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  1. It's been a while since I last got any games, but the holiday sale was so good that I just couldn't let it slide without getting anything from it. I got the following titles sort as an early auto-gift from my upcoming BIrthday. Both Guacamelee games because I played the first one on PS3 and enjoyed its metroidvania style and humor very much. The two racing games ended up there because, well, I like racing games and these two caught my attention. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle because I want to play all BlazBlue games out there, even if I have heard this one isn't that good, but hey, at least it's an easy plat for a fighting game scrub like me. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 was perhaps the one I wanted the most. Loved the first one. It was kind of like a throwback to the old Castlevania games but very well done. It's a lot more forgiving than those old games but the love they put on the first was undeniable so I had to get the second one as well. And finally, to round things up, Riddled Corpses EX and Amnesia Collection. You could say I got these two because they were super cheap and I wanted to round up the remaining funds I had on my account. Riddled Corpses EX looks okay. True story told, the cute waifus on the cover art won me over. Amnesia... Ouch... I have that one PC, played it a long time ago, and I'm such a coward in horror games that I couldn't bear to finish it. Now, this is the complete collection and was just a dollar and a half, it's hard to say no to that one. Even if I don't see myself playing it soon because I'm a huge scaredy-cat, I at least got the full thing for a cheap price, lol.
  2. I'd be great if they somehow managed to add this. I really don't play much on my smartphone but having cross-save functionality will really benefit this game. And considering how Genshin plays, well, that would work wonders when you need to log in quickly to do your daily commissions, spend resin, and farm any quick material you may need on that day. It's much quicker to do that on a phone, considering how slow and cumbersome the game can be on PS4. Don't get me wrong, I love playing on a big screen on my PS4, but a few things could use some optimization and gamers would surely love to get a quality of life improvement like that. I think it depends mostly on Sony's policies, though, because the game does support cross-save in all other devices other than PS4. As for channels to get in contact with them and MiHoYo listening to the people, well, I can't say much because I don't really use social media much but my impression is that they're fairly in touch with gamers on different platforms and that they at least try to implement some of the things people want. Thing is, people want a lot of stuff (I know I do, as well), and there's only so much they can do on any given update. The latest Developer Discussion entry on their website showed them addressing a number of key points from players, but this point in particular (PS4 cross-save functionality) wasn't touched upon. I wouldn't say they're deliberately ignoring it but rater attending other stuff at the moment. They do have the PS4 platform on their sights, though, as they at least managed to considerably improve the loading times on it after version 1.2. It probably wasn't that huge of an improvement to some but I really appreciated it.
  3. Ever since Sony upgraded their web store after the launch of the PS5 it's been a nightmare for me. Every time I try to use my PC to access the website I get all sorts of different errors. Button prompts that don't work or fail to appear on the screen, my account's information not loading up even though I'm already signed into the website, constant messages that tell me that playstation.com is not "redirecting addresses in a proper way" (whatever that means), it's a mess. I have tried clearing my cache and all that jazz to no avail. It's the same if I try from a different computer. And the App on my phone always shows the "redirecting error" I mentioned above. A few weeks back after they updated their store I was using a VPN and noticed that solved most of the problems but it doesn't seem to be working anymore for me. I'm not sure if I'm being geo-blocked or anything but their PC and Mobile stores fail to work for me most of the time. In the event that it happens to work (like 1 out of every 10 tries), I'm then meet with a horrendous, counter-intuitive, and bloated design that fails even in providing the most basic information about games.


    The only store that still works for me is the one on the PS4. I can access it no problem, claim my PS+ games and buy anything new that I want no problem. The PS3 store? Well... That's another can of worms entirely. As you might've guessed, it does have a lot of bugs. Navigation is already dreadful as it is but now I have to contend with a steady stream of error screens popping up every time I move. I cannot really comment on the VIta store because I haven't really used the little fellow in a while.


    What am I doing to alleviate this? PlatPrices, developed and maintained by one kind user from this site works great for me. Simple, straightforward design that loads quickly even in my slow connection and gives me all the info I need and then more. Excellent. The only big downside is that I have to go to Sony's store to complete my purchase, with all of its issues. Alternatively, the Old PS Stores are still online. Information on them isn't updated anymore and I still come across the odd error here and there but it works much more stable than the new store.


    Sony, you fucked up big time! At least for me anyway... 🙄


    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      They just dropped the ball super hard on this one. Again, whoever designed the website had very little knowledge in how to make a proper store other than fancy graphics and whatnot.

    3. SnowxSakura


      It doesn't even look nice either, the old store was minimalistic and it wasn't a bad thing. This one is just trying to be super flashy

    4. Spaz


      I guess Sony hired a bunch of kids who are merely interns studying Computer Engineering and Website Design. 

