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  1. Been thinking about joining one of these Contests or Community Events but not sure if 'd have the time or disposition as to particpate in one due to RL concerns... Would anyone recommend one to me?

  2. I didn't originally get the Genesis Flashback from ATGames after hearing concerns about the quality of the emulation and the device itself. That coupled with a high price tag and very adjusted budget on my side, made me think that it would be better to just stick with the HD compilations on the current console of the moment. It is way cheaper that way. Also, I rather prefer to hunt down for the game titles myself...even though my country is plagued with Taiwanese and Chinese copies of the cartridges. Haven't seen an original one in quite a while now that I think about it >_>
  3. Quite probably it will be a mini console with HD output and a select number of titles built into the memory just to catch on the craze? these devices are having right now. Not particularly excited about it though.
  4. I actually enjoyed watching these videos. Awesome that you like both Death Note and Clannad. Those are my favorite anime as well. Really liked the mystery and investigation aspects of Death Note, as well as the intrigue on each episode to see if anyone was able to figure out Light's scheme of creating a new world. Clannad is, well, the biggest drama fest I've seen in my life. Never cried so much while watching an anime until I saw Clannad lol. Highly recommended. Also, kudos to you @GarciaFever for managing to beat Challenge 6 on Vanquish. That's the only thing I have left to do to get the platinum on that game and I find it pretty much impossible. Guess I'll have to keep trying to see if I manage to clear it at some point.
  5. Yup, I can confirm it works. I was able to connect Yuvi's server. Was greeted by a nice message for the private server and shown some numbers for the players that were online at the moment. Since my saved data for this game was wiped out on a recent HDD corruption, I had to restart the whole game from the beginning again. I was able to see blood stains and messages from other players. Was also able to rate the messages from other players. Didn't get invaded, probably because there was only one more person connected besides me at the moment. Played until the first boss Phalanx without any issues. It is nice to see these private servers initiatives bringing back the online for a number of games. I'm not much of an online player myself but I applaud the effort of preserving the online component of these games. Hope we can see this implemented on a number of other games too, it'd be great. 😁
  6. Great news! Gonna try to see if it works and post back here for confirmation.
  7. This is a huge point of contention nowadays. There have been way too many remasters on PS4. As you said it, it made sense in the PS3 era considering the technical leap of the console. Being able to play all those PS2 games in clean HD with a set of trophies was a nice experience. For those of us that didn't have a PS2 in its time, it was a great offer but nowadays it just doesn't make much sense. I don't have a PS4 yet but I find it hard to justify buying the same game all over again just for the extra bump in resolution and frame rates alone. They are nice to have, of course, but games are so much more than that. Just a quick check to the current PS4 library will show a lot of remasters from last gen and it looks kinda silly to me. While they are a good way for people that haven't played these games to experience them for the first time, they definitely need to cut down on them a little and focus more on offering new and fresh ideas either on old or new IPs. That would definitely push the industry forward. Let's hope the PS5 pans out better in that regard.
  8. Agreed! Did a quick check on my profile and I would also recommend the following games: - Guitar Hero Van Halen: OP mentioned he liked music games and that he is looking for hard games, well, then look no further. This game can technically be done offline if you have enough people and instruments. Good luck on that though! - Devil May Cry: I found this game to be pretty hard as well. Haven't played the third one yet so really can't compare. Remeber having done multiple playthroughs just to get a bunch of healing items for the Dante Must Die playthrough. And it was still hard as hell. - 3D Dot Game Heroes: The Spelunker 1-hit kill mode can be quite hard if you don't have experience in this kind of games...or if you don't have the Giga Sword maxed out. There were a number of kinda demanding trophies in this game related to defeating each of the bosses without taking damage, completing the Bestiary and a number of mini-games activities as well. I wouldn't say it was ultra hard but that it could turn off some people. - Dyad and Retro/Grade: Not sure if PSN games count but I thought about recommending these 2 for hard music/rhythm games that the OP might enjoy. Dyad has a pretty hard plat and retro/grade only requires 100% completion. Both are pretty good if you are into this kind of thing. - Cross Edge: this game (that I'm playing right now...) has a difficulty score of 10 on another popular trophy site. It is basically a not-very-good JRPG (to put it nicely). Stingy requirements for a good ending, a huge grind coupled with tedious gameplay make this game one to avoid actually. Just thought about throwing it out here since it fits the bill of what you asked for.
