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  1. The story wasn’t anything groundbreaking but in terms of gameplay and enjoyment it was one of my favourites of last gen. I really enjoyed getting the platinum too, nothing too grindy. I wanted to take out all the nests and hordes anyway as it was so much fun!! I loved how the hordes moved around too, like sometimes you’d get lucky and they’d be asleep in a cave or really unlucky and run into them wandering around in the open. l really hope they do make a sequel, some online co op would be good too.
  2. I seem to have somehow deleted my Hitman 2 save file and I’ve never had an IOI account... Looks like I’ll be starting from fresh 😭 In fact I’ll probably just play the new Hitman 3 missions and not bother with any of the legacy stuff at all now. I didn’t bother replaying Hitman 1 again in Hitman 2 anyway, I was just in it for the new locations.
  3. Wow! Really?! In that case I’ll grab the expansion pass now and just play the new stuff in the free version! The info in the PlayStation store for the expansion pass is extremely misleading and says the full version is required. Thank you for the confirmation on this!
  4. It’s just the latter really, I just want to play the 2 maps that weren’t in the base game of Hitman 2. I did wonder if the DLC would work with that free starter pack version of H2, but in the notes on the expansions pass it states “requires the full version of Hitman 2”? I might just grab the expansion pass while it’s on sale and then a used copy of H2 at some point. I think that’s the safest option unless someone can confirm the expansion stuff works with the free starter pack version.
  5. Thanks for the reply’s. I was hoping to just play the 2 new sandbox levels from H2 in H3 but from what you guys are saying it looks like that’s not going to be possible without me re-buying H2 😭 Oh well, perhaps H2 will get given away on Plus at some point. I know it’s on PSNow but it’s leaving the service in a matter of days and I’m far too stuck into Kingdom Come at the moment to switch games and rush through DLC in Hitman 2.
  6. I no longer own Hitman 2, I had the physical base game (standard edition) when it came out. I notice the Hitman 2 expansion pass is now £6.59 and I never got to play the Bank or Island maps so I’m thinking of buying this. It currently states you ‘must own the full version of Hitman 2’ to play this content, but I’m wondering if you can just play the expansion pass stuff in Hitman 3 without owning the second game at all?? I’ve searched online but can’t find an answer to this particular question, perhaps no one other than the devs know at this point. I’ve noticed the H2 expansion pass has its own condensed trophy list in H3 which gives me hope but I really don’t wanna have to buy H2 again to play this stuff... Trophy lists and accessing DLC for this franchise has been a confusing mess since day one but I love the games!
  7. Thank you for your response. Yes, I was initially on the fence about buying the DLC since I felt there was plenty to do in the main game already but the DLC pack was in the sale for £7.99 so I grabbed it! I’ll go ahead and install it all then and I may even start the Capon missions right away since I read you don’t actually have to wait until the epilogue if you’ve already done his other missions (the bathhouse quest and ‘robber baron’). The remaining DLC I might wait until after I’ve finished the main quest however, as my Henry could do with levelling up some more and having more money, as I’ve heard these things come in handy for some of the other DLC missions, ‘From The Ashes’ especially. On a side note I’m really glad I downloaded this game from PS Now and I really hope a sequel is in the world, it’s actually been one of my gaming highlights of this gen!
  8. I’ve just bought and downloaded the DLC since I’m loving the main game so much. I’m only about half way through the main story line but I’m wondering wether I should just hold off from actually installing the DLC until I’m completely finished with the main game?? I mean is this particular Hans Capon DLC no fun or really difficult? If it’s just 2 hours extra and not too hard I might as well play it right? I mean it has trophies attached to it anyway. I will say though that I massively suck at combat and have been trying to avoid it at all costs! I had to use poison arrows on mystery knight to down him after reloading a save several times. So I do hope this DLC isn’t combat heavy?
  9. I downloaded it this month from PS Now, so far I have already sunk 19 hours of playtime into this and I’ve only just finished mission 11 out of 29! I’ve been having such a blast doing side quests, romancing the ladies, thieving from shops, playing dice and exploring the massive open world. Henry is a great main character and some of the cutscenes and dialogue in this game have literally had me laugh out loud. Regarding bugs, I have heard how bad they were when this was released but I haven’t experienced anything game breaking yet. All my saves have been fine and it’s never bugged so bad that I’ve had to restart or anything. My only gripes really are that the loading times can be pretty lengthy and sometimes my horse gets stuck on scenery but usually I can overcome this by making it jump a couple times. I’ve just noticed the complete DLC bundle is in the sale at the moment in the PS store for £7.99. Is it worth playing or is the main game enough? I’m having fun so far but I might not want more by the time I’m done with 29 missions, unless I pick up my pace and start ignoring all the side stuff!
  10. The Life Is Strange games were nice easy platinums that didn’t require more than one playthrough. How about this? If there is more than one ending hopefully we can at least use selective saving?
  11. Some nice easy trophies in this but man some of the acting is SO cringe! Shaina’s panic attack was definitely a highlight 🤦🏼‍♂️ Is it just me or are all of these girls highly irritating?
  12. I didn’t realise the game had a ‘skip drive’ function? With that being the case and your comment regarding the story only taking about 6 hours to complete (with skipping) I might actually do the 2 playthroughs, starting my first on medium. Might as well get my moneys worth out of the game I guess and it’s not like I have anything better to do in lockdown 😂 The main thing putting me off classic for first playthrough is the race really, if it does end up taking me like 3-4 hours it’s just going to ruin the whole experience for me because I know I’ll get impatient and just want to just move on with the story. Whereas if it’s my second run I won’t mind giving it the time it probably needs. I’m going to start the game this weekend, thanks to everyone who replied.
  13. For those who have already played the game on classic would you advise starting the game for the first time on this difficulty or do you feel it sucks the fun out of it a bit?I have yet to start the game but was thinking of just getting everything done on one ‘classic difficulty’ playthrough? I still want to enjoy the game and it’s setting though. It should probably be noted that I played and completed the original Mafia on PS2 in 2004 and enjoyed it. I didn’t find anything, including the race, too taxing from memory.
  14. I completed this mission on the PS2 in 2004 so I’m hoping I can do it again now!
  15. I never played this when it was released due to the poor reviews but I recently purchased Duke 3D World Tour and it brought back so many great memories and as a game still holds up today. So after finishing that I thought why not finally give this a try and bought it for £3 on eBay and fired up the PS3. I hate to say it but I’m not enjoying it AT ALL. Sure Duke has still got some of his iconic one liners and a few of the old enemies are back but that’s really where the similarities end. This feels like a bunch of playable cutscenes thrown together and nothing like the original in terms of gameplay and exploration. The maps in the original were really well designed and would have you exploring them in fine detail for key cards and power ups before trying to find the exit. This is just shoot a few enemies here, move onto the next scene, solve a really shit puzzle, fight a boss and repeat. I’m up to the Hive and I’ll finish it since it seems short but so far I’d say reviews of 3 or 4 out of 10 seem fair for this.