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  1. Damn, I've been without internet since this last Friday afternoon. Cero, nada, it doesn't work whatsoever. I already checked everything and it's nothing on my end. Funny thing is that it's only me and my most immediate neighbor with this problem. Everyone else in the building is okay. Hopefully, it will get sorted out soon because my income directly depends on it. The technical issue has been reported already but I think I'm going to go out tomorrow and see if I can contract another service provider just in case. They all suck, though. But hey, at least I can have two sucky options to rely on. Beats having nothing. :rolleyes: Anyways, this status was just to let you know that I probably won't be seen around here as much while this gets solved out. Which, in Venezuela's time, could be tomorrow, next week, 5 years from now or never, who knows. Let's see how this gets sorted out. xP


    I've been playing GTA: San Andreas on my gaming front. Man... I know everyone and their mother loves this game but there are some missions here that are truly annoying. Like extremely annoying, and I'm not talking only about "All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ". Oooohhhh no, that's just like the tip of the iceberg. :ninja: Now I remember why this one was my least favorite of the old GTA games. :| It has some stuff that I really, really like but then it does these other things that I really, really hate at the same time. Hoping I can have it completed before this next weekend.


    Have fun gaming out there, see ya around! :3

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    2. Copanele


      @PooPooBlastTHEY MADE THE RC MISSION EASIER???BLASPHEMY! So I had to struggle with those crappy controls and low fuel just for the others to get it all easy and dandy?

      I is sad :( (nah jk glad they fixed that abhorrent mission)

      However that Vice City mission with the mini helicopter and dynamite...jeesus. R* loves to torture us with flying missions.


      Speaking of which ! Do you guys remember the flying mission in San Andreas when you had to sync with a plane that was coming from the opposite side and climb into it, in Las Venturas section? God I retried that mission so many times just because I couldn't catch that animal of a plane with my stupid wheelbarrow with wings. Plane missions ftw

      Edit : Mission is Freefall

    3. Honor_Hand



      Had no idea they made that mission easier on later versions of the game. So it was even more frustrating earlier on? Damn, it's already pretty brutal as it is. On Supply Lines there's barely enough fuel to hit all targets and then you find it that you still have to fly all the way back to where you take off to land the possible worst-controlling RC plane ever.


      Interestingly, that mission with the RC helicopter didn't give me problems. Planting bombs on a construction site was it, right? There was one with another RC plane and having to destroy some Cuban boats on the water. That one gave me headaches. And the one where you have to rescue Lance from Díaz's guys. Those are probably my most annoying missions in Vice City.



      I see a lot of people hated that one but fortunately didn't have trouble with it. I'm going to agree that most of the flying missions were torture, though. xD


      Freefall, that's another one everyone hates. I just did it 2 nights ago. You have to intercept a Shamal (a private jet, which is pretty much the fastest plane in the game) with your Dodo (your single-propeller slow-as-hell plane). I knew that was annoying from the get-go so I already had my trick ready and managed to beat it on my first try this time here. xP But yeah, plane missions are the worst in those GTA games.

    4. PooPooBlast


      Lol feels like we're old men talking about how hard video games are and how we can't finish certain missions :lol:


      And yea they made the missions easier!




      If I remember correctly, rockstar was very happy for implementing airplanes in GTA San Andreas which is why they decided to add the airplane school which were no joke! You get the hydra at the end but I was like fudge it. I :triangle::triangle::square::circle::cross::l1::down::up:that thing xD (I still remember most cheat codes because that's how I rolled :p)