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  1. Platinum #116 - Captain America: Super Soldier



    One of the most okayish superhero videogame experiences I've ever had. If you ever wanted to have an okay time with a superhero-based game on PS3, Captain America is your guy. Don't think there are many games out there starring Captain America, are there? :hmm: Anyways, compared to most superhero-based or movie licensed games I remember from the old days, this is a major improvement. Of course, it's nowhere near a quality AAA game but you'll be surprised to know that what you find here is perfectly playable, albeit with some minor annoyances. CA: SS is a third-person perspective action game with a focus on combat first, exploration second, and collecting enemy intel third. For the most, I'd say Cap's combat is pretty good, reminiscent of what Rocksteady did with the Batman Arkham games. Not as polished as those but the number of combat maneuvers is reasonable and Cap's dependance on counters, dodging and shield throwing/bashing makes for an enjoyable time. :) The exploring isn't nearly as detailed as you're led to believe. HYDRA forces have taken control of a big European castle and are using it to perform evil experiments, and you as Captain America, are able to move between the many areas of the castle with freedom in order to thwart their evil schemes. However, even though the castle is open-ended, the game constantly pushes you forward through a predetermined set of paths, leaving very little reason for actual exploration or backtrack, since most of the upgrades you find along the way are more than enough to complete the game. This can also lead to some confusing moments as the game won't move forward until you go through the path it clearly wants you to go. Also, needs to be mentioned, the platforming is totally on-rails so don't expect to go jumping and bouncing all over the castle. Cap's acrobatic jumps are completely context-sensitive.  😑


    The intel part, well, what's a game without collectibles, right? You'll be pleased to know that they're extremely easy to find, though. They're marked on the map, Cap has some sort of "Intel-vision" that highlights objects on the screen and some of them are provided in a bigger quantity than what you require for the trophies. The story is okay, I mean, it works. Not sure how to judge it here. Know nothing about the comics and I've only watched the recent Marvel movies, so yeah. I wasn't able to spot any "glaring flaw" in the writing. Then again, we're here to bash skulls and explode things... For freedom, so I really don't know what would make a good story here. 🤔 Performance-wise, the game runs kind of choppy. Like, it looks okay as far assets and details but the overall performance is can be described choppy with frequent framerate dips and not being fluent enough. The music is serviceable, and the voice acting is good, with a number of the original actors reprising their roles from the movies.


    Regarding trophies, the game is a total cakewalk. Only one playthrough is needed, the game is short (around 10 hours) and most of the stuff you need will come naturally as you progress. There are quite a few collectibles to, uh, collect but they're all nicely laid out, clearly indicated on the map and easy to find. By the time I finished the game, I only had to mop up like 3 or 4 to make the remaining trophies pop. The challenge mode is super easy as well and can be completed in like an hour or so. So yeah, that's Captain America: Super Soldier for you: a not-bad, actually kind-of-okay superhero-based game. To put it in a few words, think of it as a poor man's Batman Arkham game but with a guy running in a star-spangled uniform instead of a freak with a bat-obsessed outfit. xD


    A Few Random Fun Stats:

    - Most Favorite Combat Move: Bounced Shield Throw (it's just fun watching the damn thing bounce on everyone... It hits hard too xxD)

    - Least Favorite Combat Move: Counter (I didn't remember I could counter some enemy attacks until like 75% of progress through the game, no kidding)

    - Times I Died to Madame Hydra Because I Didn't Remember How To Deflect Her Bullets Due To Me Being An Idiot: 13

    - Fooled By the Enigma Keypads: More than once... Especially late at night.

    - Objects Exploded In The Name Of Freedom: Plenty, more than 500 for sure...


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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Honor_Hand


      Many thanks, everyone! :D



      I'm really missing all those Spider-Man games on PS3. I would like to have them but they are kind of elusive from what I know. At least locally, I've never seen one. :hmm: 

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

      Another great review, always interesting. 

      Captain America was my favourite superhero, until I heard of Thor. :lol:

      The superhero games are not bad at all. I still have to catch up with some, though. I remember playing Spider-Man 3 on the PS2 and it was one of my favorite games. One problem is that I could never beat Venom during the final showdown, so I guess I took an L for that, huh. :D

