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  1. Yeah, no kidding. It must've sucked big time. At least they only took the consoles and not the games. I live in a dangerous zone too (well...pretty much most of Latin America can be classed as insecure), and the fear of having my stuff is stolen is constant. It hasn't happened to me yet, but damn. At least you were able to eventually recover those 2 games you lost by buying new copies, but man, talk about losing two very rare and expensive pieces of gaming at the time.
  2. Back on October 10th of last year, I made a status about a figure manufacturer that had a Felicia figure in the works. In past figure-related updates, I've mentioned this one plus another Kotobukiya also has in the works. I actually knew way in advance that they were contemplating such a product, but at the time, all they had shown was a brief teaser image of said product. This past Sunday, Hong Kong-based HMO Collectibles finally sent me an email with details on the full version of the figure and stating that the pre-order window will start in a few days. I'm pleased to be able to show you this prototype in full color, as you can see in the lovely image below.




    More pictures can be seen under the following spoiler:











    No butt shots, unfortunately. One of the most important vistas is missing. B)


    The website where you can find this product is: https://hand-made-object.com/product/capcoms-darkstalkers-felicia/


    What are my thoughts on this piece? Well, mostly favorable but with some mixed sections here and there. On one side, her body sculpt looks positively stunning. Lots of attention to detail on a very dynamic and playful pose. As I mentioned in my previous update, this is a more "realistic" approach to her design versus her regular anime-like counterpart that we have to know. Her sumptuous body physique seems to have been realized perfectly and I just love all the different tones and shadows you can see on her skin. Her colors are extremely vivid as well, especially the hair. A technique known as flocking is going to be used to give her white sections a more fur-like appearance to both the eye and the touch. Outstanding! Her eyes are just magnificent.


    The base, I really dig the idea of the elevated cushion base. It's raising this neko goddess close to a height of 75 cm, which is astounding for 1/4 piece. All the extra cats on the base, I'm not completely sold on them. Maybe only one would be good, the one with the little blue hair on top because, after all, she can shape forms into this little cat in the games. I feel the other little cats just crowd the base too much. She's going to come with 3 face options and only one of them I find appealing, the "duck face" option, or rather, the one in which she appears to be giving a kiss. The happy face is just scary in this rendition. That happy face might look great in a more anime rendition, but with this realistic approach, it's just terrifying. Her serious look is just "meh". Maybe a small smile with a snaggletooth could make her look better.


    She's also gonna come with a clip-on dress... Some people have dubbed it a "detachable decency dress", but I mean, come on, if you like Felicia as much as me, you have already thrown any "decency" you have out of the window by this point. A completely useless add-on, IMHO. Finally, the biggest point of contention, its price tag. I was already expecting it to be around this much. $800 is what insanity looks like in figure collecting. For a poor fellow like me, that's way, way too much money.


    At this point, I'm not sure if I'm going to pre-order this one here. She has some really strontg points, but the few failures make it very hard to justify that price. Even if she was perfect, I'd still find it difficult to justify that amount. The HMO folks do offer a payment plan option in 6 months that helps take some of the edge off, but still. One other thing is that I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to pre-order this one on that site with a payment plan option. Me living in Venezuela and only being able to pay with PayPal kinda limits my options, you know? I read they have at least 3 figures shops in the US that they sell to, and while some of them do accept PayPal and flexible payment options, I still don't know whether if they're going to accept me as a customer or not due to the aforementioned reasons. Complications, of course.


    All in all, if I were to gauge my emotions on it, my love for the character and me being the Ultimate Felicia Fan tells me that I should go ahead and pre-order her before it's too late. She's going to disappear very quickly (I've read pre-orders only last a few minutes after they go online) and then resellers and scalpers are going to drive her cost to the stratosphere in the aftermarket. But at the same time, my common sense tells me she's not such a good investment and way too much of a hassle to try to go through. Am I really that crazy to put $800 down for a figure? Damn... For Felicia maybe, but it's still a tough proposition to swallow. 


