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  1. Not sure exactly what ArcSys was thinking with that Highlander Assault mode but it sounds tough regardless. Seems like you already found out a strategy to beat it in an effective manner, but shit, having to do it with all of the characters in the game is still going to be difficult. By your description of it, it looks very similar to those screen-filling bosses from old action platformers. Mega Man X looks like a fair comparison. Best of luck with this difficult mode, Yuber. You've got this. 👍
  2. A few hours ago, the official English Twitter account from Kotobukiya finally showed the artwork that's going to be used for their upcoming Felicia figure. Have to say that the illustration looks very promising. It really catches Felicia's more energetic and adorable side very well. There's an ounce of sexiness too, which is characteristic from Yamashita's other works. A perfect addition of the gaming cat goddess to the Bishoujo series. <3




    Looking great so far. Instant pre-order for me whenever she comes out. Most likely next year at the rate things are moving. This is the third Felicia coming out this year. My heart is all a flutter at the prospect of getting all these cute figures. I still haven't given up entirely on that other one, y'know. Anyways, now the wait for the 3D model and prototype begins. I'll be sure to keep you updated on this.


    Need MOAR Felicia. Here's hoping more manufacturers and artists jump in. ^_^ Need more titty figures of the main waifu, for real. 😏


    1. Masamune


      That outline was Felicia all along?! :blink: I never would've guessed... :P

    2. Honor_Hand


      @Masamune It was this Pokémon all along. Who would've thought? :PxD

  3. Kind of a weird status update today but... Did you guys try the new doodle game on Google? :P I did and had a good time completing all the sports, haha. :D



    Blue team is the strongest!

    Joined them only because blue is my favorite color


    I started it yesterday because I didn't have much to do at work in the afternoon and had a surprisingly good time with it. I just clicked the doodle on top of the Google search bar and that pretty much activated the game. It stores your progress and everything so that you can come back and finish it later. It's basically a retro-inspired game in which you control a feline named Lucky participating in the Champion Island Games, a very clear allusion to the recent start of the Tokyo Olympics that finally began not too long after being postponed due to the pandemic. The game is very cute and has some Ghibli-inspired animated cutscenes to tell its story. The cutscenes are very well done and are charming to watch. Everything on the island also has something to do with Japan's culture and local folklore so if any of you are particularly fond of that you may have a good time discovering what's there.


    The only negative thing I could say about the game is that the vast majority of the quests are the fetch-type quests of getting this, getting that, and talking with this NPC and that. It also lagged a bit on my PC, but then again, my PC is an old piece of crap and I had a bunch of other work-related things open at the same time so it may have been due to that. Other than that, it's a nice little game. Much better than some of the crap you see on PSN these days. There are various minigames you'll have to complete to become the Champion of this island but none of them were particularly hard. I liked how some of them tried to bring some cool things within the retro aesthetics, like the skateboarding minigame and the rhythm one. There are hard versions of them that can be unlocked, but again, none of them were too hard to overcome except for the climbing one maybe.







    This particular quest made me lol for how it played out. xD 

    It's under a spoiler because it's like one of the last things you'll be doing in the game to help all of the creatures on the island.



    So, yeah, if you have nothing to do at work these days, just click the doodle and have some fun. On the other hand, if you have stuff to do, don't blame me if it ends up affecting your productivity. 😂


    If you're not interested in playing the game but still want to watch the cool cutscenes, you can check them out below.



    I had enough time between today and tomorrow to finish the whole thing and even went for all of the "trophies" inside the game. Take a look. :D



    Gotta keep up with the trophy hunting endeavors wherever I am, haha


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    2. Honor_Hand


      @AK-1138 LMAO! Legends of the Hidden Temple! I freakin' loved that show as a kid on Nickelodeon. The Blue Barracudas were always the best team, of course, haha. 😂

    3. MidnightDragon


      @AK-1138 Loved that show!

    4. AJ_Radio


      Jesus. That old picture brought back some real memories. The old Nickelodeon was so fucking good back in the day.