  2. Yes, I can't speak about the PS4 collection, but when I played the GOTY Edition on PS3, I also had those 5 extra infusions from the get-go and my trophy popped there, once I collected 25 while playing through the game. There was no need to find all 30 of them. The wording on the PS4 guide could probably be better, but yes, those 5 extra infusions you get from the extra DLC being included in the game should count towards this trophy.
  3. Color me interested. Vanquish was tough as nails. I came back to it around December last year and made it Platinum #99. Of course, Challenge 6 was what was holding me back originally. Pretty much, it was a heart-attack-inducing experience when I finally managed to defeat one of Bogeys at the end and needed to focus on knocking the last one out. Excellent, excellent game... Plus, butt-sliding, there's always that too. As for Bayonetta, everyone loves it but I have yet to finish the PS3 version of the game. Not a bad title but it has failed to hook me in the long run for some reason. I just don't get it. Whatever, I'll probably end up getting this collection in the future if it does come out. There's no such thing as too much Platinum Games anyhow.
  4. Platinum #115 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS4)


    Originally, my least favorite of the franchise from the PS2 era. It still is actually, even so, nothing short of an amazing game overall. I'm sure the majority of GTA players out there will say that San Andreas is their favorite game from the era, and rightfully so. Compared to Vice City and III, the change in scope and scale, the variety of things to do and see, and the amount of content crammed into this old game is quite impressive. It was impressive at the time and it still is today. Containing three cities (Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas) and numerous towns and roads in between, it possibly makes up for one of the biggest maps in the franchise and even gaming in general. However, there are a couple of things that I don't like about San Andreas. The first one being its mission design and structure. Notably, I'd say most annoying missions in the franchise are in this game. Whether if it's Cop Wheels (can't get the damn bikes on time), Amphibious Assault (not only you have to train your lung capacity but the mission itself is...), End of the Line (quite the gauntlet of enemies and pretty long), any mission that involves flying (whether it's Learning to Fly, Freefall, or N.O.E), "All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ", or fucking Supply Lines... There's something for everyone here to hate.


    Another thing that I also dislike is CJ as a protagonist. Now, don't get me wrong. The supporting cast is pretty strong. Sweet is the perfect brotha, César is quite the hombre too and a great friend, Tenpenny and Pulaski are perfectly hateable corrupt policemen, hell, even The Truth is a likable guy, but CJ, I don't know. It's just weird to see a self-respecting gang leader being everyone's bitch. His voice is acting is good but the writing comes up short for an MC. Outside of that, this rendition of GTA features the most diverse amount of activities you can expect from the era. Vehicles now have a pretty cool driving model that takes a while to get used to but feels great the more you drive (except planes!). The shooting also got a major improvement with an intelligent auto-aim system and the implementation of manual aiming, finally.


    As for the quality of the emulation here, well... It runs stable for the most part, that's one good thing. I got some weird scaling issues when I was playing, though, with very noticeable parallel lines running across my TV. Some textures were stretched out noticeably too. Also, not sure if this was a thing on the PS2, but the lighting system is terrible. Sunsets are extremely orange and the shadows are just ridiculous. Whenever a character or vehicle is under an object that projects a shadow or just at night, it's completely pitch black. The fact that my brother was playing the PC version at the same time made me realize it all looks fine there, so no sure what's going on here. As with Vice City, a number of songs are cut from this re-release of the game. You can check what songs are available here. Thankfully, trophies don't ask you to achieve 100% completion here. I mean, can you imagine that? That could take an eternity even with a guide. Instead, we get a very nice selection of trophies related to mission progression and others from the many side activities in the game. Chick Magnet kind of gave me problems as I had to look up a video online and check forums on why mine wasn't popping even though my sex appeal level was maxed out. The grindy trophy here, The Los Santos Slayer, is much easier to get. Not only I had a decent progress towards it by the time I finished everything (3200+ people killed) but I came up with a way of my own to rack up kills very fast. Simply get a tank from Area 69 and take it to The Strip avenue in Las Venturas. Don't shoot the FBI agents trying to stop you or use your weapons at all. What I did was simply drive over the pedestrians on the sidewalk here. Sidewalks in this avenue are wide and have a very dense pedestrian spawn rate, so it was super easy to rack up the remaining kills there.


    Even with all the issues present, it was a much better experience than when I played this game back in the day. The PS4 version has a number of noticeable issues going against it but it's still fairly enjoyable to play, annoying missions or not. It'd be awesome if Rockstart could add Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories to the store too as I've never played those. Next up, I'll be playing a mini-marathon of superhero games to relax a little with some mindless fun. I'm far from over with the GTA franchise, though, as I'm planning to tackle GTA IV's multiplayer mode in the coming days. All the single-player portion was done years ago and I guess it's time for me to finally bring that behemoth down for good. x3


    * Random Fun Stats:

    - Most Favorite Radio Stations in order: K-DST (The DUST, with Tommy "The Nightmare"), Radio X (Sage, such a sexy voice on the radio... Too bad she's completely messed up lol xD), SF-UR ("Shut up and dance, you fools!"), and K-Rose (never thought I would be enjoying country music like this...).

