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  1. Another massive update from @cr1s, who is now switching towards a more show-like format for his checklists. That's a lot of dedication for a checklist right there. Seems like both him and @Monokuma will be heading now into a new and interesting format. Looking forward to what you two can make out of this new style. I can already see that the humorous interactions between the two are still there, so we're off to great start already. No joke, I immediately Googled that to see if it was really a word xxD To my surprise, it was. Yeah, true. I don't know for sure yet. I just know we both enjoy seeing @cr1s go through some despair every now and then. Maybe that's what makes us partners in crime. We both have the same goal at times. The important part is that we both were able to conquer that despairful adventure. I know, right? 😅 I lol'ed hard when I saw that GIF. I can truly share that sentiment with TW2. 👌😂 Aye, will do. Thanks to you two for hosting such a wonderful checklist. Glad to see that you had quite the ripping fun time during these past few days. Whether if you were slashing or cooking, I'm sure them ninjas provided you with a great, bouncy, and plentiful great time. The games may be repetitive in nature but I can't wait myself to try them out. Too bad one of the recent titles got heavily censored on PlayStation, but at least there's plenty to do in all the games in general. Also, it's great that the games don't overstay their welcome. I mean, they're quick and simple but don't stay any longer than they need to. I can definitely appreciate that in any game. You gotta be more specific on those "thatsss". Although, I may have a pretty good idea on them. Just 3, though? There are plenty of "thatsss" if you have an active enough imagination. Excellent progress. Congrats on the many Platinums you have so far in the series. Looks like @Monokuma may be needing a cold drink after having to go through all that plot. I know how that is. The Internet also works great as far as releasing all that overheat. I feel you're being super generous with an enjoyment score of 4 there. But really, worst NFS game to date. I doubt even the most recent ones are this level of unpolished bad. Truth be told, the cheesy shitty live-action cutscenes reminded of Most Wanted 2005. The difference being that was an awesome game and that the cheesy cutscenes actually added to it. Here they are more like an icing on the shit cake, so to speak. And yes, not skippable. Probably the worst part. Sure, there were a number of rock and rap soundtracks that you would normally expect from this kind of games, but then there was also electronica and synthpop thrown in, which is not that common in racing games. For some reason, the developers also added a reggaeton and a flamenco soundtrack of all things. Couple all these with the weird ambient score used for the garage, and yeah, you have a weird mismatch of genres. The songs themselves weren't bad. It's just that is weird to drive to a piece of rocking music in the background, only to switch to electro in the middle and then finish the race with flamenco. Like man, what the hell? Lol What @Monokuma said. 😂 I personally went Tier 4 --> Ford Escort Cosworth; Tier 3--> Mazda RX-7 (which sucked big time); Tier 2 --> Porsche 911 GT2 (awesome handling. It's on the cover art, use it); and Tier 1 --> McLaren F1 (great all-around vehicle). But yeah, it's a matter of finding the right car for you because all the vehicles here are extremely sensitive to turning and oversteer a lot. Like just a small movement of the analog stick could easily send your vehicle into the nearest wall. >.< You're welcome! I noticed you're up and ready for a Gal*Gun Marathon. Yeah, I know what those reasons are. x3 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them. I personally imported the PS3 copy of the original Gal*Gun from Japan a long time ago, so I might be looking to start that one soon as well now that you'll be playing yours. That, if of course, I can have a new TV by the time you get there. You know how that is. Not gonna be able to enjoy all that HD plot in a standard CRT lmao. xxD You know, "The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event in the History of Mankind!" sounds pretty grand. I'd have added perhaps a couple more exclamation marks. @Monokuma is quite a genius bear as far as naming things goes, I must say. From reading that special announcement I can see that @cr1s will be back at another despairful extravaganza by attempting to complete all the Danganronpa stacks. A mighty goal indeed, especially considering the language barrier present in the Asian titles. Plenty of Despair to be had for sure if you don't know what the hell you're doing or reading. Although, judging by his experience on previous titles, I can say he'll be able to go through those with ease. Best of luck to you @cr1s during your Danganronpa marathon. Wish I could collaborate with @Monokuma in some way. Hmm, oh. I got it. Maybe we can look forward to finishing TW2 halfway through your marathon. O_O
  2. Awesome news. I think these were already rumored to come at some point. Both Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy are among my favorite Star Wars games. Played both of them in my PC back in the day. Nothing like throwing Stormtroopers out of a cliff with force choke or, my favorite, zapping everyone in sight with a level 3 force lightning. Those were the days. Even the guns were fun to use in first-person mode. The Stouker concussion rifle was awesome to blast people with lol. Here's hoping both of them will have an appropriate, reasonably challenging trophy list when they land on PS4.
