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  1. 100% Completion - Battlefield 1943 (PS3)


    Time to gear up for a war in the Pacific, soldier

    A scaled-back but fun FPS situated in a rather not-common setting for WWII games


    Part of a series of me wanting to complete as many Battlefield games as possible. This short, but fun little title came out on the PSN a long time ago, and I managed to snatch it for a great price years later during one of the many sales that frequently pop up. Compared to most Battlefield games out there, this title offers a pretty scaled back experience. For starters, the game is only online, there's no single-player mode here whatsoever. The multiplayer only has two modes of gameplay, your regular Conquest Match and Air Superiority. But let's be honest, everyone here plays Conquest, which is basically capturing and defending control points in the map from the other team. Even though the game has only 3 maps (or 4, if you count the one in Air Superiority) and a small handful of weapons, it manages to actually be pretty fun. It's obviously inspired in the events of WWII, but it focuses on the battles between the United States Marine Corps and the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Pacific theatre, which I personally think that there aren't that many WWII shooters set on this setting. All 3 regular maps of Conquest: Iwo Jima, Wake Island, and Guadalcanal, are the island paradises you're expecting. One thing that strikes me as curious from this Battlefield game is how bright and saturated the color palette is compared to other WWII games.


    I was surprised at the game having a constant stream of players online. All matches started immediately and were quickly populated to the brim with other players. At the start of the match, you select which class of soldier you want to be: Infantrymen, Rifleman, and Scout; with each one of them having a unique loadout and role on the battlefield. I personally preferred to play as the Rifleman, as I usually managed to get the most kills with the rifle. Pretty good at all ranges, plus rifle grenades to blow people up. Nice. The Infantryman class is also good due to having machine guns and being equipped with anti-tank rockets to deal with enemy armor. And finally, I didn't like to play as a Scout because I found the aim and controls to be too finicky to nail shoots from such large distances.


    There's no Platinum trophy in this game. All trophies are extremely easy and will pop naturally as you play the game. Best Squad could be problematic if you end up assigned to shitty squads in a fight against pro players. But just keep trying and it will eventually pop up. Contributing to your squad also helps. Also, Veteran and Tour of Duty II are grindy. I managed to get all trophies except these two after a few hours of playtime. Since I'm not particularly enthusiastic about playing games online, I'm not ashamed to admit that I set up a turbo controller to pop these two while I was away focused on my work... So, my apologies for being a dead weight on those multiplayer games where I was just this random dude jumping around like an idiot, lol. xD


    TL;DR: A fun online-only shooter that still has lots of people playing online despite its age. If you like FPS games and, in particular, the Battlefield series of games, it's a nice side diversion to check out for the right price.

  2. Platinum #126 - Burnout Paradise Remastered (EU) (PS4)


    Burning rubber and bending steel in Paradise City for the third time... It's still awesome!


    I feel I've already talked more than enough about this game. I even talked twice about it. So, this time, I'm going to limit myself and say that it's a pretty enjoyable arcade racing game. So enjoyable, in fact, that I went for the Platinum a third time. The game has a ton of trophies and most of them are pretty easy to obtain, so, perfect chance to score lots of them and have fun in the meantime playing a game you really enjoy. :D


    Also, why did people hate DJ Atomika in this game? :P I mean, the guy is super likable and I love the advice he gives as you roam through Paradise City. Never found him annoying or anything like that.  :hmm:


    I'm going to quickly end this status update with another song from the game that I really enjoy driving to.



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    2. Dreggit


      DJ Atomika in the PS2 classic, SSX3, made the game super fun for me. I'm not sure how they are in this game though.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Thanks, everyone! :)



      Nah, even if you put that song on a loop, everything on this game is awesome. That song, in particular, fits the game perfectly.



      They need to come up with a sequel that has music just as great as this one. ;)



      Hmmm, I can't speak on the Atomika from the PS2 games since I haven't played those games, but the one here is pretty likable. Funny remarks, useful advice, a likable voice, and it's not like he's talking all the time either. I think they did a pretty good job intertwining his commentaries as you play the game.

    4. Dreggit


      @Honor_Hand you'll get a feel of 'em by this intro. SSX3 is my favorite in the series 



  3. 100% Completion - DOOM 64 (PS4)


    The forgotten heir is back. Much eerier and spectral, but with a true DOOM heart at its core.


    Here's a quick story. I never managed to complete DOOM 64 back when it came out. I must've rented this game at least half a dozen times when I was a wee nine-year-old kid and, for one reason or another, I could never put myself to complete it. Part of that was because the game was so fucking dark that you could barely see where you were going. That and it was extra spooky too for my nine-year-old mind, so I really wasn't up for it and preferred to play Goldeneye 007 with my friends instead. Years went by and I just forgot about the game. As many others probably did, it eventually got into my mind that this was just another DOOM port. You know, same old DOOM game, but on different hardware. Boy... We were so wrong, and I can sort of understand why this game was kind of ignored back then. Completely overshadowed by other games on the console and quite possibly not running with the best default settings when it came out. But here, my friends, this is a true DOOM sequel in its own right. The gameplay is very similar to the classic games in the franchises. The environments, however, are much different. Here we have a game constructed mostly with polygons and filtered textures, yet your movement and vision are still limited to a flat plane. Some would say this archaic, I'd say this how classic DOOM is supposed to be.


