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  1. Can confirm that co-op is the best way to go for this difficulty. Have the host player hang back in a safe area (moving forward when appropriate/enemies have been cleared out) and the partner player run forward to complete objectives and kill enemies - whenever they go down, have them disconnect from the game, then re-invite them so they'll "respawn" with full ammo/items and rinse/repeat until everything's done. Saves a lot of hassle and headache that way, and I can confirm the partner player still gets the mission/completion trophies no matter how many times they disconnected/reconnected during the run and no matter how many sessions it takes.
  2. Brutal Legend. Picked it up randomly at a Best Buy, don't remember the price, but whatever it was, the game was worth 100% of it and more. What a great thing to kick off the system for me.
  3. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Given as a Christmas present alongside AC Unity and Uncharted 4 (bundled with console), figured I'd give it a go first since it wasn't a sequel. No regrets.
  4. The 4th is on the far side of the map in front of the enemy stage.
  5. Broad estimate is up to 9 hours of just grinding - when 100%ing the game in February this year, I actually got Sellout out of the way before I even started the main campaign, mainly because I didn't want it to be my last pre-plat trophy, and after the fans I already spent for the fanart, the various kill trophies and in the games against the Brutal AI, it took me about 9 hours across 2-3 days with that method to hit 250k fans total. I'm not sure what the afk turbo method entails, but I captured all 4 geysers and just didn't attack the enemy stage, instead sending all units to the death worm - if memory serves, because of how mind-numbing it was, I would just browse Twitter or something for a while as fans accumulated, then once I hit 9999 (the cap) I'd spawn and sacrifice units until I was near zero then rinse and repeat. I think it came out to about 80k fans per grinding session. I hope that answers your question.
  6. #43 - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 10/10 game for sure, so glad I got to go back and 100% an iconic title from my childhood (not the plat screenshot, which is just a black loading screen, but one of my favorite shots of the playthrough)
  7. Ahhhhh, I see. I'll mention that in the guide as a possible issue then, thanks for the feedback.
  8. Guide writer here, not sure what the issue could be; when boosting matches, my boosting partner and I forfeited matches ASAP each and every time, which led to the 2 hour estimate I provided, and there was no issue in the wins counting for either of us. Was it an issue with trophy sync?
  9. Well, this is a nice surprise. Guess I'll join: -Published 10 guides -Collective Guide Viewership exceeds 10,000 views -I've claimed a Bounty (echochrome) Looks like that's it for now.
  10. Was considering getting this - after all, I've only played homages/ripoffs like Darksiders Genesis and Victor Vran, and I thought it'd be nice to experience the "source material" as it were. But now? HELLLLLL no. I'm not spending several months to a year of my life on one video game, grinding out experience until I'm a hollow gray shell of myself for a damn trophy. I thought Gran Turismo 5 requiring 600 hours for the plat was ludicrous, but somehow ActiBliz made that look tame by comparison. Holy shit.
  11. Didn't know this game had DLC when I bought it, but when I looked on the store just now to see what the prices looked like, neither is listed as available or even existing for the game. Is it just bundled in with the base game at purchase?
  12. Exactly, I don't understand this idea that if the game engine/style hasn't undergone a complete graphical and visual overhaul with 6 billion more polygons per screen, ray-tracing, additional pores on all the characters, etc. and add 500 new combat options, then it doesn't "warrant" a standalone release - as you said, that would make every game in the franchise on the PS3 after 1 "DLC". I'll gladly pay full price for what I know will be yet another truly-AAA game that has had years of heart and soul poured into its development to make something unique and memorable, and I'm pretty sure this'll be even longer than Dad of Boi.
  13. When I saw the LucasArts logo I honestly expected The Force Unleashed 3, but this was a more than welcome surprise. Excited to finally experience Revan's journey myself after seeing him praised for so many years.
  14. Holy hell, I'm even more excited for this than I was last year. Tyr being alive was a plot thread I never considered, but he's such an intriguing character that I can't wait to see him. The combat looks as visceral and satisfying as ever, and Durlin is basically shaped like a friend. This is honestly the game that'll get me to buy a PS5.
  15. Agreed, switching to a light gray BG was a solid choice since it lets the art pop better. More visible at the diminished size.