  3. A massive and exceptional update from @cr1s, no doubt. An excellent way to come back into the scene. It was an awesome read. Gotta love those interactions between you and @Monokuma. You two sure have a lot of chemistry going on in those exchanges. Also, I found Monomi's demise was particularly hilarious. 😂 Are you sure this wasn't some sort of punishment for you? It's a great game but a tough cookie for sure. Poor @cr1s here was misled by the trophy guide thinking that save-scumming would make the game a breeze but nothing could've been farther from the truth. I kinda knew in advance what we were getting into so I much preferred to spread those trophies across multiple playthroughs in order to keep my suffering to a minimum. We even had a fun little race here seeing who would end the game first, @cr1s with his 1-playthrough method and me with my 4-playthroughs strategy. I can say I won as far as receiving less pain in the end, at least. Awesome arcade racer indeed. Hoping to go after the PS4 version as well. Too bad Criterion won't probably give us another game in the series ever. This was the first Burnout title I ever played and man, I can't believe I missed so much of this series back in the day. It sure lives up to its reputation. Longest airplane-related grind ever xxD Getting used to the controllers at first took a while but, yeah, it was an okay game, true. The multiplayer sure was long. Cypher was very kind in coming to our help for the last remaining trophies because some of our previous partners weren't exactly reliable. Here I'm hoping the grind on HAWX 2 isn't as long as this one was. 😅 To think that I will have to come back to this after I get a new TV >.> Mocking the game with @cr1s sure was fun, but really, worst RPG ever. There's nothing redeeming about it, really. It's like, any aspect you can think of a game, this game just craps all over it. Don't worry @cr1s, I know we still have more pain to endure here on those co-op maps. Someday... we'll get back to it... someday... *hides the TW2 copy in his library* So, to keep things short, I see you have a lot of events planned in the future. Best of luck to you in them. Happy to see you around here once again. It was a joy reading this new entry on your checklist. Looking forward to reading the next episode as well, which will hopefully provide more details on all the despair you're planning to take on. See you around!
  4. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya - 2 Volumes - 13 Chapters - (2007-2008) Enjoyment Score: 8 First time reading manga, so I'm a legit newbie here. I really enjoyed my time with the Fate franchise, specifically the magical girl spinoff. Seeing that part of the manga hasn't been animated yet after the events of 3rei!! on the anime, I thought it would be a good idea to check out why people enjoy reading manga. Got a pretty cool app on my phone for this purpose. Now, not even sure as to how to review manga but I had a good time reading this. Sure, I knew well in advance what was going to happen, but I was very surprised seeing these events in a black-and-white-panel presentation. Most of the scenes play exactly like in the anime, however, the manga did provide some extra scenes and conversations that I feel added up nicely to the overall history. As for the manga itself, well, school girl Illya gets dragged into the mahou shoujo world after Magical Stick Ruby decides to break with her previous master. Together with Miyu (another girl who also ends up turning into a mahou shoujo) they must collect a series of magical cards containing the power of Heroic Spirits from the past. It all plays out like your typical magical girl series. Friendship triumphs in the end, the comedy is nice, the girls are cute, and there are some ecchi moments nicely sprinkled in but it doesn't really detract from what you would expect from the core of these types of stories. Will be reading on into this one in the following weeks hoping to catch up where the series is now. Seeing that this the first manga I read and enjoyed, I'd very much love to buy in it in physical form for collection purposes.
  5. Overlord - 13 Episodes - (2015) Enjoyment Score: 7 Decided to start my Overlord isekai fix to see just how this anime is, seeing it's been airing for a while now and I was left pretty satisfied with what I saw. A guy, leader of what appears to be one of the most powerful guilds on a game called Yggdrasil decides to spend his last few moments in the game while the servers are being shut down. To his surprise, he finds himself trapped within the game and unable to go back to the real world, and thus begins his quest for finding other players who may have been trapped within the game as well. Part of what made Overlord enjoyable was how ridiculously overpowered our MC and his NPCs are. Also, our MC quickly developes an interest in conquering this new world he's trapped in by any means necessary, and yes, that means conquest by subjugation, deceive, murder and so on. So basically, you're (somewhat) playing the bad guy here. But don't be fooled, Ainz-sama is actually very kind and cares for his subordinates a lot, and the kind of relationship he has with them was nice to watch. While the subordinates loyal to him are great in design, I feel they were kind of underdeveloped in this first season, and the leads to some events weren't particularly clear. Next seasons will probably be much more enjoyable. If you like isekai, this is a good show to watch. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - 13 Episodes + 1 OVA + 7 Specials - (2017) Enjoyment Score: 9 I had already watched Dragon Maid on a previous occasion so this is more like a rewatch for me. Decided to have a second go mostly because of the specials and the OVA I don't remember seeing the first time around. My opinion stays the same, this is a very feel-good and heart-warming series from KyoAni that everyone should watch. Characters are colorful, comedy is plentiful and the relationships between the characters is just a joy to watch. Tooru is extremely affectionate towards Kobayashi, Kanna is still the queen of cute, Fafnir develops into quite the hardcore gamer, Elma is always hungry and has troubles making decisions and Lucoa is just Lucoa lol. I was pleasantly surprised that the same kind of attention and comedy translated perfectly into the OVA. Even the specials, which play in more of a chibi look, were absolutely hilarious to watch, as the dragons try to re-enact certain ideas on themselves with sometimes legit laughable moments. This was a nice revisit and fingers are crossed here in the hopes of a second season at some point. Right now I'm watching both Kill la Kill and Charlotte, so expect to read my thoughts on those soon.
  6. Platinum #109 - Need for Speed: Undercover (PS3)


