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  1. *Cues Super Smash Bros. Character Reveal Theme*


    xtwHgDT.jpg  Fr9p8wj.jpg


    Xiao Mei joins the fray!! ^_^

    This is the figure I picked up yesterday. I promise it will be the last one in a while lol 😅


    I also went to the local Comic-Con yesterday and had a good time with my family there. Lots of people attended the event and while it didn't have that many shows or interesting stuff to get, there was definitely a lot of people there for sure. Particularly cosplayers. I always like to see the cosplayers at these conventions. They sure put a lot of love and care in making those costumes and reenacting the characters. A fun, interesting watch for sure. Cannot recognize all of the characters but damn, I try my best. xD Unfortunately, unlike previous years, there was barely any stuff to get at the event or even stores at all. Rough economic times means less and less stuff, I suppose. It's been going down for years now but this one has been the worst so far in terms of merchandise.


    Anyhoo, I managed to get a few small little trinkets just for the fun of it. Can't really spend much either, so it's probably for the better. Will be making a more complete update on it later on. About to go out for the second and final day of the event at any minute now. See you later, PSNP! :D 


    1. ShonenCat


      Sweet new kitty! Be sure to feed her those fish biscuits when her fine tail has earned them well OwO


    2. Honor_Hand


      @ShonenCat You can count on that, Shonen boy. OwO <3