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  1. No issues over here, my son got the plat 2 days ago and I got mines today.
  2. Just saw a gameplay from PC and game looks pretty cool. Can't wait to try!
  3. Thank you a lot! Was stuck in 92
  4. Find on Twitter @Judithpa_


  5. I'm confuse about the explanation of multiplayer, is PVP or PVE?
  6. Yeah, I got all of them. Pretty short* have to say but fun. ^^
  7. Hi! For someone that has complete the DLC, all trophy comes naturally? It is.
  8. Hello! Question... I have to do all challenges to reach Heritage trophy? Never mind I got it, only did 80% of them
  9. Since it asked you to complete 3 times. Thank you in advance!
  10. This is very disappointing, why they add online trophies without servers...smh
  11. Have you try start a new playthrough? Maybe that will work. Sorry is not work for you, so far all trophy have pop without problems for me.
  12. No, I did it in Coop, you just have to wait till the enemy is down and breathing in the ground then you have to hit with the rock.
  13. Yes, has happened to me twice already.
  14. Maybe you need to find Slaughter Shaft.
  15. Yes, when I found Slaughter Shaft I got the trophy for Pandora, but then I realized I still miss one location in The Droughts. If you remember the place you're talking about, please, tell me where is.