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  1. RDR2 plat done! What an adventure..

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    2. Burek_san


      congrats :yay:

    3. Troz


      congrats bro!! The RDR2 plat is my proudest plat and I hope you liked it too. :popcorn:

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  2. #75 Red Dead Redemption 2 Legend of the West I did it. I got that mountain of a platinum and what an adventure this has been. The love for detail in this game, story telling, sad and funny moments, it has everything. I never thought to go for the platinum because of those online trophies I've never been a fan of, but due to some friendly dudes in a gaming session I manged to get some of them done and grinded the rest of it. Then I fully focused on the story while having several things always in mind to make the end game clearing not that of a struggle. The great guide written on here was surely a big help! Depending on R* Social Club I played: 91 hours in story mode 38 hours in online mode IMO this was the last R* game they put hell of a lot love in it, but I'll happily be proven wrong in the future. I am glad I am done on the one side, but maybe leave a tear or two looking back at this masterpiece. "We can’t change what's done, we can only move on." - Arthur Morgan
  3. if you run into a panther and he aggros, you are not able to study it, thats the downside of the random encounters. you have to craft one. you can watch this video for example to see what materials you need and where to find them.
  4. can't give you any better spawn locations than that. I found both panthers on the mentioned locations. in the forest SE from braithwaite manor. make sure to put a potent predator bait down that's the way I found one there. on that Lagras location (at night) I made a save point. Didn't find the panther, quit the game and reload and on the second try it was there luckily.
  5. The infamous "Gambler 8" challenge in RDR2 is done. My god and it -only- took about 3 hours. :spank:

    1. Troz


      yup. Gambler 8 was really bad. Good job getting through it!