    Anyways, I have at least 3 days from now to decide. What do you think? Is the figure amazing enough to justify that price? Should I sell a kidney, an arm, and a leg to pay for her? Or should I better wait and go for the Kotobukiya one later on? Decisions, decisions, decisions! At least drop me a line a tell me whether the figure is hot or not, lol. xD


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    2. Honor_Hand


      @Copanele Nah, any constructive opinion is very much appreciated. What face do you think is best? Don't tell me is the happy face, man. Just no lol. xD


      I thought she was going to rock my socks off, and initially she did, but the more I take everything into consideration, the further it makes me think is a bit too much for me. Figure collecting is a very expensive hobby as it is, but this piece here is marketed as an ultra-premium collectible, so yeah, it's kind of outside my range. There was another high-end figure of her made by a US manufacturer somewhere around 2010 and that one came out costing around $300, which is more like it for me. This one is a lot more complex than that one but $800 is just overkill for my tight budget. 😅


      @Theladozz That's an interesting approach. Personally, I prefer big scales on my figures, with my sweet spot being the 1/6 scale. That's one reason that's really pushing me towards it, the fact that's going to an extremely limited collector's item. All Felicia figures in the past have always ended up as such, even the cheap ones, and I have no doubt this one is going to follow that same route. Owning a super-exclusive item always feels great too, haha.


      But yeah, I don't have that much disposable moneys for it at the moment. Right now I have enough to cover the downpayment and a couple of payments, but my income isn't really that great, and on top of, it is kind of seasonal and unstable. Maybe I can allow myself some expensive figures every now and then, but then there are some months in which I barely make it through. Maybe if the figure was a tad bit cheaper or I had a way better income, I would buy it without any second thoughts. Taxes for imports are exonerated right now in my country, but yep, they could change in the future. Assuming they go back to their usual rates, it could be a massive hit right there.


      That's true with Koto. Their figures are good all things considered, but yeah, they aren't really limited. Owning this one here would be kind of like making a huge investment while owning the Koto one would be just like owning any other Koto figure.

    3. Copanele


      @Honor_Hand OK NOW I SAW HER OTHER FACES and yeah duck face is the best. The hell, her happy smile reminds me of Hellsing xD Yeah, that 2010 piece is more accessible.

      Bottom line, I did follow your constant string of Felicia statuettes (perks of following you lol) and yeah...this one doesn't truly rock any socks like the other ones :D .

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Copanele Told you, the other faces are way worse than the "duck face" one. 😂 Now I cannot remove that resemblance to Hellsing out of my mind. xD


      Thanks for reading out my figure-related ramblings man, I really appreciate it. :wave:

  3. That moment when you come back to a game after more than 11 years of the last time you played it and you don't remember shit about it because, well, it's been 11 damn years, lol. 😂 Yeah, Activision hadn't grown their microtransaction fangs and claws of today back at that time. Looking back on it, that's actually quite cute. It goes to show how different things were back then. I always remember this game alongside Infamous, since both had this free roam "hero" type character that could do anything he wanted around a city. I played Infamous and its sequel on PS3 but I never got around trying this one. It must've gotten a decent amount of success too because it got a sequel, and only recently I learned both games also got remastered for PS4. As for Platinum hunting endeavors, hard sounds like it was a reasonably tough time. I hate that shit when enemies gangbang on you on video games and they don't let you do a single fucking thing. It's the kind of difficulty that feels cheap by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, I'm sure it can be countered even without using a glitch, but that doesn't make it feel any less cheap. 😅 Good idea to unlock hard there. Btw, I'm sorry to hear all of your consoles got stolen back in 2009. I'd be extremely furious and sad if something like that happened to me. Oh, yeah. It means something. I remember I had a similar number when I played Dead Nation, which is another zombie-killing game. Here's a good explanation for it. It seems Iit's just developers taking jabs at each other with how many zombies they can have in their games. Dígalo. Nada como ver esos juegos al 100%, ¿verdad? Incluso si terminamos odiándolos en el proceso, lol. xxD
  4. Platinum #143 - Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (Vita)


    Want your eggs fried or scrambled? No...hardboiled.


    An action platformer with some puzzle elements. Don't make the same mistake as me and assume this a run 'n gun game a la Contra, Metal Slug, or Turrican. No, Rocketbirds is more concerned with solving out puzzles to progress in the environment than in mowing down baddies with reckless abandon. You'll get to dispatch baddies as well but not in the same way as those titles. More of that soon. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is an enhanced remake of Rocketbirds: Revolution, a flash game developed by a small studio known as Ratloop Asia. In the main campaign, you'll play as the titular Hardboiled Chicken, a super muscular chicken soldier on a quest to end the reign of terror by the tyrannical Putzki and his evil penguins. Along the way, the game will present its story via colorful 2D animations that show not only the current events but some will also give you hindsight into Hardboiled's past and how he came to be the soldier he is today. This violent world is strictly inhabited by birds by the way, so that's all you'll be seeing over the course of the story. It's no deep story by any means but, for the purpose of the game, it's one that works. There's also a co-op campaign that you need to invite a friend to play with. This one will have you play as a couple of different characters with the objective to rescue the general's daughter from behind the enemy lines.



