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  1. [GTA Vice City (PS4)] Rockstart should fuck themselves for coming up with the Take The Cannoli trophy in this game. Seriously, 1,000,000 points of criminal rating? That's insane! By the time I got 100%, I had like 4,000 or something and damn, I do like to go on rampages on every occasion. I opted to go for the Stacking-Helicopters-at-the-Hyman-Condo Method because I don't want to be hassled with starting a new game but even then, it's going to be quite the long, boring, mindless-button-pressing grind.


    Check this out. I thought it could be smart and use a macro for it to automate a good deal of the process. Thought my arcade stick could do that but I learned that mine doesn't have a macro function, unfortunately. Found this tool online, who works like a charm on a PC according to the people out there but the problem is that my network (both router and internet connection) is so craptacular that trying to use Remote Play with my PS4 usually ends up in a disconnection every 5 minutes or so. The joys of being poor. >.> Anyways, the macro does work and thought It would be useful to share around. You just need a PC/Laptop, your PS4, the Remote Play App and a decent enough connection for it to work. With this, you can say goodbye to most of the boring grinds out there in videogames.


    As for me, well... Guess I'll just strap some headphones and listen to music while I explode a bazillion helicopters for about 10 hours. :|

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    2. BSKkayfabe


      I just left my System on overnight like a psycho while having my controller pressed against a dresser drawer holding down R2 while using a well known glitch with a garage and a tank. I mean you got it right? Congrats, bask in the light of the pastry gods.

    3. Honor_Hand



      I may have read about that one. I was thinking of maxing out my money with the Cone Crazy mission glitch (currently at $400 million) but I don't know if I'm going to be able to shave 2 more seconds off my current time in that mission. That one method with the choppers and the code that makes them explode is what I'm doing right now. xD


      Damn, that sucks. That's indeed the last story mission in GTA III. You have to rescue Maria from Catalina, you're on a timer and have to fight a bunch of guys from the Colombian gang to get to her there. And yes, you start without all your weapons, so you have to make through with what you find on the way. It actually took me a good number of tries as I kept either running out of time or just showered in bullets. xP



      A well-known glitch with a garage and a tank? Hmmm. :hmm: Don't think I've heard of that one. Gonna give it a look to see if it works for me. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 👍

    4. BSKkayfabe


      @Honor_Hand yeah you use the rhino tank cheat, go to the garage closest to ASUKA's place, park the rhino one the garage door opens half in and half out of the garage, input the weapons 3 cheat a few times (10 or more) to get the gatling gun, input the "blow every car up" cheat, tank should explode. Press the controller against a dresser drawer or counter or a book, anything that holds down the R2 button indefinitely. DO NOT, DO NOT put your console In rest mode, won't count. Leave the console on while you sleep and depending how many points you start with you should have the trophy. Theres a youtube Vid to use as a visual aid - https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=%23&ved=2ahUKEwiT3cLLuczlAhUOCawKHVikCj4QwqsBMAR6BAgEEAQ&usg=AOvVaw0VTJzWxrN8ZFOD4xbU2nov

      I forgot, you need a butt ton of cashito.....just follow the vid you'll get it. Good luck friend. As reference, the cannoli score adds, money earned, bullets fired and people killed. 

      I forgot, you need a butt ton of cashito.....just follow the vid you'll get it. Good luck friend. As reference, the cannoli score adds, money earned, bullets fired and people killed. 

      Ignore that link, its dead. Here's the Video...


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