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  1. This is truly a sad piece of news to start off the day. Can't believe some unstable psychopath would go to great lengths to cause so much damage to this company. And with damage, I mean all the lives that have been lost here. Kyoto Animation has been a fundamental piece of what anime is nowadays, like it or not. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, K-On!, Lucky Star, Clannad, Kanon, A Silent Voice, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and many others, all these great pieces of entertainment have been produced here and have been an important part of our anime culture. For the studio having to go through such an event is truly heartbreaking. This studio will never be the same now... Something that really hits me here is the motivation of the so-called human being who did this. I mean, you have to be quite the miserable piece of shit to cause so much damage. From what I understand (been reading a Spanish piece of news on it) is that they got the guy responsible for this arson act but his motivation hasn't been determined yet. Whatever it was, I hope truly he is dealt with accordingly.
  2. Pretty amazing that they are actually releasing games on all regions instead of locking them to a particular region. Perhaps someone at Konami caught up on the fact that they didn't have much to offer to the NA and EU regions and said, "Fuck it. We are launching all games in all regions." A wise approach in my opinion. Also, the fact that both Sapphire and Snatcher are getting a US release it's undoubtedly impressive. The later probably will be difficult to enjoy due to the massive language barrier but hey, the fact that is coming out of Japan is pretty great in itself. Too bad for the few repeated games there, though. They could have easily added others there. Don't think there's much of a difference between them to warrant having both the NA and JP version of the same game. So far is shaping lovely... And this is coming from someone that isn't really invested that much in the whole mini console craze. Great work on keeping the post up to date, @ShonenCat
  3. I would like to know myself too because I have never gotten any of those discounts via email. >.<
  4. A small update regarding my TV situation. I talked with the local tech service a couple of days ago and they offered me two options:


    - Option number 1 was to reflow the board on the TV again (for a third time) but they told me in advance that the model series of the TV I got it is pretty defective as far as heat dissipation goes. Since it has been repaired two times already, they cannot guarantee that it won't crap again on me in a year or less. The cost of this repair job is around $60.


    - Option number 2 was to install a new motherboard. It could be either new or used, provided it still works. Found a couple of used ones on eBay (from TVs that had defective panels and other types of defects) priced around $115-135. Considering shipping and factoring in the installation work, this repair route could be around $150-170. Ooh, and LG sells the brand new boards for $248,95. Life's great with them, of course. :awesome:(Spoiler: It isn't...)


    - I also went to check online and on a few local electronics stores for a brand new replacement TV. I found a couple of 43-inch Samsung LED TVs with Smart capabilities at around $400-450. The TVs themselves aren't mind-blowing, really. I mean, they work, picture quality looks good enough and fits in my actual setup even if they are lacking in actual ports on their back. I could do without the Smart functionality but couldn't find any new brand new TV without it. =/ Honestly, I'm interested in this one mostly because it is around my budget and fits my needs. I'm well aware that I'm paying like double of what it costs in other places >.> but that's what it is over here. <.<


    So, my plan so far is as follows. Since option number 2 is a lot of money for a repair that doesn't guarantee another failure event later down the road, I'm going to take option number 1 and have that board reflowed again. Even if it breaks in around a year or so, at least the TV will be usable again and I will have something to do. It's not like I like to have a 42-inch giant paperweight around you know. 😓 Of course, I'll be saving money on the side (hopefully 👍) and getting a brand new TV in the coming weeks, months, probably around October. Depending on my workflow, I could have enough to invest in a new main Samsung TV, and then retire this LG one for, I don't know, as a backup TV or something.


    Sounds like a good plan? What do you think PSNP? o.o

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    2. Honor_Hand



      Don't worry about your techie skills, Fen-sister. ^^ Yes, the TV was bought around 2011. Exactly, that were my thoughts on it as well. There's no way to know if the used motherboard I'm ordering is in great condition, and even if it is, it seems there's a design failure on this particular series of TVs and boards, which are prone to overheating. I could very effectively order one that hasn't had much use and have the TV work fine for the next 5 years or order one that's in its last leg and then it goes back to purgatory in a few months. For the amount of money, it's kind of a gamble.


