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  1. Don't know if you've seen it or not but Daryl and Carol are getting a spinoff
  2. I mean I was already going to be buying it but you get both the PS4 and PS5 versions for £24.99 what a deal
  3. They are aware of the issue
  4. Is Racket Man glitched because I've saved more than 25 breaks points as a male player yet the trophy hasn't unlocked or do I have to do it in one game?
  5. Is anyone else having problems unlocking Racket Man? because I've saved break points 79 times according to my stats and I know for a fact I've done at least 25 as a male because I spent time doing it this morning yet it hasn't popped.
  6. Have you tried playing the different modes e.g. instead of playing A you play B?
  7. I'd say 18 is the easiest because I have that one. The problem with 22 is that it has online trophies and requires you to win online all be it I've never played Madden online so I don't actually know how hard those 2 trophies would be.
  8. Never Mind I finally got online to work today at my dad's but my god it's filled with so much lag it's unbearbale even when you've got good ping. I've won 4 matches so far and once I get promoted I'm never touching online again because it's a train wreck.
  9. Also I've tried playing online a couple of times yet the game keeps telling me I'm not signed into Playstation network when I clearly am, is anybody else getting this problem or just me?
  10. I don't know whether I'm just trash at this game or what but I find it very hard to hold my serve even on very easy/easy because the AI seems to become some sort of Tennis god and never miss a shot yet when they are on Serve it's easy to break them and very rare I don't break their serve. The difficulty seems to jump up and down massively.
  11. Errr I'm sorry to tell you but you aren't going to be it's part of their characters/team dynamic
  12. Not surprised in the least and to be honest after that State of Play they did for it I was expecting it. At least now it gives me more time to get a PS5 before it comes out.
  13. With all the complaining you'd think we were at Xbox Live Gold levels of bad, your not going to get a game you want every month on Plus. Personally I'm really looking forward to Tennis World Tour 2 if this list is correct.
  14. I might pick this up on the cheap I've not decided yet. Do we know if Isaac is going to talk yet? I'm presuming because it's dead space 1 that's a no.
  15. I kinda wanted the Olympics game to go on sale so I could seriously consider buying it because right now I'm in and out on it I just want a price drop.