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  1. Lol I still have all the GRID games pending to play on PS3. They look pretty awesome, as this trailer does too. My only doubt is why they are calling the game GRID and not GRID or something like that. Anyhow, any racing game developed by Codemasters is seriously worth a play. They know this genre pretty well. 👍
  2. Platinum #107 - Steep (PS4)



    PS+ game of January being completed now in May. :awesome: I have sort of a mixed opinion with this one. One one side, you have this beautifully rendered Alps landscape with tons, just tons of places to tear through, some pretty catchy music and a variety of sports to practice, but on the other hand, you have this annoying, always-online game that has twitchy controllers which doesn't want you to go too wild on it. Admittedly, if you're a fan of winter sports, you'll find something to love here. The always online requirement pisses me off because, for once, I don't have a stable internet connection, it just comes and goes throughout the day. Now, the game does allow you to play while offline but any progress on it (and trophies) does not count while you're offline. Also, if you're in the middle of an event and your internet flickers (like mine does), then, you're immediately kicked to the title screen... I reeeeeeaaaaaallyyyyy hated that. Now, when it does work, you can partake in a number of cool events. My favorites being the ones that don't require you to be in contact with the snow mind you since I found the controls to be better there. Both skydiving and paragliding are awesome and fun to play. At this moment in time, the game also allows you to try a few rocket-powered flights which are, in my opinion, the more fun in the game. Simply put, a jetpack race. Cool.


    The events that are in the snow, namely skiing and snowboarding are a bit of a hit and miss. I found the controls to be too stiffy for my liking, especially if you want to pull out tricks or have better control when going down a slope. The events themselves are between awesome and annoying. You have some pretty cool descents and trick sections on the mountains (there's a lot of variety for sure) but then you have the pointless events that are pretty much aimed to enrage the player, like racing through a thick forest or skydiving through the rockiest formation we could find in the mountains, or just fall over these rocks here, yeah, those are not fun, trust me. One thing that I should mention is that some of these events, I wouldn't classify them as hard but the stiff controls and absurd requirements will frustrate some people off. Now, the events that are good are genuinely fun to play and provide a reasonable course that may require practice to get down. Checkpoints are on the small side, and I mean this in both in width and height, so be sure to control your speed when going near them or you'll find yourself like me, getting too much air and actually going above the checkpoint. Another good thing about the game is that you can restart all the events instantly should you fail or not be happy with your current time/score, no loading times whatsoever. That's awesome and does help in alleviating any potential frustration.


    Graphically, well, haven't played that many PS4 games to judge but I can say it looks beautiful. The draw distances are just breath-taking to see. The snow looks amazing (I mean, this is coming from a guy who has never seen snow in his entire life but this is how I envision it) and the game ran great with no slowdowns or any major glitching. It did have some hiccups whenever my internet wasn't up to it but nothing too serious. The music was great, even if a bit more of it would have been welcome. It does put you in the mood for some snowboarding or any extreme activity you're planning to do. In the end, a good game with some annoying design features that I would only recommend to fans of winter sports. Trophies are on the hard side considering the difficulty of the many events and the amount of exploration required will take some time even if you can spawn anywhere in the map thanks to a helicopter. I'll most likely be jumping into completing the DLC later down the road. :)



    Between you and me, stuff like this happened to me a lot of times.




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    2. Jelloycat


      Congrats! :) 

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. Honor_Hand


      Thanks over here as well. :)



      Quite an achievement to be proud of. Some of the challenges were exceedingly hard, the wingsuit ones in particular. There were some that required almost like a hundred tried to get right lol 😂 Congrats on having the Platinum as well.  👍



      Lol, an interesting reminder. Thanks! :D


      It seems everyone enjoyed them gifs, I may start using some on my next updates. Provided there are some of them floating around the internet, of course.

  3. Platinum #106 - Need for Speed: Rivals (PS3)



    Also known by me as Need for Glitches: Clusterfuck Edition. Seriously, did someone run quality assurance on this? I love racing games and the NFS series is one that is special for me despite their lack of quality in recent years but this game has to be the most broken piece of software I've ever had the honor to play. I'm not someone to bash a game but this one has left me really disappointed. I'm going to assume that the PS4 version plays better but my experience with this version was one of constant frustration. For starters, the performance is just plain bad, with the game taking serious dips in its framerate all over the place, especially when a Hot Pursuit event is going on. And this is important, you know, because, well, this is a game about racing and speed... Cannot have proper fun in a race if the game runs in slow-mo. xP Other than that, I also found that the game would lag behind on loading certain sections of the world whenever driving around. Like, if you go too fast, you can reach sections of the road where the actual pavement hasn't loaded on screen yet. Not only that, but there are certain sections of the world in which the game will completely stop any vehicle in movement (but not the clock, power-ups or helicopters) while it loads the next portion of the road. Like WTF is that?! O.o Imagine drifting out of a corner at nearly 200 km/h only for the game to stick your car to the ground while it loads the next turn. Insanity!!! O.O''


