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  1. Sounds like Andres is waaaayyyy too good at this kind of games Read your whole thoughts on the game and the summary of each boss (I'm avoiding the videos because I'm getting this game soon and I don't want any more visual spoilers) and you barely died at all man. Not sure how exactly this game is but I found myself struggling a lot with Demon's Souls and Dark Souls back in the day. Not only with the bosses but just trying to traverse the environments proved to be a challenge in itself. I played alone though, so there is that. Dark Souls 2, I found it easier than the first 2 games and also noticed that it holds out your hand longer, so maybe this is a trend in the most recent games? I don't know. Even so, I still thought it was a decently challenging game. Anyways, I'm in more for the cool and dark vibe, and the interesting creature and boss design, and from what I read, the game totally delivered on those. You should try the rest of the Souls series and maybe Nioh too. In fact, I'm planning to get Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, and Nioh (alongside some other games) in a week or two so, yeah, you can tell I love this genre. Probably not the best player around but heeeeeeyyyyy lol, I love them either way. As always, it was great reading your thoughts on the game. Any idea on what you will be tackling next?
  2. Platinum #103 - Slain: Back from Hell (PS4)



    What a tough cookie this was x3 The guide here claims this is a 5/10 Platinum that can be achieved in around 12 hours but I honestly found it way tougher and longer than that. This is a retro-styled, action-adventure, platformer kind-of-game. Like those of the old days but with a strong metal flavor. Not the biggest fan of metal myself but I thought this was very nicely done. The objective is simple. Go from left to right (and sometimes *gasp* from right to left) as you venture into a demon-infested and bloody world to defeat a boss, all while headbanging to a pretty cool metal soundtrack. Game is hard... Like, a bloody death is always right around the corner of the screen. Enemies hit hard, there is plenty of traps and some of the bosses can be brutal until you learn their patterns or have quick reflexes.


    Played on PS4 instead of Vita and the game ran perfectly for me. Pixels a bit stretched but nothing too major. Level design was good, as it was the whole atmosphere of the game and the soundtrack was great too. The main character has a regular sword, a flame sword and an ice ax that are more effective against certain enemies. One caveat that I have is that the character slightly moves forward every time you swing your weapon, forcing you to learn to space yourself from enemies in order to avoid damage. There is a parry mechanic too, which is essential to master if you want not only to progress in the game but also get the Platinum. Magic is also available, either to be shot from a distance or to be blasted all over the screen to wipe out all enemies provided you have a full energy bar.


    The trophies were difficult for me, and I think I'm pretty decent at platformers. Instead of doing everything into a single playthrough as the guide here suggested, I decided to do the trophies on 4 playthroughs. The game is very short so I didn't have a problem with this. The first playthrough was to familiarize myself with the game. Second playthrough was to defeat every boss without taking damage and get some other misc trophies. Personally, both the Mother Beholder and Malikesh boss fights were a pain and took hundreds of tries. Third playthrough was without magic, which proved hard as well because some parts I had cheesed them earlier by shooting from far away. And the final playthrough was for beating the game without dying, which even though there are lots of checkpoints and that you can save scum to avoid untimely deaths, I still managed to die dozens of times on a game I was already familiar with. O_O


    For the USD $3 that I spent in this game, needless to say, I'm more satisfied with what I got. It was fun, it was cool, it was hard, it gave me a challenge. It's not a platformer that will go down in history for being pixel-perfect on everything but it will definitely be remembered for being an all-around cool metal-flavored game. If you see it on a discount, be sure to give it a try. Heart of Steel became my 400 gold trophy during this adventure, pretty cool. ^_^ 




    Also, headbanging after defeating a boss never gets old xD


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    2. Spaz


      I was going to send you a private message because I saw you in the recent players list. This game has been sitting on my backlog for over two years now.


      It's going to be tough for me, but I think I can handle it.