    It's been quite some time since my last Platinum but here I am. xD Played this game long before my TV went kaput and was nearly done on it. The only things missing were a couple of online trophies, to which I have to give a great thanks to my friends @cr1s and @CypherNova139 for their invaluable help on them. Hooked up an old CRT and proceeded to grind what was needed of the online. Since the game isn't exactly good, I didn't mind the shit image quality.


    As for the game itself, well, it's a pretty bad one. I wouldn't call it the worst game ever, nor the worst racing game ever, but it is definitely one of the worst NFS titles for sure, and for good reasons. Bad physics, terrible driving feedback with cars that feel weightless, horrible graphics and glitches galore. The game tries to play as if it was some sort of sequel to Most Wanted (2005) with its perpetual dusk setting and focus? on police chases, but the whole thing feels so haphazardly thrown together that it just doesn't work. It wasn't a complete disaster thanks to the music being somewhat enjoyable, even if the genres were completely mismatched, and the selection of vehicles being okay, with some cars you rarely see in other games. But overall, just a pretty bad game I wouldn't recommend to anyone.


    Trophies were mostly on the easy side, just complete and win everything. Highway Battle events were annoying because of how bad the controls are, and mostly relied on hoping for the CPU to crash first, which thankfully was a common occurrence. Finishing 119 races online takes time but it is totally doable. The trophy for winning a race against 7 other human players can be kind of a chore depending on who you boost with. Other than that, there's nothing particularly challenging within the game besides how crappy the controls and physics can be. You'll probably be fighting those the most until you find a good vehicle you can rely on.


