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  1. [Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon] Finished this one a little while ago. Not 100% yet but I feel compelled to make an update about it. If you like retro-inspired action-adventure of games, then this one is definitely worth checking out. This is Castlevania 3 without the Castlevania license and a more lax difficulty level. While there is stuff like being knocked back into bottomless pits, enemies with wavy fly patterns and a somewhat limited set of movement. The difficulty has been toned way down, making for a much more pleasant experience that's still rewarding to beat.


    Going through Nightmare mode at the moment and having a good time. The music is pretty catchy too ^_^ I'm a bit stuck with the boss on Stage 6 but I'll figure out eventually how to beat her xD

    1. ee28max


      A hard difficulty playthrough with some good music and a boss sounds fun :) Remembering the games I played they only used those loud sound effects representing a boss fight which made them harder.  


      Good luck B) 

    2. Honor_Hand


      Haha, I know exactly what you are talking about. Bosses have this very loud 8-bit sound effects on their attacks, growls, and movement. Feels old but nostalgic at the same time.


      Thanks :)

  2. Got to admit, I really, really liked the format you used to talk about FF XIII up there. Very personal, interesting, fun to read and straight to the point with all the relevant info anyone may need. You also have a lot of games to play on all consoles, cheers for that. Will be looking to read about your future journeys and experiences here Also, welcome to the Checklist section of the site. I'm your friendly neighbor that also happens to have a checklist that he updates once every blue moon lol Kaiser was right... That thing totally looks like a Mecha-Bulbasaur of sorts o.O
  3. Started around 2011 with a PS3. I was always more of a Nintendo/PC gamer back in the day even though I've always loved to collect for any system but the PS3 was my first Sony console. I'm not a hardcore trophy hunter but I get plenty of games around that time to fulfill my hobby. Nowadays, things are much tougher and only recently I managed to get both a Vita and PS4 late last year so, the bulk of my collection and trophies I have, reside mostly on the PS3.
  4. If the character has a name the developers intend for it, I go with that one. If there is no such option and a random button is present, I go for that one. If none of the previous options are present and I have to input a name of my creation, I go with [insert HH´s real name here] as my option. Curiously though, my real name can easily be used for both male and female characters alike and fits perfectly.
  5. Yep, your account is shared between all your Sony consoles. Anything you do on your PS3, PS4 or PS Vita can be synced into your account. There are many great games on PS3 and they are considerably cheap nowadays so you have quite a library of games to choose from. Be mindful though, that some early PS3 games don't have trophies. Some of those titles got patched with trophy support but not all of them. It's only a small portion of early titles and you will find that most of them come with trophies. Also, as people mentioned above, be careful with some of the online trophies since servers for many games have been going offline as of lately. There is also a very small selection of games that have hackers that could auto-pop trophies while you are online and that could potentially ruin your profile as per the rules site. Other than that, enjoy the treasure trove of games that you will find there. If anything, stick with single player games and game on
  6. Hey there. Hopefully, I'm not too late here. 😅 I personally got a Logitech G27 at the beginning of 2018 with the express purpose of getting the Platinum on GT5. Let me tell you, it definitely makes achieving a good time easier as I have been using it for fun on GT6 (which I already completed time ago) and noticed I was able to shave precious seconds and milliseconds from many events. It also makes playing other racing games much cooler. I got my Logitech G27 used and paid around $94 bucks for it. The wheel came in its original packaging in very good condition, complete with manual, PC drivers and whatnot. One minor detail on the leather that is on the shift stick but nothing major. For whatever reason, the original owner painted the metal parts at the center of the on black. I normally don't like recoloring products but the paint job was properly done and it actually makes the wheel looks better. Performance wise, it feels great. The force feedback is appropriate and both the sensitivity on the wheel itself and shifter feels great. The pedals, however, are more of a hit and miss for me. Both the accelerator and clutch feel appropriate but the brake pedal is exceptionally hard. Like, I haven't driven any vehicle in real life that has such a hard brake pedal lol. It does require a bit of force in order to brake properly. This section worked great when I got the wheel, but after a year or so of use, I've noticed the brake pedal sometimes very, very slightly presses itself. Barely noticeable and the brake is not being fully pressed but it does reduce my overall speed sometimes if I don't pump it up. It may be dust or something else trapped inside but I haven't had the chance to check it. The paddle shifters and all the other buttons work great too. Other than that, it feels great. Very satisfied with it. I have heard many great things about the Thrustmaster wheels but I have also heard they are prone to overheat, and considering the much higher price point they have compared to the Logitech wheels, that's what turned me away from them. One thing to have in mind is that the Logitech G27 is not compatible by default with the PS4. Only works on PS3 and PC I believe. There are ways to make it compatible with PS4 and other devices but you will have to do some extra research on that. The G29 is compatible with the PS4, PS3, and PC but it doesn't come with the shift stick by default and carries a higher price tag than the old G27. So, yeah... I personally went for the G27 because I needed to save on the money and didn't want to pay more for the shift stick Good luck man. If you need any other info, I'll be more than happy to provide
  7. Normally, I don't like to watch other people fail but I did read this news article with a smirk on my face. To think this company was responsible for some of my favorite childhood games. They sure have changed a lot throughout the years. I want the old Electronic Arts back. 😅
  8. Yeah, this is an old rumor. If some folks want to go the digital-only route, well, that's fine. It's their decision. Me personally? I'd rather own my games and regardless of the price this console comes out on the market, I'd most likely end up skipping it instead and pay more for one that has the ability to play physical games instead. It's just a better deal to own your games and have a value associated with them in order for you as a consumer to be able to trade, sell, own. It's not that digital doesn't have its place, it has. The problem is that it really isn't a good deal to some of us.
  9. Such a great day today. From now on, there is no one governing the country I live in. Well, not that there was much governing or rule of law to begin with but at least it's official now. Other than that... A normal day. Shit flying everywhere, nothing works and the prices keep going by the minute now. I really don't have much to add than what has already been said to exhaustion everywhere else and it makes this post kind of less exciting. Less exciting in a sense that, you have already seen so much crap already that nothing phases you anymore. Don't know if that is good or bad but I thought it would be interesting to share in this day.