    Hardboiled has a dark past. Is he really a hero or not?


    The game develops in a linear fashion with you having to overcome each level by traversing from left to right, up and down, and sometimes the opposite of that, in search of keys that will grant you access to later portions of the level. Alongside these regular platforming levels, you have a few "flying" levels in which Hardboiled will use his jetpack to take the fight to the skies and fight the evil penguin menace there. Although short, these levels where you had to take down some enemy blimps were actually among the more fun in the game. Back on the ground, Hardboiled will have to use his wits and weapons to move in enemy territory and right into the heart of Albatropolis to deal with the dictator himself. Most of the ground levels involve some light platforming elements coupled with a reasonable amount of puzzles that we'll need to surpass to progress. Nothing too hard, mostly stacking boxes, moving elevators in the right way, taking control of enemies to activate switches that we cannot reach, and stuff like that.


    Hardboiled's biggest weakness is its controls. The game is very clunky in how the main character moves and turns around, operations which take a significant amount of time considering how fast on the trigger some enemies are. Another thing I found rather infuriating was how multiple enemies could easily stun lock you if they shoot at you with the right timing, basically trapping you into an unfair dead because of how the system works. This coupled with hardboiled auto-crouching each time he gets shot can lead to some unnecessary deads. To add a bit more salt here, the loading times upon revival take a bit longer than they should. The co-op camping can be completed in about 2-3 hours and will have you using characters with different weapons to conquer the same puzzles, platforms, and clunky controls as those found in the main campaign. They are, of course, adapted for co-op play and work rather well.



    Obey the black star...or not


    The game visuals are rather nice. You have 2D birds and weapons interacting in a fully 3D environment. The art direction makes all the locales feel believable, whether you're in the jungle, inside a prison, or about to storm Putzki's palace in Albatropolis. On the Vita, you can tilt your console to see a bit farther away and check the 3D effect. It really doesn't have much of an actual application in gameplay and feels gimmicky to a point but it does look cool. The game can be both colorful and dark in its presentation. After all, even if we're controlling a cartoon chicken trying to save the world, we'll still have to shoot and murderize our way through, so expect a reasonable amount of blood and some gritty environments as well. The highlight of the game may be the soundtrack composed by the alternative rock group known as New World Revolution. There are more than a dozen tracks in the game and they're used at several points in the game, both in the story and during some intense combat scenarios, and they all end up feeling cool, very cool in fact. There aren't many voices in the game outside of the main characters. Mostly everyone speaks bird gibberish but Hardboiled himself does have some lines. Even though he is properly written as a one-dimensional action hero, I feel his voice-acting doesn't really do a good job of selling the character. The same can be applied to the rest of the cast.


    Finally, the trophies! Nothing too hard. Kill a bunch of penguins, find all the hidden revolutionary signs in the levels, complete two levels by making sure to kill all of the penguins in them, a small speedrun on one of them too. Yeah, mostly stuff leaning towards the easy side. The only two trophies I could mention I had troubles with are Riding the Thunderbold and Bird Brained. The first one is for killing the last boss of the game in Hardboiled mode, which was actually a reasonable tough fight. Not so much because the boss fight had a difficult pattern to memorize but mostly because of the tanky controls you have to deal with and the fact that only a grenade to the face was the only one of damaging him. Bird Brained, on the other side, this one is for "brain bugging" (taking control) off all the enemies variants in the game. I made sure to do this on my second playthrough of the game but it didn't pop for some reason, so I had to do a third playthrough from chapter 8 to do it all over again. It was a bit of a chore but nothing too bad considering how short the game is from that point.



    Talk about cult of personality! All dictators are the same


    TL;DR: An interesting platformer-puzzle title with some very clunky controls, but murderizing the fascist penguin army and putting an end to the dictator in power with your own hands and a cool, rocking soundtrack in the background was an enjoyable time. If you like this type of game, it might be worth checking out. Please have in mind that this game has trophies tied to the messaging app on the console and since Vita's messaging function will be closed down on June 28th, 2021, you'll need to do the online co-op before then to avoid having that trophy has unobtainable. 