    So, continuing with my recollection of issues with the game. Pop-in, oh boy, there's lots of it everywhere. Not only from the landscape in the distance but from everything, be it walls or fences to the side of the road, street signs, traffic cones, other racers, fucking traffic cars. Super fair to slam at 370 km/h with that one pickup that literally pops in out of thin air. What else? Oh yeah, going through scenery mid-jumps? Check. Falling through the road into a bottomless pit? Check. The game spawning you racing towards the wrong side of the race after a crash? (Also happens to CPUs so watch out lol) Check. Bad spawn points located right on the verge of a ramp, not giving you enough speed as to make a jump after a crash? (It too happens to CPUs) Check. Blurry textures and muddy visuals all around? Check too, why not. A crapton of instances of the game freezing your console? Check those too!!! Seriously, either my disc copy of the game is broken (as a friend suggested) or this a bad port of an awful game by EA. Not entirely sure yet. I'm willing to go through the PS4 version at a later time just to check but man...


    As for the game itself, well, it wants to play like a combination of Hot Pursuit's open road pursuits, with Most Wanted's crashes all seasoned with The Run's Frostbite engine. Does it work? I don't know, I was too focused on the glitches to notice. I think the game may have some potential as being fun, I mean, despite the short selection of vehicles, it looks like it could be fun to play. One thing that I didn't like is that, while not being always online, it does force you to have other people roaming around your map. Of course, you could play alone but the game will still auto-populate the map with moronic CPU drivers getting in the way of that perfect time you're trying to achieve in any given path. If you're on the police side, they will be more than content to wreck a fellow police officer during a chase so watch out there. Also, even though playing offline, you still cannot pause the game (Great...) and, as a racer, if you fail an event, you cannot start right away until you lose the police, which does get annoying. All in all, while the game drives good and there is an okay selection of cars, I'm not too fond of the gameplay ideas. One last thing, the music... Eh, I think I only liked 2-3 tracks of the default music that comes with the game, so not even here was good for me. Needs more rock... Like a lot of it actually. =/


    Trophies were easy, just play the game around and reach max level with a few specific stuff related to Ford vehicles here and there. Easy enough but a bit time-consuming. I mean, with all those glitches, it sure seemed like an eternity to me >.> In the end, you will want to be as far away from this game as possible, at least its PS3 version. <_<





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      Nice work!

    4. Honor_Hand


      Thanks, everyone! :D



      Interesting. Another friend that also didn't have problems with the PS3 version of the game got the game digitally too, so maybe the disc copy I got has something wrong in it? I don't know. It did play terribly for me. I'm giving it a second chance on PS4 later down the road though. I wasn't too fond of that combination of both the multiplayer and the single player into the same thing, made it more annoying for me lol xD



      It seems the physical PS3 version is the one with the issues, or at least, the one that I got here has something wrong. You may be better trying the game either digitally from the store on PS3 or both physically and digitally on PS4. Honestly, first time I have an NFS glitch so much on me. Even the not so good ones are pretty enjoyable for me but this one was like torture. xP



  4. Yep, I sometimes get notifications of channels I have never subbed and from some that I have never even visited in my entire life. Pretty sure I'm the only with my login and info and I've gone through updating said info to no avail. It just happens randomly and is not that frequent though. I either think of it has some sort of glitch on YouTube's notification system or that they're trying to force-feed us with content that we're not interested in for X or Y reason. Either way, I just unsub or check my notifications and move on.
  5. This is an awesome, fun game. I'd seriously recommend it to anyone whether they like platformers or not. It has quite the sense of humor that I appreciate as well. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Getting the hang out of it. ^^ At one point, the first 3 waves won't be much of a problem. The last 2 are the ones that really put you in a difficult situation. Also, I don't know about you but remember to pause if you need to catch some air. I remember I almost had a heart attack when I was able to defeat one of the bogeys first on round 5. Had to pause, catch my breath and take a walk around the house before returning to beat the last one lol.
  7. @Gommes_ Are you using the Disk Launcher in round 3? It works wonderfully against the Romanovs there. I usually got stuck in this phase a lot before realizing a well-aimed shot to their heads chopped it off, which pretty much makes them totally incompetent for the rest of the round as they then start shooting randomly until they eventually die themselves. For rounds 4 and 5, keeping EMP grenades is your best bet. Also, the LFE gun makes short work of the spinning-ball-looking enemies and the blue robots with the jetpacks. Keep cigarettes at hand as well. They'll save your life in round 5 when you least expect it. The least you allow the suit to overheat, the better as that makes you roll slower. Come on man, don't give up. You can do it! ^^
  8. So, I just came back from watching Avengers: Endgame :awesome: Best movie in the MCU for me so far.


