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  1. Hace un par de meses le compre a mi esposa un DVD que traia una compilacion de 5 juegos de la serie (Commandos - Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos - Beyond The Call of Duty, Commandos 2 - Men of Courage, Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin y Commandos Strike Force). Este mismo de aqui. Me lo he conseguido en el mercado libre local por tan solo $6-7 USD. El problema fue hacer que el juego funcionara en su laptop con Windows 10. El Strike Force no hubo problemas y los 3 primeros solo requerieron un fix menor en unos archivos para que funcionara pero el Commandos 3 fue un sendo problema hacerlo funcionar. En el transcurso de mi investigacion para hacer correr el juego, me parece haber encontrado una conversacion en los foros de Steam que la version de alli tambien tiene problemas para funcionar en equipos con Windows 8 y 10. Te lo comento para que estes pendiente. 😅 Oh, I see older JRPGs are kind of short then. Lol I finished my first playthrough of Tales of Symphonia a couple of weeks ago and it took me like 60 hours. Then again, that's me just talking with all the NPCs and their dogs and just wasting time in general. I just checked for the price of a Secret of Mana SNES cartridge on eBay and, you're right, it is not that expensive. Around $20-35 sounds about right for the game. Edit; Damn! Out of rep points again...
  2. Soooo... ¿Asi es como el pibe Andres suena en Español? No te preocupes por el acento lol Me parecio interesante escuchar los comentarios tuyos y de tu amigo al final del juego. Puntos extra por haber recordado a Commandos 2 como un excelente juego de su epoca. Yo no lo juegue tanto pero mi esposa si que es super fanatica del mismo ja ja ja Now, 28 hours for the Platinum sounds pretty short by JRPG standards. I understand the game is an action RPG but it still sounds awfully short. How much time did you guys take on completing the main storyline? Even so, multiplayer action RPGs aren't really that common, so I guess that for that reason alone it is a game worth experiencing. Never had a chance to play this one on the SNES. It's good that we get the chance to play a revamped version of it with a more reasonable price tag (because I am pretty sure the original cartridge of that game may be worth its weight on gold lol).
  3. Oh well, if it wasn't for that Dedication trophy, it sure sounds like possible in the next 2 months. I will be staying away from the online in this one... I may actually do the single player trophies just for fun at some point though. Thanks for the heads up OP. 👍
  4. The music in this game is pretty much half of the amazing experience it delivers. Not only is it able to make you feel sympathetic or sad towards the quadrangles you're interacting with, but it is also able to evoke a whole number of feelings related to the different situations that are being played on screen. Truly an outstanding work. This track, aptly titled "Freedom", is my favorite in the game and the one that plays during the final stages.
  5. Let's have some fun with numbers again. On June 2nd (almost 45 days ago) I made a Status update about the price of a PS4 Pro in my country and challenged you to try to figure out the price of it in your currency. The price of it back then was Bs. 127x10^7 (I will be doing local prices in scientific notation from now on just for shits and giggles...).


    The new price today is:



    That's almost double what it was before. Kind of a slow raiser since I was thinking that it should have tripled by now :o The seller is still asking between $600-650 USD in cash for it.


    Anyways, my challenge is as follows:

    - If I was a regular worker earning minimum wage in this country, how much time would I require to save up enough money as to buy that console? (Ignore the effects of inflation for this exercise. Feel free to express your answer in years, decades or centuries if necessary).


    Just as before, you're free to scourge every nook and cranny of the internet for an answer. Looking forward to hearing some interesting replies again. 🙃

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    2. Ezio Auditore

      Ezio Auditore

      @PooPooBlast you're turning 2,49 into 2,4 meaning you need an extra 90 months to that total, so 207 years and six months, provided that 1M BS wage is correct.


      Also, BS is also an acronym for BullShit, which a PS4 asking price of a 207.5 year minimum wage salary definitely is.


      Bs seems to be the Venezuelan Bolívar... 1M Bs should only be just over seven Euros according to Google so that seems like a weird minimum wage unless none of the products being sold in the country are adjusted for inflation.


      It seems to be correct though. Jeebus Krist that's messed up.


    3. PooPooBlast


      ^ yea I saw my mistake after posting it but I was too lazy to correct it. 