    Right from the get-go, one of the first things that stand out from this game is the eerie and sinister atmosphere enveloping it. It's not a game that wants to scare you, exactly. What it wants is to make you feel this ominous and otherwordly sensation as you move through hell, and it succeeds in every way in doing so. For the time, I'd say these maps are perfect at projecting that dark and disquieting feeling of traversing through such an evil place. Unlike the original N64 release, though, this port of the game features a more discernible environment. Weapons and enemies, although mostly the same as in other games, feel sort of different here. All guns and enemies were remodeled for this version of DOOM and feature slightly different behaviors. For example, the shotgun has a much welcomed slight increase to its rate of fire and the rocket launcher has a reduced splash damage effect. Arachnotrons are much deadlier thanks to a quicker rate of fire, hit-scanners aren't so unforgiving in their aiming and chipping your life away, and lost souls are somehow more relentless (and annoying...) on their pursuit. All in all, it felt both familiar and fresh to me, but more so than that, it felt like a massive improvement from previous games. Monsters are smarter here and know where the player is even if there's a door on the way. Infighting can still happen, but it a far less occurrence than in the old games. There's a notable emphasis on puzzle-solving this time around. DOOM 64 features a more advanced script language than the previous games, which help in providing puzzles that go further than simply looking for the right key. Some of them involve going back and forth between multiple rooms, hitting switches, and traversing the environment in ways that are much complex than in the old games.


    Since this was my first time playing the game to completion, I opted to play on the I Own Doom difficulty, thinking that would be similar to Ultra-Violence. However, I found it slightly easier. While some enemies were heavy-hitters, their numbers were kind of on the low side. I had a good time playing on this difficulty, but if you're a Veteran Doomer, you may want to set it on the max setting. This iteration of DOOM does many things right, but if there's one thing I didn't enjoy much is the music. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't think it's bad. If anything, Aubrey Hodges' music design fits perfectly with the overall aesthetic of the game, providing an extremely supernatural, surreal, and spine-chilling score that is sure to evoke a sense of dread as you move through hell. It complements the game perfectly. My only caveat with it is more of a personal preference, as I prefer my DOOM heavy on rocking guitar rifts to spice up my demon-slaying fantasies. The sound effects are great. I love the punchy sound the chaingun makes as you mow down enemies. Trophies are a wasted opportunity, sadly. The game could've easily incorporated a Platinum, but for some reason, they decided not to. Another thing that is worrying is the password system, which you can easily abuse to get all trophies in less than an hour. I mean... I don't know, I rather enjoy the game first at least. I will admit, though that I used the password on two occasions. One, because I didn't know about the demon keys. I jumped into the game blind and only came across two while playing, so I used a password to find the third one after I had already beaten the game. And the second time was with the Escape Artist trophy. I had already completed the game and I didn't want to sit through it again right away, so I just went back to that stage with a password to complete it. Anyways, my point here is, give the game a chance and at least enjoy a playthrough of it. It is quite good.


    TL;DR: A proper sequel in its own right that's been given a second chance at life after all these years. Fans of old-school shooters, retro gamers, and DOOM enthusiasts, in particular, should have a great time in this dark and ominous travel through hell. For five bucks it's more than a guaranteed recommendation.



    Gotta give it to Aubrey, though, this ending theme is downright amazing. :devil:

    Now, onto DOOM 3... And maybe seeing if by some miracle the stars align and I can beat Map 29 to be done with DOOM 2. 😅


    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. VoxAnimi



  4. Platinum #125 - Burnout Paradise Remastered (NA) (PS4)


    "Take me down to the paradise city. Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty  ♩ ♪ ♫"


    I've already talked about this game in the past to a great extent. However, it's always nice to revisit the games you love, especially if they get a "remaster" later down the road on a more powerful console. Now, I'm not here to talk about the differences compared to the original PS3 version, but more about why I enjoyed my time replaying this game again. First and foremost, what I enjoy the most about this game is the sense of speed you get when you drive at blinding speeds around Paradise City. It's simply second to none. The action is fast, and that exhilarating sensation of speed and adrenaline can be felt as you cruise around the city, narrowly avoiding traffic cars or jumping between buildings. Second, lots of cars to choose from, with many of them being obvious "knock-offs" of their real-life counterparts; and third, the fact that crashes are displayed in a beautiful ballad of spark and steel flying and deforming all around. It's simply a spectacle to watch.


    I'd be hard-pressed to find any differences between this and the PS3 version. I'm sure a trained-eye can probably spot them, but for me, the game felt pretty much the same. The framerate was already rock-solid on PS3 and the visuals, although simple, do a nice job at rendering Paradise City. You really won't be stopping around much to appreciate the scenery anyway, so what's here works great. I mentioned this in my status update of the PS3 version, but the soundtrack in this game is absolutely genius. You get a combination of rock, classical, and electronic video game-like music to suit your mood. There aren't many games out there where you can listen to Guns N' Roses next to Vivaldi, or Mozart accompanied with Sound Garden. No matter your choice, the soundtrack is excellent and it only gets you in the mood to drive like a madman around the city.


