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  1. Almost done with AH3:LM!!!!! Managed to finish most of the grindy unlockable trophies today and even had to suck up on my pride in fighting games for a short while and switch on Simple Mode to get an animation to unlock with a certain character *sigh*


    The Time Attack mode is giving me a fair share of troubles. Been trying every single day over this past week but I just seem unable to get under the 10 minutes required for the trophy. Today, I managed to reach the final fight with almost 2 minutes to spare but the boss managed to knock me down once when I was about to finish her with a Critical Heart move with around 15 seconds below the 10-minute mark. Needless to say, I was pissed >.< I spammed my super on the final round as soon as it started but my final time was 10 minutes and 7 seconds >.>


    Will keep on trying though, just need to combine a decent amount of skill with ample amounts of luck to get that trophy. Good thing that the only guide online recommends using my favorite character so far: Angelia Avallone



    Quite the menacing look, am I right? x3

    1. cr1s


      Good luck, you're almost there! :D

  2. Would like to try the achievements on Microsoft's side at some point in order to know them better but, right now, I am happy with how the trophies operate on Sony's side. Frankly, I really like the idea of getting some sort of grade or virtual merit representation in the form of trophies in comparison to just a bunch of numbers. That's not to say they are all adequately graded though... There are some insanely hard bronzes out there and, at the same time, there are golds that barely require any effort. That's a point for another thread though
  3. Got this beauty more than a month ago, took a number of pictures and everything and I was supposed to share about her here but I somehow manage to completely forget about it...until now 😅 Both @ShonenCat and @cr1s already know this figure very well, so if you guys wanted some more pictures, here yo go! Cham Cham - Samurai Shodown/Spirits - Hobby Japan Clayz - 1/8 - 2010 - • Mini-Review - Sculpting: Good attention to her proportions without any major flaws to point out. How the cloth folds on her kitty-paw gloves looks a little bit off (9/10) - Painting: Excellent color application all-around, true to the character. What is there not to love about a tiger-striped, green-haired catgirl, really? (10/10) - Posing: The posing is pretty interesting, both cute and sexy while being somewhat dynamic at the same time. I really like the way she appears to be placing her weight on the Boomerang while raising one of her feet. Nyantastically awesome from the right viewing angle (10/10) - Base: Probably its weakest point, a slightly raised white circle with some blue letters. Contrast ways too much with the character's color palette and that slightly raised part where she rests one of her feet... I don't know. That part is attached with 2 bolts on the bottom so you can be sure she is firmly attached to it at least (6/10) - Packaging: Simple design with lots of green everywhere and the silhouette of the figure on the sides. Not bad but not great either. It gets the job done (7/10) - Personal enjoyment: After Felicia, she is my second most favorite Catgirl ever. Gotta love that deadly combination of both cuteness and sexiness, the posing is truly great. Also, this figure is classified as a 1/8 scale but I believe she is more on the 1/7 or 1/6 scale side as she is way bigger than what you are initially led to believe. Why compare it with the last picture above, Yotsunoha on the left is a 1/6 scale and Suzume on the right is a 1/8 scale. She looks huge for a 1/8 kitty... Not that I'm complaining o.o Overall, a catgirl that I have been waiting to add to my collection for years. Love her! Nyaa~ 100/10 Bought her from AmiAmi on A/C condition and paid roughly $44-45 for the figure plus $13 on shipping to the USA. Then, an additional $13 on shipping to my hellhole (You have NO IDEA how much I hate having to pay for double shipping but that's the way I have to roll >.<). The figure came in absolute perfect condition and the box was great as well. It was classed as "C" condition box in AmiAmi citing "Tobacco smell" to the product... Pfffft, it smells great to me. In fact, the figure actually still smelled like new when I took her out of the box and the box itself had nothing wrong either soooo yeah... Hurray on getting a great deal on this lovely catgirl. That's why I love buying from AmiAmi's pre-owned section Next time, I will either share about another Samurai Shodown figure I own that is a rather massive 1/5 scale or maybe, about the best Felicia figure I own (spoilers: it is super cheaply made...but I still love her). Let me know, if you want to see any of those 2 in particular
  4. Cool update. Good job on almost escaping Monokuma's wrath, cr1s. It seems you did well on this self-established challenge of yours I see you're changing your rules as to not add any games at random during this next season. Man, I wouldn't be able to pull off something like that as I'd probably grow bored of any particular game and then switch onto something else out of the blue and that I didn't even plan for. So, kudos to you on that rule The list of 20 games you will be playing looks pretty good and true to your rules. You have a number of Japanese games, a couple of Ultra Rare Platinums and a little bit of everything to keep you occupied. Good luck with them. Wish I'd have something else to say on them but either I don't have them, have not played them or don't even know of their existence (There goes all my street cred...*sigh*). I think Saints Row IV is the only game we have in common as I was also planning to Plat that one on PS3 sooner than later. That Despair-A-Ton thing has got me curious though... When will it be taking place and what does it entail? See you on your next update!
  5. Simple, yet entertaining driving mechanics + cool, epic soundtrack + loooootsa of explosions = a damn good time!
  6. *Goes to check the store and notices there are no games for sale on the PS3 and VIta sections* ... *Feels left out* Hopefully, they will be adding some titles to those sections later on...right? 😅
  7. Oh, I remember I started the PS3 version of this one some months ago and suddenly forgot about it for some reason. Mind you, thought the combat system was super complicated and interesting (like most of Tri-Ace games) but there was something on it that failed to catch my attention. Will need to come back to it at some point. Also, there is something funky going on on that trailer with the lip syncing and whatnot. I clearly remember the voices being on par with the lips back when I played, it just looked odd in the trailer. 🤔
  8. Quellbild anzeigen