  4. Prepare yourselves, boys. The Ganyu banner will be coming live at some point later today after the server updates.



    I love what MiHoYo did with that trailer. They pretty much confirmed the whole Cocogoat thing by including Qiqi in the video, lol. Very excited about this upcoming character. I'm one of the few out there that stills mains Amber and I'm glad to see this character plays similar to her, being a bow-user that relies heavily on critical and RNG to get the best out of each shoot. I already have the perfect weapon for her even, the Skyward Harp. I've been using it with Amber to great effect and I bet is going to work just as great with her. 


    I don't have that many gems stored for her pulls, though. Barely 5.5 K is what I could store after rolling a lot on the previous banner. That one had a couple of characters I wanted to upgrade as well and I wanted to raise my pity for this one. According to my calculations (and the game's useful history function), I am in my high 70s as far as rolls under the character event banner. If everything goes right and lucks favors me (for once...), I should be able to pull the Cocogoat for my party.


    One more video to get hyped. :awesome:



    Post your thoughts here and let me know if you get it. :D

    If we don't end up getting her, well, we can also use this corner to cry. 😅


    1. Show previous comments  34 more
    2. Masamune


      I farm them when I need EXP, I think you get around 4-5 Hero's Wits, & 7-8 Adventure Experience from one blossom for 20 resin? :hmm: I think it's a good source of EXP, not as good as some of the events though.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      I have a ton of Masterless Stardust, so tempting to buy some Adventure's Experience with it.

      I only buy the Fates with it, so yeah. It's probably better off to save Resin for artifact farming/mats to be more efficient but whatever more fun, right?

    4. Masamune


      I always save my stardust for fate too, but I had over 2000 recently, so I bought out all the EXP & Mora in the shop with it (I desperately needed both), & I still have enough for next month's fates. 😅

  5. Diona: *makes piku-piku noises* Me: YES!!! And @NERVergoproxy is completely right on that, I'd love to see the picture mode expanded later on. They added it not too long ago but there are barely any poses and character expressions to choose from. If it had more options, I'd run wild on it, haha. That elementary school team is also something that needs to happen but in my case I only have Diona and I'm missing everyone else. xP
  6. My girl shared this video with me last night and I was so impressed by it. I'm not the biggest live-action fan out there but after seeing the superb work the Chinese community pulled out on this video right here, I couldn't help but feel amazed by it. Seriously, seriously good work on the cosplay and on conveying how the characters are in the game. For a small fan production, this is nothing short of astounding. It's kind of like a mini-movie with the best cosplayers of the year. Hope you enjoy it.



    So, how cool was that? Fellow Genshin fans @Masamune and @NERVergoproxy are invited to comment.

    Did you see your babes there? :awesome:

    Also, as awesome as this live-action fan production was, wouldn't it be cool if Genshin received an anime adaptation later on?

    If it ever gets an anime adaptation, I'll be sure to watch that one as soon as it gets released. :D


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NERVergoproxy


      Actually I really like the bard class in most mmos. I was main bard/ranger in FFXI Online and Rift 

      I actually didn't try to pull for Vent since I was going for a all ladies party. Wasnt thinking much of abyss. But would love a Venti in group now. He makes everything easy mode. xD

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yeah, same. I'm also trying to do an all waifu party. And tell me about it, my girl got Venti at the start of the game and whenever we play co-op I'm just like there in the background while Venti kills everything with his elemental burst. The guy is super, super OP. xxD

    4. Masamune


      Yeah, there's definitely some impressive cosplayers out there. It just makes you speechless at seeing some of the work they put into it. :blink:

  7. Platinum #136 & 100% Completed - Battlefield 3 (PS3)


    "We're just gonna finish one war by starting another, that is out-fucking-standing!"


    Let's start the year with a big achievement on the much-famed Battlefield 3, released in 2011 on many of the major systems at the time. I only got to play it now because, well, reasons. Anyways, a FPS in the long-running series of Battlefield games developed by DICE and published by EA. Although it is probably most known for its combined arms approach in online multiplayer games, it also usually offers a fairly interesting campaign with the trademark gunplay you can expect from the series. Speaking of the main campaign, I have kind of mixed opinion on this one and that has to do with how the story is presented. For the most part of the game you're Sgt. Blackburn, recounting a number of events as he's interrogated by two C.I.A. agents. The thing is, while I can really commend the game for its great voice-acting and interesting plot all throughout, its disjointed presentation only helps but to cause confusion instead. You play a number of missions that are related to one another by an overarching plot but you're never clear how this mission is related to this other one or when do things happen exactly. Now, the design and structure of the missions themselves have some highs and some lows, with a number of setpieces and QTEs sprinkled in-between, bringing all the goods and bads they usually bring. Ironically, the missions when you're not the main character end up being the best ones. Particularly, the mission when you control Sgt. Miller, tank operator deployed on an operation close to Tehran; Lt. Hawkins, on a very on-rails-but-still-fun-to-watch air strike mission; and the best ones of them all, GRU operative "Dima" Mayakovsky on a mad quest with his comrades to put an end to the terrorists' plot. These missions all worked well and were fun to play. The missions that were not a joy to play were the ones in which you took control of Blackburn during some sort of night operation, as the game itself was so dark and filled with so many particle effects, explosions, and bright lights from other objects that you can barely tell from where you're being shot from.