      I'm confident that its price in USD will remain similar in the coming months. :)



      Heehee, similar to mine it seems. This LG one also has the USB ports for movies and music. Funny thing is that, if you put a USB stick on mine right now, it will still play anything there without a problem. The screen works fine and the picture quality is great, it just won't connect with anything through the video ports, though. To be fair, I bought this TV in Cumaná, so she had a fair share of Maracaibo-like heat over there as well lol :awesome:



      That's a good approach to it as well. I see similar TVs to mine going for around $230-270 locally, used in good working order, of course. I could probably get a small profit from it. The thing is that there are soooooo many on sale (I bet due to the crisis and the number of people leaving the country, everyone is selling their stuff to finance their trip), so if I expected to sell it fast, I would have to set a very low price in order to get rid of it quickly. Otherwise, it might probably remain listed online for months.


      @Chocolate GiddyUp

      Yeah, hurts the hobby immensely. >.<. Thanks for the good wishes. :)

    3. DaivRules


      Even if you only sell it for $20-30 more than it costs you to repair, you would then no longer have to worry about it breaking again and being worth $0. Consider it a down payment toward your new TV. If you can sell it for $50-60 more than it costs to repair, even better. 

    4. FinalFan


      Wow, you're out of luck with your TV. Just in case, check if Toshiba isn't expensive for you.


      My first (and only) 32" LED bought 7 years ago is still fine, I only have one dead pixel.

      I have two (or maybe 4, but only using 2) HDMI ports enabled on this since I own a PS4 too, HDMI 1 = PS3, HDMI 2 = PS4.


      Best of luck with option #1! 👼

  5. Damn, that moment when there's a great sale going on, with good games at reasonable prices but you have to not spend money at all for any given reason. >.< Really tempted at the GTA Trilogy on PS4 for $17 bucks and many others. Must...resist...this...urge...to...spend... x_x
  6. *Cues Super Smash Bros. Character Reveal Theme*


    xtwHgDT.jpg  Fr9p8wj.jpg


    Xiao Mei joins the fray!! ^_^

    This is the figure I picked up yesterday. I promise it will be the last one in a while lol 😅


    I also went to the local Comic-Con yesterday and had a good time with my family there. Lots of people attended the event and while it didn't have that many shows or interesting stuff to get, there was definitely a lot of people there for sure. Particularly cosplayers. I always like to see the cosplayers at these conventions. They sure put a lot of love and care in making those costumes and reenacting the characters. A fun, interesting watch for sure. Cannot recognize all of the characters but damn, I try my best. xD Unfortunately, unlike previous years, there was barely any stuff to get at the event or even stores at all. Rough economic times means less and less stuff, I suppose. It's been going down for years now but this one has been the worst so far in terms of merchandise.


    Anyhoo, I managed to get a few small little trinkets just for the fun of it. Can't really spend much either, so it's probably for the better. Will be making a more complete update on it later on. About to go out for the second and final day of the event at any minute now. See you later, PSNP! :D 


    1. ShonenCat


      Sweet new kitty! Be sure to feed her those fish biscuits when her fine tail has earned them well OwO


    2. Honor_Hand


      @ShonenCat You can count on that, Shonen boy. OwO <3

  7. One last update before I go to bed. Finally, sit down and took some really good pictures of the figures I've gotten recently. If anyone is interested in checking more, I posted about them on the Figures Thread located here.


    Tons of pictures over there, hopefully, all of them safe enough to be shared in this site. If not, please let me know. 😅 A quick sneak peek of what you can expect to find there on the spoilers below.