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    2. Masamune


      Congrats! :D


      So is the Vita messaging app still being closed even though the store isn't? :hmm:

    3. Honor_Hand




      @Copanele Yo, stationary chicken is best, lol. 😂


      @Masamune Honestly, I have no idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I had that same doubt as well when writing this status. The blog entry only mentioned they won't be shutting down the store on PS3 and Vita, so my guess is that they are still going to carry with everything else they mentioned in their previous email, which included discontinuing the messaging app on the Vita. 

    4. FreshFromThaDeli



      Congrats. 🐣


      Don't know why but the first thing I thought of when I saw this was Colonel Pluckitt from Earthworm Jim 3D.

  5. This piece of news today of Sony backpedaling on their decision of shutting down the stores on the PS3 and Vita really caught me by surprise. To be completely honest with you, my image of them as a brand has deteriorated so much over the last few months that I was expecting them to carry through with their boneheaded decision of closing everything on their legacy devices. But then this happens. I mean, whoa! What a nice surprise for this Monday! The backlash that was going on online must've grown up to a point in where they deemed it reasonable to do some form of damage control to come with this statement. It doesn't erase the shits stain they created in the first place nor it doesn't erase the barrage of other awful decisions they've taken up until this point but, at the very least, it does boost my view of their brand even if it's only a little.


    I do feel bad for those out there that went all FOMO on the store. Personally, I didn't buy anything because I didn't want to give them that benefit after taking a crap on consumers, but well, what's done is done. At least they saw that there's still a palpable interest in their old products.




    Now, what they need to do is fix all of the issues the store has with how unusable it is in its present state. Additionally, all those old games and pieces of DLC should be priced accordingly. Or at the very least, they should hold sales, promotions, and discounts on them every now and then. I mean, promote your goddamn content! You have a ridiculous amount of good games on those old platforms and people recently showed that there's at least some form of interest in that content. Why don't you try to tap on that a little bit further and offer these games at a discount as well? It's a win-win situation for everyone at this point. Sony, really, think about it.


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    2. AihaLoveleaf


      Would be nice if some things got fixed up, but at this point with Sony's track record I'll be impressed enough just having the stores open at all for the next few years.

    3. AJ_Radio


      We got extremely lucky with this. Even when there is much outcry and emotion over a bad move, corporations aren't going to cater to the whims of those who speak the loudest.


      I think we should all be thankful and grateful that they reversed what would of been a bad decision, because a few short months just isn't enough time.


      The issue still is the stores themselves, they are wonky and a pain in the ass to navigate. Laggy and buggy doesn't even begin to describe my experiences with them.


      My wallet can rest easy, so I'm content for now.

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Flubberwunked Titles in particular that I'd like to see on sale? Too many to count. I can't really think of any right now at the top of my head. Suffice to say that most of the games and DLC pieces there need to be priced fairly to begin with, considering how old they are. Same with the sales and promotions, they need to return to the store too. Steam and GOG promote their old games frequently on sales, I really don't know why Sony cannot do the same.


      @GalrenTrueshot That's an interesting thing to ponder. I imagine that any assets and progress they had on the Vita games they were working will continue if they haven't dumped anything. As for job positions and the whole logistical aspect of game-making, well, I guess they can go back on it but I imagine that's going to have an extra cost for the developers.


      @AihaLoveleaf Same. It'd be great if they fixed all that and held sales again, but at this point, I'm not really expecting any of that.


      @AJ_Radio Extremely lucky indeed that they decided to listen to the outcry. I really wasn't expecting them to back on their decision at any point.


      I wasn't planning to drop any cash on them, but at least it's nice to know there's still a legal venue that can be used to acquire these games. If anything, this scare they gave us will only push me towards prioritizing doing my PS3 and Vita games first. 

  6. Hmm, I really wasn't expecting them to backpedal on that decision at any given point. In fact, I'm impressed they're taking action on it. Granted, this doesn't prove much in the grand scheme of things but it does increase my rep points for Sony even if it's just a little.
  7. Yo! I was checking your trophy list and I saw you play Genshin Impact, or at least played it. Are you still playing? Cause I am, lol.

    Tell me your UID (either here or via PM if you don't want to make it public) so I can add you.

    1. Honor_Hand


      @AndresLionheart Yeah, I still play it regularly. Currently stuck at AR 55. I try to do my dailies most of the time and I've been focused mostly on upgrading my characters lately.