    - Least Favorite Radio Station: Master Sounds 98.3 (what the hell I'm listening to?) and K-JAH West (not bad but I think I've heard better Reggae in other games).

    - Most Favorite Vehicles: Super GT, Bullet, Sultan, ZR-350, Buffalo, Elegy, Remington, Tank (not as durable as in the previous games but still a king).

    - Least Favorite Vehicles: Moonbeam (It was bad already but whoa...), Perennial (I avoid this thing like the plague), Nebula (couldn't be more average), Merit (the worst thing to drive under the rain when trying to plant drugs on a DA... Don't ask), Walton (a particularly shitty truck... It struggles with just about any hill out there).

    - Most Favorite Weapons: M4, MP-5, AK-47. (I really only used those 3 for like 85% of the game... Oh, and Body Armor. Extremely useful).

    - Least Favorite Weapons: Shotguns (they suck here for whatever reason).

    - Most Hated Gangs: Ballas and Vagos... But I hate Ballas more due to their constant attacks.

    - Most Annoying Mission: Supply Lines... Think about it. You have all the shitty things that could make a mission bad in one place. Flying an RC plane against the clock, with very limited fuel capacity, enemies that shoot back at you and explode your plane almost instantly and when you somehow manage to destroy all the couriers, you THEN find out that you still have to fly the damned plane back and land it on the roof of the store. Fuck it! Also, this annoying scream when you fail. ._.)

    - Most Hillarious Radio Commercials: American Bank of Los Santos, Celebrate with Cake #2, Cluckin' Bell #2, Proposition 421, 602, and 823. The Glory Hole Themepark #1 and #2, The Military.

    - Times I saw the number 69 while playing: Everywhere, it's freaking everywhere! O.o (☝️ There are even 69 commercials in the game :hmm:). 


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    2. Deluziion90


      congrats dude ^^

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

      Nice review. There are indeed some annoying missions in the game. I totally get that the Zero missions were hard as hell, but I may have found them okay and not much of a nuisance as they are regarded to be. The MP-5, M4 and AK-47 were the best weapons for me, too. I enjoyed mostly the Radio X and Radio Los Santos stations. Reminds me how good old-school Hip-Hop is. 


      The "69" is a significant number in this game. Area 69, the number 69 at the end of the runway at the airports, etc. 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Thanks, everyone! B)



      Yeah, GTA III is pretty barebones compared to VC and SA, so I can see why you didn't enjoy that one as much. I also on agree on the setting for Vice City being very memorable. It's still my favorite from this era. :)



      Haha, can't remember if it was always on every plane but Barracuda was definitely one of my top four favorite songs in the game, alongside White Wedding, Free Bird and A Horse with No Name. :D



      Interesting. Other than this small marathon I had, I was a good time away from the series too. I haven't even played GTA V even though I got it on PS3. I'm gonna try to complete IV in the following weeks, hopefully. Let's see how that goes.



      Many thanks! Yeah, that's correct Supply Lines... is an optional mission and is not needed to clear the story. You could also get the Platinum in this game and not have to complete that mission since the 100% is not required here. I just went out of my way and tried it again just for shits and giggles lol xD


      @ee28max Radio Los Santos was cool too, true. Yeah, I've read some people out there who didn't have any problems with the missions you get from Zero, but like instead struggled with something completely different in the game. Then again, maybe some people had a better mindset for one particular type of mission than others and so on.


      Rockstart really went far away with that sexual innuendo joke here in this game. I mean, you can usually find it here and there in other titles but in San Andreas is everywhere you look lol xD