    3. Honor_Hand



      Yeah man, give it a go. I'd recommend spreading the trophies on different playthroughs in order to avoid frustration. Have a friend that is going for all of them in one go, as the guide here suggests, and it's definitely more challenging that way.


      The game is very short, like 3-4 hours I believe but once you familiarize yourself with everything after a first playthrough, you'll know well in advance what to do in each part of the game.


      Good luck. 👍

    4. Durandal


      My pleasure :)


      It's probably a good way to describe the game but there is also a lot to discover in the world and judging from the review this seems to be best part of the game. Or maybe I confuse this with Dead Cell at the moment. But these two will probably the only pixel-styled games I am going to buy at some point. When the price is right.

  3. Platinum #102 - Ben 10 Galactic Racing (PS Vita)



    So... I finished this one a few days ago. Started it during the blackout that affected my country for almost a week seeing I had no other physical games in my humble Vita collection I could complete and because I didn't have anything downloaded on memory either. My first thought was, "Wow, you can turn anything into a kart-racing game nowadays". But as things progressed, I got somewhat fond of the game. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know very little about the Ben 10 property. Probably watched a couple of episodes of the very first season years ago when my younger brother was into it (and I thought it was cool at the time) but this is probably one of the last properties I would turn into a kart racer.


    Surprisingly though, the mechanics are rock solid, giving the player access to tricks that charge an offensive power up and solid drift mechanics that are used to power a defensive shield that could be used both defensively and offensively too. There is a good variety of power-ups and they are based on the many aliens in the cartoon and most of them are used very nicely. Track design is also pretty good despite the limited variety of environments... I mean, there's so many times I could race on the same asteroid belt >.> The tracks had a good design and were fun to race with lots of hops, boosts, perils, shortcuts and everything you can imagine, all nicely placed out. Visually, the game looks pretty bad on the Vita. Like a mid-generation PS2 game with appalling character models, simple geometry and lackluster visual effects. Framerate is solid though, which is the most important thing for any racer.


    Trophies were exceptionally easy to get. Complete the Grand Prix, play a couple of random battle modes (which were too much of a disaster to my liking) and some random misc trophies here and there for doing stuff you would normally do in a kart racer. The only trophy that gave me trouble was Leapfrog (for jumping past an opponent). It was the last one I got, despite guides online saying it would come naturally over the course of the game. Tried countless times after finishing everything and it didn't pop up. Resolved by wiping my save data clean and starting again. After a couple of tries, it eventually popped with the Platinum afterward. In the end, this was a decent kart racer despite its shortcomings. I would probably recommend this game only to the hardcore Ben 10 fans out there lol xD


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    2. Honor_Hand


      Thanks over here too xD



      Lol, hey, try it out man. If you get a nice price on it, it's definitely worth playing out. More if you happen to be a Ben 10 fan :awesome: I also have some catching up to do on the many kart-racing games out there. 


    3. Durandal


      Right, you did made a double platinum recently. Congratulations again! This looks like weird niche game somehow. Interesting read, as usual. :) Haven't even heard about the show or the game before. But they somehow surprise you sometimes, don't they.

    4. Honor_Hand



      Thanks. :)  Yes, this kind of licensed games end up being mediocre for the most part but I thought this was one was alright. I mean, the gameplay was totally solid for a kart racer and it did provide fun in a way too. Quite a surprise to be honest, haha xD