      Yo, no problem. Here's my UID: 608524322 ;)

    2. AndresLionheart


      We are all stuck at AR 55. They made it so people can't max AR level for a whiiiiiiile.


      Ok, I will add you tonight when I log in before bed to spend resin =).

    3. Honor_Hand


      @AndresLionheart Haha, I'm hoping a new update finally allows us to go further than that. Like, either change the required amount to level up in that range and add more levels and rewards or make quests give more XP. But yeah, me and everyone I know who is still playing this game, we've been all stuck on AR 55 for a while now. xxD


      Awesome. :D

  8. A veritable improvement over the first game. I think what really gave Sly its identity as a thief is that you're actually doping more thief-like things in this game, versus in the first game where you had a plot related to thieves but you never feel like one in the game. It's very well done and enjoyable for its time. The third game continues what this one started but I tend to prefer this one over that last entry in the PS2, personally. Uff, I remember this, lol. It was a nice escape maneuver but you could end up in some places with some awkward camera angles as a result. Agreed. The whole porting does feel a bit rushed, as you mentioned. It's not bad but it could've certainly used a bit more love in some areas. At least add some different JPEGs for the trophy icons in later games, goddammit! I did this whole series on PS3 and it was fun to experience as I never played these games on PS2. I might revisit them again on Vita at some later point. Additionally, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is a game I'm missing from my collection and that I need to experience as well.
  9. Inb4 sub 1% Platinum rarity xP For real, though, this is going to be a tough cookie to crack. I was watching a gameplay session of this one on YouTube the other day and it is as unapologetic and soul-crushingly hard as the original Ghost 'n Goblins games were. I'm very interested in this title as well. As a side note, I'd be extremely cool if we could get the Contra ReBirth and Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth games that were released on WiiWare years ago. They're titles pretty much in the same spirit as this one and from the same generation of games that were made to break gamers into submissions due to their notorious hard difficulty, lol. Can't you imagine an HD release of those with trophies on PlayStation? That'd be sweet. Yeah, I know they're from Konami, but still, they would come up to round this package alongside Ghost 'n Goblins quite nicely.
  10. Hmm, never played this one but I heard the Dreamcast and N64 versions of it were great. Good thing it's getting remastered on PS4. A fitting retro game to add to the collection and experience nowadays. ^^
  11. @AndresLionheart That's a good point right there. The biggest downside of the status updates is not being able to edit them once you've published them, which is all kinds of weird if you ask me. You certainly have a better degree of control on that here. If anything happens and I want to rethread a game I already wrote about, I have to write a brand new status about it. Yeah, I really cannot think of any other game that ever tried fully animated HD sprites to make an RPG. I mean, we have had HD sprites in fighting games and small low-resolution sprites in some indie and old-school RPGs that have come out, but anything of this caliber on a JRPGs is kind of unheard of. I really cannot think of any other game that tried what Time and Eternity did. But yeah, 2D animation is on the decline due to how costly it is nowadays. That's why many fighting games have jumped to 3D cel-shaded models instead. Take the newest Guilty Gear, Samurai Shodown, and the upcoming King of Fighters as an example. I really love 2D sprites, they have their own charm too you know. But 3D is what sells nowadays. Lmao, I know what you mean with the dodging. There were places in which it was impossible for me to dodge as well due to the frame drops. Oh, no way. The music was great! >.< There was very little music, like probably a dozen or so tracks but it's that kind of adventurish, very JRPG-ish music you would expect. Very well done actually. I liked to hum some of the themes while walking around on the overworld, haha. I know, right? xxD I read that and I was like, "Damn, Andrés is complaining about the horny prota here, and a few posts above he was all horny for Angela". Like, lol, make up your mind. Nah, but it's alright, I know what you mean. The male lead in Time and Eternity was just lame. 😅 Yeah, I have heard this Trials of Mana is a remake. I never played the original on the SNES but I knew it was very well-regarded. And well, now that I know it has such a hottie in it in the remake, I have more reasons to play it. ^^ Awesome, thanks! Same here, I'm going to try to work mostly on Vita and PS3 games in the upcoming days.
  12. 100% Completed - Pure Chess (Vita)