    One major benefit from this version is that all the DLC comes bundled with the game, and there's a ton of trophies associated with completing the game. Most of them are pretty easy. Thankfully, the mugshot trophy from the PS3 was removed, and most trophies just revolve around upgrading your license, completing events, smashing billboards and yellow gates, and just cruising around and having fun. They will all come naturally during your progression. The only exception are the two 8-player trophies that are still present in the game, 8 Players meet in the Wildcats' Baseball Stadium, and Ride 10 miles on a bike in an 8 player lobby. These self-explanatory trophies will require a boosting session in order to get 8 people together, but they only take like 15 minutes to sort out. Everything else in the game can be done with just 2 players. And for that, I have to give thanks to my buddy @cr1s, for helping me out with them. This time we both managed to complete those online challenges super quickly. I also have the EU stack available to play as well, but I'll be obtaining the Platinum on that one a bit later on.


    TL;DR: An outstanding arcade racing game featuring lots of speed, stunning crashes, and a headbanging soundtrack. Usually available at $5 on the PSN store and with lots of fun and trophies to be had here, it's a very recommended experience.




    Do you know what would be cool? If we could get a remaster or HD collection of all the old games in this franchise.

    Yeah, I know we have a fuckton of remasters and such nowadays, but still...

    What do you think?


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    2. PooPooBlast


      Nice one! Now complete mine :P

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 


      Nice going for a second time.  😆

      I guess I'll be doing the same with Need For Speed Most Wanted on a new account, lol. 

    4. Honor_Hand



      Good luck there with that. :)


      If I could, I'd also play multiple stacks of the NFS games. Particularly Hot Pursuit and The Run, as those were my favorites. xD

  5. Platinum #124 - Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal (PS4)


    Busty female ninjas kicking butt and taking names? Fanservice galore, here I come. ;3


    What an enjoyable experience this title was. It's been quite some time since I last had so much pure, unadulterated fun in a videogame. As you may have probably guessed by the title, Re:Newal is a remake from the first title in the series that originally came out in the Nintendo 3DS console around 2011. From what I can gather, this is basically a retelling of the events in that game with some new updated character models, major changes in the gameplay style (the original being a side-scroller beat 'em up versus this one, which is more like a 3D action musou type of game), and some other general improvements here and there. In this game, the objective is to progress from one end of the stage to the other, mowing down dozens of weak enemies in the process, and then reaching a battle with a powerful adversary at the end. These stages are very short, but the battle against major enemies can be really fun, even if the combat moves can be rather simplistic. One one side, this easiness makes you feel like a badass while playing the game, because no matter what moves you do, they're always easy to pull off and have devastatingly flashy effects. On the other side, it can get somewhat repetitive over time, and a bit more variety on what can be pulled off would have been welcomed. Even so, the combat is always entertaining right until the end of the game. And of course, there's a lot of cloth-tearing action to be enjoyed all the way through. Although it may look a bit silly during cutscenes, my pervy self really appreciated this part of the game. Characters level up the further you progress on the game and get access to a few new moves, as well as improved health, attack, and defense stats. You'll want to make sure to level up your favorite characters in order to stand a chance in later missions. Even if the combat can get slightly repetitive due to its simplicity, the game does try to mix things up a little with stuff such as Ying and Yang proficiency (which boosts certain parameters or skills to use in combat); or Frantic Mode, which has you fighting in undergarments for maximum damage and speed, but with the caveat that only a few hits can easily knock you out. Dodging, parrying, aerial combos, and some wickedly cool shinobi skills are also available to you during combat, guaranteeing a reasonably spiced experience.


    The story is presented to us in what I think is a Visual Novel format and, surprisingly, it's actually very, very good. It's not original by any means, it's the age-old plot of conflict between different shinobi branches and the "good guys" versus the "bad guys", which I'm sure it's been done to the death before, but it's all very well presented with impeccable writing, remarkable voice acting, and exceptional music to accompany each of the many story vignettes we'll be going through. Overall, I was quite impressed here. Everything was nicely explained and the many characters' personalities and motivations shined all the way through. This brings us to another point I really enjoyed about the game: the characters themselves. Since this an early game in the series, canonically speaking at least, we only have 10 girls to play with and 2 unlockables. The rest of the girls are DLC, but I managed to get 3 extra ones as free DLC at some point, so my final count was of around 15 characters by the time I finished the game. Not bad. A bit small compared to other games in the series, but since they're all so unique and charming that you'll find your favorite in no time. Their unique quirks and personalities are sure to win you over, this is thanks in part to the amazing voice acting provided by the talented cast. Even if they control the same in combat, you'll quickly find out that the way they attack and some of their moves differ from one another. Like, for example, Ikaruga can instant dash multiple times in a row, but her cooldown time after attacking with her sword kind of sucks; Hikage has some cool dodges and jumps moves, and can also poison the enemy; Mirai is just fun to spam the enemy with projectiles while side-dodging in the air; and Yomi's explosive bullets and, eh, "thingies" she throws are sure to cause massive damage. Subtle touches like this make no character feel the same to one another.