  4. *raises hand* Oh, I do, I do, I do. One was the famous OnLive console, which came out and even worked for some time. It eventually went downhill fast, was bought by Sony and repurposed as PlayStation Now today. And the second one I believe was Phantom Entertainment with their aptly named console, The Phantom. And it was indeed and phantom because it never even came out. A console advertised to play games through the internet on demand. Way ahead of the time considering it was announced during the early years of this millennium. Did I get it right lol? 😂 But yeah, companies never learn. My bet is that they are really hellbent on having complete and total control over their properties. No second-hand sales, no piracy, full control over their licenses. That's something that they gain by jumping fully into a stream-based service. Of course we, the customers, only get shafted in the process. Probably they want to take a new shoot now given that the network has improved over the years to some degree and that there is a very big market of casual gamers who may be willing to jump there. I have my reservations on that but hey, let them try and see. Third time's a charm. Can't comment much on VR myself but it is something that it has failed to gain traction in gaming too.
  5. This is looking so epic. I personally love the classic Contra. Played so much of those games when I was young. Really looking forward to these collections, Contra and Castlevania in particular. Add some proper trophy support and these are going to be stellar.
  6. So Google is finally throwing their complete hat into the gaming landscape... That's interesting. I agreed with what has been already said by the commenters about me. People with a pretty good Internet connection that don't mind about the ownership of their games will find a good place to play here. The whole technology behind it is pretty amazing actually. However, this product is not for me. Streaming is a thing that is completely out of reach for me due to many reasons that I won't be listing here but let's simply said that, if streaming was the future of the gaming train, then I'll most likely end up staying on the next station before we head there. I really don't see the appeal in paying full price for a digital service, personally. I can sort of understand getting a digital game on a discount at a more reasonable price but full price for a service, that I personally don't agree with. I can imagine this thing requiring a pretty robust and powerful internet connection without data caps to work and those getting games on it should be aware that, if they decide to close the service for any reason, then there is the potential of them losing access to everything they have purchased so far. As for me, this device will be interesting to watch on how it performs given the current market but me, myself using it, nah thanks.
  7. Great news amidst all the chaos! Both I and my fiance received an email yesterday from our work (we both work for the same online company) granting us a raise in position in our work. We are now both editors at the place we work and we will most likely be perceiving twice or thrice of what we currently make. This is great. We were both really needing it given the further deterioration of the economy here. That will most likely help in alleviating our finances in the coming months. We were so happy about it yesterday. ^_^


    Other than that, basic services still have all kind of issues over the country. I've been able to have power more or less in a constant way over the last 24 hours and while I was mostly without Internet yesterday, it seems to be working good today. Everything is still faulty and I believe only like 35-40% of the country has recovered from the blackout of last week. Even so, here we are, pushing forward despite everything.


    Wanted to make a quick update to share the good news. :D

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    2. Durandal


      Cheers! More money is always nice to have. Sure sounds like a little bit of good new in all that chaos.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Thanks, guys ^^ Having a nice time with my new job position so far and, of course, a bit of extra money is always welcome xD

    4. Terra


      Wow! Nice!

  8. Thanks to both of you. I'm out of rep points but I wanted to give you thanks for clearing that doubt on me. I checked the store once again and couldn't really find anything to y liking or nicely priced so I guess I'll be skipping this one. I remember Flash Sales used to be so much better before. Will be looking forward to the next one instead. 😅
  9. 100% - Race The Sun (PS Vita)



    Managed to complete this one during the blackout. A fun, endless-runner-kind-of game. You are a solar plane and have to avoid a number of hazards as you speed in a straight line racing before the sun sets down. Cool concept, simple graphics, simple everything but it works. Most of the trophies will come as you play naturally, such as leveling up and racking up high scores. The perfect run trophies are doable but a few trophies present a nice challenge. The Wright trophy for collecting 50 tris in the air in a single run could be hard if you have difficulties bouncing yourself against the many hazards on the track. I personally recommend trying to hit the red circle-like things that come out of some sort of, eh, garage? (That's what I'm seeing lol) at an angle to bounce really high into the sky.


    The Meteoroid trophy for clearing region 4 in Apocalypse mode is a tough one too. Took me many tries. Basically, wait for the game to generate a course in a 24-hour period that you have no problem learning and identifying where the shortcut portals are and then keep trying until you somehow manage to avoid all the random shit and dirty traps the game will throw at you here. Finally, the King trophy for scoring 5 million points is the hardest one. My best run after a few days trying was 3.7 million points reaching region 9... It was great until I crashed at Mach 3 into a random red circle thing that came out of nowhere. I'm not ashamed to admit that I had to resort on the Void Portal glitch (described in one of the guides here) to finally snatch this one an move on. It's certainly a fun game to play if you have nothing else to do and want to play something that requires memorization and quick reflexes but be warned that the music can grow a bit old at times since you will be playing the same thing over and over again. Recommended if you get it for a massive discount and you are looking for a fun, simple game.


