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  1. Sounds like you need to be the one who upgrades them then
  2. Having the sate of play format is just meh, we have about 4 a year (I don't know if that's the exact number it probably isn't) and out of those 4 one of them is good and then rest are mostly just a waste of time with like 1 good game in, I see why they choose to do it this way but personally I just think they should cut the number down and have like 2 a year but make them like an hour long or just over.
  3. Well it's going to be interesting whatever they are when they are announced especially if one of them is FF7 remake but I'll not get my hopes up but to be fair the Plus games have been pretty great so far this year even though I'm yet to play one.
  4. I'm still looking forward to the game, I personally don't think we should write it off and destroy the other employees work they are putting into this game just because the game is associated with those 2 people, 1 person the game can't really move away from as it's her franchise but maybe it can move away from the games lead designer (I don't know I'm just spitballing) but sadly it does look like it's going to be written off and it's probably going to tank hard when it's released.
  5. It all depends on the game and the trophy list really, some games can be a joy to go for all the trophies and others and be a massive chore and it's just not worth it at least in my opinion.
  6. Playing the Rollar Champions beta on PC I don't know if I really feel it.

  7. I doubt it, I've never heard of any game autopopping trophies from PS5 to PS4 but I guess there's only one way you can find out.
  8. I did most of mine by playing co-op and it's triple xp every wednesday. In regeards to playing as a hero and villian I just suggest looking at everybody's abilities and see which one you like best and pick them because there's no point in playing as somebody you don't like because it will take the fun out of the game.
  9. #51 - Rocket Arena So I was always interested in playing this before it went on PS Plus but I never bought because to me it always seemed like a game that should have been FTP from the start or been given as a plus game when it orginally came out but it wasn't, when it finally came to plus it was a perfect chance for me to start palying it. It was a fun game at first a good way to kill an hour or two on a saturday afternoon adn the trophies were pretty easy to get so I made the decision to get the plat which I don't regret but dear god those level trophies are just a killer because of the massive grind they are, by the time I had 5 character's to level 25 I'd got my fill out of the game but I still had to get a character to level 100 so going from 50 to 100 after that was just a chore. All the trophies can be done in bot matches by the way so it's not hard it's just a massive chore and now that I've completed it I'm retiring from Rocket Arena.
  10. Modding is not exclusive to Steam so if people make mods for it then yes you'd be able to use them
  11. #50- The Last of Us Part II Here it is the big one number 50 a goal I never thought I'd achieve when I started playing my PS3 way back in 2013 which I mainly bought to play The Last of Us so I couldn't think of a more perfect game to achieve platinum 50 with than The Last of Us Part II. The game itself is a fantastic achievement both gameplay wise and story wise but I think the story loses a tiny bit of it's emotional impact in the second playthrough (It did on me anyway) but that's fine it's rare you have the same strong emotions when either rewatching or playing something for a second time, it doesn't take anything away from it. I still love the franchise and I am hopeful we get Part 3 to finish the story off but in the meantime I have the HBO show to look forward to knowing I have "Every Last One of Them" trophies for the Platinum sorry I couldn't resist.
  12. Pedro Pascal is a fantastic choice for Joel, I'm so hyped for it, I was just about to write I've never seen Bella Ramsey in anything but upon checking her IMDB it turns out I've seen her in His Dark Materials season 2 where I wasn't the biggest fan of her character (to be fair she was barely in it and it wasn't great writing for a character) so I couldn't make judgement on her properly but she wouldn't have been cast if she wasn't the right choice. I'm looking forward to this program massively but I don't think we'll see it until next year sadly.
  13. I watched the entire thing in full today (without looking at the result) as i'm in the UK and I didn't feel like staying up for it and it just wasn't a competitive game I sort of knew it was over at half time because the Chiefs didn't look like scoring because they couldn't catch a ball when they really needed to, the penalties on defence killed them as well and overall it was just a poor game from the Chiefs who I wanted to win but congrats to the Bucs they deserved it, the defense is really good and the offense is too and also congrats to Brady 7 titles is just out of this world.
  14. At this rate probably late this year/early next year
  15. The games on PS Plus are not free you are renting them for a price because if you sub ends then you lose access to the games where as if they were free you'd get to keep access but you don't so therefore your paying to rent the games.
  16. you are correct I play Madden 20 on my PC and last years Super Bowl match-up is still up in the play now section I don't think it will come down unless they come down when the servers get switched off.
  17. You are 100% correct I just looked on the website store and the PS5 one is seperate from the PS4 one which I never would have known if I'd not seen your comment so thanks 😀
  18. Ahhh, well GTA V was the last piece of Tennis I played in a game as well, I'm sure I can find an answer somewhere but thanks anyway
  19. Vita sales don't happen anymore I'm not sure about PS3 but your best bet would be to check
  20. Are these games any good? I've not played a tennis game since the amazing Top Spin 4 and I really miss them.
  21. That Stafford Goff trade was huge, I don't know whether I'm surprised about it or not because the Rams pretty much said they weren't happy with Goff and honestly I don't blame them he's been on the downward slide since that Super Bowl loss but oh man imagine how much people are going to have to give up for Watson now and I reckon we might see a couple more QB's move this summer Garoppolo and maybe Rogers 🤔
  22. yeah I thankfully finished all the kills off yesterday and it's super repetive, yeah the grind to 100 is going to kill me xD, they should hopefully be doing a double XP weekend soon but I'd love it if it was triple XP instead but thats not going to happen. Yeah it wouldn't surprise me if they banned people for idling they would see it as ruining the game but I've seen a few people do it in the games I've been playing recently.
  23. Oh boy this one is a grind I'm at like 18 hives now, I can get like 4 done in 2 hours so I feel like it's still going to be a long while until I get this one done.
  24. oh they were super easy you use to stomp them like 20-3 in knockout but yeah ever since the last update they have grown considerable harder to beat and most of the teammates you get don't really help all that much. I'm super glad I got most of the KO kills out of the way before this update and even more so I got the wins one done before this update but it's still easily doable. The XP in the game sucks hard, the last trophy I need is for a character to get to 100 and I'm at like 64 or something now and it's just a drag and it still feels like a drag when they do double XP.
  25. I was thinking about this the other week and I just presumed because we hadn't already gotten one we weren't getting one and that seems even more likely so now.