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  1. Awesome news there. It shouldn't be too bad before we can start playing co-op then.
  2. As I promised yesterday, here's the latest figure that joined my collection earlier this week. I had originally pre-ordered this one late last year. After seeing she was being made by a sculptor that I really like and based on the illustration from another artist that I like even more, it was an easy, no-brainer pick for pre-ordering. Simply put, she is a combination of a number of great things that I really love, be it the NONORI cat lingerie, that Alphamax/SkyTube was manufacturing the figure, that AmiAmi actually included a nice wall scroll for the Limited Edition bonus, and well, the fact that she came with a good selection of nice little accessories to mess around with.






    Right off the bat, I'm 100% happy with this purchase. Pre-painted figures have been getting more and more expensive over the years, so it's nice to see one that it is perfectly done, comes with a rather unique base and setup, it's easy and pain-free to cast-off, comes with a plethora of extra little thingies to have fun with, and above all, represents good value for the money invested into it. Very pleased with this one. :wub: All of these pictures were taken with the new Xiaomi phone I got not too long ago in combination with a rather cheap small photo lighting kit that I got from eBay. Both of those things certainly help in improving the quality of the pictures I take in my rather poorly lit apartment. 😅


    You can find some extra naughty pictures in the spoiler below. Just to be safe, I added a few of those infamous Sony censorship beams to two of them in an effort to comply with the rules on this website. x3









    Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. :eyebrow:



    As for the figure-collecting hobby in general, I've been thinking about heading in a new and exciting direction in order to expand the scope of my collection. Don't despair, as I'm still going to be collecting cute/hot anime girls. However, I want to try getting into the Japanese Garage Kit scene and maybe get some of those fan-made models that are so unique. In case you don't know, GKs are basically kits made out of resin for modeling. A good chunk of them are made by fans and circles, and shown at exhibition shows in Japan, like Wonder Festival, Treasure Festa, and so on. Unfortunately, the Japanese GK scene is extremely undermarketed and the likelihood of getting one of these original kits during or after an event is pretty much like catching a shiny Pokémon... Extremely difficulty and infuriating. I know a few places where I can try getting some original kits, but what I've read from other modelers is that they usually get and work with high-quality recasts made by companies in Taiwan and Hong Kong instead, since the Japanese don't appear to be too interested in expanding on that front. Which is a shame, since I've seen so many cool ideas and designs that never get the official PVC treatment. Anyhow, I've seen these companies' work in the past and it's of great quality overall. Some purists figure collectors may hate them due them not being "officialy licensed" or "original enough", but for me, they seem like a blessing. Hell, they even offer some of the kits already assembled and painted every now and then for extra convenience. They are fairly priced as well so, why not? As long as the quality and the workmanship are there, I'm all down for it.


    So, what I'm aiming to do is get some of these kits, build them and paint them myself. Even my fiancée is excited to take part in this new side hobby with me as well, and that's quite an advantage for me as well because she is quite the good painter, unlike me, lol. I've already started purchasing/importing some of the tools and materials that I'm going to need, but I probably won't be seeing anything completed until the first quarter of 2021. If things work out, I'll be happy to continue delving further into the hobby. I may even try and get into modeling a few other things that also catch my attention, like Warhammer 40,000 miniatures or model cars since I also enjoy dark sci-fi and automobiles. We'll see where this goes. =3


    So yeah, that's my update for tonight. I hope you enjoyed reading this far and those sweet kittylicious pictures I posted over. I'll be sure to keep sharing stuff about figiures here whenever something new arises. :)


  3. Adoro la versión completa del banner actual 😍 Y esos gifs de Felicia, es difícil concentrarse en leer los post, en especial en el que esta de espaldas xD

    1. Honor_Hand


      Uff, esa imagen de Felicia que tengo ahí es espectacular. Tiene un delineado y unos colores perfectos y llamativos. Y su cuerpo está para comérselo completo, sí que sí. 😘


      Ahora, ese gif en donde está de espaldas haciendo lo que está haciendo, ahí por allí también una versión NSFW un poco más gráfica, por si te interesa buscarlo por allí. ;)

    2. YonahFuriae


      Oh, gracias por el dato, acabo de encontrarla :awesome: 

      Y si, sobretodo llama la atención el color rosa en el banner, jaja.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Hay otros gifs por ahí también en 3D, pero esos ya son más modelos para R-34. :awesome:


      Tengo que representar a la diosa gatuna de la mejor (y más segura) manera posible en cualquier lugar a donde vaya. x3

  4. While everyone is raving left and right about their PS5 pre-order, we men of culture have more important business to attend to. Of course, Sony's new console is cool, shiny, and all giggity. But you know what else is all giggity? This beautiful set of kittens that got available for pre-order today. Actually, I'm not sure if the pre-orders started today, I just noticed my email was spammed by all these shops trying to sell me some neko love after I woke up.


