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  1. Thanks for the info but, if I go to a new save files and chapter select the game doesn't save anything. I mean if I try to leave the game and save in the cloud, when I go back to the game the files is not there anymore.
  2. Seems fun ^^
  3. Oh....man I hope they release a patch soon. I was waiting for this so long, but scares me buying and then never get a patch. :'(
  4. Can someone explain me how to get this? Is supposed that he explode and the fire kill me? Thank you! I just got it!
  5. If they are missing is because are turned, I'm not sure if once you find and killed you will get the drops. If you can see in your map an exclamation marks, is one of the missing that are turned. Just try and see if they drops the weapons, if is not the case, sadly you have to make a new play through. :/
  6. Yes, he became hostile and is okay to kill him then.
  7. If the people that was missing was the one from Night Asylum then do not worry. Those are not need for the trophy.
  8. I complete last night and go the trophy. Some people go missing and dies in Docks, I didn't turn none of the first characters or anybody on vampire, I forgive or let them dies, depending of the character. You can bite the guy in Mary fight, and I always cure everyone in all district(is give you good xp) I finished with level 29. Is only a bit hard if you're under level. I defeat McCullum and the rest of the bosses at the first try, except Mary. *Sorry for my bad English*
  9. Learn? So you think i was being disrespectful? I'm not a little girl. I also have learned that even if you're a nice person, some people will attack you anyway if there's a different point of view. I'm too old for that, sometimes don't even worthy waste your time in discussions about videogames or about listening to people telling you what kind of trophies you have to get or how enjoy your hobbies. But you're right at something, there's very nice people over here, but rotten apples everywhere. Seriously. Last time coming to this forum.
  10. Agreed with you, sometimes ago someone call me hypocrite. I was confused because I thought this page it was about trophies, not clue why they have to attack others in that way. Really thinking in left the community.
  11. I don't think is impossible but pretty hard. Pretty sure someone will get eventually. I will not, no enough patience! ^^ What? Are you sure about that? So they was like "well, we suck but pretty sure someone will be able to get it"
  12. Damn girl, you're making this personal. You can't make people change mind just because you're not agreed with them. You know what? I'm too old for this. Have a nice day! ^^
  13. I don't care your point of view about my trophy list, the only point of view that I care is the mine, and there's not a problem when I will not get the game. You're presupposing how others(me) see they trophy list.
  14. No injustice, I totally think like the last 2 Wolfenstein, it will be a lot of fun and amazing, but you know I'm old person, I like to spend time playing and collecting trophies, is my hobby but at the same time, I want to think I still can play the game that I love without frustration. I pretty sure I will not get this trophy so I will just past.
  15. I do remember, and it was better time tbh. But even if I want to enjoy a game why I have to handle the people who hate trophy hunters? like some developed.