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  1. Jim Ryan is going to save us from the coming alien invasion apocalypse of biblical proportion using only playstation controllers.
  2. I'm a liverpool fan and it's more of a popularity league than a super league and come on half of the teams so far are from the premier league cause as if we don't have the chance to play each other enough as it is 🙄 but I'm not surprised in the slightest they want to do this because it's all about the money, that and they've been talking about it for years, football has been all about money for years now but we'll see if this actual goes ahead. To be fair in my opinion the premier league has been lacking quality since it restarted last year after the pause apart from the odd match now and then.
  3. I'm loving Days Gone but it's not without it's problems e.g. pacing and choosing to split the missions up into numerous different story branches seems odd to me. I'd love a sequel and was dissapointed by the news last week that Sony rejected it but the co-op idea sounds meh it's fine as a single player game.
  4. yes but you have to e.g. score a goal for the goals ones to unlock or maken a save for that one to unlock and so on and so forth but be warned some of them may not unlock at all because I transferred mine from Steam and Car Collector didn't unlock for me and still hasn't unlocked for me.
  5. Also Car Collector is glitched for people so it's entirely possible you might not be able to unlock it which would mean no 100%
  6. I stand by my original comment for Days Gone and I would like to add that it's a really good game and I'm enjoying my time with it but putting it on PS Plus when it's already a collection title to me seems like an extremely cheap move and I'll have to look into Zomibe Army 4 to see if I'm interested in playing it because I don't know all that much about it. Edit: What's dead army like for a solo player??
  7. Days Gone makes sense because it's the main game I'm playing at the moment 😂 but also makes no sense because it's on the PS Plus collection games so putting it on that and then on Plus seperately seems dumb and I don't have all that much interest in Zombie Army 4: Dead War
  8. Very interesting I wonder who the 49ers are drafting now a QB maybe??
  9. I mean who isn't Microsoft trying to buy these days? I've seen numerous reports about them wanting to buy something or another over the last year or so but I guess we'll see what happens and if it makes a difference.
  10. I wouldn't hold your breathe the last one was pretty lackluster to be honest
  11. Well I'm bringing this topic back from the dead to give my opinion on the final episode/season. The final episode was alright I guess there were some really good moments in it but other moments like what are we actually doing here and honestly there was no other way the program could end as a whole. Overall I thought the season was medicore writing at best propelled forward by fantastic acting.
  12. but at least I don't need to worry about getting a PS5 as much this year anymore
  13. Dead or Alive 6 is a dead game they aren't doing anymore DLC for it and aren't going to be doing an ultimate edtion either and if your waiting for the DLC to go on sale at a reasonable price don't bother (I was waiting for it) because it's never going to happen because for some reason team ninja like to charge a ridiculous amount for it even when it's on sale for some dumb reason
  14. I don't mind the amazon games because I'm in the UK and I watched a few last season but the saturday games and the three MNF doubleheaders I'm not the biggest fan of because personally I just think it's better if a majority of the teams play on Sunday it's just more exciting at least for me anyway.
  15. This is awfully similiar to me and Rocket League because that's the extact same response I've been getting from Psyonix since septemeber last year about the Car Collector trophy and I've come to the conclusion that they don't have any interest in fixing it so honestly I doubt Gearbox have any interest in fixing this trophy glitch either.