  5. Forgot about posting here for a while. As you probably already know, these two are my most recent figures. Also, lots of pictures ahead because I love pictures and the spoiler tag here doesn't work. Kobato Hasegawa - Haganai - Max Factory - 1/7 More can be found here: https://myfigurecollection.net/users.v4.php?mode=view&username=Honor_Hand&tab=pictures&albumId=38187 Cat Lap Milk - Original Character - Native - 1/7 More can be found here: https://myfigurecollection.net/users.v4.php?mode=view&username=Honor_Hand&tab=pictures&current=tags&categoryId=0&albumId=38185&isNSFW=-1&sort=date&order=desc&page=1 I've also been going through some of my older figures and getting new pictures, or doing a better job at post-processing them with help of The GIMP because I feel I can make them justice now that I'm a bit more competent with my camera and whatnot. It's actually a fun and enjoyable side hobby of mine. Azusa Nakano - K-On! - Max Factory - 1/7 More can be found here: https://myfigurecollection.net/users.v4.php?mode=view&username=Honor_Hand&tab=pictures&albumId=37783 Sawai Natsuha - Monobeno - QueenTed - 1/5 More can be found here: https://myfigurecollection.net/users.v4.php?mode=view&username=Honor_Hand&tab=pictures&albumId=38215 That's it for today. As for new figure purchases, I have this cutie already ordered. I might have snatched quite the treasure with this one because according to MFC no one else here in this side of the world has this particular figure, so I'm quite excited to be the first one here to own it. She will also be my first Cold Cast figure, and even though she's old (manufactured in 2010), I'm still anticipating her arrival. I hope she arrives in one piece. Also, have this one pre-ordered for May 2020. I already talked about her on a previous status update. It's the first time I 've ever signed up for such an expensive item (total cost is going to be over the $200 mark) but I'm confident the artists and companies involved should deliver a quality product that caters to my liking. Doubt I'll be purchasing any other figures for what's left of the year but who knows. As for photography efforts, I'm planning to tackle both Cham Cham and Himekawa Hayaru in my next sessions whenever I have some time available, so look forward to getting some nice pictures of them here soon.
  6. The only game I bought in months, and it was actually thanks to that $10 card I got from Sony Rewards. I remember playing Megaman X and X2 before so I thought this one might be enjoyable. Not oo familiar with the rest of the X series but if it ends up delivering, I'll go for the X2 collection. As for game purchases, I've been stuck in save mode for a while due to a number of reasons, but also because I've more than enough games to choose from. I might probably resume my game purchases next year if everything goes fine.
  7. Remember that status update from last night? Well, forget about it. Turns out complaining about it on PSNP was the best way to somehow fix my internet issue because it's now working again. Been browsing for a few hours and everything seems okay now. Even my neighbor got his connection back too, so whatever it was, it was already sorted out. Considering how shitty everything is here and that this service is pretty much free, damn, I reckon at least they sorted it out in a reasonably good time. And thankfully too, because the other private providers I checked with today either didn't have connections available at all or were either demanding absurds amount of money (USD $600+) for installing a mediocre, unreliable satellite connection with very little guarantees of it working out. 😅


    So yeah, don't despair... You'll be hearing more of me in the coming days. :P And yes, you'll also see my name pop around whenever I log in on PSN. :awesome:

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    2. OhDearGodRun


      The PSNP status update gods strike again

    3. Fenrirfeather


      Did I hear...


      hearing more of you

      round these parts

      again soon?


      Yaaay ♪

    4. Honor_Hand


      Thanks, friends! ^_^


      And yes, PSNP status updates is truly a magical place. It makes me want to start making angry status updates every single day to see if I can change my whole life. :awesome:  Nah... Just kidding. I won't be angering the Gods like that. :P

  8. Damn, I've been without internet since this last Friday afternoon. Cero, nada, it doesn't work whatsoever. I already checked everything and it's nothing on my end. Funny thing is that it's only me and my most immediate neighbor with this problem. Everyone else in the building is okay. Hopefully, it will get sorted out soon because my income directly depends on it. The technical issue has been reported already but I think I'm going to go out tomorrow and see if I can contract another service provider just in case. They all suck, though. But hey, at least I can have two sucky options to rely on. Beats having nothing. :rolleyes: Anyways, this status was just to let you know that I probably won't be seen around here as much while this gets solved out. Which, in Venezuela's time, could be tomorrow, next week, 5 years from now or never, who knows. Let's see how this gets sorted out. xP


    I've been playing GTA: San Andreas on my gaming front. Man... I know everyone and their mother loves this game but there are some missions here that are truly annoying. Like extremely annoying, and I'm not talking only about "All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ". Oooohhhh no, that's just like the tip of the iceberg. :ninja: Now I remember why this one was my least favorite of the old GTA games. :| It has some stuff that I really, really like but then it does these other things that I really, really hate at the same time. Hoping I can have it completed before this next weekend.


    Have fun gaming out there, see ya around! :3

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    2. Copanele


      @PooPooBlastTHEY MADE THE RC MISSION EASIER???BLASPHEMY! So I had to struggle with those crappy controls and low fuel just for the others to get it all easy and dandy?

      I is sad :( (nah jk glad they fixed that abhorrent mission)

      However that Vice City mission with the mini helicopter and dynamite...jeesus. R* loves to torture us with flying missions.


      Speaking of which ! Do you guys remember the flying mission in San Andreas when you had to sync with a plane that was coming from the opposite side and climb into it, in Las Venturas section? God I retried that mission so many times just because I couldn't catch that animal of a plane with my stupid wheelbarrow with wings. Plane missions ftw

      Edit : Mission is Freefall

    3. Honor_Hand



      Had no idea they made that mission easier on later versions of the game. So it was even more frustrating earlier on? Damn, it's already pretty brutal as it is. On Supply Lines there's barely enough fuel to hit all targets and then you find it that you still have to fly all the way back to where you take off to land the possible worst-controlling RC plane ever.


