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  1. Is VR required for this? Specifically PSVR 2?? EDIT: I answered my own question, checked the PS store and PSVR2 required.
  2. Im playing PS4 version on PS4. Starting to think i should have just got the PS5 version. 😒
  3. I've been playing the game for the last few days and it has crashed resulting in save game corruption 3 times, each time my win and kill counters reset, but not my XP level...? I am now uploading my save to cloud save after each game. It's actually a really fun game, so i'm going to push on and upload my save as i go. A bit annoying as you have to close the game down to do this, but it the only work around i can think of.
  4. I have played 2 games and it has crashed both times after each game. I restart the game and it says save game corrupted and progress (what little there was) is gone... zero stats. I have never had a corrupted game savein all my time gaming until this game, despite what i have seen and read about all other games, i have never experience a corrupted save until now. The game play is awesome, i really like it, but i just want to be able to finish a game without it crashing. Will try again.' EDIT - the game has been out for nearly 2 years....has this always been the case?
  5. I am actually pretty happy there is 2 PS4 versions, means (over time) i can play through this great game 2 more times. 🙂
  6. LOL... yet it wasn't.... Need for Speed Payback was your 69th, is that saying something??
  7. For me it was Ravenclaw. I didn't want to be cliche and go with Slytherin to be a "bad boy'...and I didn't want to go with a Harry Potter basic Gryffindor. Hufflepuff just sounds like a gap filler silly name 😜 So i went with Ravenclaw....sounds strong without being the main 2. I have never read the books, you can probs tell.
  8. Yes, i guess that is what I mean.
  9. How good would a Castlevania game be if it took the Hogwarts Legacy template and Castlevaniaed it. ...?
  10. No regrats
  11. I do have a history of site strikes due to off topic comments and posts. But i'm starting to think a thread about ambiguous games names is needed. So if the powers that be want to shut this down and give me another strike/slap on the wrist for this, please just move it to somewhere more suitable. 🙂
  12. OK i did a bit of research on ambiguous game names..... and found this. It's a thing.
  13. 😂😂👍 That face, just sells it.
  14. Any body else see it this way at first....?
  15. This has been on my watch list for a while and is currently 50% off, at least on the EU/AU store. Will be picking it up and giving it a go.