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  1. Just wanted to add to the list of ppl that saw this post and avoided the game. Currently on sale for AU$2.99 from AU$14.95 and i'm skipping it. Just looking for an easy zen game to rack up some trophies but not going to play it if the devs are ignoring a glitched trophies.
  2. A great point and click adventure with a twist. Definitely think the plat is very achievable
  3. Nine Witches: Family Disruption releases on December 4 on PS4, as well as XBOX, Steam and Switch. It a point and click adventure with some really interesting and fresh game mechanics.
  4. Ah, so it's a known thing? No fixing it?
  5. Not sure if this has been noticed or mentioned yet, but specifically looking at the COD Black Ops Cold War guide. It is listed as a PS4 guide, shows up under the PS5 trophy list, as it should as it's the same game, but i am unable to give it a star rating as it says i don't own the game. I have the PS5 version. I dont have any other cross generation games i can test other guides on as yet.
  6. I checked this out and still don't understand. 😕
  7. Yeah well not too sure my squad mates were overly happy with me as they battled it out. It did see that the bulk of the bigger enemies and even the zombies stayed with them as they moved on, i was mostly left in the yard by myself and really only had to deal with a large group of zombies. As soon as some of them came back to me, or they died and respawned at the start of the next level then it picked up in the yard, which makes sense i guess. I did have a few attempts at this and a few times i died and nobody revived me, when i respawned at the start of the next level i spawned outside of the yard, so yeah......don't die when going for this. Probs a goal anyway, but just saying. 🙂
  8. Really was/is an awesome game though. Such a well done an unique multiplayer game. Will be one of my all time favourite multiplayer games.
  9. Got this last night playing online with a random squad. I stayed in the yard until round 16 started and then the trophy popped. The others in my squad bought doors and moved on, i stayed and got the trophy. I realize the OP is playing solo offline or whatever but just thought i would add that in case people come looking to know, doesn't matter what your squad does so long as you stay.
  10. I've never understood the hate for the MP of this game. It was my first plat back in 2010 and it will always be special to me. 😍 As with any game that has had a MP up for as long as this, the "community" of players would be pretty niche and now new players or low level players would be the fodder i guess. I know i wouldn't want to be just starting out now. I never did complete the Metro DLC, i wouldn't mind making a comeback to the game to get through it but what i am reading here scares me.
  11. The OP is saying you can boost it in 5 minutes vs legit of 2-4 can you not see how that might be appealing. I get it, not everybody is a fan of the MP and might want to get these trophies done as quickly as possible, dirty bomb is probs the longest of the MP games and getting 50 wins via this game type isn't going to come quickly anyway. I've played a fair bit of dirty bomb, more than 2 hours, and only have 4 squad wipe medals. I'm happy to keep playing legit as i love the game, but for others that just want to get the this trophy out of the way this is a good option. It's the only trophy that is specific to this game mode so of course people are going to boost it.
  12. No, only the PS4 list. Is playable on PS5 though.
  13. ahhhh, yeah bra, thats exactly what i said.
  14. Legend, thank you.
  15. ahhhh, ok. was thinking that, thank you. And is it just one of the 3 parts to the elites, can you kill either the initial big guy, or one of the slender glowing man looking things, or do you have to just get the final shot on the last one left?