    As far as the presentation goes, I love the menus with the girls hanging out in the background doing their own things, and having their voices all over the menu depending on where you go is lovely. Graphic-wise, the environments look kind of simple and barebones at times, reminding you that this is a remake from a 3DS game. There's a nice selection of them, but the geometry and level detail can be rather low. Characters fare much better, with the developers using their most recent supple, round, and jiggly creations to date. *wink wink* The framerate is just as smooth, managing to stay constant during 99% of the game in order to showcase all that fast-paced butt-kicking action. The artwork that goes in hand with the VN-esque storytelling was pretty good for the most part, with some pieces standing more than others. The music was probably its strongest point here, thankfully. The composers were really able to bring out some great pieces. Whether if it was for the storytelling, for the combat scenes, or the character-specific themes (which matched their personalities to a tee during both their pre or post shinobi transformations) it was all outstanding to listen to and treat for my ears. The trophies couldn't be easier and the rarity reflects this. Basically, play the game all the way to the end. Everything will be done by the time you finish the game and there's only like a 1-2 hour grind by the time you're done. I played the game mostly on hard for the extra XP points and for a reasonable challenge. I only returned back to normal a couple of times when I was underleveled for some important battles. All in all, an easy but enjoyable game.


    One big point of contention that I have left for last is the game's censorship. Oh, yes, it has to be mentioned. Unfortunately, this game was subject to Sony's "corrections" in the west, which means the Intimacy Mode got cut from the western PS4 release of the game. In case you don't know, the Intimacy Mode was a previous feature in the game that allowed us to interact with the girls by either looking, touching, or groping them in different spots. It was just a small side feature in the game, interesting to watch and made out in the name of good fun. However, that's apparently "too much" for Sony nowadays and got cut. 🙄 Even though I don't agree with this because it undoubtedly hurts the developers' freedom and creativity, I still think this is a great game that should be enjoyed regardless. Yes, Sony sucks here, no doubt. However, everything else is intact, and if there's no other option for you to play the game, the PS4 version still manages to be a reasonable option.


    TL;DR: An outstanding entry point for the series that excels in almost every aspect. Lots of "plot" with actual plot, spiced up with great characters, and a nice presentation. Totally recommended, even if you aren't into games with lewd content in them. This one is sure to win you over somehow. :D


    As with my previous Senran Kagura update, here's my current Best Girl ranking for this game. As you can see, things changed a little, but not much. x3 I also grew to appreciate other characters more thanks to their expanded personalities here that I didn't see in PBS. :)






    I also had a lot of fun with the Diorama Mode. The camera and everything can be complicated to set, but I really enjoyed my time there. It could be due to me secretly liking photography, and perhaps even not-so-secretly, being a huge "cultured man" at the same time, but hey. :P I managed to get a few shots of my favorite girls for your viewing enjoyment. Be mindful, though, that some of them ARE LEWD. So, you might want to be careful when you open up that spoiler. xD
















































    And that's enough Senran Kagura for a while. I will be playing Estival Versus or Shinovi Versus at some point later.

    Also, who is your best girl? 😎

    The Hikage fans of last time are probably going to be pissed of seeing their girl at 8th place in my ranking. ;)



    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      Thanks, guys! :)



      Hikage was really fun to play as. Lots of acrobatics and quick attacks. And I really like that ultimate shinobi move of her where she attacks like a snake, with fitting sound effects and everything. xD Yomi is the other way around in terms of speed and agility. Slow and kind of bulky, but I liked to play as her. And yeah, her story arc with Ikaruga was pretty neat. ^-^



      There you go, lol. 😂



      That's exactly what I was planning by adding all those juicy screenshots there. ;)



      They're very much worth it. :3



      Haha. xD She might get some spotlight later on, who knows? x3 I have to make my way to the earlier games in the series instead. I'm sure they'll be just as enjoyable. =)



      Yo! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

      I know, right? These Hikage fans just can't understand the greatness of Mirai and Asuka. 😻🍑:wub:

      I don't know why. x3

      Thanks! :D


    3. DamagingRob


      Oh, Asuka is great, too. Mirai looks like the kind of girl where this might happen, though:



    4. Honor_Hand


      Not gonna lie. She has this look that COULD lead to that. I'm willing to take the risk, though. 😂

  6. Due to this tough economy we're going through now (even more so than usual I mean), I've been holding back on purchasing games. However, I had some spare money on my account and thought it would be wise to put it to good use. For that reason, I recently acquired the following titles: DOOM 64 Gal*Gun Double Peace Omega Quintet
  7. Platinum #123 - Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash (PS4)



    Surprise water time!!! Delivering the goods where it matters the most


    Whoa, guys, I can't believe it took us THIS much time to come up with a proper water gun combat videogame. To be honest, physics in video games have probably only recently become good enough to display the action accordingly, but still. Anyways, I've been told this game is sort of a spin-off in the Senran Kagura franchise, so, apologies if my knowledge on the rest of the franchise is not that good. I'll be sure to play the other games as soon as I can. :P PBS is a third-person shooter that plays with a heavy focus on deck building, skill management, and hot/sweet chicks in swimsuits. That's all there is to it. There's a story for all of the different shinobi schools involved, but really, we're all here for the splishy splash action, so whatever happened in that regard was okay for me. I didn't pay much attention to it, but if there was something that stood out while playing was the personality of the many girls in the game and their voice acting. Sure, some people could make a point about their "plot" and whatnot, but I appreciated the amount of effort that went into voice acting great chunks of the story, and no girl feels the same to one another. Listening to their sweet voices all over the menu made things even better. I guess we could say they're all unique in their own way, so, plenty of happy picking for everyone. :D