  9. Well, as far as trophies go, I consider the Souls series to be pretty normal. They have never asked for anything out of the ordinary (at least until DS2, which is the most I have played so far) and their grinds are pretty approachable as well. I mean, just look at the rarity of the platinum for these games, they are fairly common overall. Rayman Origins was alright for me. Not too easy, not too hard...but believe I've seen people suffering a lot with that little game I guess how approachable it is would depend on your skills for platformers in general.
  10. Excellent list. Covers pretty much all of the great games in the console. Glad to see games like Bioshock, Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, Batman Arkham City, Mirror's Edge, Portal 2 and L.A. Noire make it over. Those are some of my favorites games on the console as well. Only disappointment for me in this list was its severe lack of anything Gran Turismo... lol What happened?
  11. Great list! Pretty much covers all of the hard games offline games I could think for PS3. 👍 I can personally vouch for Vanquish, Mirror's Edge, Star Ocean The Last Hope and Rayman Origins being pretty hard.... especially Vanquish (since I have yet to finish Challenge 6) and Star Ocean The Last Hope (the game is hard in itself, trophy battles + legendary grind). I didn't found Demon Souls and Dark Souls to be THAT hard to be honest. I mean the games are hard but the trophies are manageable and don't require anything outlandish. Surprised to see Batman Arkham City on there as well.
  12. I used to destroy my little brother in any kind of game when we were younger but then, after my mother told me that I was giving him such a hard time on most multiplayer games, I decided to nerf myself a little in some games. Eventually, he got better and we started to have an even distribution of win and losses on both sides. I suck at fighting games, my wife always beats me on them... True story lol. I hate when she let me wins by nerfing herself. Although, it really depends on the game since I can hold my own on some games...but most of the time I just lose in the most pathetic of ways possible. 🙄 On racing games, however, I can lap pretty much anyone I play within my family. The poor guys don't stand a chance. I admit that I have nerfed myself on some occasions to give them a chance, not too sure how they feel about it though, I guess not too good since no one wants to play any racing game with me anymore. 😇
  13. So... found some copies of the games pending to be tested from a local online seller at a reasonable price. Hopefully, they will be arriving in a couple of days. I will be testing and posting results on the following games: SBK Superbike World Championship (NA) SBK09 Superbike World Championship (NA) SBKX Superbike World Championship (NA) MUD FIM Motocross World Championship (EU) I think I may be able to get a copy of Blitz : The League II and Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters in the next couple of weeks as I remember to have seen these games catching dust at a local mall some weeks ago... Don't quote me on these last 2 though as I remember the prices been kinda on the high side for me.
  14. Hello. Tried to give this a try earlier today. At first, I was having problems similar to those described by the previous poster. Just adding the Primary DNS settings to my usual network configuration would result in the console failing to connect to the internet. Adding a quick DMZ configuration by following this guide solved the problem. The console was able to connect to the internet and I was able to sign into PSN. Using both numbers as options for the Primary DNS settings (first and then yield no results whatsoever with the game. Tried multiples times and every time I was greeted by the message that the online service for Demon Souls had been discontinued. The game then proceeded to its offline mode without any presence of messages, phantoms or invaders. Not sure if I followed the settings correctly or not. My guess is that the private servers were no longer active by the time I tried or that they were maybe shortlived. Any confirmation would be appreciated.
  15. I can put up with pretty much any genre or game out there lol but if there is one particular segment of video games I don't like are those related to sports simulation. Be it FIFA, NBA, Madden, MLB or whatever, I just cannot put up any interest as to buy and play any of these games. Not sure of why though. They do seem like very competent products (even if they are rehashed every year and so) and I know a good number of people like them but I just cannot get to play any of them. It is not like I think they are boring or anything... I actually had a lot of fun the last time I played FIFA 06 on my Gamecube years ago. 😂 Other than that, any game franchise is more than welcome in my book.