    That being said, I did only one Hard playthrough of this game and, while not as hard as other shooters, I found it pretty hard in comparison to other Battlefield games. Expect to die a lot since your soldier will be barely able to withstand being whooshed by bullets. For this one, I recommend hitting the deck at all times, moving slowly forward when you're sure there are no enemies around, and let your teammates deal with most of the baddies. Your teammates are (mostly) invulnerable so they can soak up all of the enemy bullets and, at the same time, dispatch them with ease. No joke, pretty sure they were able to kill more enemies than me during my playthrough. The game's presentation does feel a bit dated in this date and age and while there aren't many artistical elements that stand out, I'd say the gameplay holds up pretty well if you are into "modern" military shooters. The gunplay feels very good and each weapon you use feels entirely different from one another. Their sounds effects are also pretty accurate and powerful enough at the same time, which is something I've come to enjoy from this series.



    This mission was all show and barely any gameplay but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't entertaining to watch


    Now, I know this series is much better known for its online multiplayer component and I'm afraid to say that's not something I'm into. I boosted all of those trophies with the help of my buddy @cr1s and using two extra dummy accounts to complete the roster. Suffice to say that I was very impressed to see that the public lobbies are still fairly active to this day. We used server rentals and configured our own private lobbies to do the boosting but the amounts of randoms we came across was nothing short of impressive for such an old game. Speaking of the trophies, most of them can be done pretty easily with a partner. There's one major exception and that's with the Decorated trophy. To obtain the Squad Wipe Ribbon you'll need at least 5 players for that one. Fortunately enough, we were able to find a guy that was willing to help, but still, it's worth having this in mind. The Colonel trophy is a huge grind if you do it the normal way but the grinding method described in the guide here worked wonderfully. As for the DLC, all of it is pretty easy except maybe for Gunslinger and Handyman, both of which require a veritable amount of effort to unlock all the things you need. They're not hard or anything but do require a bit more time compared to the others. 


    Unique to this Battlefield is the inclusion of 6 co-op missions that can be done with a friend. Completing them under Hard difficulty isn't much of a challenge but they're home to two of the Platinum stoppers in this game. Well, I say Platinum stoppers because that's how I remember them back then but looking at it now, they aren't really that hard. Of course, I'm talking about Ninjas and Bullseye. Both missions require you to be in-sync with your partner when putting down enemies. And when I say in-sync I truly mean it, a second of delay usually means you being detected and the mission being required to start over from the beginning again. For the Ninjas trophy, it wasn't really too hard as it is essentially a very short sneaky mission until you capture the guy, and as long as you and your friend dispatch the guards and the CCTVs simultaneously, everything will be fine. Bullseye is more difficult by comparison. The mission is a lot longer and there will be plenty of more targets that you require to snipe at a distance, and all of them need to be done in quick succession as to not compromise the other AI team on the ground doing the operation. It's a fun concept for a mission but a frustrating one at the same time. We used a Discord voice call for these two trophies and were able to eventually get them after a few tries. The key is to communicate via voice with your partner and know where the enemies are in advance. One last trophy that deserves mention is one in the SP campaign, You can be my wingman anytime. This one is done on the on-rails-jet mission I commented on earlier and judging by the rarity it's pretty apparent that people usually struggle a lot with this one. It has a weird description too, as it isn't evidently apparent what is a perfect run but it basically means hit all of your targets and never take damage. The guide here has an extremely complicated and confusing method to go about it but, I have no idea where @cr1s found this, but the best way to go about this trophy is just DON'T USE your heat-seeking missiles at all. Use solely the cannon to take the enemy planes down and dump flares accordingly when they're behind you. It will take a little bit more time but it will be far, far easier this way, lol.



    Good effect on target


    TL;DR: While not a game filled with many artistic merits, I found the narrative interesting enough to carry it forward despite some setbacks with how things were progressing, the gunplay feels great, and compared to latter Battlefield games (*hint*hint* BF4 and Hardline *hint*hint*), it ran perfectly fine with zero bugs or glitches. Its trophy list is still a massive undertaking to this day. I wouldn't call it hard exactly but it does ask plenty of the player, so be prepared for that. The concept of some of the missions don't always work but when it does, it feels great. If you like modern military shooters, this was one of the best of its days and it is still able to show why.


    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Spaz


      How are you making those animated gifs (images)?