      In the grand scheme of all things, I'm sure 7 years won't matter when you're dead 100 years before xD


    4. Honor_Hand


      Alright...looks like no one else will be participating here. Great job on your calculations guys, those numbers would have been correct a couple of weeks ago. Since June 20th, the official minimum wage sits at Bs. 5.196x10^6. Take in mind though, that roughly 38% of that income are food stamps that can be only used for, yeah you guessed it right, food. Which means we are only left with 3x10^6 in actual money we can use for something else. 


      2.49x10^9 / 3x10^6 = 830 months/12 = 69.16 years


      So yeah, almost 70 years/7 decades/0,7 centuries worth of saving (and without any other expenditures) for a regular worker to get a PS4. If we factor in our exponential inflation rate, then it is very obvious that is is an impossible battle for most people here.


      A couple of sources:

      - https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anexo:Salario_mínimo_en_Venezuela

      - https://tradingeconomics.com/venezuela/minimum-wages


      I always find funny that Bs. stands for Bolivares (our local currency), but it may as well be called BullShit because of how insignificant is the value that holds. Yeah, the minimum wage here is, as of this post, $0.89 a month. A good college degree could probably boost that to $5-15 depending on where you land. And yes, a brand new PS4 Pro does cost $600-650 USD.


      Anyways, thanks @PooPooBlast and @Ezio Auditore for participating and dropping some comments. I do appreciate having someone to talk about this. ^_^


      And lol @PooPooBlast you're right, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter if you are already dead by the time you have enough xD

  6. Since my previous copy of the game didn't want to work, I bought this one last week. Paid Bs. 21.5x10^5 for it... That is roughly $7.50 in a more normal currency. Shipping was free because the seller was nearby and was kind enough to do the local delivery himself without any extra cost. Very nice of him. This copy worked fine and I was able to start the game yesterday. This disc is in perfect condition, no scratches. The cover is a little banged up though. I am still baffled that my previous copy didn't work out as the disc was in pretty good condition as well. Oh well Problem solved, I guess
  7. Location: My bedroom. I either sit on the border of my bed or just lay on it against a wall with some pillows. If I'm doing something difficult in the game, I prefer to sit in order to focus more on what I'm doing. If I'm doing some other menial grinding task on the game, I rather just lay in all sorts of positions on my bed until the chore is over. For Vita or handheld play, it could be either on my bedroom just laying on my bed or, on my living room's work desk, sitting on a nice executive chair while working. Clothing: None, I play naked... Just kidding! T-shirt or a sleeveless shirt and shorts for me. If it gets too hot, I either turn on the A/C or remove my shirt Friends or solo play: Solo play for the most part. My wife usually accompanies me while playing but, yeah, no local friends. PSN Messages? I rarely look for conversations with someone else but I'm always open to being contacted to do small talk and whatnot with my online friends. Grind or sail through story? I focus first on finishing the game without too much care on trophies or grinding at first. After that's done, then the hunt begins. Snacks: No snacks whatsoever. I prefer to keep my controls, consoles, and games in clean condition. Food is too expensive in my country anyways... >.> Beverages: Same as before <.< I do drink one or more glasses of water when I'm feeling thirsty though... So yeah, that's it for me
  8. Germany sure likes to ban stuff, don't they? ^^
  9. Wow, I think I got the anime fever (and a lot of downtime at work too) because I just finished Kanon (2006) yesterday after starting it on Sunday night. That's 24 episodes in less than 5 days O.O and I'm already halfway through C³. That's too quick for me lol Had an exceptionally good time with this anime. Coming from Key's visual studio, it wasn't much of a surprise to me as I have come to expect great pieces from them. I understand not everyone may be into Key's brand of drama fests with overly cute girls, but I certainly am. Is it as tear-inducing as Clannad was? No, no it isn't. It does provide a number of heart-touching moments and revelations on each of the girl's arc but it never goes into full-tear-jerking mode as like the 2nd season of Clannad. I also found the protagonist to be very likable. Sure, he is your generic male lead that will go out of his way every single time to help the girls but he does that with a laid-back personality that I found to be interesting. Amnesia plays a huge role on the story for most of the characters and while it can certainly sound extremely cliched for any drama show out there, it is certainly played out extremely well here. The series starts out slowly as we get to know each of the girls but things start to get interesting as each of the arc's start developing independently from each other after a good setup on the first episodes. The series is not all drama, of course, just like Key other's works, there is a good portion of romance and comedy, as well as a slight touch of supernatural events to spice things up all through the show. The art and animation for its time are also pretty good. I had a weird issue with how the eyes of the characters (both male and female) were drawn on this series at first but that feeling quickly got away after the third episode or so. The music was pretty good. While the OP is just alright, I did like the ED a lot. I also thought most of the music used through the series was very fitting for all the moments that were played, and the leitmotifs for the 5 girls were just great (Mai, in particular, was awesome ). If you like heart-touching stories, then look no further because Kanon (2006) plays all of its cards very well in order to deliver a very enjoyable and memorable experience overall. If you can't tolerate insanely cute characters or are in the need for action or some hotter moments, then you better stay away. Expect something on C³ now as I am about to finish with that one soon ^^
  10. Platinum #84 - Ratchet & Clank (PS3)