    On real-life news, power back in a few parts of Caracas about 3 hours ago, including where I live. Parts of the city still remain in the dark as it is the rest of the country. Everything is charged up on my apartment should the power fail again, and I believe it will, considering the lights are still flickery and the voltage regulators I own keep jumping from high to low voltage at every second. Started playing Ben 10 Galactic Racing (eh...my only physical Vita game left I have yet to Plat <.<) while Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 1 finishes downloading. Will continue to play on my Vita for a long while as I don't want to gamble my electronics with such a bad service. The protest where I live have subsided but I think things are heating up for tomorrow or later today. We will see. At any rate, I'm fine at home with my family at the moment. 

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    2. Honor_Hand



      Man, I didn't know it only appeared once :facepalm: That would explain why I never found the portal again after reaching it a first time. I usually went for it very early on (region 2 or 3) in hopes of getting my multiplier up quickly and then hopping for one to appear later on. Had I know that it only appeared once, I'd have definitely preferred to rack up as much multiplier outside first and then entering late in the game to reset the sun and get a high enough multiplier near the end.

    3. Midnightwards666


      It's never too late to go back and retry!

    4. Hemiak


      @Midnightwards666I know. That's why I waited for the sun to be almost down before using it. This allowed me to play for max points ahead of time. 

  10. As promised, here I am again. xD Another blackout started again at around 11:00 AM. Had almost 6 hours of electricity here in Caracas. Enough to charge all my devices and to stock up on both drinkable and non-drinkable water. I was also able to get in touch with a few relatives on the rest of the country which still haven't had power restored since Thursday.


    Unfortunately, I was in the middle of downloading Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth on my Vita to spend the day playing that when everything went off again. Guess I'll play with some of the other games I have here or maybe play some cards to keep myself distracted.


    Will be switching to low consumption mode now until this mess somehow ends up fixing. I can hear protesters taking to the street where I live as I write this. Needless to say, they are not happy. :( Isn't it extremely ironic that a country with what once was the biggest hydroelectric dam in the region, a country with the biggest oil reserves on the planet, a country full of natural gas and plenty of other resources, a country rich in energy and that lives by exporting said energy doesn't have energy for its own citizens? Like how fucked up can that be, right? I think the crisis speaks for itself. What we lack is proper human resource to steer this place, otherwise we aren't really going anywhere.  ;-;


    But no more ranting, will try to have a good Sunday either way. Hope my friends here enjoy their weekend as well. ^_^ Nos vemos. Pásenla bien. Trataré de estar por aquí en medida de lo que me sea posible. :)

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    2. Honor_Hand



      Aquí se fue la luz de nuevo en la noche y no regresó sino hasta la madrugada. Mi papá sí recuperó el servicio por allá en Cumaná en horas de la mañana hoy tambien. Me parece que estan es distribuyendo la poca energía que hay entre los distintos estados. En Caracas hay partes de la ciudad que estan sin luz. Segun he leido, a esta hora, alrededor del 35% del país tiene luz intermitente (la quitan y la ponen distribuyendo la poca carga que hay).


      En el Zulia sí que está bien feo. Los estados del occidente son las más afectados. He leido que hay bastantes saqueos por allá. Mucho cuidado en tu regreso hermano.