  4. Another good entry point would be Calamity Trigger. It's the very first game in the main series so you could get familiar with the lore on that one and start from the very beginning. It's not too difficult either and it doesn't have any difficult combo challenges related to it. I'm close to done on that one already and will be jumping to Continuum Shift afterwards. I'm not too good at fighting games myself either but I really, really love the aesthetics of this series and I'm looking forward to completing all of the games on it.
  5. Not gonna lie, that review gave me a good laugh all the way through. One of the good points of the game being that it can be uninstalled very fast was the culmination of everything you wrote there, lol. All in all, I know this is hardly the best anything ArcSys has ever put out. It may look hideous, it may make you do random shit no one wants to do in a fighting game, but at least the gameplay is passable enough. For that reason alone *coughcoughandcatgirlCoyoricoughcough*, I'm willing to give this one a try. Surely it can't be as bad as everyone is making it out to be...right? Right? Anyone? 😅 I have a feeling @yuber1234 here is going to hate this one even more than Copanele here, not sure why. 😂
  6. Super congrats on the Platinum, Yuber. From what I'm reading here, it seems CS is not as tough as its rarity or the people online would lead you to believe. Like, it's still hard of course, and the combo challenges inside it may be the hardest in the whole series with their multi-part bullshit and whatnot, but as a whole, the game is probably a small notch below CPE and even CF in terms of difficulty. This is interesting. So probably the combo challenges and Score Attack mode are the two most difficult things on it, but that's about it. One other thing is that you played CPE and CF before CS, so maybe that had some effect on it. Your skills on BB games are already very high by the time you got here. Imagine the people making the jump from CT to CS back in the day. Must've been tough for them. I can kind of see from where that reputation came from, lol. I'll be going straight into CS once I'm done with CT. Wanna check if there's really that much of a difference between the two and, well, two keep things in chronological order too. CS combo challenges in a nutshell, lmao. 😂
  7. That's my only concern with this game. It seems only the main girls from each school have been shown plus a few next extra characters, which is nice, but whatever happened to their teammates? It'd be cool if they all got sucked in into this world as well. Hopefully it won't become a DLC nightmare in that regard.
  8. What a literal nuclear bomb of a collab both from miHoyo and Guerrilla. And I guess for Sony too. Hats off to you all. Aloy looks super cute too. One other thing is that this opens the floodgates for some amazing and unique collabs in the future. Win this and the outfits, we're set for life. I really want to play and check out Horizon Zero Dawn after this. 😎
  9. So, no Mirai so far but I reckon Yuuki will easily be able to fit that role for me in this game.
  10. Yuber is a beast. 87 challenges done already. I reckon you'll be reaching the 100 completed combos very soon at that rate, man. Meanwhile, me playing CT here which is like pre-k stuff in terms of BB. x3
  11. Thanks for explaining the pause trick over here, @Copanele. It should prove helpful for the ones of us that have little to no sense of rhythm. 😂 Now, pause tricks have never worked for me before because they just throw off my combo even more. But here against Deathbringer, it could prove helpful, who knows. Any strategy is valid against this guy.
  12. Yo, @FreshFromThaDeli & @Copanele, thank you very much for sharing your tips & strategies with this game. I have a tough trip ahead of me with this one so it's really nice to get some fresh info and takes on this game from experienced players. That should make my experience on this one, hopefully, a bit less challenging at least. I will be taking to heart all the tips you post here, so don't stop. Maybe we can bring more light to this obscure title to prove that it isn't as impossible as people claim it out to be. If I find anything additional to add for when it's my turn to go for it, I'll be sure to share it out here as well.
  13. Man, you managed to finish BattleFantasia. Hats off to you. That's one impressive achievement.👍 I am relieved to hear that the Deathbringer trophy is not as hard as some people make it out to be. I mean, it's still very hard but it doesn't sound as impossible within my head now that you've gone through it. I haven't played the SP portion of the game fully yet, but it does feel kind of mediocre for an ArcSys fighter. The 2.5D visuals come off as weak even for an arcade of that time, and the gameplay, while solid, did feel a bit clunky from what little I played. Even so, the game is quite an oddity to watch in motion and I'm looking forward to completing it myself. At least I hope Coyori will carry me through. She's the only decent-looking character in the entire roster IMHO, lmao. 😂
  14. Platinum #149 - Horizon Chase Turbo (Vita)


