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  1. I was looking back and remembered I had fun playing this game. Just wondering if anyone knows of a similar game on the PS4. This game gives me that kind of “temple run” vibe
  2. Where do you get the 5+ hour completion time from?
  3. Update: If anyone else has this problem. It doesn't show up in the available ad ons that show up in the game. You have to search it up in the store.
  4. I don’t even know where to download the dlc from. And I don’t have it on disc, I have it from ps now
  5. Just platted the game and I am trying to find the dlc pack. I watched a YouTube video that said it was in the cult classic category but it's not there for me. Anyone know? Thanks
  6. @Bushido_Cypher Thank you brother. Your video helped me get this done.
  7. Thanks man finally got this game done!
  8. This is the last trophy I need for this game and I can't get it to pop. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I jump with X, dash in mid air with L2, then I press down and triangle to do a ground pound attack. I've probably killed 45 people like this and I still can't get it to pop. I've tried different characters, I've tried doing some of them in ranked. I am led to think that I am doing it wrong. Could someone post a video of a proper kill for this trophy. Or maybe just add me to show me in game? Also I've seen the two Youtube videos that have been posted about this trophy but they don't provide any good examples. Thanks!
  9. Hey man i see you finally got this trophy, any tips? Do you know if the amount of players you have with you affects the difficulty(number of monsters that spawn in)? How many players did you do it with? Also nice job on 100% account.
  10. Yea, I'm having this same problem. But to revert it to the old edition just click the editions button in the menu. This will revert you back to the old minecraft.
  11. After they changed up the trophy list many trophies became glitched for people. The trophy "full roster" is glitched for me. It requires 10 rounds played as every OG operator. I have exceeded the required amount for every operator and it still isn't popping. Proof: Just add your wins and losses under the operator section and it will tell you how many rounds you have played with each operator. I've heard of this trophy bugging for many people and was wondering if anyone has figured anything out?