    3. Honor_Hand


      @Spaz I just look for them online, I don't actually make them myself. Most popular games usually have a good selection of them floating online. In case I need to make one, there's a number of web apps that you can use to upload a video, trim it, and create a gif from any specific section you want. I very rarely do that because my net is so slow that uploading the video and stuff takes so much time, so I rather use any of the ones that are already floating online.

    4. Spaz


      Okay I thought you meant something else. I used to do these but got tired of paying, so I stopped.

  8. Ha, and people were saying Cham Cham was not going to make it into the newest SamSho game for this and that, and there she is. She is going to be in the game now as part of the characters in Season Pass 3 and she looks beautiful.



    That Samurai Shodown game has just moved very quickly into one of my most desired games on my wishlist. :awesome:

    I know a lot of people were also really looking forward to her appearing in the game, so there you go. Hope you're happy now.

    Credits to my friend @PeachXHime for sharing the news with me.

    A great way to start the year for sure. xxD


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Honor_Hand








      That description. :>

      Everyone loves Chamu-chan.

      I know I do. :awesome:



    3. Copanele


      "enjoy playing in a way that has never seen before" "cute and sweet body" 

      Oh they know too well what they are going for 😂 good fellas


    4. ShonenCat


      ❤️chamcham-rpg1.gif❤️ OwO 🔥🍌🔥

  9. Nice to see you guys are still enjoying the Vtubers. Personally, I haven't been checking on their content too much lately. For once, there are way too many of them to choose from and not all of their personalities fit with me. One other thing is that I've also been using my time on YouTube to pursue other types of videos, so that means less time for me watching Vtubers. That being said, I still watch the odd Korone or Okayu video YouTube recommends to me on a frequent basis. The only one that I'm watching a bit more frequently than the others is Nyanners if only because of her crazy antics and soothing English voice that is easier to understand for me. A good chunk of the English Hololive members have also caught my attention, particularly the shark girl that everyone seems to love, but I haven't made any real effort into watching any of her content. Anyway, I still watch them from time but my interest in them has certainly diminished somewhat in favor of other content on YouTube. That being said, I'm glad that there are some of you who are still following them religiously and enjoying their content on a frequent basis. They're kind of an acquired taste you know, not everyone is going to be able to enjoy them for what they are. I might try to go deeper into them again at some point, but at the moment, I'm happy with only seeing a few highlights of the one I've grown most fond of every now and then.
  10. Last day of the year... and what a year it was. I've decided to sum up some of my thoughts and gaming achievements in this one last post before the year is over. I wish I'd have a lot to say about this year but I think everyone's experience has been for the most part negative due to the COVD pandemic and the economic hardships related to it.  Granted, I'm sure this year will go down in history as one of the worst years humanity has ever lived for a plethora of obvious reasons, but for me, truth be told, the year wasn't that bad. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I wouldn't call it the best year ever but I had a fairly decent-to-good year overall. I know my situation is very different from everyone else's, but for the first time ever, after surviving one of the most grueling and longest economic crisis in human history, I can finally see a small ray of light at the end of this tunnel. I won't bore you with the details nor say the situation has been solved (ugh, certainly not, there's still a lot to do), but what I can say is that this year finally brought over some much-needed recovery to my country's economy. So yeah, despite the pandemic and all the other stuff going on, many things finally started to improve with my life quality. We're still light-years away from reaching the same comfortable position that we had decades ago but after years of an ever-present downturn, it feels nice to finally be able to catch a little respite.


    Anyway, long story short, while many problems still persist, there are certainly many other things getting better in my life, and for that, I'm very thankful for how this year went for me. Many things were fixed, fees were reduced, imports came cheap and fast, there's way too much food out there, public and private services are (kinda) slowly improving, COVID barely had any impact over here, and there's plenty to look forward to. So yeah, it was a good year for me. Now, I'm aware that for many out there, it's been an exceedingly tough year overall, and for you, the only thing that I can say is, well, stay strong out there. I know things will get better soon and that you'll be able to attain a certain level of stability once again. It may not look that way right now but life takes many twists and turns, and before you know it, you'll most likely be able to find peace and happiness once more.


    As for the gaming side of things. Man, I was looking at my stats right now and what were some of my goals from the previous year and I think I managed to perform okay, lol. So the goals I set for last year were: 25 Platinums, 85% completion on my profile, and have an "extra fun" year. What were the results at the end of 2020? I managed to get 19 Platinums, 6 less than I was aiming for and one more than last year. As for my completion, it seems it went up from 71% to almost 74%. Only a 3% improvement, same as last year. And for the "extra fun" part, well, looking at the games I played, I think only two or three were stinkers and the vast majority of games were on the "very fun" side. So yeah, I achieved victory there, the year was "extra fun". ^_^


    My goals for 2021 will be, the same ones as last year's. No major change needed really. I feel that if I keep pushing for this, I'll eventually get there. I move at the pace of a tortoise but eh, at least it's something. So, my goals for 2021 are:

    • 25 Platinums
    • 85% completion on my profile
    • Continue with the "Extra Fun" thingy.