    As for the game itself, there are a lot of strong points and a few weak areas. Let's go over the strong points first. The water gun-based combat feels great. There's a variety of weapons to choose from, including pistols, dual pistols, shotguns, spray guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and so on. My favorites were the sniper rifle and the minigun. The first one is great to snipe boobs from afar; and the second one, despite its long reload time and slow movement speed, it just destroys anything in its path when set with the extra ammo option. Reloading, using your water packs to fly around, butt-sliding, and using your power-up cards, it all felt great to me. Then, you have the other core part of the game, which is the card collecting. Fortunately enough, there's no trophy for collecting them all, but I liked how you could equip each character with a different skill set to use in combat. I also appreciated the fact that the sweeter or more "sexy" the illustration on these cards were, the better the power-up you got from them was. And with over 800 cards to choose from, you can be sure that there is enough variety to pick from. The same can be said from our girls, which we have more than 30 to choose from, so plenty of "best girl" to be had here too. ;)


    The gameplay is kind of like an arena shooter but from a third-person perspective, pitting teams of five girls (sometimes less) against each other. Performing "squirmy finishes" on the characters to "humiliate" them after reducing their HP to zero never became stale for me. There's so much magic displayed on-screen while performing these. :awesome: Playing against the computer can be kind of a chore. And here's where the game kind of suffers. Despite the cool mechanics and variations in place, the AI is extremely basic, and most combats devolve into who can spam the best skill cards faster. Granted, it's not always this way, but some of the combats can feel messy at times. A more advanced AI, and being able to assign orders to your AI teammates would probably come in great. Graphically speaking, the game looks good with an abundance of bright colors, "smooth shapes", and mostly simple geometry in the levels. It's all cel-shaded but it works well and looks nice. Boobs and butts physics are displayed in the most pleasant of ways, and I have nothing but the utmost respect by the man in charge of doing these. One thing, though, is that the game kinda slows down a little when there's a lot of action going on the screen. And when I mean a lot of action, I mean everyone spawning giant ass power-ups left and right at the same time. The music is pretty cool too, with upbeat tones for the many water gun battles, and overall, pretty cheery I'd say. It manages to get you pumped to get those swimsuits flying on screen. Needless to say, but there's plenty of customization options for your girls too. With a veritable selection of swimsuits and outfits to choose from, you can be sure that the inner pervert in you will be more than happy in this department. Accessories can be heavily edited too, so that you can make sure everything "fits in" just right. :)


    I'd have probably appreciated a bit more variety with the stages you fight in. There are only 10 in the game, and at least 3-4 of them went underused, by only showing up on very weird occasions. The trophies are super easy and can be obtained fairly quickly. Finish the main story, lots of upgrading, and the rest of them are mostly for using the many gameplay elements involved in the game. Upgrading is the only part I'd call grindy, and even then, it goes down pretty fast. And with all that juicy action going on the screen, you'll hardly care about it anyways.


    So, TL;DR, it's SUUUper Fun!!! Highly recommended to all of you anime fans and cultured gentlemen out there. It won't disappoint. <3


    But enough of that. It's now time for the MAIN EVENT of this status update, in which I, HH, go on and rave about out who is best girl. :awesome: Now now, believe me when I tell you that it was a tough decision to make. Lots of runner-ups that didn't make it, but while playing, I was able to come up with a Top-10 of my own. And here it is, for you. If you need to call the FBI, here's the phone number. Enjoy! ^_^




    Oh yeah, that's my stuff. All of the girls on this list had a combination of factors that I found appealing. Be it their voices, personalities, "assets", body figure, face, et cetera, et cetera. There's a multitude of characteristics involved here. Of course, the first one was an obvious pick at first glance. I guess you could say I played the most of the game with her, but yeah, all others are just as good. I even went an took advantage of the Diorama Mode (which is pretty cool in its own right) to set up some sweet pictures of my top girls donning the swimsuits and costumes I picked for them. You can see those below, with some extra pictures in the spoilers for your viewing enjoyment. :wub:



























    And a few extra trophy screenshots that I though were kind of funny. xD








    My Platinum screenshots, which cannot be used to prove I was doing anything naughty. :P


    For those of you who've played the game, I want to know who was your best girl. Be sure to let me know in the comments. B)

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! That game was a blast. And it's nice to see some fellow Hikage lovers here. Lol. She's awesome. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Damn, all those HIkage fans here. I never expected this many. I'm going to disappoint you guys, but she wasn't in my runner-up group either. :P She's still a great girl, though. :awesome:


      Thanks for the comments here. :)



      No kidding! xxD



      Lol, good question. There is one, but I feel it gets completely relegated with everything else on the screen. So, you end up with "plots" like these instead. xD



      Or like this.