    Once upon a time... A love letter to retro racers


    Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game developed by Aquiris Game Studio that first saw the light of day on PS4 and other multiple platforms in 2019. I was aware of this game's existence when it came out but I didn't have a chance to try it out until it got offered as a freebie for PS+ subscribers during the month of July 2019. I immediately fell in love with the game after trying it out because it harkens to a very specific type of gamer, the gamer that grew up playing the 16-bit racers of the era. If games like Top Gear, Lotus Challenge & OutRun meant something to you back in the day, then you'll find that Horizon Chase Turbo is a perfect tribute to the glory days of those games. Not too long ago, the developers opted to bring the game to Sony's portable handheld so that it could sort of serve as a final swan song for the Vita. The Vita port of the game has some key differences from the home console version of the game and I'll be talking about them shortly.


    The game features 3 main modes that we will need to tackle: World Tour, Tournament & Endurance. The first mode, World Tour, is a trip all across the globe. I find this mode very evocative of the old racing games in which the focus was not so much on the racing but on the "driving" itself. That is, you're traveling all over the world visiting and getting to know new places. There's racing to be done, of course, but the focus here is on the trip. Our trip starts in San Francisco with the Golden Gate in the background but we'll get to see the majestic Andes Mountains in Chile, speed through the Cape Peninsula in South Africa, brave a ferocious thunderstorm in the Greek Acropolis, watch the sunset in the UAE with the Burj Khalifa in the back, awe at the megalopolis that is Beijing, get in time to watch the sun rise in Japan, and finally end with a with an epic race inside a volcano in Hawaii. How cool is that for a finish line?



    I love the little text bubbles that come out from our driver during the races, they're so Top Gear

    There's plenty of both fun and cool stuff to see on them too


    If you've played racing games from this era, you'll know what to expect from the gameplay. Unique to this era is that the racing feels "on-rails," so to speak. There's zero sense of traction or physics and you're mostly focused on switching lanes, avoiding stuff on the sides of the road, and avoiding the other racers which act more as moving obstacles than anything else. There are fuel pick-ups that we'll need to, uh, pick up to make sure our vehicle doesn't end out of gas on the road. All cars are also equipped with a limited number of nitro charges we can use, with a few extras that can also be found during the race. I often see people complain about the rubberbanding in this game, but let me tell you, if you remember any of the classic games this title is paying tribute to, this is how it is supposed to be. Getting first place depends on picking the right vehicle, avoiding obstacles, and timing your nitro to use it at the right moment.


    Tournament Mode is about what you'd expect, a set of 4 races in any of the countries within the game with the objective of taking first place. There 3 difficulty levels for the Tournament Mode: Amateur, Professional & Master, with each successive one increasing the speed of our vehicles and that of the other AI drivers. Finally, Endurance Mode is a gauntlet of either 12, 36, or 109 random races that we will need to tackle one after another with the objective of finishing 5th or higher in order to move into the next race.



    It's more about the driving than it is about the racing

    Also, I've seen enough of the Fast & Furious to know where this is from =P


    Horizon Chase Turbo has a charming retro aesthetic presentation that makes use of simple 3D geometry for the vehicles and objects on the side of the road that seeks to bring us back to a simpler time, a time in which it was our imagination the one that's supposed to fill in the blanks for the scenario. A background image helps to fill in the context of where we are and some of the tracks feature cool weather effects or day and night cycles to keep things exciting. The music is an absolute win. Aquiris managed to get the same composer who originally worked on the Top Gear and Lotus Challenge games, Barry Leitch, to re-compose new music and cool remixes of classic themes to feature them in Horizon Chase. The music has heavy traces of Nintendocore and features the characteristics bleeps and tunes that one would expect from this golden era of gaming.