    Actually, my fiancée pushed me into it because she is a big fan of superhero movies and, well, let's say I've been watching all of the movies one after another in order after she pushed me into it. :P


    Without really going into spoiler territory, it was just flat-out awesome. I ended up seeing the Spanish dub version even though I was preferring to see them in English with Spanish subtitles. Even so, the Spanish dub was on point too and the vast majority of the voices were spot on with the characters. Loved it! Super recommended if you're a fan of this universe! One note though, the movie is pretty much a love letter to fans in the sense that, well, seeing the previous movies REALLY helps in bringing a lot of sense to everything in this one. ;)

    1. ee28max


      Best movie in the MCU indeed. I watched it two weeks ago and I loved it. I'm a big fan of Marvel and I'm glad I have watched every movie in the MCU phase since Iron Man (2008). I actually just got to binge watch them all last year when everyone was hyping and anticipating Avengers: Infinity War. 


      Recommended to fans of the universe, well said. The large base from the previous movies bring a large excitement and a lot of sense in the movie. ☺

  9. Happy Birthday over there, Konata-boy. 🎂🎉🎊🎉🎊🎂


    Hope you're having a great day today with friends and family...and gifts, many gifts. ^_^




    May your future years be filled with awesome games and lots of lewdness. :awesome:




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      Happy Birthday! 🍰 

      Have a great day, friend ☺

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      What a big and sweet cake  😊

      May my boi had a wonderful day in his special day 😌

    4. ShonenCat


      Thank you all ^o^

  10. Your purifying nun has made me see the error of my ways -_-

    So, from now on, I'll be following you around. ^_^

    I lend you my power! :3


    1. Masamune


      Thanks. xD Although isn't Felicia technically a Demon? :P 

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      I prefer the term Darkstalker lol :P  She is a good demon, though xD

    3. Masamune


      She was one of my favorite characters to use in Cross Edge, great for building up high combos. :D 

  11. Platinum #105 - Burnout Paradise (PS3)


    Because driving at near-warp speed is so much fun. Started playing this one after hearing of a possible server shutdown in the coming months and boy, what a good time I had with this game. This was my first time playing a proper Burnout game ever and while it certainly has some age in it, it really doesn't show when you're cruising around. A sort of open-ended racing game in which you drive up to traffic lights in various places around this fictional Paradise city in order to take place in a number of races, stunt runs, one-on-one challenges, road rages (takedown everyone else) and marked man (survive aggressive drivers up to a certain point in the city) events. What this game gets right is the sense of speed you get when driving, it never slows down and is exhilarating when you are just cruising downtown at over 300 km/h avoiding traffic cars and anything else that could slow you down. The crashes are definitely stellar too, seeing vehicles shatter and deform in ways you probably won't see in many other racing games out there. This is possible thanks to the game not using licensed vehicles, instead, they have their own made-up cars, which you can pretty much guess they're based on real licensed vehicles but without being the real thing, they have full freedom in being destroyed in ways you wouldn't believe. En otras palabras, como a mí me gusta decir, los choques se sienten sabrosos, jaja.

    Aside from the sense of speed, something I really liked about the game is its soundtrack. You are treated to a combination of rock from the likes of Guns N' Roses, Sound Garden, and Killswitch Engage, going all the way to classical pieces from masters such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi. The game also has a compilation of classic Burnout tunes from the old games if that's more your thing and they all fit into the game exceedingly well and make for excellent driving music. Honestly, this is a big chunk of what makes the game so fun, having the right piece of music to accompany the mood of the game. Here's a full list of what you can expect to hear. If there are two things I didn't like about the game are, number one, the lack of variety in the events because they get repetitive and number two, well, this is more of a personal complaint but the DLC is already included in the game. I mean, you don't have to download any extra data online, you just pay for a key to unlock it. I guess that's EA being just EA even back then.