      Or even this.



      All I know is that stuff happened there. Very wild stuff, indeed. ;)


      @Masamune Thanks. Seriously try it out, you won't be disappointed after splashing Hikage with your water gun of choice. :awesome: Kudos to you for mentioning Homura and Mirai there too. x3



      Excellent choices there. I see we're pretty much on the same wavelength as to who the best girls are. That Mirai in small letters, though. x3 Having so many different girls to pick from sure makes it very difficult to choose an actual favorite. They all felt like "best girl" material to me. =3



      Haha, thanks. Always happy to bring culture to the masses. 😂


    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  8. Ehhh... I didn't enjoy that one that much. Great opening, the first couple of episodes were okay, then it got a tad bit boring, then it got good again with that flashback with the MC and Zero Two, then it got aimlessly boring again, then it caught on with a super exposition on episodes 18-19, and then shit hit the fan on episode 20, and it all went downhill for me after that point. I don't know... Probably that meme above is already spoiling things a lot, but the 4 final episodes feel as if they crammed an entire second arc of the story into those. Crazy and rushed, to say the least. I thought it was okay in the end. 😅 On a side note here, damn, I need to get back to anime. It's been months, I think, since I last watched anything. I'm supposed to finish Nanoha at some point.
  9. [Batman Arkham Origins] I started to play this game this past weekend but got hit with a major roadblock right after starting. So, the idea was to tackle the MP trophies first, since the servers are still operational despite that shutdown notice of years ago. For this task, I had the help of my great friends @cr1s and @CypherNova139. Between the 3 of us, we had enough consoles and alternate accounts to do the 8-player trophies. What happened?


    Well, after struggling for about 2 hours to connect to the servers (because we were getting randomly kicked every single time), we were able to start a match. Our target trophies were Predator Paragon and Know Thy Enemy from the very start. Unfortunately, we were at them for around 8 hours during this weekend and no matter what we tried, none of the trophies ended up popping. We tried every possible takedown combination in the game, every possible list online, every recommendation as to which takedowns to perform and which ones not. We even repeated a couple of YouTube videos on their sequences and nope...no trophy. We also tried @Copanele's recommendation that appears on the guide of this same site. Nope, that didn't work either. Any idea what could be wrong here? We read that the trophies were kind of glitchy but we never expected them to be THIS glitchy.


    I'd like to know if anyone else has faced this same problem. So, did the servers grow worse? Did our connection make it worse? Or was it anything in particular that we weren't performing right? In the end, we all agreed that the damn game was cursed and proceeded to nuke its existence from our minds but I still want to know. xD



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    2. Deceptrox


      You played on private? That's the answer. I was going to comment again suggesting that but I either forgot or supposed you already know that.


      Public matches are required those trophies. However you can earn the xp related trophies on private. I'm not sure, but I think you can get the trophy that required you to win with every faction on every map on private as well.

    3. Honor_Hand



      Yeah, I played in private matches. Are you sure about that there? I think even the guide here mentions that all of the trophies can be done in private matches.


      Although, I'm noticing that there seems to be a lot of conflicting information online about it. :hmm:

    4. Deceptrox


      It's been a long while since I earned the trophies, all I can say is that you can earn the xp related trophies and the "Tales of Gotham" (if I recall correctly) trophy playing on private.

  10. It's been a while since I last posted here. A very big thanks to all of you who have kept this thread alive despite me pretty much forgetting about it. 😅 I very rarely post in the forum nowadays and what very few I post are mostly status updates. Anyways, on with the thread. Here's a couple of songs from one of my favorite mahou shoujo series out there: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya. I've been listening to these recently, so I thought it'd be nice to share them here. They are the openings of the first and fourth seasons, respectively. My favorite songs for my favorite seasons. How fitting. Here's hoping we can get a fifth season animated at some point.
  11. Platinum #122 + 100%: Battlefield 4 (PS3)


    "Gear up, soldier. We're up against one buggy skirmish."


    I like modern shooters to a certain degree, and some of the older Battlefield games were enjoyable for me in the past. Even though I still haven't completed Bad Company 2, I thought the characters were well-fleshed out, had likable personalities, and their banter during missions was great to hear. The missions had the right length and, overall, the game as a whole felt "complete." That's all changed in BF4 for what I can only describe as a rushed, half-baked experience. Now, don't get me wrong, the multiplayer plays great and is definitely the game's strong point. However, I mostly play these games for the SP campaigns and, well, they're a part of the whole product too. For all the good things BF4 does great in the MP, it does terribly bad on the SP. Let's get the good obvious things out of the way first. There are a lot of weapons to shoot and master. They have great feedback and that feeling you get from shooting any of them is simply great. I mean, I know zero about the real thing, but in the game, it all felt great. For my playthroughs, I mostly favored shotguns for tight spaces, and LMGs and Sniper Rifles for open spaces. Shotguns, in particular, are ridiculously overpowered. I remember people frequently banning them in servers when playing online, and for good reasons. No one can stop you with one of these. My favorite was the SPAS-12. Now, for picking up folks from very far away, I favored either the QBB-95-1 LMG (excellent accuracy for an LMG) and the FY-JS (I found this one worked best for me). Any DMR or semi-automatic weapon works wonders at picking up targets from very far away. The weapon that truly takes the cake over everything else, in the campaign at least, is the M32 MGL. Can't hit that well-covered target? Is it too far away? Too many people? Who cares! Blow them all up! Anyways, there's plenty of weapons and gadgets to use, so you can be sure you'll find something to your liking.