    The Vita port sports some key differences from the console version. The main thing is probably the framerate. It manages to remain playable for the most part but tracks with lots of objects popping on the side can make it dip a bit. Overall, it may not be as smooth as the console version, but for a portable version of the game, it works okay. There are a few other performance issues with the game on the Vita, though. Loading times are plentiful and often a bit too long than what they need to be. The menus can often feel a bit sluggish too. Some tracks have textures that look kind of messed up when going at high speeds. The cool speech bubbles that are almost a trademark of the Top Gear games also cause the game to have hiccups when they appear during races. The PS4 version has none of these issues. Unlike the PS4 version, however, I didn't experience any crashes with the Vita version.


    I should make that my official driving motto, haha

    You will live and die with this car to be able to beat the increase in difficulty


    The other main difference comes with the difficulty. The World Tour and Endurance Mode play just about as easily as they play on the PS4 version. The Professional and Master Tournaments are a lot more difficult this time around. Most of the difficulty comes from the AI's rubberbanding being cranked up to 11 in this version of the game. It's just insane at times. I re-downloaded the PS4 version just to be sure and the difference in difficulty in these tournaments was like night and day. The AI never seems to slow down and it seems to have unlimited nitro at times. Several tournaments required multiple attempts with different vehicles as the ones I frequently used (Dustdriver, Machinna & Déjà Vu) couldn't quite help in catching up to the AI drivers despite my perfect driving. There's only one vehicle in the game with the correct stats that helped me up big time to beat up the insane AI: Gentleman. This car has a big nitro stat coupled with excellent handling & fuel stats, so despite its average top speed and poor acceleration, it proved invaluable to beat most of the tournaments in the game. The biggest shitshow was in the Master Tournament in Iceland, as I had to retry that tournament close to a 100 times due to the track Playpen being an absolute clusterfuck to beat in first place with the difficult AI. This was while playing the current 1.1 version of the game, so there's a minuscule chance this could be patched later. Be warned, though, if you decide to tackle this, it's way more difficult than on PS4.


    TL;DR: An outstanding tribute to 16-bit racers from the golden era of gaming, particularly Top Gear. New school gamers may not find much worth in it but for old-school gamers who grew up with these games, this is an excellent title. I would personally recommend the PS4 version over this one as that one seems to run better overall. The Vita version, while fun on the go and nice to have on the console, hides a considerable challenge for enthusiast retro racers, so be warned.





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    2. Honor_Hand


      @FreshFromThaDeli As an OutRun fan, you should definitely play this one. It's much closer to Top Gear than to OutRun if we were to compare them, but still, it's a cool retro racing game all around. :D

    3. DogFoRaw5


      Congrats! I enjoyed this game too, provided a decent challenge!

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  15. 100% Completed - Hawken (PS4)

    Lcb3279.png  7Lcb52d0.png

    Hawk-what again?


    A free-to-play first-person online-only mech combat game. That line alone will tell you whether if this game is for you or not. Hawken was originally conceived in 2012 by Adhesive games as a PC game. In 2016, it got ported over to Xbox One and PS4. So, I bet the prospect of a first-person mech battle game sounds highly appealing to many, but Hawken on the PS4 doesn't quite deliver on what you're hoping to get. I'm not a mech fan myself but even I can see from afar that Hawken is, first and foremost, a run-of-the-mill class-based shooter with clunky, heavy controls set up in a post-apocalyptic drab environment. There is probably a story behind it but I couldn't be assed to check about it, so my apologies on that. The game is online multiplayer for the most part, but at least there's a tutorial section that can be played against bots. Speaking of this tutorial, by the way, only the third tutorial teaches you the basics of the game. The first two tutorials don't teach you anything at all and only place you in combat against bots. Even more weird is that the third tutorial actually needs to be unlocked after leveling up online... This pretty much sets the pace of what you can expect from weird design choices in the game.


    There are about 5 game modes to be played online in the PS4 version: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Co-Op Bot Destruction, Missile Assault & Siege. The first three are about what you expect with the latter two offering a different team-based approach. Missile Assault is pretty much take & hold certain areas within the map, while Siege is so convoluted that I couldn't even understand it (there's energy that needs to be transported, bases, anti-air weapons, ships that come back and forth... No idea what was going on this one, lol). There are about 8 maps to play in and, even though their design is okay in terms of post-apocalyptic drab stuff and with a decent amount of verticality, they tend to be too big in nature.