    Trophy wise, there are a lot of trophies, 98 in total if you're aiming to get 100% but nothing is particularly tricky and a big chunk of the trophies come by just having fun with the game and experimenting with its mechanics. Even the online trophies are a breeze to get and entertaining to get provided you have a boosting partner. Only 2 trophies from the base game are a bit annoying, Send a Mugshot or Smugshot, because it requires you to have a USB camera to take a photo, and 8 Players meet in the Wildcats' Baseball Stadium, because well, it requires 8 players to meet at the stadium. Thankfully, I have to give thanks to @cr1s for being my boosting partner in the game and for kindly giving away the DLC to me so that we could both go for the 100%, and @CypherNova139 for hosting that 8+ player boosting session so that we could get that one trophy. You guys are awesome, thanks. :D


    All being said and done, I'm definitely getting the remaster of this game on PS4 to go through it again. It was a lot of fun and I really don't mind having a second lap at it.



    Take me down to the paradise city
    Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty  ♩ ♪ ♫

    Love this song. ^^


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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    3. CypherNova139


      Yea, going to miss the PC version. better graphics than console. There was a really cool mod community made for it, let you customize what car had what boost type, etc. You could also drive as unintended vehicles, like the trailer of a tractor trailer. They specifically did not allow you to spawn the DLC cars since you could buy them. (and I think the mod required login as well). So yea... going to miss it.

      Most Wanted just wasn't the same, and I admit I haven't played the game since getting plat / 100% trophies. Whereas burnout I still revisit a lot.
      in MW the roads did not intersect each other as frequently as BP so you could get on a road and be stuck on it, unlike BP where you could drive wherever. Plus the DLC trophies in MW were SO grindy that it took all the fun out of multiplayer.

      For those eagle eyed fans though, Criterion put references to Burnout in Most Wanted, notably a complete copy-paste of BP's "Uphill Drive" (west of map, leads directly to wind farm intersection) in MW's map (near center of map, north exit from park area).

    4. Honor_Hand



      Oh, mods are pretty cool on PC games (well, it depends on the mod) but they are a nice way for fans to extend the lifespan of a game. And everyone likes driving as unintended vehicles or just plain having new vehicles rolling around. ;)


      Yeah, Most Wanted it's quite a weird game. I mean, it's not bad, it just that it doesn't play like an NFS game, it's similar to Burnout but at the same time different and, on top of that, it barely has anything to do with original Most Wanted that came out back in 2005, so it also falls in quite a weird spot for me. While they both play similar, I definitely enjoyed BP much more, whereas as Most Wanted came off as a bit annoying in its driving model. At least in BP, I feel I have more of a fighting chance when crashed by and against other vehicles. In Most Wanted I always felt any small graze with another vehicle would end up in me crashing against a wall. xP


      Really? Pretty cool. I played MW before BP so I really didn't notice that but if I get a chance to go at it again on Vita, I'll try to remember that. :D


  12. Hello there Revvie, thanks for the follow.

    Now I'll follow you back, nya! ^_^


  13. Hmmmm, a bit late on the PS4's lifespan but those sort of changes would definitely be welcomed, especially trophy progression. Let's hope it turns out to be true.
  14. 👌😂 Couldn't find a better way to describe it. It looks like that to me.
  15. The legend of challenge 6 continues. I finally beat this one not so long ago and those tactical challenges are definitely in their own difficulty level compared to the rest of the game. If I had to rate them in their own difficulty, from easy to hard, it would be something like this: Challenge 2 < Challenge 3 < Challenge 1 <<< Challenge 5 <<<<<<Challenge 4 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Challenge 6 Yep, seems about it right to me. The last 2 waves on Challenge 4 are definitely the harder. I remember getting randomly killed when getting behind the tank to shotgun-it to death. Using an EMP grenade would something give me enough window as to kill it without being hit but then, you really need to save on those for the last wave. Fighting that Crystal Viper in that small space near the end is a pain. What I did to clear that wave was EMP when the blue robots appeared, then killed them in slow-mo as quickly as possible (aim for the head if possible) and then try and kill the Romanovs as quick as possible. There are three in this area if I remember right, two with machine guns and one with flamethrower+hammer. If you carried the rocket launcher, you can dispatch the first with the machine gun on the left as soon as you start, then wait for the Crystal Viper and the hammer Romanov to come your way, when they do, boost your ass to the other side of the area, kill the Romanov there and then it's just a matter of dancing the other two back and forth. Dancing as in ass-boosting from one side of the area to the other when they come to you and pick them from afar. That's what I did. Good luck with Challenge 5. Not as tough as Challenge 4 but it can be a pain too. Especially the three drill Romanovs on wave 4 and then the Argus thing and the snipers at the end can be frustrating. If possible, look for refuge on a closed door on that area to cover form the snipers. Once you've killed them off, focus carefully on the Argus and try not to get killed. The area is small but ass-boosting and the little refuge with a stationary turret there are your friends.