    Continuing on with what's good about the game, I'd say the graphics. Even though I'm sure the PS4 version looks better, what's here on PS3 actually looks pretty good for the time. Lots of reflections and particle effects, detailed faces, high poly-count models. Pretty impressive stuff. Unfortunately, this game feels as if it was rushed during release. The MP works great and I only had one minor glitch associated with one gadget that would send me to "Glitch Heaven" occasionally, but other than that, it worked well. The campaign, however, is an absolute mess. For starters, the story itself feels cut and with events missing in-between. The story is about some sort of superpower conflict between the USA and China (which I know is pretty much every military guy's wet dream) and even though there are semblances of an actually engaging tale to be told, it all feels very disjointed. The characters were appropriate, and their delivery was spot-on (Irish seems like a really likable guy, always trying to do the right thing). With only 7 missions to play (2 of them being very short), the campaign is done very quickly. Outside of that, the SP is plagued with an absolutely ridiculous amount of bugs and glitches. Some weird texture warping when using scoped weapons in Baku, falling through the elevator in Shangai and ending up in "Glitch Hell", prompts no appearing at certain points, your partners getting stuck in place and no moving forward to progress the story, a lot of "ghost" civilians running through things in Shangai, the player becoming a "ghost" himself and falling through the floor and things, et cetera, et cetera. The list goes on and on. Perhaps the 2 most egregious bugs are: first, the fact that the game can wipe your whole SP progress out of the blue for no reason; and second, dying during that part of the mission in Shangai when you have to protect a VIP to board a helicopter will guarantee a permanent black screen the next time you load your game with a 100% success rate. What happened here?! No one checked this shit before it got published? It's clearly not finished. I honestly feel bad for those who paid the full price of the game when it got released back in the day. :|


    Moving on to the trophies, the glitches continue here. Many of the collectible trophies pop way early than they're supposed to. This is due to the fact that you can pick the weapon from the enemies during play, but still. The difficulty-related trophies also glitched on me. I did the first playthrough on normal and even though I got one of the trophies for the three different endings, there were no trophies for beating the game on normal or easy. Repeated the last mission 2 more times for the different endings and got the corresponding trophies, but nothing for the difficulty-related ones. After reading online that I had to play Baku again (the very first mission), I proceeded to do so to look for some collectibles and only then one of the trophies popped. After clearing the game on hard again, the remaining trophies popped. Also, you may want to play on hard from the get-go because the game is an absolute cakewalk. For the online trophies, well, I don't have much to say because I boosted the entire thing with my buddy @cr1s. We rented a server, used our alts, and overall had a great time going for the achievements in a completely controlled environment. Great times here. I understand some of these achievements must be pretty hard when playing normally but hey... :awesome:


    So, there you have it. TL;DR version: A good, solid foundation of a game with some great weapons to use, but with a poorly-developed and rushed campaign. Multiplayer works great, though, if that's your thing. :)

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Rewemarkt66


      i never boost until theres like 1 trophy left for plat and i repeatly just dont get any progress at all(BF BC2's 20 destruction kills for example) and the obvious ones where you need another player. otherwise i try it all alone


    4. Honor_Hand


      Thanks for the congrats, guys! :wave:



      Yes, the game is very well-known for being quite glitchy. I'm sorry to hear that the game wiped your progress that many times. You have pretty good reasons to be pissed at it. I knew in advance of the glitch because it had happened to my fiancée at least once, so, I came prepared and backed up my progress to a USB drive every time I finished playing.


      @Froopy the Temmie

      Thanks! Yeah, tell me about it. It's especially frustrating when things don't work in your favor and have to wait hours to get them, until you get a good team or something. :P



      Thanks. Haha, I think that's my case too for most online shooters lol. xD



      Excellent deal you got there. And yeah, the guys in Bad Company had a lot more personality. I found that appealing in that game. I haven't tried Hardline yet, but I'll get to it at some point.



      Interesting. I did play online at all times, so I am wondering if that contributed to it in some way. :hmm: At any rate, the game's MP worked very well. It was mostly the SP I had a lot of problems with. I don't know. Not sure if they messed up the game in later patches or if the game was just unfinished, but it did feel pretty rough around the edges to me. I can see why downloading patches can be a problem for you with a 12 GB HDD, though. 😅


      Playing online is where I can see people getting the most fun. My fiancéé played normally and got the Platinum online legit. It's very much possible. I, however, don't have that much patience with the online multiplayer of many games, lol. It's just not my stuff. And my internet is bad, I get constant lag spikes no matter the hour of the day or what game I'm playing, so I just prefer to boost those and be done with them. I remember that trophy in Obliteration was probably the hardest because, well, delivering 5 games in a populated server is quite tough. As soon as you pick the bomb, you can be sure everyone else is going to be hunting you down. xD


      Now, I definitely recommend the other games in the franchise if you're up for having a nice MP experience online. There's a lot of gadgets and weapons to experiment with, and the matches can get pretty intense if the teams are well-balanced. I did play my fair share of normal matches in Bad Company 2 back then and it was fun. Never completed the online, though. I have to get back to that one and finish it. :P But yeah, you should check out the other games in the series if you have the chance.



