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  1. As already mentioned, I enjoyed the game and did everything there Was offered already. Unless there is something New to exore or achieve I tend to not play Story driven games again Just for ng+ Sake
  2. weird. after updating my profile as usual all of my ps4 games are suddenly hidden, I did not do that and checked both ps4 and ps5 settings and none of them are shown as hidden. any advice? earn a trophy and see if this still occurs?

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    2. zizimonster


      Your profile looks fine on PSNTL.

    3. MidnightDragon


      @zizimonster might be differences in the way their scanners are run

    4. preciseRNG


      I think it will resolve eventually when I earn another trophy and update again. Will try it out later that day. thanks for the replies everybody :kiss:

  3. Well that game triggered me more sometimes than I expected. Like mentioned above, when you do well and the last holes put you over par - that is very annoying. I had to put this game down for a longer period of time because I was frustrated at some point but came back and kept my calm getting the platinum. For me it was around a 5-6 in difficulty but its very skill dependend and how patient one is. 😁
  4. Thanks for the daily updates!
  5. it is for sure a slow paced sim you will probably get stuck a lot of times which can be frustrating. Don't get burnt out just play for a bit and come back to it otherwise it seems like a mountain to climb at some parts 😁
  6. mostly AFK people should be queued with other AFK players, infinite lobby but seriously 50 races online isnt that bad and even if you are not doing good, why not just try?
  7. I really loved this game but I think I would not do the plat again, thinking about those Run n Gun levels, especially the docks one
  8. this sounds like a good patch in the making - let's see how it turns out
  9. First race of the Pan American cup 52,5k within 4.5 mins. The average payout is almost the same on the "better paid" races. I don't feel like grinding too much atm, all of this is ruining an otherwise solid GT experience.
  10. this MTX thing is whats destroying the whole economy of the game. I am willing to pay for a game even after I bought it full priced but thats maybe for a season pass with extra content (cars, tracks, cosmetics) and not for stuff that should be included in the first place. this whole thing is just a joke and I would never spent a single cent for this greedy bs.
  11. There is no information yet, everyone was hoping for the last update to bring the PS5 60fps but no. I'd suggest checking out their Twitter since they keep people up to date on new updates and stuff
  12. No, I did not pick up a single one there.
  13. a little something would have been indeed nice to give to the players 😁
  14. maybe they want to avoid exploiting savegames for trophies, like you buy 10 times the same car, get the trophy and restore your old savegame? I dunno and also has to do with our gaming behavior and tracking that down for reasons?
  15. strange how they do not even update any feed on social media too