  7. Hey, hey, Honor (or A.K.A as catgirl lover)...thanks for the follow 



    1. Honor_Hand


      Nya, you're welcome. ;3



  8. Good thing most, if not all, of Codemasters' games can be purchased in physical form too. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Many thanks to all of you who've continued to keep this thread alive. I kind of forgot about it. 😅 Part of why I enjoyed this anime so much was due to this amazing opening. Love the beat, the sick dancing right then and there, and the whole sequence itself is pretty cool. It really lubes you up for a proper anime-watching experience you could say. While I didn't enjoy watching this show that much, I got to admit that the opening theme was one of the main reasons why I got into it (same as with Dimension W above). It's a pretty catchy tune and one that I find difficult not to repeat in my head constantly after listening to it. I thought the show itself was going to be amazing but in the end, it ended up being just pretty okay. The song is still amazing, though.
  10. Got more figures for my collection, nice!! ^_^ I know I'm supposed to be saving for a new TV but these were ordered months ago, way before my TV damaged, so it's all right.


    Be warned, picture number 2 is somewhat NSFW. 😅















    Even made a review for my first Kan'u figure here on MFC. Will probably be making a blog entry to comment on my Azusa figure by Max Factory this coming weekend.


    What do you think Azusa fans? @Undead Wolf @Hanamaru Kunikida @Sora9427 Is she a good addition or not? :awesome: Hopefully, I mentioned all Azusa fans on this site correctly. If not, my apologies. ^_^ 

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    2. Honor_Hand



      Yeah, the shipping is probably the worst part >.< I'm in South America, Venezuela specifically. I ship my items towards the US because the postal system in my country doesn't work, and because DHL and Fedex charge ridiculous amounts of money for coming here. It's kind of a complicated setup but it's the cheaper route for me. :P


      Where are you exactly? EU? Italy by any chance? No idea of how the shipping and taxes work there but when shopping form AmiAmi, they offer you many options to choose from and prices vary a lot depending on the size of what you're shipping, carrier, taxes, and whatnot. For example, a medium-sized 1/7 scale figure could be shipped for around $10 via Unregistered SAL from Japan to the USA (that's with no tracking, no insurance), for around $16 via Registered SAL (tracking, insured up to around $60, 3-5 weeks to arrive), $22 Air Small Packet (tracking, insured, 1-2 weeks to arrive) and around $30 for EMS or DHL (tracking, insured, 2-5 days to arrive). AmiAmi has some estimates here too.


      Those are all estimates, though. 😅 If anything, this here is probably the most comprehensive guide out there for the hobby and I really recommend it. It's really spot on despite the humor lol.


      PS: Good point. We're all men of culture here anyways. :awesome:
      Lol Thanks! xxD Yeah, their store has a little bit of everything. I go mostly for the figures but there a number of other cool articles and collectibles there. Lmao, no problem, I'll bear that responsibility. :giggle: 
      Aye aye, from now, there will be panty shots more frequently. I find them very therapeutic too. :eyebrow:
    3. Sora9427


      Ah i see, kinda sad due to your country you have to do that but at least you foudn a Way to get your stuff and save some money which is always nice :)


      Yep, My card tells the Truth :P Well it's still pretty expensive, unless you want the No tracking/No assuranc ewhich is a massive risk... Here the problem is the custom that could stop your package and for that charge you for the controls, usually happens with Asian products, when i got From Ebay some things from a Guy who was in Japan i indeed payed like 10 € of Customs -_- 

      Guess i should try place an order and see the Total $ And then i calculate how much is shipping. Can you do that or it requires the payment first?


      Interesting Wiki i guess xD I'll check it better later thanks :)


      PS: Indeed we are. I Was looking for a Gif version with the We in it but there isn't :( 



    4. Honor_Hand



      Hey, thanks! It's a bit expensive due to having to pay for shipping twice but at least I can get the items I want over here. ^^


      Yeah, I've never shipped anything without tracking or insurance. Registered SAL is the cheapest and slowest option that comes with tracking and small insurance in case anything happens. In regards to fees and customs, the guide above says that for Italy you can expect a 22% import tax and a 7.50€ fixed fee on EMS. SAL seems safer to avoid extra customs, although it is seemingly random if they charge you or not.


