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  1. This game hasnt aged well at all. The controls and movement extremely clunky and outdated. I wouldnt recommend it if you've already played it, just so you can keep the good memories of the original. I'm only playing it again because I havent played Brotherhood and Revelations and thought I might as well platinum the trilogy. I hope the other two games play better.
  2. I guess the fastest workaround would be to repurpose the script of an adblocker to block unwanted games appearing 🤔 But with any solution someone would need to be in charge of a 'default list' and if other users dont like it, they would have to create their own.
  3. An old show called Defying Gravity. Cant even remember what happens but I remember being annoyed about it for ages.
  4. Solid selection for those new to PS+, but anyone that has had PS+ and/or PS Now will have already had a chance to play most of these. I thought this was when they would make Spider-man remastered PS5 available separately. Cant justify buying Miles Morales Ultimate Edition just to get the remaster of the original, especially now that Miles Morales will be 'free'.
  5. Wreckfest is quick and a fun game. The online trophy can be boosted within an hour with minimal effort, and there are easy xp races that haven't been patched yet to get level 50 easily. Both the Ps4 and ps5 versions were on ps+
  6. It means people just work there and they wont necessarily care about the same things the customers if it means they can make/save more money. My point was that the staff dont get personal when they make decisions, and nor should people take it personally when the company comes under criticism. Its not even bad in this thread tbf. The store closure and GT7 threads are far worse 😂 Voicing displeasure is proven to help when it comes to dealing with Sony.
  7. And also as expected we have people pointlessly sharing their observation that other people are voicing displeasure at a faceless corporation. Wont ever chage will it?
  8. Thats disappointing. £11.99 a month is same as GPU and they get games like Guardians of the Galaxy, everything on EA Access, and MS games on day 1 (yes, I know theres not as many as PS)
  9. I dont mind a netflix style option for games. Netflix is a lot more value compared to traditional TV packages, and a gaming service could do the same for games. I just dont understand why the ability to play online has to be attached with it. The best days of PS+ were during PS3 when online was free and the only people on PS+ were people who actually liked the games that were on there. It kept Sony in check because they knew subscribers would drop like flies if the put crap on there, the same way Netflix know people will move to Prime Video, Disney or other services if they dont keep coming out with good content. It's actually a not a bad business model in terms of value for the average consumer (this is coming from someone who HATES digital). Sony just dont have enough competition to do it in a consumer friendly manner like the TV streaming companies do where you dont get penalised for paying month by month, and you get a good heads up of whats coming in future months so you can cancel whenever the service goes downhill and resubscribe when its decent.
  10. As much as I hate the fact that they charge a fee to let us play online on games/servers they dont host, a fairer price of £15 a year would have been good for people who dont want the games or discounts. Anyway, lets wait and see. If the games are on the same level as GPU, the Extra tier will be worth it.
  11. "as we develop as a live service" " re-establish the intended equilibrium and provide more accurate rewards based on time investment and completion..." I think they've completely lost the plot. They're in the business of making a racing game but STILL pretending like they have an mmo despite the shitstorm. I'm glad that they effectively confirmed that it will continue to be a live service with microtransactions because now I have zero hope for this game and can cross it off my list for good. Good luck to everyone who is satisfied with the announcement, I hope you enjoy the game.
  12. Is anyone else keep getting 'Something went wrong' message every minute or so? I'm playing Ghost of Tsushima (PS4 version) on PS5, and if I try and join a quickplay survival game, it keeps putting me in a game by myself.
  13. Tearaway unfolded. The amount of collectibles you have to get to 100% and platinum the game is ridiculous. A lot of them are frustrating to get like confetti where if you are missing one, you'll have to go through all areas in the entire level because theres no way to tell which one it is.
  14. Your point that microtransactions should exist because otherwise the grind is too long and boring is exactly whats wrong with the game, the in-game economy and microtransactions in general. I dont have time to grind the credits but I also dont have spare money to waste on microtransactions. Why should anyone who has already paid £70 have to put up with these two options which are equally crap? I admit that what is considered a grind and what is considered a reasonable reward for a race is subjective and I think people who bought the game early only have themselves to blame. Gamers, particularly trophy hunters, have known the nature of microtransactions and always-online services for a long time now.
  15. You're forgetting that people already paid £70 of their real money for that privilege.