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  1. I'm probably one of the few people out there that thinks the PS5 looks a bit ugly, right? 😅


    I didn't see the showcase right as it was happening because I was busy working, so I'm checking the info on it now as I type this. Major props to Sony for the console's release. Pretty sure it went all right. Can't say I'm stoked about the games shown but the lineup of coming titles looks pretty damn solid, with both new IPs and sequels to well-established franchises. Probably the only titles that caught my attention were the Demon's Souls remake, Gran Turismo 7, and that one game that looks like TLoZ: Breath of the Wild whose name I can't remember right now, but you already know of which one I'm talking about.


    My biggest caveat was with the console's design. I don't know. I just find it ugly. It's asymmetrical, tacky and it really doesn't evoke that future-tech look on me. I really don't like the choice of color either. I hope it eventually comes out in an all-black option. That could probably help it look better to me. There's an All-Digital version of it too. Cool for those who like it. I already have to wait like 1 month for a major PS4 to finish downloading, so yeah, I think I rather go with the one with the disc-drive. The control's design looks great, comfy to hold, solid, and with a bunch of nice features. I still don't like the color scheme, though. The rest of the accessories look pretty good, both from a design opinion and in their functionality for those who need it.


    Now, will I get one at launch? Nope, I never get any console at launch. Am I excited about next-gen? Sort of. New tech is always nice but I don't see much of a jump in differences with the games we have now. Call me old-fashioned, I guess. When I'm going to get a PS5? Hmmm, that's a tough one. Assuming I'm still alive in the next few years, I'd say at any point between late 2022 and mid-2024 would be a good time for me to get one. Of course, it'd depend on its price and my financial situation at that moment.


    So yeah, that's my take on the PS5 release. Great work for Sony on releasing their new hardware. The showcase was good, even if the console's design isn't of my liking. The whole thing is not too exciting for me, but far from bad either. Pretty sure it's going to be much more efficient and powerful than what the PS4 already is. New tech will bring even more impressive looking games and so on. I hope developers make great use of that power to create games that are just fun to play in the end.


    Ooh, before I forget, PS5-chan does look hot. I can certainly dig this look. 👌 xD




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    2. Rally-Vincent---


      @IntroPhenomWell, I don't care about PS+, as I don't like services on principle, and I also dislike multiplayer. And even more so, any game that would interest me as a Plus game, I would have bought earlier anyway. Can you get Plus games via the PS App? If that's possible...

    3. Honor_Hand


      The memes are always the best thing. xD








      Memes aside, there will always be concerns with the launch model of any device. That's why I always think it's better to get a better priced, more ironed out model later on.


      Although, I got to admit, that was easier with Sony's previous consoles, which had rather lackluster launch titles. The PS5 seems to be coming out with some pretty big guns right from the start. That's an amazing lineup of games for the console.


    4. Alderriz