, but again, I played those, what? Decades ago? So yeah, my experience with the genre is anything but deep. Enters TERA, an MMORPG originally released for PCs in 2011 by the hand of South Korean developer, Bluehole Studio. Fast forward a few years and numerous expansions and patches later, TERA lands itself on consoles in the year 2018 thanks to En Masse Entertainment in the west. A few years go by and En Masse goes defunct, so now TERA on consoles is handled globally by Krafton. I can't help but think this game has a rough history with its publishers, its most-devoted players probably know more about that than I.



    Meet Chysiau, the hot piece of ass that saved the day here


    Describing my experience is going to be a bit difficult because I really didn't play the game in the normal way an MMO is supposed to be played, so to speak. This is due to the promotional event I mentioned early that roped me in. You see, (and a massive thanks go to @AihaLoveleaf for letting me know about this) but during this past late March, the developers were giving out a scroll to reach level 65 in the game for free to any new accounts that registered in. Alongside that scroll, they were also giving a number of other rewards as well to aid players at the start of their journey. And so, since I had been eyeing this game and its cute, thiccy Elins for a while, I felt extra compelled to start it right away. Little did I know that, while getting such a scroll was indeed helpful to clear the game in a quicker and easier manner, it also, at the same time, deprived me of enjoying the game by having to learn its systems and intricacies with more detail. That is, I booted the game, got a sensory overload at the menu explosion on my screen that often accompanies MMOs and the million of rewards I got, and then had to contend with equipment that had an expiration date, 30 dates after claiming the in-game voucher.


    Having to deal with the expiring equipment put me in overdrive, as what little time I had available to play TERA while juggling work, other games, and other real-life responsibilities this past month, made me opt to skip most, if not all, of the story in the game. I played exclusively by making a beeline to the trophies, ignoring most of the story content and the lore of the game. The gathering and alchemy parts of this game were never touched either. A platinum that would normally take 70-100 hours, I did in 37, according to the in-game clock. And, truth be told, a good chunk of that was spent idling too. I normally don't do this, but for the sake of taking advantage of the boost I got, I had to. If you ask me what happened in Arborea, I have no idea. All I know is that a cute, thicc ninja catgirl with a round ass saved the day with the power of being awesome, sexy, and cute. That's as much as I got from the story, lol. Cutscenes were seen, very little was understood. The vast majority of the text between quests was also skipped too. One thing worth mentioning is that the cutscenes, while they were more on the oldy-looking side, they did give me the impression of telling some kind of grandiose story that's nice to see in these types of games. Unfortunately, I had an issue with them, besides the not-understanding-anything part. I am not sure if it was due to my Internet or what, but the voices and what was happening on the screen didn't line up at all for some reason. The video was often way ahead of the audio, methinks a synchronization issue of sorts was at play there.



    I am in a rush, just freakin' die already O_o


    The very thing that I enjoyed the most about TERA was its gameplay. In some respects, I am sure this has probably been done in countless MMOs already, but I felt the real-time combat was really, really good. I went for the Ninja class for this playthrough because of its description and because the mighty butt of my Elin looked great under those really tight ninja shorts; it was really pleasing. The combat incorporates a behind-the-back, third-person camera view that feels pretty competent and enjoyable in its own right. Buttons, although confusing at first to learn the layout, adapted extraordinarily well to the PS4 gamepad, and it was a blast spamming all of my ninja skills on bosses like this. Since my character had high mobility and a number of evasion moves and get-out-of-the-way ranged attacks, I felt the combat was highly enjoyable... That, of course, when I wasn't one-hit killing everything. Because I was so OP from the get-go, most of the monsters and bosses I faced died with just one hit, only when I got into the late game and had to use my skills more often is when I started to enjoy the combat more. Having to play alongside a party of friends, with each one of them playing to the strengths of their respective roles could prove to be really fun. By the way, this third-person camera can be freely controlled with your right stick to look around and ogle at your sexy character the environment. You also have various zooming options, from very far away so that you can clearly see when you're flying on top of your dragon, or very, very close, face straight into your Elin's ass character's back. Great camera implementation, indeed.