    It really is just pure chess...which can be overcome with cheese


    As established above, it's a chess game on the Vita. I'm not sure what to even write about this other than, it works! But for real, the games give you plenty of camera options as well as a number of different backgrounds or different types of chess pieces to use. There are a few tournaments to beat and the AI can be set on 10 difficulty levels, but other than that, it's just chess. Have you ever played chess? Yeah... It's actually fun and very intellectually stimulating I'll have you know. Personally, I'd rather play chess on an actual physical chessboard than on a video game, but for what it's worth, this is a good alternative to enjoy the classic game on a Vita. I used to play chess in high school and even won 3rd place in a local tournament once but, to be honest with you, I just played for fun. I never learned any of the deep strategies and more advanced moves. It was like, "Hey HH, we need someone else to play with us on a tournament next week and we cannot find someone else to lay with us, you down?" And I was like, "Can I skip classes and tests while I'm with you? And they were like, "Yeah". And then I went like, "Yo, of course, count me in!" xD


    That was more than a decade ago, though. I barely remember how the pieces even move nowadays. That's the reason why I opted to use good ol' cheese to beat this chess game. It's recommended on the guide too. Not exactly my proudest game completion, but fuck it, I'll take it. Basically, you can download a program and have it play for you. In my case, I used an app @cr1s recommended to me called Lichess. It can be downloaded from the app store of your phone for free and it uses the Stockfish engine, the quote-unquote, "Most powerful chess engine available ". Just replicate the moves it does on your phone and watch it totally wreck the AI in Pure Chess! 8D It was kind of amusing to watch how one AI would corner the other and whatnot. Anyways, the completion is very easy using this method. There's also an exploit that you can use to force your way to the Grandmaster Pure Chess rating and become a chess god in just a couple of hours. It has no reason to have the rarity numbers it has other than most people dying of boredom before completing it, I guess.


    100% Completed - Fruit Ninja (Vita)


    Making sensei's next cocktail


    I...I remember this thing being on almost everyone's phones somewhere around 2012-2013. I bet it is the same game, and it's on Vita too! You know the drill, fruits will appear on the screen and you have to use the touch controls on the Vita to slice them before they fall off the screen. Simple concept but, again, just like the game above, it just works! The idea is to slash as many as possible in a single swipe to chain combos. There's a mode where you can use power-ups to keep the fruit-frenzy-slashing going on, there's a mode where you have to avoid hitting bombs (what a sadistic sensei this ninja has...) and there's a Zen mode where you, eh, I guess you just slash a set amount of fruits without power-ups and other distractions? Okay. For touch-based devices somewhere around the early 2010s, I can see why this thing caught on. It's a good time-waster!! Don't expect anything deep or mind-boggling, you're just slicing fruit and that's it. Getting to 100% completions is extremely quick as the whole game can be completed in about 3 hours or less.


    TL;DR: 🧀 & 🍒. Hardly the most exciting games on the Vita. However, since both games have trophies tied to the messaging app on the console and since Vita's messaging function will be closed down starting June 28th, 2021, I thought this would be a good moment to do these two. More exciting Vita games will come to my status updates in a near future. ;) 


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    2. MossyOakRcn42



    3. cr1s


      Congrats! ^_^



      That's the reason why I opted to use good ol' cheese to beat this chess game.


      So much cheese. Need to eat it all. *excited gasps*


      That Lichess app is amazing. Witnessing Lichess' AI set up traps and Pure Chess' AI fall right into them was quite amusing. I'll definitely use it for any and all future chess catventures. x3



      (what a sadistic sensei this ninja has...)


      I know, right? He makes you wanna slice him to tiny bits instead. =P

    4. Honor_Hand


      Thanks! :D


      @Masamune Yeah. Good thing the Platinum here didn't take more than 3 hours. It's an okay time-waster, but anything longer than that slicing fruits would have turned sour very fast, lol.


      @cr1s Agreed. Some of the traps the Lichess AI would set impressed me a lot since not even I saw them coming, 😲 but others were pretty obvious, and seeing the AI of Pure Chess falling for them was kind of amusing. x3



      I know, right? He makes you wanna slice him to tiny bits instead. =P


      Aye. xP

  13. Good news! It seems a good chunk of the PS3 games that were not able to get updates from Sony servers have started to regain that functionality over the last few hours. I read somewhere that the XML file that was needed for the servers to allocate these updates to the respective games was not working properly. I lost the link to where I read this, though, and my apologies for my poor technical jargon but it was something along those lines. =P If anyone wants to explain that further, please feel welcome to do so.