    They're quite a massive step up in price from my normal figure purchases. In fact, I think I'm probably insane at launching this amount of money at 2 pieces of pretty plastic... But come on, wouldn't you agree they are quite the desirable piece of pretty plastic? At least they are for me. :awesome:


    *Disclaimer: Opening the spoiler below will show a certain amount of neko lewdness, be sure to open it up at a safe place or to not open it up if you can't handle said imagery. :P 


     Advanced issue found






    So, there have been a number of Nekopara figures that have come out in recent memory, with each one of them being pretty difficult to resist, but this set here is the one that finally broke my wallet and made me invest in it for their eventual release in August 2021. No kidding. I've been meditating this all day long, with my heart pushing towards getting the figures, and my brain (and wallet) telling me the responsible thing of not getting myself tangled in all this.


    In the end, my heart triumphed over my best judgement and I placed my pre-order on AmiAmi right this second before publishing this status. Not exactly sure of how I'm going to come up with that amount of money at that time, but we'll see. I have plenty of time to think about it.



    This is me right now. 😂


    Also, in case you were wondering, I finally received this one earlier this week. She arrived safe and sound despite everything. Took a crapload of pictures too, I'll be sure to share a (somewhat safe) selection of them with you tomorrow. :D


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      For some reason, my grammar tool just keeps messing up with the posting and adds a lot of blank space in my posts whenever I use spoilers or quotes on this website. I keep forgetting I have to just deactivate it every time I have to post one of those here. xP


      @Undead Wolf YES!! Thanks. They're quite the kittylicious pair. ^^ I just couldn't say no to having them in my collection. :3

    3. cr1s


      That, right there, is surely the perfect NekoPara figure. Chocola and Vanilla look so adorable and lovely together, especially in these cute outfits. 😻 It'll be a very fine piece to add to the best kittylicious collection ever. ^w^ <3



    4. Honor_Hand


      @cr1s Hehe, the perfect piece to add to the best kittylicious collection ever. That's what I'm aiming to do. :3

  5. [DOOM (2016)] Almost done with this one. 96% of completion done so far. I'm close to reaching Echelon level 3, and from what it seems, it's going to be a long grind to Echelon 5 and then Echelon 8 to unlock the Robotic and Cyber-Demonic armor sets for the last 2 bronzes I need to complete this game. The online is still fairly active and works well. For how enjoyable it is, I'm starting to grow a little bored with it. Not that the MP part is bad, mind you, but more like I've never been a huge fan of playing online multiplayer games with randoms: I can only play for so long before they start to bore me out of my mind.


    Anyhow, slowly working towards it. I usually end up in the upper-middle portions of the scoreboard as far as kills and points, so I guess I'm doing good enough. The game's online infrastructure runs pretty well even for me. Even during my worst lag spikes (around 30-50 kb/s of download speed), it's still somewhat playable. Some of my shots get lost in space and time, and I get killed in funny ways from time to time, but it's still playable. When my Internet "works well" (that's around 190-220 kb/s of download speed), I can actually play fairly decently against a set of regular opponents, often ending among the top three players. That's cool, as I normally suck at most online shooters, lol. xD