    You have 7 races and 13 classes to choose from at the start of the game (I hope I got those numbers right), and here's where you can choose if you want to be the tank of the group, a support spellcaster, a more melee-oriented DPS guy or gal, the cute healer everyone needs, and what have you. It is important to notice that not all classes are open to all races and genders. For example, Elins can only be females and they are the only race that can have ninjas as their class. Although Elins have a wider class variety than other races, there are certain classes that can only be selected by certain races and genders. The character creation tool is rather limited when you first create your character, but since TERA is an FTP game with a freemium model, a ton of customization and cosmetic options exist on the TERA store to further customize your character's look in however way you want to. Considering some of the cute and downright naughty attires I saw out there while playing, fanservice is on the high side on this one. Great work, devs!



    Me waiting patiently for a World Boss to spawn


    Moving onto the presentation, I really like the game's art style. Even if it isn't technically impressive today by any stretch of the imagination, both characters and monsters alike exhibit veritable strokes of quality and imagination in their design. TERA's world can be extremely lush at times, and extremely drab at others, however. While cities like Velika, Allemantheia, and Kaiator are huge, very detailed and a joy to stroll around, other places on the map aren't nearly as exciting. And this varies from region to region. For example, the area surrounding Velika is as boring-looking as it can be, but things change drastically for the better when you head over to Ostgarath with its lush, tropical jungles, fiery volcanoes, and its depraved and double-crossing hidden Castanica city. There is stuff to wonder and marvel at in this game. But for every one of those, there's always your plain-looking desert in the Val Aureum region and so on.


    One thing worthy of commendation is just how massive the world of TERA is. Seriously, traveling from one place to another takes a LOT of time. The map is huge and it connects with its dungeons in a very seamless manner. Thankfully enough, there are several mounts you can use to speed up your walking speed. At the same time, traveling between regions and continents is made easier with the use of a Pegasus flight service. And finally, there's always the dirty warp scroll that you can buy when you need to get to a certain place fast.



    I...I don't remember the name of this place but it sure looked cool as hell


    The one area of the game that I have to give the most criticism for is its performance. It flat out sucks. I played on a PS4 Slim and the game exhibited tons of constant, very annoying slowdowns, even downright freezing for a second or two when playing. There's also a very severe pop-in issue going on. As massive as the landscape and its draw distance are, they are severely held back by models for other characters and monsters not loading in until you're right in front of them. This also happens with gathering points and the like and the pop-in looks downright ridiculous at times. Even if you in a party with friends, you can't see your buddies on the map until you are very close to them. @cr1s and I noticed this, as we've been playing together trying to tackle some of the World Bosses and dungeons on his game, but damn, the pop-in is really a severe issue in this game.


    The game has some pretty nice background tunes to accompany its exploration and battle sequences but I also experienced a few bugs with the sound, in which everything would sound much lower, almost mute at times, despite my volume being set up to the max. Another area where I have to leave small a complaint is in the quest structure. Many of them fall into the generic kill this, collect that, go here affair and very rarely try something different. Granted, I didn't do much of these, but the few I did, I noticed.



    Splendid vista, most assuredly


    The trophies in this game are, compared to other MMORPGs out there that send their players into endless sojourns, much more straightforward and easy. All you need to do is level grind until you reach level 65, clear a very specific set of dungeons, and kill a specific set of World Bosses from both the Arun and Shara continents. Since I got a level 65 scroll for free, attaining these level-related trophies came immediately for me. As for the dungeons and world bosses, they were all very easy thanks to the equipment I had. Only when I started tackling lvl 60 dungeons is when things started to get interesting due to the extra challenge, but even those were very easy to complete solo. The only thing that took a reasonable amount of effort was tackling the three lvl 68 bosses: Tempest Kanash, Divine Reaver, and Nyxarras. Doing this solo proved time-consuming. Nyxarras, a giant dragon that occasionally roams the Sierra Canyon in the Val Elenium province was a pain to bring down on my own due to my low DPS and his constant flying. 1 hour and 40 minutes was my total time spent hitting that thing solo. Divine Reaver was my platinum popper. This boss had plenty of attacks that inflicted continuous damage, effectively negating the HP regen I had carefully set on my ninja. It was the only boss that actually killed me a couple of times until I learned its pattern. Thankfully enough, I had a random join in and help me bring this one down when I only had like 2 hours left of souped-up equipment, so yeah, just in time.