    At any rate, it's nice that these games are finally able to be patched once again. Including Need for Speed Shift, which I'm planning to play at some point sooner rather than later. I read somewhere along the lines that a similar issue had affected the Vita at some point prior and it ended up getting fixed a few days later? Whether if someone at Sony actually fixed this or if it just fixed itself (hey, that happens too...sometimes), there's one thing we can be certain of, those of us who have backlogs or like to play older games should prioritize finishing these games before this issue rear its ugly head again with greater force. Just sayin'.




    One other thing I wanted to comment about, and I'm going to take advantage of this update to do so, is this AMA session that happened on Reddit a few days ago. Just found out about it thanks to user @cris3f, who posted about it here. (Many thanks for sharing this!) Not sure if this is being discussed somewhere else here but I thought it'd be nice to give it more exposure. Basically, it's an AMA session with a former Sony employee in where he shares some really, really insightful information about the Vita, Sony's plan to kill the console when it started to underperform, games that were planned and canned from the console, how Sony purposedly gimped the device, details on planned accessories, the recent change in direction to a more Western-based market, and a few inner thoughts and perspectives from someone who had a chance to work in the company.


    Again, very interesting and very insightful information. It's a damn long reading and there are a crapton of questions, but I'd really recommend checking it out if you have an interest in the subject.



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    2. Xenoblast91


      I'm slowly getting used to the PS3 interface as is hugely different from that of the PS4's. I mean, I can see the big jump between generations, and the thing that pisses me the most is that you need to manually install the games in the console! Many improvements I see between the 2 consoles too, as the downloading throttle is painfully sluggish despite I have a solid 30Mbps connection -and it doesn't tell you which things you already transferred, too-. Also, you need to do that from the Store, so I don't know if the closure of that will block you from getting your games, that you already purchase! 


      But wow, this seems fascinating though, as haven't imagines that the console is like that. Reminds me a lot of what the PSP was back in the day, especially for XMB menus. 

    3. Masamune


      That's good to hear, I figured it may be something like that... although considering Sony lately, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they started pulling patches with no notice either. 😅


      Yeah, I read through that AMA thing a couple days ago. It's no secret Sony wanted the Vita to just disappear into the void years ago... they've treated the poor thing like a diseased hand, or a bastard child for ages. 😢

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Xenoblast91 It's a very different console than the PS4, that's for sure. Of course, it cannot perform as well as the PS4 when it comes to installing games and such given that it is old hardware but you'll discover its charms soon. Concerning the controls, the vast majority of people prefer the DS4 over the DS3 for all the nifty options it has and how "comfortable" it is to use. Personally, I don't have any troubles with the DS3 and I find it just as comfy. It could be that I'm way more used to it, though, so who knows.


      I think both the PS3 and the PSP worked with more or less the same XMB interface? Sure, one might have had more options than the other depending on the platform, but I think they're almost visually identical to one another.


      @Masamune Yeah, we can't take for granted that this is not going to happen again. With how they're handling things lately, I wouldn't be surprised either. 😅


      They have really treated the poor Vita as a bastard child for ages. It's just sad how hard they have tried to kill the console even during its infancy. And it still remains a very impressive handheld from a technical standpoint. Maybe things would have gone differently if they had decided to double down on it when it was failing. Who knows, that might have probably ushered a second air for the console to catch on and become relevant on the handheld market at the time. At this time, it really is the homebrew scene that's keeping it alive with all sorts of interesting stuff because the official support on it has been pretty much dead in the water, nada.