    Since they were a lot of pictures, I tried to use the spoiler tag appropriately in the thread. But most often than not, that thing glitches on me and I'm not able to check spoilers. Don't know what's up with that. Can somebody let me know if they stop working so that I can fix them out? Will try to check on them myself but damn, I don't know what's the deal there. 😑


    I'm planning to pick up one last neko cutie tomorrow morning, the last one from this first batch. So expect pictures on that one at some point. After that, I'll be attending the Caracas Comic Con for the whole weekend. Because yes, even destroyed, humanitarian crisis countries like Venezuela also have geek/nerd conventions. >.> I know, mind blown, right? Well, it's something small and humble and it's not for comics only, you can expect to find stuff related to anime, video games and a number of popular nerdy pastimes such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, miniature board games, and other geeky stuff. Will I share pictures of it? I don't know...


    Anyway, looking to do something different, have a good time despite everything and possibly come back home with a few cheap trinkets. Not much because, you know, the main TV needs repairing and whatnot, can't spend too much, or rather I shouldn't spend too much. See you later, PSNP family. Looking forward to reading your comments, as always. ^_^


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    2. PooPooBlast


      Nice! Quite a collection I see! I'm just wondering where do you find the space to put all these?!


      And also I'm just imagining what your wife thinks with some of these figurines being somewhat seductive :P


    3. Honor_Hand


      @ShonenCat Many thanks, Shonen boy. ^^



      Have a number of those DIY shelves that are big enough to hold my current collection so far. That's so far because admittedly, I'm close to reaching maximum capacity. xD  Might need to move stuff here and there. As for my fiancée, she was heavily opposed at them at first but eventually accepted them out. She actually likes some of them now lol. :P

    4. PooPooBlast


      That's awesome to hear man. Hope you enjoy Felicia boy! (Hey that rhymes!)

