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  1. Well whatever it may be I am looking forward to it massively, also we get the point not everybody likes TLOU2 get over it and move on already jesus at the end of the day it's just a GAME.
  2. I guess it makes me feel like I've accomplished something and it means I time more time into the game and get more enjoyment out of mastering it.
  3. I'm doing Rev and jesus it takes so damn long to level up I'm only at level 59 for her :(.
  4. It's going to be interesting to see what this is, I tried to sign up for it but I couldn't log in when it sent me to the site that's in Japanese ☹️
  5. Yeah I know what you mean I don't play Rogue Company but Car Collector on Rocket League has been glitched for me since it went free in September last year and it's the last trophy I need for the Plat so I know how you feel.
  6. Huh I never even knew it was meant to be out this year I just presumed it hadn't got a release date or it was always going to be 2022
  7. I wonder what this means for The Division is it now a dead franchise or are we not going to see another game for a long time? I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan but I'll keep my eye on this game to see if it intrests me or not.
  8. The story spoilers for RE8 have been leaked since late last year I've not seen them personally but I saw people saying they were out there last year.
  9. Been waiting to see this for a long time and was dissapointed by the numerous delays and I really wanted to see it in cinema's but WB dropped the ball in the UK so I couldn't but anyway I personally really enjoyed it's a completely difference experience to the first one but it's still a great experience.
  10. Maneater for the PS5 is great cause I've been interested in that since it came out so I'll be playing that when I eventually get my PS5, I already have SOTR and all the DLC but not fussed about that because I bought it at launch like I wanted to and I know next to nothing about Greedfall.
  11. Can't say I'm surprised Haskins has been let go, he's not been poor for the WFT and if Rivera had benched him earlier yesterday they might have won that game.
  12. Wow The Walking dead is on sale I don't think I've seen it on sale for over a year so I might pick up seasons 3 & 4 cause they are the last ones I need to finish the series, also might pick up Kandagawa Jet Girls cause I've been waiting for that on sale since release.
  13. Can confirm for me that it is still 100% broken and hasn't unlocked for me so the patched didn't fix it for everybody
  14. Car collector still hasn't unlocked for me maybe I'll try it again later but nothing for me when I launched it on wednesday
  15. thanks but no thanks not a chance, it seems like they have no interest in fixing the ones in the game that are currently glitched so more trophies would make no sense.