    3. Uchiha_Snake__


      Ya estoy en casa, el servicio esta funcionando actualmente pero es intermitente asi que estamos a la espera, seguro me toca parcialmente como a ti, mi CANTV muerto desgraciadamente. Y si, hoy vi con mis ojos los desastres, en lo q respecta a maracaibo te digo que mas del 50% de los establecimientos comerciales fueron saqueados incluyendo grandes marcas como Centro99  y Makro, incluso el sambil maracaibo. Vivo en san francisco la cual en ese caso se vió mucho menos afectado pero me da mucha lastima con maracaibo 😟

    4. Honor_Hand



      De momento la electricidad por acá en Caracas esta mejor. Todavía un poco problemática, pero no tan intermitente. Hoy por lo menos solo se fue por un minuto al mediodía. El Internet de CANTV si se arreglo como a eso de medianoche ayer y todavía funciona bien. Las redes moviles si andan un poco lentas, pero están allí. Agua, eso si que no tenemos. Estoy leyendo que los saqueos en Maracaibo están feos. De verdad que es una lastima por la ciudad y para recuperarse de eso, la va a tener bien difícil.


      Me alegro que hayas llegado bien por allá. Un saludo y espero estés bien. Cuídate.

  11. Not sure if I'm arriving late to this sale due to the blackout but, is it still going on? I went to the store and only found a few overpriced games. Which made me think I am actually arriving late to the party... That's if there was even one in the first place lol
  12. All right, power finally came back to my area at around 5:00 AM, alongside landlines for phone and internet service. It's been 4 hours since then and everything appears to be working more or less good. At least I have a decent enough connection to access this site on my laptop. The power is still a bit flickery though. Hope it doesn't go out...again. Running water is a no-no but that's to be expected. I barely get any even on regular days.


    So, after more than 50 hours off the grid and without any basic services, things are slowly returning to normal (well, as "normal" as they were 3 days ago). I'm charging my batteries and organizing things here. Will probably jump into gaming in a short while. If not, expect to see me on another update later on.


    Thank you for all your words of support yesterday. They really meant a lot to me. ^^ Now, I'm off to check the 100+ notifications I have pending here and hopefully, enjoy my Sunday as well. :)

    1. Rewemarkt66


      Glad your alright! *Hugs*

    2. Honor_Hand



      *Hugs back*

      Thanks for the warm welcome! :D

  13. Hello, PSNP family.


    Sorry for not being able to check your messages and activities over the last few days. Ever since Thursday at around 5:00 PM, a national blackout occurred in my country. Leaving around 95% of the population without electricity, telephone or internet services. Today the services are still extremely faulty and unreliable. Caracas, the capital of the country, has intermittent power with lots of flickering and my connection to the internet is extremely faint. Barely got some coverage with my phone's data plan to write this message.


    Not sure when this situation will be resolved as the public authorities have remained silent on the matter, outside of their shit-and-lie spewing they do everyday, they haven't told us what the problem really is. No one is sure what is going on and while we haven't go full Mad Max yet, you can guess it's been difficult to maintain some sort of order, control and sanity with pretty much all basic services failing.


    For the most part, I've been spending the time playing with my Vita and feeding my phone out of laptop's batteries. Protests are scheduled for today but with the whole blackout that is going on, it's been difficult to know what is going on. Have a couple of friends outside that are assisting me with that through WhatsApp ^_^ Anyhow, just a quick message to let you know that I am good. Hoping to be back around here when things get sorted out. See you. :wave:

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    2. Durandal


      That's sounds truly terrifying! I am glad nothing happened.

    3. MMX20


      I'm sorry to hear that, Honor. I also read about Juan Guidao and learned he is fighting against the tyranny of your country's president. And I have to say, he may be the hero your country needs. I wish you well and hope for the best.

    4. Honor_Hand



      Thanks ^^ Guaidó is definitely one character we are looking for and we hope he'll play an important role. Many of us are looking for him to peacefully fight against the current regime and resolve the many problems in the country.

  14. My go-to place whenever there is a sale going on. Highly recommended if you are looking for the best price on digital games. 👍
  15. Glad to see DMC 5 is doing good. ^^ Still need to go through 3 and 4 and that other funny-titled reboot, how was it called again? Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry, lol right? All kidding aside, great series. It's a shame I haven't invested the time it deserves.