  8. Massive update coming with lots of pictures of the many figures I've gotten recently. As promised, this time around I got a better phone for taking pictures, got slightly better lighting and tried a couple of interesting angles. Some of the pictures may be slightly NSFW, so keep that in mind. Anyways, onto the figures themselves. Natsuha Sawai - Monobeno - Milestone - 1/6 - Extra Box Pictures- - Extra Figure Pictures - • Mini-Review - Sculpting: Nicely done with no apparent flaws. Great attention to the many wrinkles on her swimsuit. Great care has been put on her butt and legs. Removing the swimsuit will in fact show that this kitty has a kitty down there, that's to say, it is anatomically correct. The detail of her naughty parts isn't a 100%, though, particularly on her nipples, but it's the most anatomically complete figure I have seen so far. Her swimsuit is tough to remove and to put back on and it doesn't close perfectly either on one side. (9/10) - Painting: There's not much variation in color to see here but both the swimsuit and her hair have sort of a watery finish to it, which I thought it's pretty nice. Skin color is nicely done, cool shadings on the flowers on her head and her eyes have a beautiful blue color, even if they lack a bit of complexity. The coloring on the extra flowery trinkets that go on the base are kind of cheap. A little bit more of detail on these would have been nice. (8/10) - Posing: This should be a perfect 10, right? I mean, grabbing her butt like that and looking back. What's not to love? However, she is a bit unstable in this posing and has a tendency to fall towards where her hair is. She is stable on her own, just don't go knocking the place where she is. (8.5/10) - Base: A flat, transparent blue square that's supposed to mirror the illustration she is based on (Playing on a pool). The extra flowery trinkets add something to it, as it does the reflections you get from it but there's no denying this is a flat base. It's kind of big too and occupies a reasonable space on my shelf. It's okay. (7/10) - Packaging: Considering her size, the packaging is not that big, I was surprised by that. Design wise, it has a good color choice, showcasing angles from the figure on the sides and a clever use of hearts and portraits to hide her naughty parts. Not bad but nothing you could say "Whoa" either, it's good. (7.5/10) - Personal Enjoyment: If there's something that I really like about this kitten is how big she actually is despite being a fairly small character. She is listed as 1/6 figure but she is definitely a 1/5 scale. Love neko, love blue sukumizu, her pose is sexy, her eyes match beautifully with her swimsuit, her head may be a little on the big side but, all in all, I really like this figure. I would say size and posing are her most impressive features, nya. (10/10) Bought in B/B condition from AmiAmi at $62,50. RSAL shipping to the US was $16,50 and shipping to Venezuela from there came to around $70 if I remember right. I was looking to add this one to my collection for a while. Pleased she is part of it now. Now I need to find her little friend Sumi to make the whole set even better. 0---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 Kuro / Chloe Von Einzbern - Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei Herz! - Broccoli- 1/8 - Extra Box Pictures - - Extra Figure Pictures - • Mini-Review - Sculpting: I love all the mini details on this figure. Be it the way her skirt appears to be waving, the "fur" effect that accompanies her skimpy costume, the belt covering her private parts, her bells and bows, and her paw gloves actually have a very nice proportion to them. The way her hair was sculpted gives out this whole feral look to me. No flaws I could detect anywhere. (10/10) - Painting: If there's something I love on a figure is for it to have a nice variety of colors and this one doesn't disappoint. Black stockings, orange paw gloves, red bows and belt, amber eyes, gold bells, and Chloe's dark skin have all been perfectly recreated. If there's something I think it could have been better is her hair, since it lacks a bit on the shading department. Really liking that pattern around her belly button. Super pleased overall. (10/10) - Posing: Hmmm, I can't quite put my mind on something concrete for her pose. She is somewhere between being snarky, feisty and feral at the same time with a lot of cuteness in between, maybe? The way her feet are placed on the base and how she arc forwards gives her a very cat-like appearance. I like it. (8/10) - Base: An orange, paw-shaped base to which she attaches securely. It has sort of a fuzzy feeling to the touch on top, it's definitely not "as soft as" what you're expecting it to be but very nice of them for choosing something that matches the theme. (9/10) - Packaging: Probably her weakest area. Even though I really like her illustration on the side and the shots showcasing her main points on the back, the rest of the shots on the other sides of the packaging feel a little bit lifeless. It provides good enough protection for the figure but it's nothing extraordinary. (7/10) - Personal Enjoyment: She's my favorite figure from what I call the Holy Nekomimi Trinity. Feisty, snarky, skimpy outfit and I simply adore her dark skin finish. Kind of have a fetish for it *Clears throat* She certainly gives a very joyous look whenever I look at her and her variety of colors really make her stand out even though she is not a big figure by any means. She has the right size and should provide many moments of amazement each and every time I look at her. (10/10) Obtained from AmiAmi in C/B condition. Was listed as C because she was missing her cleaning accessory but the figure itself was A condition. Price of the figure was $149, plus $30 in EMS shipping to the US and then a whopping extra $110 in shipping to Venezuela and taxes. Yeah... >.