    Except for the 1 million bolts trophy (which was excessive, to say the least), I had a pretty good time with this game. First time I ever play a Ratchet & Clank game and I really liked both the multiple creative gadgets, the colorful planets and characters you meet, and how enjoyable in general the game is to play. I also took a weird liking to watch hundreds of bolts coming onto me whenever I destroyed large groups of enemies or crates, I don't know... There is a weird gratifying feeling I get from it.


    I immediately started with the second one after finishing this. It is going to be fun to play alongside other bigger projects ^^

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    2. Spyro
    3. DamagingRob
    4. Honor_Hand


      Yay! Many thanks, everyone! :D


      @TNekke There is only one that was made for the PS4, right? It'd be cool if they continued with future titles in the series. I'm so far enjoying this PS2 titles a lot, cannot wait until I get to the ones that came out on PS3 :)


      @DurandalThat actually sounds like a fun idea lol xD

  11. We can both agree that it would be nice if Nintendo implemented some sort of global achievement system on their console.
  12. Ahhh..the first and last Mario Tennis game I played was eh, Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 and IT WAS AWESOME!!! Super simple and no powerups (on normal matches) like the later entries in the series but I loved it. Probably one of the few Tennis games I have loved alongside Virtua Tennis from SEGA. I think I prefer them the most arcadey they are. Now, I don't think that the lack of achievements should hurt the enjoyment of a videogame per se but I do have to admit that their presence creates a nice incentive for playing any game to completion or to simply play any game with a set of outlined objectives in the back of your mind. Nintendo has sometimes implemented this rewards/achievements via in-game on a number of titles, not sure if this one has them but I can understand why the lack of a more global achievement system on the system can impact your lasting appeal of the game. It's pretty much like HD on games nowdays, right? Surely you can still enjoy an old game without them and we didn't need them back then but them being an standard nowadays make it hard for you to jump back in that regards. Same thing with trophies/achievements. Maybe if the game had more single player content or more unlockables to work for, you could feel that you got your money's worth on it. Right?
  13. Hey there, welcome back! Cool that you managed to get yourself a PS4 slim to be back into Sony's gaming side Have a good time around here and hope you get to know many of the cool folks that inhabit this small corner of the internet. Later!
  14. Hey! Welcome back to the site. Although my profile may say otherwise (Joined on October, 2012), I have only been active here for the last couple of months, so I'm what you would call a new face in the forums. It's a pleasure to meet you. I can see that you're pretty skilled at making signatures. Just checked the link on your signature and saw the amazing work you did in the past on another thread. Pretty impressive stuff. Good luck on finding a good, well-paid job in real life soon. Time to put all that college knowledge to proper use See ya around!
  15. Hello. Welcome to the site. Lol I have never played any FF game. For whatever reason, I have never felt particularly attracted to the series. Not that I think that the games are bad or anything, it is just that I keep postponing them time and time and again. I actually do have the whole FF XIII series on my PS3... Guess I will need to put my hands on it and play them at some point ha ha ha Anyways, I hope you enjoy your time around here.