  14. ¡Epa, Andrés! ¿Cómo andas? Tiempo que no me pasaba por aquí. Espero andes bien, colega. Not sure why I stopped reading your comments on this thread since you cook some pretty nice write-up over here. I think it's because I focus mostly on status updates and the occasional post on the MRP thread than on reading trophy checklists threads. Hell, I have a trophy checklist thread myself that I stopped updating years ago in favor of just focusing on writing statuses under my own profile. I know most people probably won't read them at all, but eh, I do them for the same purpose as yours here. Just to have a nice collection of thoughts on the games I've beaten or that I'm playing at any given moment. It's fun going back and checking out on those. And well, when people comment and interact with you, it makes them a little bit more worthwhile I must admit. But anyway, I wanted to comment here because I see you played Time and Eternity on PS3 recently, a game I also played a few years back. It was nice reading your thoughts on it. And yes, the game is not too good. 😅 I would say it's okay-ish at best and mediocre at worst. However, I have to really applaud its idea of sticking to 2D sprites and animations for its characters and enemies. The whole notion or idea of "playing an anime", I find that very appealing. And as you said, it was certainly refreshing to see a colorful title in that age of "brown games" and "CoD me-toos" that were popping left and right. Sadly, Imagepooch (the developer) wasn't really able to deliver a proper JRPG in full force. Part of me thinks it was due to lack of funding and good direction more than anything else. The story was also kind of dumb as well. Yeah, the whole Mobius Loop and time-traveling shenanigans of the girls trying to save their marriage had better potential, but instead, we have to put up with a horny protagonist and just lame writing. I mean, I can dig the horny jokes too if they are well-executed, but the writing in the game was just poor, so whatever potential the story might have had is just lost in the silly antics. I might have chuckled once or twice, but come on, you have a nice setup and you're going to do this? A few issues I remember having with the game were the poor performance during some fights in certain locations, the amount of recycled enemies and just recycled content in general, and a nasty glitch that played during the final boss fight that cut all the sound in the game for some reason, and well, how undercooked the whole game felt at times. The good aspects about it were the clean visuals, with well-animated and highly detailed sprites, the battle system being actually fun, and the music, which was composed by none other than Yuzo Koshiro. Koshiro is a guy with a pretty impressive resume as far music as production goes, having worked on music gems such as the Streets of Rage, ActRaiser, Shenmue franchises, as well as many other high profile games. His contribution to Time and Eternity was only a few scores, but man, are they good. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy the music in Time and Eternity. =P Read over a few of your other recent game Platinums and me thinks I should really try Trials of Mana. Lol, you salivating over Angela really convinced me to check that game out. Such a hotty. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is also on my radar as well. Haven't played a single game in the Ys series but it's good to know that you can play that one without tried the others.
  15. As if it wasn't enough with the store closure on all the old platforms, now even patches and updates aren't even working properly on these consoles anymore. I noticed the thread seems to have started with the issue mostly being present in the EU regions but it seems some games in other regions are been affected as well. Sheesh... Sony, I mean, part of me wants to think this must be some sort of network issue with their servers that they need to fix, but if in the end, it ends up being them making those updates inaccessible for us to patch our games (many of which are not only mandatory to play online but essential to improve the experience on many games out there), then you can go to hell Sony. As simple as that. The level of incompetence they're showing right now is unbelievable.


    That thread started more than 10 days ago on and even some gaming news outlets are already reporting on this already. Is it really too much to ask for them to provide some level of support here? I don't remember their shutting-down email saying anything about game updates and patches but I'd assume that counts inside of the game content that we own. I want to believe that they're going to keep that alive. Maybe not indefinitely, but at least for as long as the games in our account can be downloaded.


    Being a PlayStation fan is getting progressively more difficult with each week, it seems. #Playhasnolimitsisalie :rolleyes:


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    2. Honor_Hand


      @Stan Lee I wouldn't know exactly. My guess is that all developers submit patches to Sony for approval distributions, and they're then stored somewhere inside their cluster of servers. So, when a specific SKU of a game gets online and it has an update pending, it is then downloaded from this centralized location. Maybe servers for multiplayer games run on a company-by-company basis but I think patches must be handled differently, especially because the games so far affected are from a number of different developers.


      Again, I don't think Sony themselves are making them unpatcheable by decision, is most likely a network issue that's preventing certain games from doing a successful request to the servers for their respective updates. My hope is that whoever is in charge of that actually gives enough of a damn to get it fixed.

    3. Masamune


      I've been seeing some patch topics popping up, so that's what they're about? So older games that require a patch to fix some game breaking bug (like Mugen Souls Z) is basically unplayable for someone who hasn't already downloaded said patch? Don't most DLC require a game being updated to a certain version as well? Sony is really dropping the ball lately... <_<



      So is this just a PS3 issue, or Vita too?

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Masamune Yep. So far it's only affecting PS3 games and mostly in the EU region. Not only that but games that have online trophies cannot be played online if the game is not patched up to the latest version. And then there are cases of patches adding a massive amount of extra content to old games (GT5 comes to mind); or cases like the very first Dark Souls on PS3, which if you play unpatched, makes the game feels way more clunky and difficult on certain sections. On the DLC, I wouldn't know myself.


      They're dropping the ball way too much lately. 😅