< This figure marks the start of my hunt for the rest of the Holy Triumvirate. A goal which I thought seemingly impossible not long ago due to adversities has a decent chance of success nowadays. Nice. Happy me ------> 0---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 Yuu - Hatsukoi Ribbon - Orchid Seed- 1/6 - Extra Box Pictures - - Extra Figure Pictures - • Mini-Review - Sculpting: Do you like butts, nekomimi and lewd lolis? Well, then look no further. I'm frankly impressed with this one. Smooth curves with features that are feed into your eyes. Her stocking-clad legs are great to look at, as it is her butt, which has been exquisitely shaped. Great wrinkles on her sweater, and her bikini and tail conceal a secret that I'm not going to mention here but let's say that everything sticks right into place. Even her backpack has all sorts of cute nifty details to it and looks exactly like a real mini Japanese backpack. I couldn't open it, though, but I was almost fooled by it being a real mini backpack. Her belly is just 👌 (10/10) - Painting: Perfect all around. The shading on her skin tone gives her this smooth, supple look to it. Her stockings are actually a shade of burgundy I believe, who looks beautiful and matches perfectly with the purple of her eyes. Speaking of her eyes, notice all the little details there? Yeah. The rest of her clothing and backpack are also nicely painted as well and while they don't draw the main attention in this figure, they are perfectly painted all around. (9.5/10) - Posing: Do I really need to explain myself? This is quite the sexy look, put her at the right angle and it looks like she wants some of it. Inviting, alluring, playful. She knows how to flaunt what she has and wants you to notice. YES!!! (10/10) - Base: My favorite base so far. May look like a simple idea but it stands so much in a world of boring flat circles/squares that it's hard not to notice. Put her on top of it with her legs dangling like that and this one 1/6 scale now towers all my other figures despite not being a tall character. This is, quite literally, putting this already great figure on a great pedestal...a sexy pedestal but damn it's great. One thing to notice is that you could choose to display her without her backpack, but that makes the whole setup a bit unstable to my liking. If you use the backpack, it has nice attaching spot on the chair that provides all the stability the figure needs. (10/10) - Packaging: Cute box is cute. Pretty colors, excellent size, cheap for shipping if you're charged by volume. Great design all around, excellent showcase of the figure strong points on the back and the illustration she is based on placed the side is just top notch. Properly protected and, for whatever reason, mine came with an intoxicating glue smell inside that (don't laugh) I love. I-I... I think I'm love with this box as well. (10/10) - Personal enjoyment: By far my favorite figure out of the bunch. Nearly perfect in every department. Sexy kitty girl in an alluring pose on top of a really eye-catching pedestal, hell yeah. Being a 1/6 scale is perfect since it helps making her stand out even further. She came with extra accessories in the way of a more revealing bra, in case you want to stare at her cute nipples and an extra tail that doubles as a butt plug. *Clears throat again* So, yeah, she is awesome. Out of all figures I have gotten recently, she is the one that has been catching my attention the most on a regular basis and most likely will continue to do so for a long time. This figure was purchased in B/B condition from AmiAmi. The figure itself was around $100. She was shipped to the US by RSAL for $15, and then shipped to Venezuela for an extra $70, no extra taxes, thank God for that. I honestly wasn't expecting much from this figure originally and I was absolutely floored by it when I unboxed her out. The box she came in received a hard blow during transport and her left arm appeared to have dislodged before I opened it. Thankfully, nothing bad really happened to her and the arm was easy enough to get back into place. Isn't her name cute btw? Yuu. 😍 More updates coming later on as the neko army continues to grow. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
  9. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, still shame on you. Fool me a third time, well, fuck you. :shakefist: I can't believe it, last night I was about to use what little time avaialble I had to do some gaming to then find that the only HDMI TV I have in my house is damaged again. This is the third time thing needs repairing. Got it in late 2011, was first repaired around around 2016, then on June 2018, and now, pretty much a year later, it has the same issue again.What's the issue you ask? Oh well, it turns on fine and everything but there's no signal whatsoever from any video port (be it HDMI, Composite, or Component). The USB ports do work though, so if I put a video there, I can play it just fine but everything else is a no go. >.>