    1. Copanele



      Jeez man xD hope your ps4 will survive 

  6. Did somebody say neko? :3
  7. Perfect entry point for me then. What about Detective Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog? I have heard those were decent to good. They may not be full live-action, but still... I know what you mean, though, the vast majority of videogame-based movies are barely watchable.
  8. Oof, that's another one that deserves a watch too, even though I know zero about FF.
  9. At best, it could be like the earlier RE movies. At worst, it could be like the latter RE movies. That's kind of what I'm expecting. Venom was so-so for me. Probably one of the worst of anything Marvel-related in recent memory. The script being reworked so many times is never a good sign. Kinda reminds me of the Mario Bros. movie. We don't talk about that here. ._. But for real, I'm actually planning to go for both the 2005 movie and Annihilation sometime soon. Already rip them from somewhere online, so I may as well visit that kind of hell as well.
  10. Do you guys think there's a fair chance this movie is going to end up being actually good? I mean, I know Uncharted's narrative, character chemistry, and overall story are probably the main highs from the game, but do you think they're going to be able to capture that on here as well? I know there have been some recent decent to good movies based on videogame properties lately, but I always try to approach them with doubt for the most part.
  11. I enjoyed DOOM 3 more than DOOM (2016), and that's usually the one that is considered the black sheep of the franchise. DOOM 2016 is a great shooter as well, but the weird design choices and the ton of bugs and glitches I encountered really dragged my experience way down while playing it. Hopefully, it won't be the same for you. Everyone loves DOOM 2016, so you'll most likely be fine with it.
  12. I wanted to share my experience with this trophy in order to shed a bit more of light on it and hopefully help any other poor soul that ends up having to go through the craptacular experience I had with this game. It is the 14th of September of 2020, and it's pretty obvious that no one at Bethesda or id Software is going to fix this. So, my experience with it went something along these lines: 1.- I finished my first playthrough of the game and this trophy did not unlock. Alongside it, a number of other trophies were pending and I decided to tackle them via level select. 2.- While tackling each of the stages through level select, I was able to unlock most of the remaining trophies (including IDDQD for upgrading all of the runes). However, The Circle is Complete, What Else Ya Got? and Every Nook and Cranny remained unobtainable for me. The last two were, in part, because my game's data got corrupted, and then the HDD on my console got corrupted also (in the midst of playing this game...), so I was not able to properly play Argent D' Nur to completion. At this point, I had not tried either the MP mode or the Arcade Mode. I did fiddle with SnapMap mode, though. 3.- After a long, tedious process of trying to revive my HDD and play the game again, I gave up and installed and old HDD I had lying around. I proceeded to download my backed up data from the cloud and, upon collecting all of the Dommguy figures and finishing all the challenges on Argent D' Nur, both Every Nook and Cranny and What Else Ya Got? didn't pop. At one point, the game even went Alzheimer on me and stripped me of all my weapons and upgrades. ._. 4.- Started a new playthrough on a lower difficulty setting on another save slot. My objective in this one was to pop The Circle is Complete, so I focused solely on finding the rune challenges and playing them right at the moment of finding them. I did this in one single sitting (without ever turning my console off or leaving the main game) and the trophy still didn't pop at the end. Fuck... I continued playing and managed to obtain Every Nook and Cranny even though I didn't collect all of the Doomguy figures. It popped at some point halfway through the last stage. 5.- After finishing the game again, I went and completed all of the challenges through level select, and this time, the What Else Ya Got? trophy did pop. 6.- Finally, I wiped my entire saved data from the console and didn't use my backup again. This time, I created a new saved data instead. I then completed yet another playthrough of the game on the easiest difficulty setting and the trophy finally popped. This one I didn't do it in a single sitting. I did one half of the game in one day, and then the rest of it the next day after turning off my console. *Conclusion* - Forget about doing the game in one sitting, if the trophy doesn't pops for you, back up your save to the cloud or to a USB stick. Then, delete your saved data from the console and create a new one. Start a new playthrough fully focused on getting the trophy on this newly created saved data. Find the runes and complete the challenges at that same moment, don't do them later. By the time you reach your final rune by the Lazarus Labs, the trophy should pop on the loading screen that brings you back to the level after completing the challenge. - The game is quite a buggy mess as far as trophies. The Circle is Complete, in particular, seems to pop on a whim and whenever the game "feels like" awarding it to you. I'm surprised such a high-profile game can release with these many bugs and still remain like that even years after release. That's pretty bad. =/
  13. I loved PoP The Sands of Time when I played it on PC all those years ago. It was one of my favorite action games from its time. Played it on the OG Xbox later and it was still great. I haven't played the ports that came out on PS3, but this remake does look rather...lackluster. Like, I know graphics don't make a game, but it does look very unpolished, even jarring to a point. If they're titling it as a remake, they should at least try and put some effort into making it look pretty, if not decent at least. Come on Ubisoft, there are people out there who genuinely love the prince's franchise, don't crap all over it like this. You have until January 2021 to make this game look better, do it.
  14. Hmmm, I see the co-op feature is going to be locked right from the get-go until we reach Adventure Rank 16 and complete a particular quest. Hopefully, that won't take too long. I guess they want us to familiarize ourselves with the game, setting, and mechanics first before playing with anyone else.
  15. This is...Interesting... Not sure this is what Shenmue fans were expecting, but okay. That art style above does look nice, though, I'll give them that.