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  1. Anybody know if this is getting a physical version? Definately getting this at some point but i still like to get physical versions of my games where i can and i have searched all the usual places for this on disc but nothing comes up? Anything planned?
  2. Ahhh, righto. How do you do a second character? Do you start from level 1 all over again?
  3. Hang on, what? You need 2 playthroughs? How exactly, the "DLC" is really just another update that has added the factions to your current game, so how do you do 2 playthroughs, will you have to start all over for the second one? I have just come back to the game to chase the DLC trophies, but I was hoping you could get both faction trophies one after the other or something....? Sorry i'm a bit confused on how it works.
  4. Wonder if this will take 10mins, or 50+ hours....?
  5. Cool, i'm down for this. Back to the wasteland!! You should play this mate, you have platted all other Fallout offerings, don't let the crap talk about this game put you off. It's actually pretty good.
  6. Vampyr. I thought it was a great game, fantastic atmosphere, but I never did plat it and I just know I won't get back to it anytime soon.
  7. I don't think the 0% trophies are glitched, it's just that the game is ridiculously hard! I got it on special at Big-W the other day and thought it would be a cool addition to the collection, did a quick PSNP check and saw there was less that 50 owners of the game and nobody had the plat yet. Now I do this because I like to check the rarity of the actual game and assess whether it might be worth adding to the physical collection for future value, as in by the time PS6 comes out sort of value. I don't check to see haw hard the plat is and whether I should bother trying, I don't care about that. (just wanted to say that) Now having said that, the plat hasn't been achieved because it's difficulty level spikes to crazy levels once you get past the "easy" courses. I was getting 4/5 and 5/5 ratings on the easy courses after playing through them a few times and getting the hang of flying the drones, but once i got to the medium difficulty courses i was barely getting 1/5, let alone trying the "hard" levels. I'm not a racing or flying sim fan and do not regularly play these type of games, but I can tell what is an insanely difficult challenge. You can tell by the drop off on the online leaderboards when it comes to the medium and hard courses that everybody is struggling with them. In the end who knows if they are glitches or not as nobody would be able to achieve them to see if they unlock or not! There's a trophy for 5/5 on all tracks FFS! At this point only 29 ppl own the game on PSNP, so possible there will be those hellishly freaky players that will be able to do this, but with such a small player pool it's unlikely they will be found.
  8. Is a self-proclaimed completionist……. and enjoys selecting trophies for their cabinet that express exactly why they are in the trophy cabinet
  9. ...... I like things and stuff
  10. That's exactly the teason to play it i think.
  11. I see it's on sale on the US store, but not on the Australian store which usually follows the EU stores so i'm guessing it's not on sale there either.
  12. I downloaded it on mobile and been playing at work on my phone. Was going to get it on the PS4 but I generally only buy digital when they are on sale so I will put it on watch list for now. Are there any other games like this on PS4, or even PS3 or vita?
  13. Im pretty sure you will need them, how else would it work. If you have a VR without move controllers then you are missing out. No move controllers, you are pretty much just wearing a tv on your face.