    Why does this happens? Bad design, excessive heat on board and poor microjoints lead to this. Esentially, this LG TV has been the first models of Xbox 360s in TV form for me. I have had the board reflowed twice already but screw this thing, I'm sick of it. Going to save some money and buy a new a TV instead in the next few weeks/months. Nothing too extravagant really, just as long as it is LED, does 1080p and is in the 40-inch size range with a decent enough input lag is fine by me. No need for it to be Smart, 4K, HDR or anything like that. Can't really look on that really since they cost like twice or thrice the price here of what it would cost in any "normal" country. X_X


    In the meantime, no more PS3 or PS4 for me again. Might be a good excuse to finally play some games on my VIta. As for this LG TV, well, not entirely sure if I'm going to repair it again... I mean, should I repair it knowing it's going to crap again later down the road? Who knows, will call on Monday to see if it's worth fixing. As for LG as a brand, yeah, I vow to myself I'm never buying anything from them ever again and I will advice most people against their products as well, yep. Regarding the new TV I'm planing to buy, any brands in particular you would recommend? I was mostly looking at Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and Sharp, in that order. Need something that lasts for a main TV but that fits onto my budget as well. :)


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    2. Honor_Hand



      I probably got a defective batch. I've seen online the particular model I own are prone to this issue. I got mine in 2011 and this will be its third fix now. Comparatively, I have a 20 years Aiwa CRT that still works like a champ, never been repaired nor maintained lmao xD But yeah, no more LG for me, at least not for a good while. 😥



      Interesting. Makes sense it wouldn't require access to a broadband connection if you're planning to use it locally. Kinda like a LAN setup, I suppose? :hmm: At any rate, I see now that a better router is needed to get the best from local Remote Play. I got this one like 3-4 years ago when I moved here because I needed to add a wireless access to this apartment on the fly for cheap but never bothered after that to upgrade. Mostly because I really don't make use of intensive online features and, well, the prices of course.


      Many thanks, though. I now need that I need to upgrade my router at some point later down the road. Will probably do so after I solve the TV issue first. 😅


      @ShonenCat Can't live with those CRTs, can't you? :D  But you're right, this is probably a lesson to learn to appreciate Vita-chan more now. x3 Is it me or is that girl about to eat that Vita? O_o

    3. MidnightDragon


      @ShonenCat Why is she eating a Vita?

    4. ShonenCat


      @Honor_Hand @MidnightDragon Vita-san is tasty :9

  10. Looks pretty good. I honestly like the whole spin on the concept. Will be nice to play the girls rescuing the boyfriends for once. From what I saw on the trailer, the gameplay looks like classic beat 'em up action with solid animation, a nice pixelated art style, annnnnndddd I like the girls, they're cute, so yeah, I'm sold. Also, it's being developed by WayForward Technologies and I absolutely adored their revival of Double Dragon with Double Dragon Neon on the PS3. Played that one to death. I noticed Arc Sys is involved as well, so this one is shaping out quite nicely already. Really interested in this one.
  11. None in particular. I just get my news from wherever they come to me, sometimes it's from members here, sometimes it's from friends, other times I unadvertedlyI'm reading something on IGN, Push Square, Gamespot or any site really, but I don't follow any in particular. Maybe YouTube I could say is one that I check a lot, but then again, I follow a number of people every now and then but I'm not really active checking on everything. Barely have time to play, much less time to check on gaming news actively. =/
  12. Making use of those 2 $20 PSN cards I got from Sony Rewards a few weeks back, I got a bunch of PS4, PS3 and Vita games from the last Flash Sale that picked my interest. For PS4 I got: A bunch of games that were reasonably priced, have read or saw of them online and thought they could be fun to try. When I'll get to them? Who knows... Bought all of them with those free cards I got from the Sony Rewards site so no complaining here. I need to slow down on digital games and focus on expanding my physical library now. Got more than enough games to play lol. Been saying that for a while now. Wish I could have more time to play the games I get. 😅
  13. Making use of those 2 $20 PSN cards I got from Sony Rewards a few weeks back, I got a bunch of PS4, PS3 and Vita games from the last Flash Sale that picked my interest. For Vita got: I absolutely loved this game on Wii when it came out back in the day and while I would love to own the physical version of it for my Vita, I just couldn't say, "No" to complete edition of it (all DLC included) for around $8 bucks during the last Flash Sale. Awesome. My only wish is that I could play it on a big screen but, oh well, the Vita will have to do for now and the vast array of trophies that come with the DLC should keep busy for a while once I decide to jump into it.
  14. Making use of those 2 $20 PSN cards I got from Sony Rewards a few weeks back, I got a bunch of PS4, PS3 and Vita games from the last Flash Sale that picked my interest. For PS3 I got: A number of classic games that I thought were reasonably priced, others I have already played and own, and others I have never tried. Overall, I just wanted to relive them again at some point and add them to my profile and for a cheap price, why not?
  15. <------- Me. I mean, I like trophies but wouldn't feel devastated or anything if they removed them. However, it would sort of suck if they went out of their way in removing the whole system altogether when it's a nice extra to have around. They would have to be total jackasses if they decided to strip it down altogether for no apparent reason. >.<