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  1. Welcome to Naughty Mondays. Because I promised on a previous status update that I would be showing some of the most recent figures to have joined my collection, here I leave you with a small selection of pictures of my 2 newest girls. Mind the spoilers, though, they're there for a reason. I hope they don't glitch out. :) 


    Kobato Hasegawa - Haganai - Max Factory - 1/7












    Cat Lap Milk - Original Character - Native - 1/7













    More pictures on my profile here. Will post on the Figures Thread later on. ^_^


    Lately, I've been really enthusiastic about taking photos of my figures. I find it eerily therapeutic for some reason. Probably because I'm huge pervert. :hmm: The respectful kind, of course. 😅 Anyways, I digress. What I wanted to say is that I've been trying to improve on my photography by getting better lighting, playing with the angles and using The GIMP to do some nifty post-processing of my pictures and spark things up. It works wonders, let me tell you. Even so, I'm mostly working with an average phone. Planning to get a better one next year if things go alright. Also planning to invest in a small tripod and a lightbox for fun, to accompany my figure collecting hobby.


    Any other new figures that join my collection, you can be sure that I'll post about them here. See ya! :D


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    2. Ariadne


      Finally got it. I seriously need to update my media collection... this is going to take a while.

    3. Honor_Hand



      There, added you on MFC. Loving that Sega Saturn and Black Heart figures you have.


      And lol, I also need to fill my Goods section with all of the games I have and laziness has prevented me from doing so. 😅

      Not Goods, Media I meant. Just waking up here. :P

    4. Ariadne


      Wait, games are on there too? When I said media I was mainly referring to music. Speaking of which, I'll have to create entries for some of these albums myself. Some of the more obscure stuff seems to be missing.

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