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  1. Hey l am having the same exact problem! I know l’m not coming with a solution but you’re not alone in the problem lol. I’m gonna try to do some experimenting with it tomorrow with advancing time again (already did it once so there’s no going back now lol) l’ll reply here if l find any work around!
  2. You got this! The tricks that really helped me were slowing around the turns and speeding on exiting the turns and always have boost on because it will never run out unless you're consistently driving all over the place. Watching videos and practicing will definitely help! Yeah the driving is absolute garbagio but don't let it ruin that plat for you!
  3. Did you make sure you were connected to Far Cry's server? I have the same issue with the missions not showing up and I followed PowerPyx's guide but I didn't confirm that I was reconnected to Far Cry's servers, only that the Playstation was reconnected to the internet. I might play around with it today and see if anything happens but I wanted to put it out there to see if that was the issue other people were having
  4. Does anyone know if this has a free upgrade to the PS5? I'm willing to plat it twice I don't care about auto pop trophies, I just don't know if I should buy the 4 or the 5 version! Let me know!
  5. A trick I noticed as I was working towards the trophy was to back away from the enemy until the reticle showed I wasn't going to hit them. That way I knew the shield blast wouldn't hit them but the bullets would and that cleared up any confusion I had!
  6. Platinums #89 and #90!!! :0 Platinum #89: World War One Hero - Battlefield 1 A nice change of pace from Dragon Quest XI hahah. This game was pretty fun! Having played V a month ago I was excited to jump a little further back and check out this one and I'm glad I did! Easier multiplayer trophies and the campaign challenges weren't bad aside from one or two annoying ones. I liked the World War One setting and thought it was a great addition to the Battlefield series! Platinum #90: Masters of the Universe - Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Fun Fact: A Crack in Time was my first ever platinum and it is crazy to think that 89 platinum trophies later I would be back with a new Ratchet and Clank game! I loved it! It was probably the closest thing to playing an animated movie. If there was one downside it was that I just wanted more and more! The environments were amazing, the guns were fun and looked beautiful, it really was a great iteration for the Ratchet and Clank series. I won't speak much on the trophy list being on the easier side because I would've platinumed this game no matter what. Very happy to celebrate the road to 100 with this one! What's Next?: Well my roommate started up Farming Simulator so we'll see how that goes. 🙃 And we started The Wolf Among Us last night so that should be a quick plat to add to the books as I close in on 100 platinum trophies!
  7. I was skeptical of the Pistol strategy at first as well, but having gotten the platinum I can confirm it is the best way to do it. The reason why the pistol is so good is that you get tons of ammo, so for some of the soldats, you can just burst them down by shooting at their legs to stun them then shoot their hearts. You do need to use things like pipe bombs to keep the combo going in various stages, and a mine here or there, but between the pistol and the magnum it's definitely doable. Blue orbs are definitely helpful like no damage while blocking, pistol damage, movement speed, etc. but not as necessary as you may think! Check out some video guides and try them out and you can get it done! 🙂
  8. Platinum Number 88: Dragon Quest XI S: Echos of an Elusive Age After 75 hours this mountain has been climbed! My first Dragon Quest game was a really fun one! I loved the story, I LOVED the characters, and I can understand why these games are so beloved! The endgame grind did get tiring (I'm looking at you Tockles and Costumes) however Acts 1 and 2 were so fun and engaging that I really wanted to see the end! If you are new to JRPG's then this is a great one to dive in on as your first. I know I'm more excited than ever for XII after playing this one! Next Platinum: I just started It Takes Two and Battlefield 1 for a change of pace so hopefully I'll be back sooner than later 🙂
  9. Ooooo very interesting! I had more fun with Innocence than I thought I would so I am definitely happy to hear about a sequel being in development! Thanks for the info! 🙂
  10. When I went for the platinum I did Perfect Relics first and Time Trials second and I think it depends on your mindset/playstyle For Perfect Relics, taking it slow was a necessity and an important aspect of keeping your cool as you went along. I didn't mind them as much since I was able to go at my own pace relatively and there were only a few choke points per level / levels that made me want to break things. Time Trials were harder for me because I'm not normally a speedy person when it comes to games. Plus I think the pathing can be more difficult to nail and even then getting a perfect run can be hard. I remember being stuck on one dinosaur level for hours and wondering why it wasn't working when I was recreating a video guide. So it depends on how you are! Either way they're both hard but not impossible and given enough time and practice you can crush it 🙂
  11. Platinum #86 - Nier Replicant The Final Verse Platinum #87 - Fallout 4 Platinum Trophy The road to 100 continues! Finally, Nier is done after working on it only on some weekends! It was not as good as Automata but it was great to see the groundwork for Automata's predecessor. The themes, the combat, it's all good, although it does get a little dull with the item farming. As for Fallout 4... sheesh it was a bit of a mess wasn't it? Hahah buggy, uninteresting locations, fine quests, and only a couple faction lines worth looking into. I statue spammed my way to level 130 and had a lot more fun than playing vanilla! Next Platinum - I just started Dragon Quest XI S Definitive Edition so I'll report back in 90 hours! 😂
  12. I've done the PS4 and then go for the upgrade but it's kindof a case by case basis since some games don't have safe transfers. If you don't have a problem with playing the game a second time for the platinum then doing PS4 to PS5 upgrade would save money!
  13. Yeah it doesn't seem too bad! It'll be a good game to boost or grab a friend for! I know I'm excited to check it out after looking at the trailer. An easy platinum makes it even better!
  14. Platinum Number 84: Wreckfest Master of Crashes This was a fun pallet cleanser of a platinum (especially after Resident Evil 8) It went by in around 3 play sessions and was pretty enjoyable the whole way through. Kinda wish it had more music, I think I heard the same like 5-6 songs over and over. But the driving and crashing was good and the silly vehicles made it entertaining! Next up is continuing the grind on Nier Replicant and Battlefield V!
  15. I'm glad to see everyone is still able to get these trophies! It makes me more inclined to pick up the game now! Gotta love the community for clarifying the info out there!