      You could try placing an order and see how it goes. Payment is the last thing you do. Say you want X 1/8 scale prepainted figure, put your address and payment information. After placing your order, they will get back to you after 1-2 workdays with an invoice with an estimate on the shipping. Regardless of what option you choose when placing an order, they'll give you an estimate for all available shipping options and then you can opt for the one that works better for you. :)  At worst, you can ask for an order cancellation if it doesn't work out for you, but take in mind that they don't take too kindly on that. You could do it a once or twice but I wouldn't push my luck with that. 😅


      Aye, let me know how it works out for you.


      PS: It's alright, we got the idea. ;)


  11. I'll be keeping things shorter here. That is, 1-3 pictures and maybe a small comment on any new figures I'll be getting from now on. For any further thoughts and pictures on them, please feel free to check MyFigureCollection profile. Since my last post, I've added four new figures to my collection. The figures are. Xiao Mei - Shining Hearts - Kotobukiya - 1/6 - 2012 I've been hunting for a while to get this Xiao Mei figure. She is somewhat common and not that expensive but I was finally happy to be able to add her to my collection. Love her pose and the fact that she comes with her own cushiony base. One of the fish biscuits magnetizes to her face in case you want to display her like that. Her colors aren't as vivid as I was led to believe but she's still a good figure for the money. Miyu Edelfelt & Magical Sapphire (The Beast Ver.) - Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei Herz! - Broccoli - 1/8 - 2017 2nd addition to the Fate/kaleid girls, the quiet and with-an-almost-mechanical rationality Miyu Edelfelt. What can I say? Doesn't she look helluva sexy in this costume? Love her. I wasn't too sure on the grayish tone of her costume but it does look pretty good in person. An excellent addition to what is known as the Holy Nekomimi Trinity, nya! ^w^ I really doubt I'm going to be able to get the final piece but we'll see. Kan'u Unchou (Nekomimi Ver.) - Ikki Tousen - Griffon Enterprises- 1/7 - 2013 Panties and buttocks right in your face. Probably one of the few Kan'u figures out there that I like. The sculpturing here has some issues but her price and THIS pose is something I can definitely enjoy. Her base is ultra huge, though. She takes a lot of shelf space. I find her really long blue hair to be very beautiful even if, just as with the base, it kinds of take a lot of ground space for the figure. I like that little plaque there on the base. Happy and pleased with this one. Azusa Nakano - K-On! - Max Factory - 1/7 - 2011 Finally, my first figure of my favorite character from the K-On! anime, Azu-nyan. Probably not the most elaborate figure ever but I find this one actually replicates the feel-good and relaxed atmosphere from the anime. And Azusa looks super cute resting on this fluffy base. Kinda hard to find but it wasn't that expensive compared to other figures. If you are a K-On! or an Azu-nyan fan, you're sure to enjoy this one.
  12. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2Wei Herz! - 10 Episodes + 5 Specials + 1 OVA - (2015) Enjoyment Score: 7 The actual third season of the Fate/kaleid spinoff, continuing the adventures of Illya and friends as they struggle with...having fun on their everyday life while being magical girls? Compared to the previous two seasons, this one wasn't as exciting as the previous ones. What I didn't like, though, is that they separated the slice of life segments from the serious action segments, unlike the first season which perfectly intertwined those. Even so, the comedy was great, the fanservice was very much appreciated and the serious mahou shoujo segments towards the end were nice to look at. Overall, a good continuation of the series despite the weird change in pacing. What I liked more about this season were the specials, as we finally got to see Kuro and Miyu in the fan-favorite (for me at least) Beast mode. WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Unpopular! - 12 Episodes + 1 OVA - (2013) Enjoyment Score: 9 It's been a while since I laughed so hard at an anime series. WataMote basically tells the story of an extremely socially awkward girl as she struggles to become a popular high school girl. Understand "popular" as "having friends" here, or maybe just being "normal." What makes this series so funny is, first and foremost, our titular character Kuroki Tomoki. Her VA fits the bill for her personality perfectly and the way Tomoki faces each and every social interaction she is confronted with is immensely hilarious. For once, because you know something is going to go wrong, and the way her VA delivers on her thoughts is hysterical. It might seem like a sad or hard watch depending on how you are but her misadventures are sure to pull out multiple laughs all throughout. The ending was pretty cool as well, as she realizes something many of us would probably realize in a similar scenario. