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  1. One last update before I go to bed. Finally, sit down and took some really good pictures of the figures I've gotten recently. If anyone is interested in checking more, I posted about them on the Figures Thread located here.


    Tons of pictures over there, hopefully, all of them safe enough to be shared in this site. If not, please let me know. 😅 A quick sneak peek of what you can expect to find there on the spoilers below.









    Since they were a lot of pictures, I tried to use the spoiler tag appropriately in the thread. But most often than not, that thing glitches on me and I'm not able to check spoilers. Don't know what's up with that. Can somebody let me know if they stop working so that I can fix them out? Will try to check on them myself but damn, I don't know what's the deal there. 😑


    I'm planning to pick up one last neko cutie tomorrow morning, the last one from this first batch. So expect pictures on that one at some point. After that, I'll be attending the Caracas Comic Con for the whole weekend. Because yes, even destroyed, humanitarian crisis countries like Venezuela also have geek/nerd conventions. >.> I know, mind blown, right? Well, it's something small and humble and it's not for comics only, you can expect to find stuff related to anime, video games and a number of popular nerdy pastimes such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, miniature board games, and other geeky stuff. Will I share pictures of it? I don't know...


    Anyway, looking to do something different, have a good time despite everything and possibly come back home with a few cheap trinkets. Not much because, you know, the main TV needs repairing and whatnot, can't spend too much, or rather I shouldn't spend too much. See you later, PSNP family. Looking forward to reading your comments, as always. ^_^


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    2. PooPooBlast


      Nice! Quite a collection I see! I'm just wondering where do you find the space to put all these?!


      And also I'm just imagining what your wife thinks with some of these figurines being somewhat seductive :P


    3. Honor_Hand


      @ShonenCat Many thanks, Shonen boy. ^^



      Have a number of those DIY shelves that are big enough to hold my current collection so far. That's so far because admittedly, I'm close to reaching maximum capacity. xD  Might need to move stuff here and there. As for my fiancée, she was heavily opposed at them at first but eventually accepted them out. She actually likes some of them now lol. :P

    4. PooPooBlast


      That's awesome to hear man. Hope you enjoy Felicia boy! (Hey that rhymes!)