  6. After so many years of trusting game companies it completely changed the last couple of years. many once great companies let customers down and became just like every other profit organisation. the more famous gaming becomes the more griefing there is and its so obvious with these big companies nowadays. It's a shame for the gaming industry. It's a shame for every one of us that grew up with gaming many years ago and still live this hobby to get backstabbed and stolen from. and now, even R* became such money griefing monster, blame it on the impact of GTA:V and Online. they once had my blind trust and I loved everything they did... farewell old friend. Still, the PS5 retail version is not even on the market, after all the triology messed up, it won't stop failing every aspect of it's release.
  7. graphic-wise it is not that bad, some textures of the ground are really low rez and bad looking though. art style is a little bit too much and surely got some NFS influence. Playing in performance mode but I still get some framedrops every now and then, specially when looking behind. I think it's just not that optimized? Surely the PS5 should run this without a problem.
  8. I am wondering if there are active players on the MP servers. I am not looking for a boosting session or anything just wondering. Planning to go and play this and want to grind out the MP trophies with just normal matches since it does not seem like that big of a grind. But it would be quite a letdown if nobody was playing it anymore.
  9. It's always those damn MP trophies isn't it Might create a session then as soon as the game arrives..
  10. #69 Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Hail to the King! Fun and easy plat. And it perfectly fits with this game to be plat no 69
  11. just had my plat on the base game couple of weeks ago. My body better be ready for this in June
  12. I enjoyed this on PS3 era, don't care about plat or not it was quite the fun. May get this on a sale.
  13. According to Rockstar Social I spent 38 hours online to get all the online trophies. I did all the story missions (only one time) and as soon as I got enough gold bars I did the collectors stuff and did it on a daily basis. Key is to collect full sets and sell them don't try and get for all full sets each day that would burn you out too quick. I did two to four full card sets each day (depending how much time I had) and collected every other collectible that was nearby. For the trophies that need other players I suggest to join the boosting sessions.
  14. its kind of funny how i struggled with some bosses on regular and had no problem beating them on expert but new challengers ripped my ass apart. on regular i struggled with Baroness, Honeybottoms and f-ing Dr. Kahl. On expert the hardest (for me) were Brineybeard (for whatever reason) Djimmi and King Dice until I learned to parry his cards combining it with the right time to attack. I am so happy to have managed getting the plat! In the beginning I never thought I was capable of. But it's a learning process.... and patience of course.
  15. So I started "Back to Pasadena" yesterday and everything seemed to work fine until that point. I tried to get the Efficient Killer trophy but even backstapping multiple terminators didn't pop the trophy. Then I went for the Blackout trophy and this did not pop as well. Even It's a bird... didn't want to pop it seemed like trophies stopped working completely. I restarted the game but still no trophy. I read some people said to shut down the console and try again, will do it later today. Hopefully it works. Nothing more annoying than bugged trophies.. 😒 update: it helped shutting down the console then loading a previous save and the trophies all popped when done the requirements.
  16. I first played this game during it's release week. I still got the bill from the store where I bought it in the game's case. 23.02.2015 - man hard to believe that's so long ago. I straight payed 70 bucks for it back then 😂 But tbh I did not mind at all, I was so stunned by the visuals in the earls PS4 era that I did not mind it having a quite short of a story. Now I decided to give this game another chance and still do like it, but I also understand people who did not enjoy it that much because, like already mentioned, it seems more like a (very good looking) tech demo
  17. I kind of regret spending money on this game. I do like kart racers and of course MK is the best out there. This just feels unfinished due to no character is special except from their one special attack. The races are rubberbanding-boring and drifting is bad imo although easy. No stacking trophies and no variation in tracks on the three difficulties is also a letdown. The OST if you want to call it that is boring, boring and forgettable. Personally I do not have to consistency to grind this for several hours only doing some races every now and then. Even if you only get this for trophies, maybe consider something more fun
  18. #54 Final Fantasy X HD Completion 8.74% Very Rare Stay away from the summoner! Well, there are people who love this game and people who don't. My heart is bound to this game and that's almost for 20 years now! I remember playing it in the PS2 era for the first time and fell in love already back then. No I'm in my 30s, haven't played this game for I think 6-7 years and wanted to finish it again. The moment I listened to "To Zanarkand" I instantly was thrown back to my childhood like: I just love everything about this game, even if there are some weak points maybe, the game itself feels so complete for me and nobody will ever change that. Even the sphere endgame grind has not been annoying and I never felt tired. I do also know how the story goes and nevertheless there were some good onion cutting ninjas in the end. It may take several years to touch this gem again, but be sure I will come back, until then... Farewell... Here's the plat snap:
  19. #50 Final Fantasy VII Remake Master of Fate 18.93% Rare Like a lot of people I feel this game has a lot of pros and also cons. It's a remake, yeah and therefore I like they do not stick 100% to the path of the original. The graphics look decent, the flashbacks of the old soundtracks are there and the fights are a lot of fun. It did not feel as nostalgic as I hope it would. I am not a huge fan of playing chapter by chapter and still prefer random encounters overall (but I understand why this isn't a thing). Also having to play the story twice (even if you can skip cutscenes) feels a bit boring and hard difficulty was indeed a real challenge at some points. Also disabling items on hard and the tedious MP management is a bit dull since you can saveload MP boxes if you need to. At this point I want to shoutout to @Optinooby for some great explained guides and boss strategies on his YT, keep it up!
  20. no worries there are no hard challenges for coliseum so if you forgot challenges there, just quickly pace through chapter 9 on Easy difficulty and complete the ones you miss.
  21. I just managed to beat the secret Lab boss (my adrenaline was over 9000 cause on the last fight one of my allies died) but managed to get the last few hits in! Great feeling. My first playthrough in Normal took about 40+ hours with all the side stuff and challenges. Had to play 9th chapter three times because I missed a Colosseum challenge for Aerith. Only chapter 17 + 18 left on Hard and I'm at ~68 hours so far. Some pause times and breaks while leaving the game running are included here.
  22. I just did chapter 9 a third time because I forgot about Aerith's challenges. Can confirm you do not have to complete the chapter for it to count. I did it, switched to another chapter and still got it.
  23. can confirm this finally fixed my FULL House trophy and gave me access to the platinum. I just started the game loaded up the mission and it popped!
  24. looking like great guides so far, i like the step by step explanation. i'm not done with my first playthrough yet but will sure check your guides out when it comes to hard mode. seeing all these maxed materias makes me wonder how long it will take me to get them maxed up as well.