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  1. Grounded mode is definitely far, far easier here than in the original game due to the accessibility options - you don't even need the infinite ammo/one-shot options, just the ability to turn invisible by going prone (which is available at all difficulties without glitching the menu) saves a ton of time and ammo. Plus, the checkpoints and ammo/material drops are a lot more forgiving than in the original.
  2. Well, there already is a plat guide (courtesy of yours truly) with strategies for all the (non-randomized) challenges across the entire game, but good job on the writeup nonetheless!
  3. Looks like the Dark Souls of 2023, prepare to die.
  4. Had an idea for a Project Platinum that I can now actually suggest (having gotten all the necessary plats): an inFAMOUS/Prototype project, wrapping both series into one due to their notable similarities and fanbase rivalries alongside the two combined providing 6 unique plats and a 100% (with 1 plat and the 100% on a ticking clock due to online trophies). Does that sound logical? More than happy to do all the work for assets and maintenance on it.
  5. Yep, still buying new PS3 games to this day for that purpose (and enjoyment) - though they're outnumbered 5-to-1 by my PS4/5 backlog, haha.
  6. I hope this game has a 50% platinum rate! Rarity-hogging is for losers!
  7. Entirely accurate and fair assessment!
  8. I think it'd be fun to achievement hunt on the Switch...but Nintendo would have to make a lot of other changes first before I buy into their system.
  9. Ahhh, I see, makes sense to use then! Lord knows there are some guides on this site that, bless them, just set my poor laptop on fire with their image dumping...
  10. Rayman Origins
  11. Curious, how does lazy loading work here? Seems like a pretty useful data-streamlining feature.
  12. Is it weird that I prefer ports not allowing auto-pops? You wanna stack plats, you should work for it, imo.
  13. A return to form in that it's the new definition of a perfect sequel and what a AAA game should strive to be? Yes!
  14. For a Soulslike, I'm surprised there aren't more "boss defeated" trophies beyond what I assume is the final boss...though, of course, the "started the game" trophy is right where it should be, haha.
  15. I thought this was a regular D&D/Pathfinder game with all the dice and numbers being thrown around...knowing it's another BG entry instead is way more hype.