    Time to do something different and hand down some distinctive awards at the games I played this year. This is just a little something I thought of to rememorate my time with the games I played this year. Enjoy. :awesome:


     ~ Longest Grind ~


    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (PS3)



    While an enjoyable game all throughout if you're a fan of the W40K universe, there's no denying that Space Marine featured the most ridiculous grinding this year. And no, I'm not talking about your regular XP grinding to reach max level on the multiplayer, but the fact that you've to complete all of the weapon challenges in the game (which aren't hard, just pure grind) means that you'll long reach max level before you're done with all of the challenges. Not happy with that, the game still had the balls to include a "You have to kill 40K enemies because we say so" trophy. For this one, I just set a turbo controller and had the thing auto-grind itself for like a week or so. Needless to say, not an easy task for an aging PS3 console. I legit feared my console was going to catch fire during this task.



    ~ Cakewalk ~


    Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour (PS4)



    A compilation of classic Duke episodes with some extra levels threw in for good measure. A fun, classic FPS for sure but it's here under the "cakewalk" category because its trophy list required next to no effort whatsoever. I am aware that you can use cheats in the game to complete the whole thing with even less effort, but come on, where is the fun in that? Even without cheats I had very little trouble with this one.  I think the 50% rarity of this one speaks for itself. Also, try playing the damn game, it's good too, you know?



    ~ Soul-crushing Hardest SOB ~


    DOOM II (PS4)



    If there was a worthy contender for this aptly-named category, it'd be this one. Anyone that has gone through this knows what true hell looks like. The developers might have thought this was a fun idea, having two players clear the entire game on Nightmare. Thing is, this is a local co-op only option, and also, one does not simply walk into DOOM II's Nightmare difficulty and remains mentally sane. Nightmare difficulty is not for the faint of heart, you have enemies RNG re-spawning left and right, projectiles moving at twice the speed, demons that want to fuck you relentlessly on first sight. It's hell! And on top of that, you have to contend with a reduced screen, constant crashes, 60 FPS of projectiles on a game that wasn't originally made with 60 FPS in mind, and a series of continuous updates that are pretty much designed at this point to make the game even harder. I spend hours clearing each stage myself on Nightmare and the gauntlet that you're required to do to complete Stage 29 (I.e. the harder stage in the game) is just next to impossible.



    ~ Backburner ~


    Hard Reset Redux (PS4)



    What's with me and all these FPS games? Anyway, this category is for games that have been placed on hold for an indefinite amount of time. Hard Reset plays like a classic FPS but it's set in a cyberpunk scenario in which you get to fight some of the more bullet-spongy enemies in gaming. The game is pretty good actually, but I'm still finishing moping up a few things on it. Namely, clearing the whole thing in Heroic mode, which is clearing each stage with only one life, zero checkpoints. Enemies hit hard and you can empty your whole arsenal of weapons at them before they decide to go down. I think I got stuck with the boss on level 5, but I haven't really tried much. I will try to finish this one next year.



    ~ Monumental ~


    Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)



    This year marked the ending of finally achieving 100% completion on GTA IV, that's Platinum and everything done in the game. I had originally started this one back in 2011 and it was among one of the first PS3 games I played. While I wasn't too hot on it at first, Niko and Liberty City eventually grew up on me. Then, I never got around to finishing it because it had so many online achievements that are always a chore to me, plus the hackers playing online didn't make things easier either. And you also have to contend with the legendary Petrovic trophy which is a pain because you have to win in ALL of the different variations of game modes online, and the fucker is glitchy too. For this one, I have to give my deepest thanks to @cr1s for helping me boost the entirety of this game and to @ProfBambam55 for his awesome multiplayer guide. If it weren't for those two, this Platinum most likely wouldn't be under my profile. I also managed to secure 100% in the game too, which included getting a 100% score in all of the missions from Gay Tony. Needless to say, this was my most monumental achievement of the year.



    ~ Biggest Disappointment of the Year ~


    DOOM (2016) (PS4)



    I hated this game... It's not a bad game but it sure was my most disappointing title of 2020. I know it came out in 2016 but fuck that, I played it in 2020. I love the DOOM series of games (pretty obvious in this status) and I prepared a lot beforehand to play this one. I had heard so many great comments and hype in general around this game that I was expecting this reboot to blow my mind away. I played all of the DOOM games that were available to me before closing with this one and... I just couldn't stand the design philosophy of this game, the pointless collectibles that were added everywhere, the upgrade system, and the gameplay-slowing forced executions you have to perform. On top of that, the game was a constant mess of bugs and glitches, with trophies not popping, my game crashing frequently, and a bevy of other hindrances that all ended up souring my experience even further. Hell, I even lost the HDD on my PS4 thanks to the curse I was given after playing this. I know the title was very well received and mostly everyone enjoyed it, but to me, it pretty much threw the entire franchise off a cliff. The multiplayer was a lot more enjoyable (something I totally did not expect) but at that time, it was too late, the damage was already done, and the game cemented itself as the most disappointing thing I played this year.



