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  1. what a huge letdown
  2. isn't today a patch day? Hope they will fix those trophy issues soon, kept me from going on, I am rather waiting to have it fixed
  3. I guess it won't be free, but maybe I'll wait for a sale
  4. Trophy #2.058 Invisible Soldier Complete the REVOLUTION level without killing and raising an alarm. Doing my second playthrough at the moment, for the good Karma ending. Redux is so much easier in every aspect compared to the PS3 version back in the days
  5. there is already a big trophy glitch issue thread here if you take a look. many players report buggy trophies, you might wanna check that out. not really any solution that is reliable until we get a patch..
  6. first trophy glitch for me as Well I did all three story missions and Full House did not pop for me... hope they fix this..
  7. Just happened to me as well on a Hitman 3 trophy (Pure Poetry) Trophy popped but is shown as locked in my trophy list, so it seems to be a waiting game to sync it up as I read in previous posts?
  8. #42 GreedFall Trophy Platinum 4.73% Ultra Rare Thank god there are gems in PS+ every now and then. As for this game I did not even know of it. Even though it's not a AAA title, it does so much right! The story telling is superb and I got good old Dragon's Dogma vibes! The voice acting and syncing is better than in most big games that's for sure. The controls are a bit awkward in some places, especially if you main your guns but overall not too big of a deal. Graphics are good, but a little bit too brown-ish for me, but suits the setting I guess. The set of trophies is mostly fun but you have to keep a lot of things in mind, be sure to check out the guide, it can get a bit repetetive when grinding out all the different endings but I had worse. I am very happy to have played it and would recommend it to anyone who loves RPGs, this is definitely a very enjoyable one. As of now it's an UR plat but this cleary comes from current PS+ players, I think it will be a Very Rare soon but it won't go over 6.xx% I guess? Time to plat about 40-45 hours for me. Here's the plat snap:
  9. #42 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Platinum Trophy 13.41% Rare Man, I can't tell how many hours in total I have spent in D3 during the past couple of years. Considering it released on the PS3 a long time ago I played it on PS3, PS4 and PC. I like my ARPGs simplistic and not too complex and that's why I always return to the Diablo series. A ton of fun and I am waiting to finally hear some news on D4. The only pain in the a** trophy wise are the infamous 500 Bounties which you have to grind, this can get quite boring. HUGE shoutout to @Optinooby for making the HC trophies less of a grind! Check this dude and his guides out! Here's the plat snap:
  10. Grinding those 500 Bounties in Diablo III is not so much fun. :hmm:

    1. Copanele


      I feel that pain. Ran out of podcasts to listen to while grinding that. 

    2. preciseRNG


      i am running my PC on the other screen watching some twitch streams, makes it less of a waste of time. But hey in the end I'm still happy when I got the plat :)

  11. #40 Demon's Souls Slayer of Trophies 26.93% Uncommon I did play all the Souls games except for this one. So for me it was like a total new game despite the speedruns I have seen from the original PS3 game. It has been a great and hard experience, I almost did three playthroughs. Because my first attempt without a guide and no magic became weak quite fast. Magic is just OP in this game and other than the other Souls game I would not care too much about trying different things. I don't know why but it did not catch me as much when talking about replayability than the other Souls games. Otherwise great graphics, great soundtracks and an ever so confusing story Here's the plat snap: #41 Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure Ice came, Ice saw, Ice conquered 51.88% Common I was scrolling through eBay and stumbled upon this game. It looked kind of fun and I thought, why not give it a try. Not too much to be expected here, I like how you unlock different skills as you progress the story but on the other hand you have to replay all previous levels to get all collectibles which was kind of boring at some point. The story is about three sentences long and not to mention here. The jumping and camera angle were sometimes really confusing and annoying. Here's the plat snap:
  12. Got the stuff you have sent me, thanks a lot dude!
  13. Yeah no hurry dude, whenever you find the time to send it I am also wondering why they removed it cause I want at least to know whats the reason for somebody to send a FR... Have a nice birthday party
  14. Thats great, thank you! I just sent you a friend request on playstation, could not add a message, so I sent you one afterwards.
  15. #39 Bus Simulator Bus Boss 13.72% Rare I do enjoy simulation games but haven't tried out a lot, especially on console this is my first experience. On PC I played a lot of ETS2 and some Mudrunner and Snowrunner. This one was an overall OK experience. It does not look too beautiful and I enjoyed my first couple of hours, put on some music and did relaxing public transportations. Soon you feel like there is something missing and overall the cities and NPC cars have quite bad models as well as all the pedestrians. Of course due to its nature there is not really much to do besides... driving the bus, which is OK but it felt like that game could have been much more. Some base game trophies seem to be buggy, but popped at least. In the DLC I had an issue with one trophy where you have to level up the Airport Station to 25.... I overachieved the goal on the final ride and got it straight from 24 to 26 which the game seems to not understand and did not give me the trophy.... I had a backup file and had to redo a couple of stuff again and lost about 6-7 hours redoing that. At least it worked out in the end so I could finish with 100% completion. If there are any sim-veterans in this forums: Can you give me a good suggestion on a good sim on PS4 or upcoming ones for PS5? Here's the plat snap: