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  1. Final Fantasy VII Remake FarPoint Maquette (PS5) Remnant From the Ashes Beat me to it by a second 😄
  2. I think it's good value (considering I paid half the price for the subscription) but alongside PS+, I dont think they're as good value as game pass ultimate and you dont have to be told by a hundred people to unsubscribe from one or the other when the games keep overlapping on both services which screw you out of more value. PS Plus + PS Now = £100 rrp Game Pass Ultimate = £132 rrp - newer games, access to PC versions, access to EA Play, access to all xbox studios games on day 1 (although they dont really have a lot 😂) I would happily pay Sony £11 a month for a game pass ultimate equavalent even if they didnt put their own studios games on there day 1 and they didnt bother with PC and they didnt offer streaming. It just makes more sense to me that you can pay when you think the games are good and stop paying when you dont think its worth it. Sony lets you do that too, except they charge you an extortionate amount if you want to go monthy (£7 for PS Plus and £9 for PS Now). Thats £192, almost double the price of subscribing to both services annually. And we know why they do that because once they have your money upfront for an annual sub, you just have to put up with 'bad months' where you might not play at all. In short, I dont think its 'great' value.
  3. but but tHe GaMeS aRe FrEe so it wouldnt matter
  4. I hope that PS Now either gets the refresh it needs, or they just put it out of its misery.
  5. I think they're trying to get PC players interested in these games so when the next one comes out they're enticed to buy a playstation instead of waiting 3 years to play the game on PC. Most people who wanted to play it already has on playstation so they wont be cannibalising sales, especially if its priced at £40 on Steam like Horizon Zero Dawn.
  6. Most of their loyal fanbase will already have Ratchet and Clank from when it was free on PS+ but I suppose it's a good game for everyone else.
  7. Its a burden when there are missable trophies and you have to keep them in the back of your head while trying to enjoy the game, knowing that if you make one mistake you'll likely have to start a whole new playthrough. It's especially annoying in games where the trophy isnt even for something you were supposed to have accomplished, but for a choice you have to make, even though the game is about free choice e.g. Until Dawn.
  8. Is the google sheets being updated anymore? Does anyone know if Control trophies will auto-pop?
  9. PSN: JediKnight_327 Systems: PS4 Accepts blank requests: if I can see plenty of platinums on your profile I'll know you're from here, otherwise mention PSNP. I'm in the UK. I mostly play PS+ and PS Now games. 😃✌️
  10. Just completed ultra hard playthrough, a few more tips for people going for 100%: - Ultra hard more lets you buy 'adept' weapons which let you attach 4 modifications to weapons. Farm the necessary hearts in your easy playthrough so you can buy the adept weapons as soon as they're available to you in the ultra hard run. - In the last few missions where you have to run through warzones, ignore the enemies and keep running towards the yellow quest marker. You dont have to fight them all. Same applies when you encounter the stormbird in the mission where you have to go towards the top of the map.
  11. Modern Warfare Remastered. Fairly quick and easy 'very rare' platinum.
  12. You wont believe how much time I wasted running everywhere near the beginning of the game because I thought it was a good idea to save my fast travel packs for later. 😭 Some more tips: - Go for the upgrade that lets you whistle for a mount. If you lose or leave your mount behind for any reason this will let you get a new one immediately without needing to hunt a new one down. - If you get the upgrade that lets you pick up things while on your mount, you dont have to waste time getting on and off. - If you fast travel while on the mount, you will remain on the mount at the place you fast travelled to. - Keep and eye on your map for grey campfires when you're travelling somewhere. If its not too far out of the way then go near it to make it green otherwise you wont be able to fast travel there later on if you need to for a quest or for a collectable. - Go for the upgrade that gives you +20% extra resources capacity. If you have limited space, you'll waste more time thinking about what to sell and what to keep, especially if you're playing on story and constantly picking up items. You also dont want to be forced to throw away stuff you might need to farm later like hearts and lenses. Theres a reddit about which items are worth keeping and which ones you can get rid of.
  13. If the counter-argument is "a dictionary definition doesnt really mean anything", then its not really an uphill battle for me is it? Also have you ever wondered where the phrase "theres no such thing as a free lunch" comes from? You dont have to dilute the definition of a word just because it doesnt exist. Thats how you end up with a plank on 2 wheels being called a 'hover'board.
  14. Its a premium paid for service. You pay for a subscription and in return you get a number of services including 2 games per month. Its completeley irrelevant whether you use or intended to use it. It does not change the fact that you would not have access to it if you didnt continue paying a price, and if you cant access it without paying it contradicts the dictionary definition of free. If you bought PS Now to play 5 games, that doesnt make the hundreds of other games free. If you buy a sim card with unlimited data and minutes, but you only use the data, that doesnt mean the minutes are free. If you buy a house with 2 bathrooms but only use one, that doesnt mean the second bathroom was free. If you buy Microsoft Office but only use Microsoft Word, that doesnt mean all of the other software is free. If it were an acceptable statement to make, Sony would be the first in line to boast about it and they would put it in all of their advertising. For obvious (or what I thought was obvious) reasons, they cannot because its 100% a lie. Cambridge Dictionary definition of 'Free': "Costing nothing, or not needing to be paid for" My friend wants the PS+ games for free. If you can tell me how he can download them by "Costing nothing, or not needing to be paid for", I will accept that they are free games.
  15. It's on the PS+ collection for PS5, but theres literally no chance of getting a PS5 right now. It hasnt been a standard PS+ game.