    ~ Hidden Gem ~


    DOOM 64 (PS4)



    On a completely different tone, DOOM 64 was quite the gem I wasn't expecting it to be. I played a bit of it on my N64 years ago but it just couldn't hold a candle to the likes of Goldeneye or Perfect Dark with friends. The game was so fucking dark that you could barely tell where you were going back then. This remastered version that silently dropped onto the PSN store fixes those few small issues with the game and updates it so that it can be properly played on a modern setup. And what a surprise it was! While not nearly as action-packed as the two other classic DOOM games, DOOM 64 does manage to deliver an eerie and unsettling atmosphere that's not present in any of the other games, and its level design and light puzzles are a joy to complete. It feels like a super mod of the classic DOOM games, to compare it with something. It kind of lacks proper achievements but if you like classic FPS games, this one is worth checking out.



    ~ Most "Stacked" ~


    The Senran Kagura series (PS4)



    So, I was going to put Burnout Paradise here because I did plenty of stacks of that one this year, but then, I realized there was a more "stacked" game I played this year. And by "stacked", I mean, well, you know, tits and hometown. This year I played 3 different Senran Kagura games on my console and they all were very enjoyable in their own right. Yeah, I know, big titties shinobi and stuff, but hey, the games are good and they deliver too. B) Out of the three titles I played, the one enjoyed the most was Burst Re:NeWal, the remake of the first game in the series. A surprisingly gripping story, excellent music, lots of bounciness. Loved it. Peach Beach Splash, while probably the weakest of the ones I played, was still a very interesting spin-off. I mean, how many third-person shooters you know about getting hot anime girls wet? Exactly. x3 I may look into actually stacking some of these games under my profile later on, so, a perfect fit for this award. Also, Mirai is best girl. Fight me. 83



    ~ TOTY (Turd of the Year) ~


    Bodycount (PS3)



    For a moment I thought either Thor or Two World II were going to be here, but I played those at the end of last year instead. So this year, the TOTY goes instead to Bodycount on the PS3. A truly awful FPS that makes Duke Nukem Forever look and feel like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 by comparison. It's bad, truly bad in every conceivable way. The developers may have made the fondly-remembered Black on PS2 but Bodycount on the PS3 has to be the very worst FPS I have played in recent memory. The aiming mechanics are so fundamentally broken that one wonders how the developers thought this was going to be enjoyable. Frequent slow-downs, boring and repetitive level design, a ridiculous plot, dumb-as-a-brick AI... Just a very bad game however you want to look at it. @cr1s lent me a hand on the multiplayer for this one and let me tell you that the game slowed down to a crawl during the co-op missions. I have never seen anything like it.



    ~ GOTY (Game of the Year) ~


    Genshin Impact (PS4)



    And finally, out of nowhere, a free-to-play gacha game comes and steals the show right at the end of the year. Probably because I wasn't expecting much of this game is because I've been able to enjoy it so much. An expansive Zelda-like adventure with gorgeous anime-style graphics, an interesting story, memorable characters, and top-tier voice acting and music? Sign me up! It may have gacha and it may be always online (which is pretty much a sin in itself) but the game is so well done in so many other aspects that I can't help but love it. It also keeps getting bigger and better with each successive update and while it may not have a proper set of trophies, it really matters very little to me, the amount of time that I've been able to put into this game over these last few weeks pretty much prove that I'm all willing to stay with this anime-zing adventure all the way to the end. Great work, MiHoYo.



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    2. Honor_Hand


      @Xenoblast91 Jaja, ni idea de MetroFlog pero sí que tengo experiencia redactando y publicando artículos y publicaciones desde hace unos cuantos años ya. A veces lo hago de manera profesional por trabajo pero me gusta más escribir por hobby en temas que me apasionen.


      La clave con GTA IV es hacer todos los trofeos en línea en privado con un amigo. A diferencia de GTA V, en el IV tienes la ventaja de que no tienes que estar en servidores públicos jugando con randoms para obtener los trofeos. Es cuestión de crear un custom lobby dentro del juego y pones los servidores privados al máximo de acuerdo a la cantidad de gente con la que vayas a jugar. Hay un Party Mode que es más privado todavía pero no todos los trofeos saltan en ese modo. Ahora, en el custom lobby con los private slots puestos sí que puedes obtener todos los trofeos tranquilo y sin problemas. La mayoría de los trofeos solo requieren dos jugadores, pero hay unos cuantos modos de juego en donde vas a requerir mínimo 3 o 4 jugadores para poder empezar la partida. 