    I summon @Zassy & @Yuber6969 to this status because I know you two have been considering playing TERA lately. Also, credit to @Zassy for coming up with the perfect subtitle for this write-up. ^^



    Exploring dungeons with friends is always fun

    Damn, do I like the look of my character right now xD


    TL;DR: So this was a very wild MMO undertaking for me. In a way, I feel the game has lots of potential, especially due to its engaging gameplay and creatively designed and alluring characters. *coughcough*Elinsarefuckinghot*coughcough* However, the way I played it to be able to attain the trophies as fast as I could, effectively blockaded most of the fun I could've had with this one. It's a good, solid MMO, but if I were to play it again, I would take things slowly and learn the game underneath first. Its performance on PS4 is absolute crap but the wide hips and ample butt of my Elin were able to make me overlook this up to a certain degree. Overall, I had a good time playing this one all things considered. Should you play the game? That depends on whether you liked or not the screenshots I shared above. ^^


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    2. Honor_Hand


      @Yuber6969 That jump to level 65 zaps a lot of fun of learning the game and grinding for better items and stuff, which is kind of the point of RPGs out there. So yeah, it helps, but at the same time, it makes a good chunk of the game boring to play. Hopefully, the console servers won't be going down this June 30th, since I am somewhat interested in having a second dip at the game. xD

    3. AJ_Radio


      Dude.... you're playing all these games I would love to try out, but backlog issues prevent me from getting around to them. I mean.... some people here don't mind hundreds of games on their backlog, but I'm the sort of person who prefers to finish most of the stuff on his backlog. You already know what I mean.


      Great job on the platinum. Game looks sick as fuck. However..... my general rule is to never touch MMOs again.


      Putting over 9000 hours in Runescape and a couple thousand in World of Warcraft confirms that.

    4. Honor_Hand


      @AJ_Radio Yeah, finishing one's backlog can be daunting. I mean, I have a ton of games sitting unfinished on mine so I know how that is, lol. I try to finish them as best as I can, but more often than not, I end up jumping into something new if the game I am playing now ends up boring me to death.

      And thanks! Thankfully this one was much quicker than those behemoths you mentioned there. Not sure if I'd be able to put that much time into a game myself nowadays.