      Interestingly, that mission with the RC helicopter didn't give me problems. Planting bombs on a construction site was it, right? There was one with another RC plane and having to destroy some Cuban boats on the water. That one gave me headaches. And the one where you have to rescue Lance from Díaz's guys. Those are probably my most annoying missions in Vice City.



      I see a lot of people hated that one but fortunately didn't have trouble with it. I'm going to agree that most of the flying missions were torture, though. xD


      Freefall, that's another one everyone hates. I just did it 2 nights ago. You have to intercept a Shamal (a private jet, which is pretty much the fastest plane in the game) with your Dodo (your single-propeller slow-as-hell plane). I knew that was annoying from the get-go so I already had my trick ready and managed to beat it on my first try this time here. xP But yeah, plane missions are the worst in those GTA games.

    4. PooPooBlast


      Lol feels like we're old men talking about how hard video games are and how we can't finish certain missions :lol:


      And yea they made the missions easier!




      If I remember correctly, rockstar was very happy for implementing airplanes in GTA San Andreas which is why they decided to add the airplane school which were no joke! You get the hydra at the end but I was like fudge it. I :triangle::triangle::square::circle::cross::l1::down::up:that thing xD (I still remember most cheat codes because that's how I rolled :p)



  9. Caracas, Venezuela, South America. Best of luck with that BLU phone. 👍 Haha, lol, you're correct on all accounts. Many thanks btw!
  10. Platinum #114 - Horizon Chase Turbo (PS4)



    A love letter to retro racing fans around the world. Does Top Gear, the Lotus Challenge games, Out Run, or Jaguar XJ220 strike a chord with you? Then this game is for you. Otherwise, you might want to steer clear. Horizon Chase Turbo is a 16-bit inspired retro racing game developed by Brazilian indie game developer, Aquiris Game Studio, that seeks to recreate the exhilarating speed from way back in the day, and in some ways, it does manage to succeed. While I would have personally preferred a sprite-based style, the developer opted for the use of simple geometry and simple colors to somehow create a very striking design. On first look, I was turn off by it, no kidding, but the further I raced, the more it grew on me and managed to cement its own style. This was thanks to a smart track design that harkens back to the simplicity you would expect from the era and a very accurate scenery representation of the many places you visit. Expect to see the majestic Andean Mountains in Santiago, Chile (complete with Gran Torre Santiago in the city's skyline even); race through Chapada Diamantina many tepuys in Brazil; presence a thunderstorm in Acropolis, Greece; amaze at the Burj Khalifa's incredible presence while the sun sets in Dubai, UAE; marvel at the Aurora Borealis in Reykjavík, Iceland; or maybe just see how the sun rises and the sakura trees blossom in Japan. In short, while simple in its representation, it's all nice to look at.


    The game controls like a dream and the gameplay is rock-solid with a steady frame rate. Passing other racers at supersonic speeds while drifting feels great. One thing that the classic retro racers did great was having a nice soundtrack to race to. Imagine my awe when I learned that Barry Leitch, the guy responsible for Top Gear and the Lotus Challenge series of games kick-ass music, comes back 20+ years later to recompose Horizon Chase Turbo's equally amazing soundtrack. As you would expect, many of the pieces are reworked and amplified versions of classic soundtracks that punctuate perfectly the racing happening on screen. They're just great. Unfortunately, from here on is where my praising ends as, with everything, there were a couple of bad things in the game. The first thing would be stability. The game crashed a lot on me. One of them crashes even corrupting my save. Thankfully, I had a backup on the cloud but this sort of stuff shouldn't happen so frequently. The second thing would be its difficulty. Old retro racers weren't known for their difficulty exactly, but Horizon Chase Turbo is a total cakewalk. I was able to get the Super Trophy on many races on my very first attempt. Granted, if you're a seasoned racer, this game will prove a very little challenge. Finally, there was a little bit of a grind towards the Platinum at the end. Doing the World Tour was great, the Tournaments were okay, but the Endurance races were a bit too much for such a simple game and can get tiresome due to the game's general easy difficulty.