      En este caso, como mi amigo y yo tenemos dos PS3s y dos copias del juego, pues lo que hicimos fue usar unas cuentas dummy controladas por nosotros mismos para llenar los slots. Pero al final, como en realidad estás jugando una partida privada con amigos, en ningún momento te vas a encontrar con algún hacker que te pueda estropear la sesión.


      Ahora, el resto del juego es todo un trabajón que hay que hacer. La guía para el multiplayer que está publicada en este mismo sitio es muy buena. La mayoría de los trofeos son sencillos. Los únicos duros son el grind para Wanted que lleva bastante tiempo, Fly The Co-op por hacer las misiones cooperativas bajo el tiempo requerido (el cual es bastante apretado en algunos casos y dependiente del RNG en otros xxD), y por supuesto, Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic, el cual es extremadamente glitchy y a veces no te lo cuenta cuando lo haces. Básicamente tienes que ganar en todas las variaciones de multiplayer que hay en el juego, que son un montón, y puede que te pasé como a mí, las completes todas y no te salte el trofeo al final. En este caso tienes que volver a ver tu checklist en donde están todas las formas de juego que hay que ganar y hacerlas todas de nuevo esperando a que registre tus victorias de manera correcta. Es un tremendo dolor de cabeza como te puedes imaginar. 😅


      Muchas gracias por el comentario y por pasarte por aquí, de verdad que lo aprecio bastante. Esperemos este 2021 nos traiga cosas buenas a todos. Saludos y abrazos también. Estamos hablando por aquí, hermano. :wave:

    3. Spaz


      You put a lot of time into this status update and it shows.


      DOOM II is still something I need to do at this point. I found with the current version I can still beat a lot of the easier levels. However, Level 7, Levels 14 - 15, Levels 20 - 25, and most notably Levels 27 - 29, its next to impossible doing this solo. 

      In Level 7 I cannot kill the Mancubus and Spider enemies in time to trigger the platform to reach the exit button. I’ve been one - two enemies shy and when I get around to killing them the other enemies I killed respawn. I’m convinced it’s too hard if you wasted that 200 HP/Armor pickup and you didn’t collect enough ammo.

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Spaz Thanks!


      I haven't tried the game after the most recent update but I know it's nearly impossible now. Level 7 is Dead Simple if I remember right, the one where you have to kill a bunch of Mancubus and Arachnotrons before you can activate a switch and exit the level. That one took me a lot because of the damned respawning enemies. I know speedrunners have a trick to just get up on that mini slope and activate the button directly without having to kill the enemies but I was never able to replicate it myself.


      Getting the power up at the right moment and pretty much getting lucky with the RNG in when the enemies spawn is key in clearing that level. I really can't see any other way around it. I tried it so many times and basically got lucky in one attempt where the enemies took a little bit longer to respawn. Long enough for the stairs to appear and for me to rush to the exit button, lol.

  11. Better avoid people raising up in arms against you for your mostly negative opinion on SoTC. But hey, it is what it is. x3 Okami is indeed kind of lengthy. I think a full playthrough of it collecting everything you need should probably be around 45-50 hours. You can double that if you like to goof around like me. 😅 Another weak point of the game is, in my opinion, its overall easy difficulty in both combat and puzzles. There's very little challenge to it at all, if any. But still, it's a wondrous-looking game with an interesting story all the way to the end. One of my favorites for sure.
  12. Well, this post here is full of even more analogies and an even deeper existential crisis. Like, your status updates were able to convey that emotion very well to me but I don't think they were as fully realized as they are here. man. The colossi stun-locking the main character into shaking like Shakira and, the wheelbarrow with a flat tire thing, and Aggro the horse spawn of Satan made me burst into laughter, lol. But seriously, all these games made by Team ICO have this same exact reputation. I'm no denying the fact that they have a very artistic approach in what they are trying to convey in their games and that they do look wonderful as an art piece, but they DO control like garbage. All 3 of their games have this reputation and one can't help but wonder if this is some sort of design choice or if they don't actually know how to make good controls in videogames... like at all. That's a good part of the reason why I haven't tried their games yet even if I have the first two on PS3 when they were given away as PS+ freebies. I like art in videogames but I also like art that controls good and that has fun gameplay. Take Okami for example, that game looks beautiful AND the controls are great. I don't know if you've played that one already but do take it into consideration if you want to experience an artistic game that controls well and has fun gameplay. I'm sure there are many others out there as well. I don't know if I'll ever play Team ICO's games at some point. Reading horror stories like the one Copanele shared here with us certainly doesn't help in making me play the games. 😅
  13. If there's one thing I value a lot in games is music. Like, a game could play at 240 FPS and have the most amazing and realistic graphics ever but that means little to me in the presentation area. A good music design is far more important to me. Music can help us feel or experience emotions that go perfectly in tandem with whatever is happening in-game, they can set a tone or a mood, or just make us feel more involved with a theme, a thought, or an idea. Simply put, music puts "soul" into a game.