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - 23 Episodes + 1 Extra Episode + 1 Special + 1 OVA - (2018-2019) Enjoyment Score: 10 The best anime series I've watched in a long while and, oh yes, it's an Isekai. Slime boy here did something for me that I wasn't expecting with the genre. It's not being original by any means but the way the world-building develops and how the series moves forward is truly engaging and unique. For once, yes you have an overpowered protagonist who can beat anything in his path (even though he is a slime) and he also ends up with an entourage of cute girls that would do anything for him, but what makes the series so interesting is how the focus revolves around how Rimuru (our titular Slime boy) is playing his own empire simulation game, in the sense that the focus is on developing the village he gets early on. What you're watching for the rest of the anime is basically a quest to achieve either a diplomatic or cultural victory in this world, I'm assuming. Basically, he goes towards the most peaceful resolution in all conflicts, all this towards creating a country with all the different races and monsters united, and the way he goes about that is so heart-warming and light-hearted. Like, you're always rooting for him to succeed in his quest. Really, one of my favorites. Can't wait for the second season to arrive. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai - 13 Episodes - 5 Specials - (2018) Enjoyment Score: 9 Extremely weird title aside, this was a pretty enjoyable watch. A very introspective look at issues people may face during their teenage years, tied up with slightly supernatural elements, beautiful girls all around with great, likable personalities and some of the best writing I've seen in a while. Hearing these characters talk and hit on each other was a delight, particularly Sakuta and Mai. I'm not a fan of the OP and ED themes, though. The part with Kaede near the was strong enough to make me feel all teary-eyed. The only thing that prevents it from being a perfect 10 is the somewhat rushed ending when Sakuta makes up with Mai. Came out a bit forced in my opinion. All in all, awesome anime. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! - 12 Episodes - 6 Specials - (2016) Enjoyment Score: 8 This season was back at being great, almost as great as the first one. Lots of great moments as soon as Illya gets transported into a parallel world and has to deal with the Ainsworth family. This season nicely balanced the more serious tone of the conflict at hand with the silliness of what you would expect from an ecchi mahou shoujo anime. The jokes were funny, the ecchi moments were nicely spaced out and appropriately hot and the action ended with a proper climax. The OP was pretty good and the series made a good job at building up interest up to the final confrontation with the head of the Ainsworth family. Very good... Now, onto wait for a next season. In the meantime, I'll be reading the manga. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie: Oath Under Snow - 1 Movie + 1 Special - (2017) Enjoyment Score: 8 A prequel film specially dedicated to Prisma☆Miyu and her story of how she became involved with Illya. This is a theme that was never fully touched on the anime but only barely hinted at during the series. This movie comes to fill in that gap and ties perfectly with the events of the anime, leaving almost nothing untied. Production values were pretty good, even more so than the average Fate/kaleid episode, which I found pretty good to begin with. The story focuses mostly on how Miyu came to be a Holy Grail and how her brother, the Emiya Shirou from this parallel world, tries to save her from the clutches of the Ainsworth family and their true motivation for using Miyu as a Holy Grail. A movie that fans of the Fate/kaleid series are sure to enjoy. The short special that accompanies the movie was also very enjoyable as is basically Shirou and Sakura bantering with each other on the weak points of the same movie they were just in. No Game No Life Specials - 6 Specials - (2014) Enjoyment Score: 6 The regular NGNL show is one of my favorite anime series out there, so I came to these specials without knowing they existed. Unlike the main series though, these specials are mostly strictly comedic in nature and consist mostly of still images with funny dialogue and a good amount of fanservice. As much as I love NGNL, the series is much more than that and these specials, although funny and simple, kinda fell flat compared to the specials of other series I have watched recently. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica - 12 Episodes - (2011) Enjoyment Score: 9 Decided to watch this anime after numerous recommendations from my closest friends. I had heard numerous times that it was pretty good and wanted to know why. Oh boy, what an amazing show in the mahou shoujo type of anime. You would think you're up against your typical magical girl show but then episode 3 throws this curveball at you that you weren't expecting, and from there onwards it just gets better and better. Part of what makes it great is the way how it deconstructs the genre and adds a dark side to it, playing with strong emotions and decisions that most wouldn't be able to handle. Great characters all around, a distinctive art style (particularly inside those weird dimensions where the witches are), catchy themes and a gripping story all the way through. I feel I shouldn't say much as to not spoil anything but be prepared for the series to shake up your conventions time and time again. If there's a reason why I'm not giving a perfect 10 score is because the art style didn't quite click on me. Even so, a masterpiece of an anime that should be watched by many. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
  13. Thanks for the follow, nya!



