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About Me

~ Hello, hai! ^^ ~

Bienvenido! Welcome to my profile page :3




"I realized I was a monster when I was six. Nobody would come near me or be my friend 'cause they were scared of me..." Whoops! Wrong intro! * Ahem* I am not too good when coming up with clever stuff to write in these sections so I guess I will just talk a little bit about myself in general. My online name is Honor_Hand, people call me HH or Honor for short. Been using this username for as long as I can remember. If you ever see this username online somewhere else, that's quite probably me. I think I made up this name inspired by a combination of Magic The Gathering cards and some Warcraft 3 I was playing at the time. About if it is proper English or not, I don't know, I just think it sounds cool and I've been stuck with it ever since.


I actually joined this site in October 2012. If I remember right, a friend of another community I was part of, shared a link to create this nifty-looking PSN cards that detailed our trophy hunting statistics and we all thought they were pretty cool. I decided to join the site mostly due to the tracking and statistic services they provide for our trophies. While I didn't engage into any actual conversation until mid-2018, I often found myself coming over on a more regular basis to check threads and to read about the other people around here. I guess you could say I was in the shadows stalking the other members of this site for about 6 years




That was until a thread on Gonespy and how it helped to attain trophies on some games with dead online components made me finally join fully into the community. Been enjoying my time around here ever since as most of the folks around here are very kind-hearted, sociable and just nice to talk with :D


~ My Gaming Life ~


Started playing games on my PC when I was around 5 years old, some of my early game memories are from a custom built 133 Mhz Intel Pentium processor. Favorites games from then were Agent 006 1/2, Zone 66, Death Rally, Wacky Wheels, Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3-D. Didn't have my own console until later on but I always enjoyed playing NES, SNES, and Genesis with my cousins. Games I remember having enjoyed the most on consoles at this time include Super Mario Land, the Contra series, a number of TMNT games, Top Gear and, for whatever reason, a number of Sports games from the era, particularly RBI Baseball.




My first console was the Nintendo 64. Got it is a present from my parents on a Christmas day and it still is one of my favorite consoles ever. Spend most of my time in this baby even after the Gamecube had come out and most of my childhood memories are contained there, playing classics such as Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye 007, Mario Kart 64, the Cruisin' series, both Pokemon Stadium games, Perfect Dark and many other games. Played PS1 and PS2 at the time thanks to friends who had the consoles but was never really invested in the PlayStation brand until much later on.




After making so many good memories on my N64, I naturally moved towards other Nintendo consoles and got to own both a Gamecube and a Wii, as well as a number of other portable systems between the Gameboy and DS lineups. Around this time, I also invested heavily in getting into Sega hardware and got myself a Dreamcast with a bunch of great games way after it has failed on the market. I also started collecting for both the Genesis and Saturn systems at the same time I focused my other gaming efforts on PC. This was around 2004-2007. When I started college was when I finally decided to fully invest in the PlayStation brand. Mostly because I was looking to impress a girl I liked during classes that only played on those systems. In an effort to get into Sony territory (ha!) and to get to know her better, I got myself a PS3 around 2011. Up until now, that's the console I have spent most of my time with and it has also provided me with many great games to play after all these years. I am aware that nowadays (October 2018) it is a rather obsolete product but I am still waiting to make my move to jump into newer hardware when chance allows it.




Trophy hunting is also a hobby of mine but I can say that I mostly play for fun than for the competitive side of things. I prefer to get my games completed to the max if the trophies are within the realm of my possibilities. If there are trophies that are outside my level of skill or behind DLCs, then I won't sweat myself to get them. You can say I am a two parts serious and a two parts fun-loving guy in that regard. As for games I like to play, I can get behind just about everything with different grades of success and enjoyment. On that note, racing, platforming, and JRPGs are some of the genres I enjoy the most. Racing, in particular, I can safely say that I am very good at them. Conversely, there are genres I love but that I am not very good at. Fighting games and FPS come to mind, in which I am just merely decent. And then, on the bottom of the barrel, I have the sports simulation games, in which I am not only terrible but are also the ones that bore me the most.


~ Casual Otaku ~


I am aware that sounds contradictory but that's how I think I am. I like anime and watch a number of them but I am really not that deep into the industry or the culture. Growing up, some of the series I remember watching when I was a kid were: Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball (up until the Z saga), Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin), the early seasons of Pokemon, Digimon and Moster Rancher. Even though I enjoyed this series, I wasn't really too much into them at a young age and preferred to watch either regular cartoons or other TV shows. Sounds like blasphemy, I know. Please don't kill me, anime fans >.<


Fast forward to mid-2012 and a sudden interest in anime suddenly awakened within me. Can't really pinpoint why but around that time I really wanted to catch up on the hobby. Perhaps, it was the moe revolution that got me into it. Admittedly, I wasn't too keen at first but the more I continued watching certain series I read about at the time, the more I realized I could get behind the shows... aaaaannnd, of course, there is something magical about cute girls, doing cute stuff. Nowadays, just like with video games, I can get behind almost anything as far as anime just as long as the characters are great, there is a good plot to follow or the series play strongly to its genre.