    1. Honor_Hand


      It's so cute that it deserves a picture <3

    2. Satoshi Ookami
    3. Miku Maekawa

      Miku Maekawa

      Really need to watch A-Channel again, loved it when I first watched it years ago. <3

  9. Hello fellow Darkstalkers fan, I'll be following you from now on, nya~




      Huh! I swear I thought we had each other followed already....should we do a darkstalker picture exchange for our mutual friendship?!!😊 Not rated teen though...

    2. Honor_Hand


      I was actually thinking the same but just noticed we weren't following each other when I was reviewing my profile now.


      Hai, feel free to send it through the appropriate channels :eyebrow:

    3. Meowski


      just grillz ^^

  10. That's the plan ^^ I see. Yes, my account is from USA. Guess I'll be watchful of this Golden Week sale whenever it pops there. If I remember right, I think it already happened a couple of months ago. Oh, someone also recommended that website to me. Been using it to mostly track down the price on some indie titles but I guess it will work just as good for JRPGs and VNs. Many thanks for all that useful information
  11. *adds the whole Senran Kagura anime series to his plan to watch list* Well, well... That summary was great enough to convince me to jump on it. I was already on the verge of doing so anyway
  12. Oh, I get most of my games from local physical stores I and only import the ones I'm not able to find here (mostly JRPGs and pretty much any, let's say, anime-looking game as local sellers don't like to carry them for whatever reason). Vita titles, in particular, are non-existent locally, whether on a brick and mortar store or online. Yep, I imagine they must be actually raising in price considering how difficult they are to find even online at times. Lol, Right now I'm fighting with the 4 GB memory card that came bundled with the system. I'm looking to upgrade to a 16 GB one at some point. Feel that size would be enough to hold big games or carry a good amount of smaller games inside. I rarely leave home or carry any piece of technology with me outside so that one should work the best for me Those and Indie titles are what I'm most looking to play on it. Do you know if there are good deals and offers on the PSN store for JRPGs and VNs? I know good deals on indie games pop there from time to time but I'm not sure about the other ones.
  13. Hello, hello. Greetings and welcome to PSNProfiles I see you like RPGs, that's a cool genre of games I enjoy too. Truth be told, I am only recently realizing that I don't have much patience on them to go after the Platinum. They are still pretty awesome to play though 😅 Have a fun, enjoyable time around this community. Hope you make use of the features this site has to offer and that you get to know many of the rather unique members that inhabit this small corner of the internet. See you around!
  14. Hai! Nice introduction, well thought-out and straight to the point 👍 Welcome to the site. Hope you find the site useful and the members interesting. It's a nice place to lurk around, as I used to do just that before joining in full with the conversations (My account is from 2012 but I only started talking this year :P). Other than that, have a fun time around here and enjoy your casual trophy hunter experience
  15. Well, at least is going to cost less than what we expected but, for what it is included in the package it still sounds somewhat expensive. The lack of a battery doesn't phase me much but the lack of microswitches on both the stick and button does. The unit itself looks cool (I prefer the color scheme on the international version) and the construction looks rather solid. It also comes with a good selection of 40 games to play from the get-go. Still... This is probably the only mini-console I am interested in mostly due to its cute, arcade cabinet-like presentation. $100 for it just ok... could be cheaper considering all that is missing on the package. I wonder if there is a chance of getting a used one at a cheaper price later down the road 🤔