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  1. I can confirm is work, it take some times but yeah, doing Super Wung-fu, unlock World gadgets. Just got the trophy!
  2. Yes, is glitched for me too, I made all gadgets mission 100% and not trophy.
  3. lantenr respawn for me yesterday and today without problems, also I have all gadgets already and he spawned again.
  4. Thank you for the help, you saved me. Really appreciate ^^
  5. Thanks
  6. I just got the trophy, had to repeat Reisum 5 time till I found that guy, you need to complete the quest of course and look for the armour.
  7. Somebody has found that homestead basement yet? I have look everywhere and not luck! Found it! ^^
  8. 16,99€ in my country! Just bought it.
  9. No issues over here, my son got the plat 2 days ago and I got mines today.
  10. Just saw a gameplay from PC and game looks pretty cool. Can't wait to try!
  11. Thank you a lot! Was stuck in 92
  12. Find on Twitter @Judithpa_


  13. I'm confuse about the explanation of multiplayer, is PVP or PVE?
  14. Yeah, I got all of them. Pretty short* have to say but fun. ^^
  15. Hi! For someone that has complete the DLC, all trophy comes naturally? It is.