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  1. Trophy #965 (Mooncrash DLC) Apex Predator In Mooncrash, defeat a Moon Shark. Working on my 100% in this game. This DLC will be quite a lengthy ride though.
  2. isnt it the same story like on ps4 release? some things never change it seems.
  3. #21 House Flipper House Flipper I do enjoy simulation-games. This one was fun in the beginning but kept getting repetetive quite fast. The music is uninspiring and I kept playing own relaxing stuff via the Spotify app on the console. I bought this game when it was on sale so still no regrets had some fun with it but did rush it in the end to get the 50 house sells done fast.
  4. got mine today at around 04:50 AM on german amazon store. few minutes later out of stock. damn I was hoping it won't be like this, but I can imagine that they'll restock?
  5. damn FINALLY-due to sony revealing it, will it be out on PS5 first u think?
  6. I was about to wait on PS4 but then when it was sold everywhere I wanted it so bad that I paid more on eBay, but hey, that's me cannot control my inner demon sometimes. Good thing is that I still own my first gen PS4 without a problem ever since. Want to give the PS5 also a day 1 chance if I get one.
  7. Getting a release date and the price on Wednesday? (❌) DOUBT

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. preciseRNG


      I had to plan my vacation already months ago so no chance for me to get extra free days for the release, but will go ham on the evenings/weekends for sure :D

    3. Sir_Bee


      The announcement says that they are talking about games.  I saw no mention anywhere about them announcing anything about the console.  People are all assuming as such, and then will get mad at them when they don't do something they never said they would do ...  That is, unless I missed something.

    4. MidnightDragon


      @Sir_Bee They didn’t say they were announcing the console look when they did, either. Seeing MS preorders begin next week, it’d just be bad publicity if they don’t. I’m about 99.9% certain that will come at the end of the showcase Wednesday. 

  8. #20 Prey TranStar Employee of the Year Wow, this has been a ride. I got this game from eBay for around 1,50$ in good condition and thought I give it a try, since I read it is quite good - and boy it is! I got sucked in into the atmosphere of the game right from the beginning. The graphics and level design is neat and the story has been interesting and also were the side missions. There is a fair amount of stuff to do in this game and also you have to keep a lot of things in mind on the way to the platinum. The only thing that killed the mood sometime were the loading screens when going from one area to another, but I already read about the DLC loading times being also that bad :/ Definitely going for the 100% but for now I do a little Prey pause 😬
  9. #19 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Hong Kong Legend This game brings back so much good memories from the PS3 era. It's imo one of the most underrated open world games out there. The story is interesting from start to finish, there is just enough collectibles as well as side content to keep you busy but not a shitload of it to burn you out. To everybody who didn't play this: go for it! The plat is pretty straight forward with no missable stuff. Games like these stand in the big shadow of Rockstar games... To mention: The fighting-system is also one of the best for these kind of games! The DLCs that are included in this edition are OK but quite short and not really that interesting (needed for the 100% but not for the plat) Plat snap:
  10. #18 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Bring on the Storm Oh man, I just can't describe how much the story around Arcadia Bay grew onto my heart. It's extremely beautiful, heartwarming and a lot of heartbreaking moments will forever hold a very special place in my memories. In the first game I had more of those moments but this was a great prequel nevertheless. I can recommend those two games to anybody. Platinum whise both a easy and you can focus on the game itself. I just want a LiS: After the Storm now 🙁.
  11. looks nice! I see lots of elements from the first one, hope it feels like a fresh breeze nevertheless.
  12. Just got this game for 1EUR from ebay in mint condition-since I read a lot of good comments about this game I wanna give it a try!
  13. That isn't wanted on the leaderboards. You simply have to hide that game in your trophy list.
  14. Not my cup of tea this month either. I played PUBG years ago when it came out on PC and played about 1000h+ on it. No chance I'm touching this again on my basic ps4, will run badly I guess. Not grinding this game any more. Since I'm not really into fighting games either, nothing for me this month sadly.
  15. #17 Wreckfest Master of Crashes One of my first favourite games back in PSx era was Destruction Derby! I kind of missed the entry of Wreckfest when it came out, but all of a sudden I saw it and had to get it. And man there were some oldschool vibes for me when just going crazy with your cars, crashing, having fun an listening to awesome rock/metal tunes! This game is lots and lots and lots of fun. I kind of missed a little introduction to the game modes, nor is the career mode anything but doing funny stuff and getting points, not more not less. But it works well! Trophy wise I began with the 20 MP wins to get this done asap. THANKS a lot for helping me boost this in no time @Girth1982 The platinum snap fits perfect to the trophy name 😝