      I can imagine the PS4 version being probably more stable. :hmm: At that time, the console was coming out and EA probably focused on the development of that one over the PS3 version. I see the collectibles popping up early is common for everyone, lol. xD


      Now, that's an interesting conclusion you've got there. And it may be true, who knows. What I see is that the save data deletion was common for everyone, even on PS4, Xbox and PC. In my case, though, I did the whole MP first, all DLC included, and then did the SP last for the Platinum. My fiancée, however, she started the MP and played the SP on the side at the same time. And, at some point in the middle of that, her SP progress got deleted when she was close to obtaining the Platinum. I think she only had a few collectibles left to obtain.


      I used to be like that too, now I just boost everything online for the most part. :P That 20 destruction kills in BC2 is a tough one. It takes a lot of luck to kill someone by demolishing a building. And you have to do it 20 times there, if I remember right. Yeah, that's not for me. xxD



  12. As promised, here's a status update to show off all the Neko cuties that have become part of my collection over the last few months.




    From left to right, they are:

    • Nagi Sanzenin from Hayate no Gotoku! Made by Orca Toys, released on a 1/6 scale in 2017.
    • Wearing black in the background, Sasara Kusugawa from To Heart 2. Made by Orca Toys as well, released on a 1/7 scale in 2014.
    • With the yellow beach ball, Tomomi Aizawa from Pia♥Carrot e Youkoso!! 2. Manufactured by Clayz in an impressive 1/5 scale in 2010. Ultra rare, made out of cold cast.
    • The giant kitty in the background with a bell on her neck, Tatenashi Sarashiki from Infinite Stratos. Manufactured by FREEing in an awe-inspiring 1/4 scale in 2015.
    • Needs no introduction xxD, Felicia from Darkstalkers. Manufactured by Organic in 2007. No scale, but she's somewhere around the 1/6 and 1/7 realm. I love to finally be able to have her after all these years.
    • And the two clashing boobs in the background, Neko Mimi Maids, a set of original characters drawn by Tony Taka and Takeshi Miyagawa. Manufactured by Clayz on a 1/6 scale and released in 2010.

    A few extra pictures:









    I've been taking and editing some pictures on them over the last few days. At least, of Felicia and Tomomi, I have a very good selection of photos that I've uploaded to my MFC profile. The others, well, they will be edited and improved upon once I find the time and mood to do so. I haven't added much to the collection over the last few months. I bought two cheap figures from AmiAmi almost 10 days ago, but due to the pandemic situation and the reduction of assignments on my online work, I've decided to reduce on them a little. I'm currently pondering if I should go ahead and cancel the pre-order I did last year of this particular figure. I wouldn't like to, but we'll see.


    Hoo hoo hoo, one thing that has caught my attention has a cultured man that loves to do cultured things are dakimakuras. :awesome: I've gotten a few of them recently, and let me tell you they are eye candy at its finest and the perfect companion to snuggle with in bed. 👌 Even my fiancée loves them. Weird, I know. But who am I to complain? But enough of that, I'll probably show and tell more of them once I have a few more in my collection. In the meantime, that's what I've been up to. ^_^


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    2. Honor_Hand


      @Froopy the Temmie

      Thanks! ^_^


      No figure whatsoever, unfortunately, not even a sticker. xP There are some cool Etna and Prinny figures, though. :hmm: But that's about it.

    3. Sigma999


      Neko girls goodness 😍

      What a beautiful set of figurines to display 😊

    4. Honor_Hand



      Lots of nekolicious goodness to be had. ;)


      Thanks for the comment, and for the follow too. I've followed you back. ^_^


  13. Aside from the ones other members above have mentioned, a few come to mind: Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Test Drive Unlimited 2 (although this one has had bugged servers forever, not sure if they are defunct already) Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine SEGA Rally Online Arcade Mayhem 3D Nail'd (I think this one has some server issues too) Crazy Taxi Blood Drive Superstars V8 Racing (I think it has a sequel too...) Anarchy Rush Hour (It's a piece of crap...) Pure And I guess even the CARS movie games count too.
  14. This ↑ all the way lol 😂 But really, it looks okay, design-wise. It'd probably feel great once we have it in our hands. The only thing that is holding it back, in my opinion, is that color scheme. Nothing against the white color in electronics, but the way how they decided to lay the color on the controller doesn't look nice. That same design on an all-black controller with appropriately colored face buttons would look much better.
  15. Damn, now I know what I'm going to be dealing with. I haven't made much progress with StrikerS yet, but I'm intending to watch the full series, so unavoidably I'm going to be landing on Vivid too. I've read and heard about the many problems of this series online and, well, guess this pretty much confirms it. And even more characters? There were a ton of them added already on StrikerS. 😰 Anyways, thanks for the warning!