    1. Copanele


      Heyo, nice meeting ya!! 😁

  14. Haven't been much active as of late here but I'm still alive and well, yes. Figured it would be time to drop a status here to say what I've been up to. :D


    Finally went ahead and made me a MyFigureCollection profile to better manage my collection and be part of that community as well. Most of the groundwork is done but I'll be uploading my (somewhat crappy) camerawork there and posting mini-reviews of my pieces as well. I'll still come to share them here too, though. I'm expecting to receive 2 new figures at any point now before the end of this week. ^^


    I also started reading manga for free online through a certain app. Pretty cool. Even started adding manga to my manga list on MAL, about time lol. Want to see if I like the hobby enough first to later invest in the physical versions of the ones I like the most. Got to use what little money I have wisely. 😅


    For shits and giggles, I tried turning on my (damaged) TV this past Sunday and found out that it was working. I thought, "Shit! It came back to live O.o" That happiness was short-lived though because It was only able to retain video signal for around an hour before dying again. >.> Silly me, I shouldn't have got excited. >.< Anyway, lots of expenditures and not a particularly profitable month at work have prevented me from increasing my savings towards a new TV. Even so, I'm still working towards it. In the meantime, and to continue the shits and giggles mood of Sunday, I connected my PS3 to an old CRT I have and played a good amount of Guitar Hero there. Obviously, it looks like crap, but since those are rhythm games, I was able to have a fun time. Having not played for a long time made me realize how much I suck because I had troubles even completing some songs on hard. My Vita hasn't been touched for a few weeks now.


    And that's what I've been up to. Hope my PSNP friends have been enjoying their time with their games. I still come to read on you every now and then. We'll be continuing my gaming activities on a more frequent basis in the near future, hopefully. Be seeing ya! =3


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    2. PooPooBlast


      Hey honor! Nice to see you again. 


      Was a nice small read to get caught up with what's going on in your end. 


      Hope you get that TV issue sorted out. 

    3. ShinigamiSensei-


      Nice to see you pal! those figures looks great, i love Felicia too, she's the best!.

      Glad to know that you're ok.

    4. ee28max


      Good to see you again. We're doing alright. Hope everything goes well for you. 

  15. Does anyone know of a good website where you can purchase manga in physical form? Books can either be new or used, in either the English or Spanish languages and I have to be able to pay with PayPal. Those are my only requirements. Ah, and the cheaper it is, the better, of course.


    I've been looking to start collecting manga in the future for some of the franchises I enjoy the most. So far, the only website that I know is Thriftbooks but if anyone knows of any other place, please let me know. :)

    1. Yuna4353


      Rightstuffanime.com I’d great 

    2. Honor_Hand


      Thanks, @Yuna4353 I checked that site a few hours ago and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for the help. 👍

    3. Yuna4353


      @Honor_Hand Your Welcome, I have not used that website myself but I searched around it and saw the manga selection and I'm glad I knew of that site