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  1. Half of trophies are glitched for me story trophies, collect all weapons, Gospel trophy....omg
  2. For me is the Tarot card Fervour Host, no matter how many I buy this guy Helob in the crusades don't give the card. Any idea?
  3. I got it year ago, but now I don't remember how, lol. Thank you anyway
  4. Omg thank you!!! I saw so many pages and no info about garlic.
  5. Hi, anybody know any tips??
  6. I got that trophy today, for medic what I did is, using the bonus to buy jetpack and machine gun, with that I can do just fine, of course be always checking around for the batteries. Pardon for my English, I don't even think those are the names of the ability.
  7. Thank you! ^^
  8. Is the campaign also Co-op?
  9. So sorry but I don't remember, this was times ago
  10. Yes, is free update for ps4 owners, but I haven't check yet if is autopop.
  11. Omg it worked! Thank you a lot!!
  12. Is glitched for me as well, that tip about change the PS5 date is so wrong.
  13. Oh thank you! I was really confuse.
  14. I'm at lvl 11, and the trophy has not popped, any idea in when the trophy pop? Thanks