    All trophies are pretty easy and require you to complete the World Tour, Tournament and Endurance modes, while attaining 100% completion in the World Tour. Most other trophies while come naturally as you progress throughout the game. Only Supersonic can be a bit hard as you require the right car on the right track to pull off, but other than that, mostly an easy, enjoyable list. As for car selection, I'd recommend cars that favor handling, top speed and nitro over everything else. Handling, in particular, is fundamental as it helps you nail those turns sometimes without even de-accelerating at all. My favorite car was Dustdriver, the Lancia Stratos-lookalike. Speaking of cars, you know that the game is very reminiscent of Top Gear, right? Well, depending on which car you're driving, you'll see the driver spout all sorts of different text bubbles. I found all of them pretty amusing and with cars like Madbot (a yellow Camaro :o), Walker-X (a tuned Mitsubishi Eclipse :hmm:), and Déjà Vu (this is totally a white Toyota Corolla AE86 lol :lol:), you can see the developers had a very nice sense of humor. Many references to see. Granted, I really enjoyed my time playing Horizon Chase Turbo. I can say it was one PS+ offering I'm very happy with because it really tries its very best to provide that retro racing goodness of years before. While there were a number of shortcomings, I still think is a game very much worth playing, especially if you're itching for some retro racing goodness. Just be sure to have a backup at hand in case things go sour. ;)


  11. Clannad - 45 Episodes + 2 Extra Episodes + 2 OVAs (2007-2009) Enjoyment Score: 12 So this is my fourth time, I believe, watching Clannad, and just like all those times before, I still absolutely adore this series. Beautiful art style with a very heart-touching and emotional story. Even though my crying has certainly diminished over the multiple watch throughs, I'm still able to feel very attached to the characters and all the little stories that are played out until the main one in the end. Okazaki's relationship with Nagisa is also very special and watching them grow up and establish a family of their own is something you really don't see in many animes out there. The music, damn, those key pieces, especially the piano ones that play out during the most emotional moments are sure to bring anyone to tears. If anyone's able to watch this without crying or getting teary-eyed at least once, then whoa... Still one of my favorite anime series out there and one that I always recommend. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika Movie 3: Rebellion - 1 Movie (2013) Enjoyment Score: 8 One thing that I want to get out of the way first with this movie is that it left a sour taste in my mouth. It's kinda difficult to explain. You see, everything was greatly animated and the action scenes and themes tackled were a joy to follow. I really get what the writers are trying to convey about what Homura did and her motivations, but I can't help but feel that the actual conclusion from the anime is so much better. I mean... I don't want to spoil anything but I really didn't like how this one ended, personally. If anything, I rather hold the anime's ending as the true ending instead. Again, I totally understand the motivations of everything that played through but I found the conclusion not to my liking, and a little overblown as well and difficult to follow. Even so, if you're a fan of Madoka then this one is a must-watch to know the full story. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's - 13 Episodes (2005) Enjoyment Score: 9 A massive improvement over the first season. I thought Nanoha's first season had a lot of potential but was actually held back by some curios writing and the stiff action scenes. That's not the case with the A's season. The story is much more engaging, characters are nicely played out and there's an abundance of action scenes with a pretty good animation for the time. Holy, I was totally invested during this arc right since it started up until the moment it ended. The ending actually caught me a little bit off guard, though, when the series showed everyone as grown-ups but still, pretty good overall. One thing I'm totally not invested in is in the OP and ED themes. Man, for everyone anime out there that I love, there's a great song I associate with it and while the series does feature some nice accompanying scores throughout the episodes, the actual OP and ED weren't to my liking. Hopefully, Strikers will be as good as this season was.
  12. Happy to report that my VPN trick to get PSN cards out of Sony Rewards still works, because I was able to get this yesterday. ^_^




    Of course, you still need an account from the US, the games and the trophies, but at least I can get a bone thrown my way even though I'm not in the US. :P

    I was only able to redeem a $10 card but hey, better than nothing.

    Let's see if I can get anything interesting from the store that's on sale right now.

    Any recommendations? :)

    1. starcrunch061


      Well, I've really been shilling for Riddled Corpses and Xenon Valkyrie (both of which are in the PS+ double discount sale). Since you likely don't have PS+ on your US account, though, they won't be $1.99 for you. If you can get them at that price (and you like retro games), they are real steals.

    2. Honor_Hand


      I actually have PS+ and bought Xenon Valkyrie a few months ago. But yes, Riddled Corpses looks pretty good for the price. Have my eyes on that one and I'm also eyeing the Mega Man X and Contra Collections. :)

  13. Sound like someone is pissed with the game. But really, I absolutely loved these PoP games a lot back in the day. Played the hell out of the PC versions and both SoT and WW were my favorite action games at the time. The parkour mechanic was amazing, the camera worked wonderfully, the storytelling was adequate, everything on it just worked wonderfully. And yes, I also very much enjoyed Farah's company on SoT. As @Copanele mentioned, though, the PS3 ports have a reputation for being a terrible, half-assed job. They have a lot of bugs and Ubisoft apparently fucked up the game in every way imaginable. I haven't tried these ports myself, but damn, after reading posts like this one, I can't help but have second thoughts on that. Also, have in mind that some games age better than others. Compared to standard nowadays, some people have a hard time adjusting to how things were played back in the day. It's been happening with myself recently now that I've been tackling the old PS2 GTA games on the PS4. The controls feel ancient compared to what we have today. But again, it's only a matter of adjusting yourself to them. They're rough around the edges, for sure, but if they were able to work back then, they should be able to work today as well. You just need some time adjusting to the whole thing. Like, set your mind to the early 2000s period and you should be good.
  14. Platinum #113 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS4)