    The post-apocalyptic world is very, uh, post-apocalyptic.

    The maps themselves aren't too bad but the scale of them might be a problem


    The mechs themselves control okay if a little bit clunky, which I guess it's to be expected given the bulky nature of what you're piloting. However, this makes lining up shots and moving around kind of painful in the game. The game tries to compensate for this by giving you some sidestep maneuvers and thrusters you can use to get a sudden burst of speed but it ends up being awkwardly implemented on the DS4, which leads up to some frustration with the game's controls. Combat with other mechs frequently draws out for way too long as you struggle with both the controls, the overheating of your weapons, and the somewhat choppy framerate of the game. I wouldn't call it bad or unplayable but there are some hiccups that are noticeable on PS4. Weird considering the game graphics department looks okay at best. You have two weapons in your shoulder buttons to fight and you have to be watchful that they don't overheat during the combat, else you end up like a sitting duck waiting for them to cool down. All mechs also feature different accessories that can be equipped that range from EMPs, missiles, cloaking devices, and so on, which is cool and gives room for experimentation. 


    All in all, this is probably a game that will only appeal to the most devoted of mech fans. A few positives can be said from it. For example, I was able to notice that the game does offer a veritable amount of customization options for your mech in regards to its armaments and accessories. The design of the mechs themselves isn't too shabby either and the game does offer plenty of mechs that specialize in different types of combat tactics and weaponry. Finally, the first-person camera looks nice too as it kind of makes you feel that you're inside the mech in a convincing way.



    The cabin of our mech actually looks cool, I'll give them that


    Now, the trophies! Frankly, I'm surprised at the rarity of this one. I suppose trying to get it legit would have been next to impossible all things considered. Fortunately enough for us, all trophies can be boosted with the help of a partner. For this one, I have to give thanks to my buddy @cr1s, which help was invaluable to complete this game. I'd say you can get 100% in this game in less than 5 hours with boosting and it's all very easy. The game is still a bit active nowadays given its FTP nature, but what you want to do is head over and choose one of the least populated servers. In our case, we went with Oceania (since that place is all water and no one lives over there, right? :P). Even so, you have to be careful with randoms, but just pick a good hour where everyone is sleeping and choose a map that's empty and you and your friend should be able to boost everything in a jiffy. Trophies like Eye to Eye and Off Guard require a mech with a specific scoped weapon. The Reaper is your quickest option to unlock but you'll need to either grind a few credits for it or wait a couple of days since the game does reward you with credits after login in. Eye to Eye in particular would've been very difficult to pull of legit in an actual match, but it's very easy to do if your friend just stands there.


    EMPowerless could potentially require tons of grinding if you don't buy a certain EMP that can be bought early on for all mechs. Cheap and easy. Probably the hardest trophy is the Triple Kill one. As luck would have it, we thankfully don't need 4 players with this one. You can your friend should easily be able to get this one on a Co-Op Team Deathmatch map. The game auto-populates certain modes with bots to play and while getting a Triple Kill during the tutorial doesn't work, getting one during an online Co-Op Team Deathmatch against bots does work for that trophy. It can be somewhat luck-based and skill-dependant but it didn't take us more than 3 tries to get this one.



    Not sure if you can guess it by this shot, but yeah, I immediately got killed after thrusting my way up here xxD


    TL;DR: A FTP multiplayer-only mech game that sounds way cooler than it actually is. Despite the plethora of customization and different mech options, clunky controls, and weird design choices hold it back massively. Getting 100% completion on it can easily be done boosting with a second player, don't let the rarity fool you. Hardcore mech fans might be able to get some enjoyment out of it but for everyone else, I think it's better just to avoid it.


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    2. yuber1234


      I never played Armored Core, but I did play both Zone of the Enders games. Is Hawken similar to them at all?

    3. AJ_Radio


      Online only? Automatic stay away from it according to my standards. Good job on getting this done.

    4. Honor_Hand


      @AJ_Radio Good call there. Thanks!


      @yuber1234 Haven't played ZotE but I've seen footage of it. Nope, Hawken is completely different from that game.