    So yeah #MaduroNoEsMiPresidente , #MaduroIlegitimo and all that good shit. I may as well join even though I'm not on Twitter. :P


    What comes after this? I have no idea honestly. My prediction? Everything will remain the same most likely. 🙃

    1. Bella


      And I thought the situation I was in was bad. Hopefully things work out well for you down there

  10. Alright, now that I'm back to my regular avatar, Christmas is officially over here xD


    Need to pick up all the decorations at home and store them for next year though. Will probably do that on the weekend, yeah... ;-;

    1. PooPooBlast


      Why not have Christmas all year round, all day, every day, all morning, all night for the rest of your life! 


      Wouldn't need to take down the tree and decorations :awesome:




      Keep them up for Halloween boi!


  11. Cero, nada. I don't mind having a lot of scars and failed games on my profile. They remind me of what I've gone through or what I did in the past, even if I didn't play the games at all. Nowadays, I'm more mindful with I install on my profile but I don't give it much thought either. If I complete the game, fine. If it remains with an F rank forever, well, that's fine too lol
  12. Yeah, those old arcade games were pretty much made with only that in mind. I'll follow your recommendation and try those at first when I jump to it. The first game I tried on the hour or so that I played was Commando and boy was it hard. I do have a bit of experience in 1943 (and 1942) from the NES so I will so how much I measure up on those. I'm not good at shmups but maybe I could do something there. It's a shame the whole Capcom Arcade Cabinet doesn't come with a Platinum but it will still be a nice 100% to have or to attempt to have at least lol Haha, you guys are scaring me now I'll see it once I get there.
  13. All those anime from Key Studio JaM mentioned above are totally recommended but they are more on the drama side if that's your thing. Clannad, Little Busters!, Kanon (2006) and Angel Beats! are totally worth checking out. Love them, they are some of my all time favorites They all are pretty good. I wouldn't say they are exactly similar to Toradora though.
  14. Toradora, that's one I enjoyed a lot too. Similar anime that I could recommend to Toradora, hmmm 🤔 - Nisekoi (if you want something that is more comedy) - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (if you want a slight paranormal touch mixed with your girls) - Oreimo (if you want something... interesting) - Gosick (if you want a more serious, private crime investigation take on your tsundere) Yep, that's pretty much what I have at the top of my head now.
  15. Hey, thanks for dropping by I didn't know people would like to sit down a read on my ramblings x3 I feel honored now ^^ I will try to finally update my Hall of Memories this coming Sunday. I think I have procrastinated doing that more than enough lol I personally prefer reading status updates but you are right, feels much more true to what people actually think about the games than any of those review sites. The MRP thread is also a good point to check. I only go there if a friend posts there though. Yeah, most of those old Arcade games are tough as nails. I will probably be trying midway through the year or maybe earlier, I don't know yet. The collection looks pretty well put together but the trophies are definitely on the very hard side. If I make any good progress on it later on the year, I'll be sure to let you know