    30,146 helicopters exploded later, I'm here... For the record, I killed around 2,800 people, and that's after I got 100% in the game, meaning all main story missions, rampages, vigilante side missions, and everything related to killing was already done. Let those numbers sink in. :| Anyways, Vice City, one of the greatest games of all time that doesn't really need an introduction. Rockstar's recreation of late 80s Miami, developed in just 9 months, controversial, over-the-top, full of parodies, and a game that would go on to become one of the best selling and most well-known titles out there. It's also GTA's smaller city in the series, but one that is full of personality and emotions for the many who made their way into becoming a respected crime lord there. One thing that I love here is how they started to deliberately spoof and satirize the people and culture of the time. You know the game is being both serious and not-serious at the same time and I love it for that, genius. Compared to newer sandbox games, it does feel dated. Particularly aiming and how the missions play out. You can't help but feel the game has seen better times. Even so, compared to GTA III, the auto-aiming feels much snappier here, meaning that is easier to lock-on to targets at a distance. The inclusion of a few extra weapons with manual aiming mode also help in making things easier to manage. :) 


    Something that needs to be said, there are a number of issues with the emulation here. As with other titles in the series, the PS4 is running an emulated PS2 version of the game, but the performance can certainly take a hit at times. Frames drop when there are many vehicles on-screen or when driving around Ocean Beach, Washington Beach, and Downtown. Sadly, the music also suffers due to this and becomes heavily distorted when the game slowdowns. This did happen to a small extent when I played GTA III but it's much more noticeable here. As always, remember to turn off Trails and Widescreen on the Display options and force your TV for a 4:3 aspect ratio to get the best image quality as the default settings suck. Going back to the music here for a second. It's safe to say that Vice City's collection of over 100 licensed soundtracks is truly legendary and by far the very best in the entire franchise. Simply put, there's more than one song for everyone here. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, a number of soundtracks were removed from this version and while the remaining set is still powerful enough to carry the whole game, I can't help but lament the lack of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and Wanna Be Startin' Something, or Bark At The Moon from Ozzy Osbourne. Expiring licenses suck man... Funnily enough, you can still hear Billie Jean in the back during a cutscene at the Malibu Club when you talk with Kent Paul, so I really don't understand how they can leave it there and remove it from the radio station. :hmm: For a full list of all songs, including those that were removed, you can check here


    Trophies are what you would expect from the series (except for Take The Cannoli!). They will come naturally as you progress throughout the story and do all of the side activities that the game has to offer. Getting to level 12 in the Ambulance is much easier here thanks to the vehicle not having nearly as much body roll and the enemy gangs being less armed. Being able to get Going Green, Bull in a China Shop and I'm Famous! while doing one of those well-remembered tank rampages that we used to do back in the day was awesome. Getting all 100 Hidden Objects is made easier thanks to the use of helicopters to fly around and the city being smaller. As a fun fact, I wanted to pop the Platinum with Chicken of the Sea (for sniping a seagull) but I inadvertently ended up getting mine during a rampage. :facepalm: Oh, and I used a glitch for One is Better Than Two because I was sucking a lot with the bike. 😅 Finally, Take the Cannoli... If you were to get this one by legit means and playing normally, I estimate like 20-30 years of regular gameplay to get it. Seriously, 1,000,000 points of criminal rank is crazy. By the time you finish the game, you would have less than 1% of progress towards it. Seeing as I had already some progress with blowing helicopters, in the end I opted to stick with this method and piled them up at the Hyman Condo. An annoying trophy and a low note to end such an amazing game.


    Purists are sure to cry fault with this version as there many issues in regards to the emulation. If you're used to newer games, getting back to such old control schemes can be tough and the removal of soundtracks is just sad. So, even though Vice City is a game that has to be played by everyone to check on how awesome it was back in the day, it's also hard to recommend based on what's on display here on the PS4. Its usual high price on the store doesn't help either. I'd say only fans apply here, but if you happen to find an absolute good deal on it, be sure to give it a go. Just be mindful of the issues and that ridiculously grindy trophy towards the end.