    And if there's one "soul" I have been feeling in tune with as of late, that'd be with Genshin Impact's OST. What an utterly amazing soundscore this game has, and there's lots of it, and more of it gets added with each successive update to the game. Whether you're exploring the overworld, looking for treasures, gawking at the amazing vistas, or just fulfilling your daily grind, this is one amazing OTS I love to listen to.



    Did you know that the music in this game is fully orchestrated? How cool is that? Now only that but, did you know that Mondstadt's themes were performed by the London Philarmonic Orchestra using mostly wind-based instruments? Talk about fitting! What about the music in the Liyue region? You got it. Performed by the Shangai Symphonic Orchestra using traditional instruments. The amount of love that's been put into this game is impressive. In music alone, it easily gets a master class achievement for everything that's done so far. Really looking forward to how will the future regions of the world of Teyvat will sound. If what they have done so far is any indication of things to come, then I can rest happy in knowing that the game has a bright future ahead of it in this department.



    This was just a small taste of how the sound production is in this game. If you want to check the full soundtrack, here's a link for the full OST of Mondstadt, a link for the full OST of Liyue, and a link for the recently-released Dragonspine snowy mountain region. Enjoy. :)



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    2. NERVergoproxy


      Surprisingly the fan service is low atm. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      @NERVergoproxy True. I know other gachas do have skins and costumes for their characters, so I'm expecting MiHoYo to introduce those at a later point in the game. 

    4. NERVergoproxy


      I can't wait. :awesome:

  14. Look what I got as a present last night. Like, I got snacks and a few clothes, nothing too mind-blowing, very happy about them. But I did get this awesome poster as a gift from my girl. It's a giant door poster of Felicia originally produced by Canada-based Udon Entertainment somewhere around the mid-2000s. 2005-2006, I think. I remember originally wanting this specific poster years ago and I was never able to get mine at the time due to a bunch of circumstances. Imagine getting it after all these years. 😭 It's huge, it measures around 140 x 50 centimeters (55 x 20 inches) and it's printed on nice quality paper. It's become a little bit yellowish over time but I'd say it's still in pretty good condition.




    And I bet you were thinking I was not going to get Felicia's ass last night. :P

    Well, this is not "exactly" what I had in mind, but it's still an awesome Christmas present no doubt. :awesome:


    Additionally, this cute pixel art piece below is a gift I gave to myself. Got it from eBay a few weeks back with the purpose of decorating the background of the "Felicia Shrine" I'm making.




    Wait, what is this "Felicia Shrine" I'm talking about? Someone on this site was joking with the idea that I should have my own shrine dedicated to her. After some consideration, I realized that this person was totally right and that I should totally have a shrine of her. Like, why not? More of that coming in a later post once I have something to show for it. xD 


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    2. MidnightDragon


      Merry Christmas!

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Does your girl :hmm:...cosplay Felicia? now that be a great xmas gift :awesome:!! and Merry Christmas!!

      May want to use a black light to see if those yellowish is...XD

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Copanele My ceiling, I think. I was here actually thinking about placing this huge poster on the ceiling but my girl immediately shot down that idea. 😅 Oh well, one of the doors it'll be then. xD


      @NERVergoproxy Not...yet. But I definitely want her to. That'd be the ultimate Christmas gift. :awesome:


      Lol, no, no... It's not THAT. Lmao. 😂

  15. Merry Christmas to all my friends, boys and girls, here on PSNP.

    Hope you are all enjoying the festivities and having a good time whether if you're with family, friend or just by yourself.

    Despite the rather rough circumstances some of us may be going through right now,

    I think it's important that we toss all those worries aside to focus on enjoying this holiday in whatever way we see fit.



    What are your plans for tonight? 🌙

    Are you enjoying the fireworks, the music, and the food, or are just going to chill at home tonight playing video games?

    Were you able to get presents in time for those important people out there in your life? 🎁

    What about the presents you were able to get? 🎀

    I know what present I want under my Christmas tree tonight. This is the mental image of what I'm anticipating the most.

    Here's hoping that it turns into reality later tonight.






    Drink responsibly if you're going to be doing so

    And most important...

    Have fun!




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    2. Xenoblast91


      ¡Feliz Navidad, canijo! No te me vayas a poner muy ebrio, ¿eh? Te deseo lo mejor, ¡y que disfrutes de tu noche! Cuídate, un abrazo hermano. ;) 

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Merry Christmas! 

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Masamune & @Icebrand1270 That cannot be. You guys need to find yourself a better Santa. :P Wait until you see what I got. Not too different from the image up above, I think. :awesome: 


      @Xenoblast91 ¡Epale, mi hermano! Muchas gracias por los buenos deseos. Usted tranquilazo que nosotros por acá somos unos angelitos, jaja. Igualmente, feliz noche para ti también, y muchas felicidades y buenos deseos por allá. :D