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  1. Im excited for this. i can' t beleive we have gone the entire PS4 life with no Harry Potter game really. The lego games were fun, but i am looking forward to something a little more in depth like this.
  2. Well I think this will be cool, I will play it just for nostalgia. Was one of my first platinums and will be good to play through it again. Those with the loudest voice have the most unpopular opinion. This will sell well.
  3. Thanks mate, you had me at "The Shining". Putting this on my watch list. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿคก
  4. He's actually right mate. No need for a source bro, anybody that has ever bought anything on the US PSN store or lived/been to the US knows this.
  5. What??!! Physical is "fake digital"....??. You are brainwashed by big business that wants to kill physical gaming and push everybody to digital so they can charge top dollar for a download for the life of a game. You never actually own anything with digital, digital is fake. Mindsets like this are killing gaming for the gamers. For me it would have been sonewhete between $100 and $150 for a lot of games only available on digital, purchased during a sale.
  6. Oh no, sorry, I wasn't questioning you. I meant somebody here had already claimed it and I was just posting so people didn't go and try, ultimately wasting their time. Was trying to help out.
  7. Somebody redeemed this already for those that go to try.
  8. All though it seems to be the least disliked by everybody, I actually hate difficulty trophies the most. When difficulty playthroughs don't stack and/or a difficulty is unlocked by first completing a game on easy then another playthrough is required, that really annoys me. It's not too bad when I really love a game and a second complete playthrough would be enjoyable, but unfortunately that usually is not the case and a second playthrough is painful.
  9. Video guide I created showing the all level solutions to level 40, getting you an EZPZ, under 1 hour platinum.
  10. Video I created for a trophy guide. EZPZ 1 hour platinum.
  11. You are not alone, I saw this and thought it looked interesting, was sold the second I saw a cat. Will be on my radar. ๐Ÿ˜€
  12. Looks cool, im game for anything underwater. Funny, the name, Beyond Blue. Thats the name of a mens depression help line here in Australia. That is what i thought of first. It does look a lot like subnautica, not that i have played it.
  13. Thought I would be one of "those guys" and ask....what version is this?
  14. Ah ok, thanks.