    * Random Fun Stats:

    - Most Favorite Radio Stations in order: Flash FM ("Crazy people love to flash"), V-Rock (The vulture will peck your eyes out! With the Master of Darkness, Laslow), Emotion 98.3 ("More mood swings than your pregnant wife" with Fernando Martínez), The Wave 103 ("Where boys and girls look the same. That's a little strange, isn't it?"), RRRRRRRRRadio Espantoso  ("La casa de Pepe, tu mejor amigo. Coño, tengo que parar de tomar tanto café"), Fever 105 (with DJ Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit).

    - Least Favorite Radio Station: KCHAT (great in its own way but pales against the other ones...and Maurice Chávez is so much better at VCPR)

    - Most Favorite Vehicles: Sabre Turbo, Cheetah, Banshee (exactly how is it rendered here), FBI Rancher, Sandking and the Tank (I still like this one better than the Hunter).

    - Least Favorite Vehicles: Idaho (It just sucks...), Landstalker (VC's rendition has lots of body roll), Mule (same as before), Faggio (Guys, seriously...)

    - Most Favorite Weapons: MP5, M4, PSG-1 Sniper Rifle, Minigun

    - Least Favorite Weapons: Grenades, Molotovs (Accidents happen...)

    - Most Hated Gang: The Haitian Gang (Just leave me the fuck alone when I'm cruising through Little Haiti!)

    - Favorite Mission: The Job (This is the one in which you, Phil, Cam and Hilary go and rob El Banco Corrupto Grande :awesome:)

    - Memorable Phrases: "Hey, I'm Rico. You the man with the big cojones" (At the start of the Stunt Boat Run for the Cubans), "You've got insurance, so don't be a prick" (while stealing a car), "What did I tell you before? NO GIANT SHARKS!" (talking to Steve at the Porn Movie Studio), "Just think of this as socialism in action" (while stealing another car), "Vance? Your name's Lance Vance? Lance Vance, poor bastard" (first helicopter mission with Lance), "Hello there officer. Nice badge, nice badge" (Lance poorly impersonating a cop) and many more...

    - Most HIlarious Radio Ads: Pastor Richards Salvation Statue I, D'Leo and Thurax Law Firm, Shady Acres, The Degenatron, Learn Redneck, Patriotism, Thor's Self-Help Tapes, Is your child a Red?, Exploder Evacuator Part II, In The Future There Will be Robots, Salivex.

    - Helicopters Exploded: 30,146... :|


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    2. Honor_Hand


      Thanks, everyone! :)

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

      Pretty cool stuff I read. Man, why this grindy trophy? One of the few elements in games that ruin or kill the fun!

      I will be playing it on the PS4 and will take your advice on getting the best image quality. 

    4. Honor_Hand


      @ee28max Yeah, Rockstart managed to sneak one grindy trophy on each game of the trilogy. Blowing up 2,000 cars in GTA III, killing 4,000 people in GTA: San Andreas, and the Godfather rank here in Vice City. The ones on GTA III and San Andreas aren't that bad, but the one here on Vice City was a total chore and killed the fun completely. :|


      Awesome. Best of luck there, ee28max. :D



  15. Welcome to Naughty Mondays. Because I promised on a previous status update that I would be showing some of the most recent figures to have joined my collection, here I leave you with a small selection of pictures of my 2 newest girls. Mind the spoilers, though, they're there for a reason. I hope they don't glitch out. :) 


    Kobato Hasegawa - Haganai - Max Factory - 1/7












    Cat Lap Milk - Original Character - Native - 1/7













    More pictures on my profile here. Will post on the Figures Thread later on. ^_^


    Lately, I've been really enthusiastic about taking photos of my figures. I find it eerily therapeutic for some reason. Probably because I'm huge pervert. :hmm: The respectful kind, of course. 😅 Anyways, I digress. What I wanted to say is that I've been trying to improve on my photography by getting better lighting, playing with the angles and using The GIMP to do some nifty post-processing of my pictures and spark things up. It works wonders, let me tell you. Even so, I'm mostly working with an average phone. Planning to get a better one next year if things go alright. Also planning to invest in a small tripod and a lightbox for fun, to accompany my figure collecting hobby.


    Any other new figures that join my collection, you can be sure that I'll post about them here. See ya! :D


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      Yep, games are there too. Pretty sure I've stumbled across a couple of profiles that have there game collections added there. Not sure how complete the database is but it should have most titles there. And hey, if you have some albums no one else has, be sure to add them to the database since all the info in there is mostly user-driven.

    3. Ariadne


      Looks like I've got work to do; Denkare is completely missing, many Yousei Teikoku albums/singles are missing, and of course various seiyuu related things need to be added and/or updated. It is primarily a database for figures though, so it's expected that they wouldn't have everything.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Yeah, figures are its main thing. Everything else is mostly extra there.