Some of my favorite series, in no particular order, are:

- Angel Beats! -



- Clannad -



- Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion -



- Death Note -



- Little Busters! -



- Lucky Star -



- No Game No Life -



- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -



- Sword Art Online -



- One Punch Man -





For more on what animes I have seen, feel free to check MyAnimeList. Hardly impressive but I try to keep it updated ^^


~ Other Cool Stuff ~


What other cool stuff do I do besides playing video games and watching anime? Not much really... I used to be an avid reader before and would love to get my paws on any good novels, books, magazines that I happened to come around. Nowadays, I hardly have any time available to read extensively but I do still enjoy it every now and then. PCs (or rather Software and Hardware, in general) are 2 things that I used to be very passionate about but the lack of a good income prevents me from getting any decent rig nowadays. I am still pretty crafty and smart enough to make my way on most programs and setups out there even if I run on obsolete equipment.




Collectibles wise, I have a little bit of everything. My most current opium, so to speak, is collecting bishoujo anime figures. Obviously, with a limited budget, I only get one or 2 every 2-3 months and I always go for the somewhat old and not-so-expensive models out there. Figure collecting is a very expensive general hobby indeed, but I have been able to slowly amass my own collection of girls. Naturally, catgirls figure are a priority to me and my holy grail would be to get either this or this figure. Easier said than done as they both command ridiculous high prices out there. Oh well... holy grail... Speaking of Japanese collectibles, I also collect manga in physical form but, fun fact about me, I have never sat down to actually read the very few issues I have mostly due to, you guessed it right, lack of time. They are still nice to have though. You could say that I like to get my paws on a little bit of everything Japanese!




I'm also a big car lover. Don't get confused, even though I'm an engineer, I'm no gearhead and I really don't know much about the mechanic behind them, I just love automobiles in general from a design perspective. For such reasons, I like to collect diecast models of vehicles from either the Maisto or Burago brands. I also have hundreds of small Hot Wheels still lying around that I started to collect when I was a kid. Finally, I also like to collect cards from a variety of TCG games. Primarily from Magic The Gathering but I also like cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon TCG respectively. It's been a while since I was into them but Magic cards always get me in a good mood due to the astounding art on them.




Other than that, yeah, that's me. Just another run-of-the-mill geek with an unhealthy obsession with catgirls.


~ Living in a Glitchy, Dysfunctional Place ~


I live in Venezuela. If you want to get an idea of how is it to live here, try to picture a combination of Bioshock's Rapture post-1959 with Mad Max's level of violence and savagery and add a good measure of Orwell's 1984. There you have it, quite possibly one of the worst places right now to be a gamer (or anything else for the matter...). Getting by is already hard enough so you can pretty much ponder how difficult it must be for me to actually game at all or have a normal, functional life to begin with if that's even possible. While there are enough reasons to be sad or depressed while living one of the biggest economic meltdowns in recent history, I try my best to not let stuff like that put me down on doing the things I love the most.


People may wonder how do I keep on gaming even though I have to go through something worse than the Great Depression of the 30s, well, let's just say globalization has been both a blessing and curse for me. I love gaming. Wouldn't you like to keep on doing the things you love the most at all cost? I started playing video games for fun and because I wanted to be immersed in these virtual worlds, nowadays I play them to escape from the madness I live in. While most of these problems that affect my life are outside my control, I take great pride and effort in fighting to find a way for a happiness of my own.





~ About why I have soooo much stuff here about Felicia ~


Why not? <3 The original catgirl of video games since her debut in 1994. What else can be said about her that hasn't been said before? To me, she is the perfect combination of cuteness, playfulness, and sexiness in one package. No other video game girl has ever been able to get away without showing as much skin as Felicia, and I love her for that as she doesn't really leave much to the imagination. Add to that the fact that she is usually one of the easiest and most devastating characters to use in the games she has appeared in and you got yourself the perfect girl.



Here is an obvious revelation to you, dear reader. She was my first crush on video games. Obviously, I didn't get to know the character until much later on by emulating the games on my PC. She was love at first sight 😍  and from that moment onwards, I knew I had to make her my favorite character. She has a very clever design if you think about it. I mean, surely you have seen lots of catgirls nowadays but think back on the time she first appeared and how unique this design was back then. She is completely nude!!! and the censorship used with that white fur to partially obscure her breasts, stomach, hips, and crotch is just genius x3 Also, that long blue mane of hers, those beautiful green eyes and my boi! Those measurements! *cough* 88-61-87 *cough* are just the perfect combination.




Let's not forget that she also has an extremely cheerful and vibrant personality as well ^^ Her name alone, "Felicia", comes from the Latin adjective Felix which literally means "happy things". She is also very optimistic and loves making friends with other people, two traits I personally like a lot about her.




Alright, that's enough about her. I have already disgraced me enough over the internet. Wish there was more I could talk about her but that should be enough for now ^^'


~ Get to know me better! ~


Want to stalk me? After having read all that, you may be thinking "Gosh, what a freak show/misfit/weirdo!!" True, I'm quite a weird individual, especially considering where I live but I am also a very good-natured person looking to make some friends. Also, I'm gonna lay it out here once and for all. I'm a pervert and I like lewd stuff. Make no mistake though, I'm a very respectful and well-mannered guy. I perfectly understand how to engage in a normal and polite conversation and I can also be very understanding of other people's situations. I can be somewhat shy at first but once we get to know each other better or when I feel that I am around people I can hang with and trust, I can be much more talkative.




If you feel the need to know me more after all that, feel free to send me a private message here or to contact me via status updates and I will surely get back to you.


Time to nyaan-howl at the moon for what's left of this section. See ya! ^^