  9. So, in my recent experience with this game, I played as an Elin Ninja. Wasn't quite sure which class to pick at first and since I hadn't played an MMO in decades and I was unsure of which class would suit me better. I wanted something that stroke a nice balance between playing solo and helping friends, so I eventually sided out with the ninja class. That and the tight shorts on my Elin also motivated me to pick that one as well, so yeah. >.> I also got a few vouchers for some pretty powerful equipment. When soul-binding my equipment, most of the bonuses I allocated towards HP regen and crit damage, which ended up working pretty fine in the long run. So my DPS wasn't spectacular by any means, BUT, in the event of taking any damage, I was easily able to heal on my own without having to rely on potions or the support of a healer. Got the platinum a few days ago and didn't find any difficulties and taking the vast majority of the bosses with just one or two hits. Even some of the latest dungeons like Sabex Armory and Macellarius Catacombs were a breeze to complete on my own. The one thing I struggled with the most I'd say were the three lvl 68 bosses. Tempest Kanesh: this one didn't pose much of a problem for me other than the 40 minutes it took me to bring down. Nyxarras: this one was a painfully long experience due to his constant flying, but his attacks are super easy to avoid. I had to fight it for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Divine Reaver: this one was problematic due to his attacks that inflicted continuous damage on me, often negating my HP regen. Fortunately enough, I had a random help me near the end. So yeah, Elin Ninja, lots of health regen and avoiding attacks for me. Found the Ninja had a lot of skills to get out of harm's way, so this also helped a lot on my run.
  10. Love the games, love the remasters, and love the possibility of playing today under a clean interface, with crisp image quality and trophies. The price for the whole thing is too much, though. And the monetization on it kinda reeks. I will mark this one for one to get once it goes on sale.
  11. Completed another game last night, this time an MMO of all things. TERA's platinum has been finally obtained. Gotta say, getting that level 65 scroll and a bunch of rare, powered-up equipment helped up a lot to make short work of this one. In a way, I felt that I needed to take advantage of the rewards they were giving to try and complete the game as fast as possible. However, since I was so OP from the get-go and my equipment had an expiration date, I had to rush through the whole game, bypassing most of its story to try and obtain the trophies in less than a month. It felt both cheap and kinda like cheating in a way, but hey, the developers were handing out goodies for free, so who am I to say no to that? I managed to defeat most of the high-level world bosses in the game solo and in the nick of time. Last night, when I was fighting the very last boss in the game, I had like only 2 hours left of equipment, lmao. 😂 Anyways, the game is rather expansive, has a rather charming style, and above all, was fun to play despite its poor performance on my PS4 Slim. If I were to play it again, I think I'd rather play it the way it was meant to be played, y'know? Like, taking it one step at a time, leveling up, clearing dungeons and bosses for better equipment, doing parties and groups with friends and other people. Methinks the game is probably most enjoyable when you play it like this instead of one-hit killing almost every boss out there on your own. Another thing very much worth mentioning are Elins... Oh, but I'll talk more about those in my next status update. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Next game completed is going to be BB: CSE, I swear. No more postponing on that one, I've already done all of the hard stuff so all I need to do is grind a few items and then enjoy the story. That's it.
  12. Have plenty of games on it I have yet to play, plus it doesn't really bother me that it's an "old console" with "old games". If anything, that actually draws me towards it. I collected hundreds of games for it (both in physical and digital format) when it was easily possible for me to acquire many and, as a result of that, I have a veritable background of games I'd like to play and clear at some point. Granted, I try to use my PS4 and my Vita too, but I often end up gravitating more towards one or another for extended times. Anyways, at least out of my home consoles, both my PS3 & PS4, they do get plenty of attention from me on a regular basis. One of my PS3s (I actually have two of them for boosting purposes) has trouble with reading game discs due to, most likely, a very worn-out laser at this point. I already got the spare parts to fix it but I haven't gotten around to actually fixing the thing due to other complications. But yeah, I love my PS3. It's old, it's clunky, it's janky, but it has some great games that still procure me with a lot of fun.
  13. Not really, I don't consider the time I spend behind screens healthy but it is what it is. I freelance from home and usually spend about 10-12 hours per day working on my PC, and that's almost every day of the week. If I'm not on my PC, then I'm gaming behind a huge TV in my room, so that's more screen hours added to my tally. I'm not that much of an avid mobile user but I do admit to using my phone every now and then whenever I am not near my PC or TV, so yeah, that's more screen time for me. Not sure if my myopia has been getting worse because of it, it probably has. I use my glasses all the time but I feel like my vision keeps getting worse and worse over the years. I am also long overdue for an eye examination and a new pair of glasses so I am not 100% sure how bad it is right now. That being said, I don't foresee ever having to turn away from my screens. Not so much because of my hobby but because my work also has me frequently staring at one for hours on end.
  14. Excellent news. It was only a matter of time until this one landed outside the Switch. Loved the heck out of Heroes' Paradise on PS3. Even if the game had some issues, I honestly think SUDA 51's style is really something else. Bizzare, crazy, but a damn good time nonetheless despite the quirks. Can't wait to head back to Santa Destroy. It'd be great if we could see a remaster of NMH2: Desperate Struggle on PS as well.
  15. Sweet. One of the older Vanillaware titles that was in desperate need of a remaster. Never played this one back when it came out but heard a fair deal about it. Nice to see it getting a release for today's current generation of consoles. Will have this one on my radar. ^^