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  1. Far Cry 3 - Classic Edition (PS4) also had this happen for the first couple days it was available widely. But that was I believe Ubisoft's error since it only effected the players with Far Cry 5's season pass that got access to the remaster 4 weeks prior to its standalone PSN sale launch
  2. 1.18 this fall (the other half of Caves & Cliffs) will no doubt add another 3-6 trophies for the new stuff
  3. They leaked out awhile ago on other sites oddly enough, but it looks pretty straight forward like the first game should be 3/10 at most even without a dev mode
  4. Load up the PS4 version with the 100% save on it. When you hover over a save file (I did my 100% New game+ one) there is an option to upload it by hitting R1 or L1 I believe. After its uploaded boot up Spider-man Remastered and there should be an import button on the main menu that'll download the Ps4 save and have the autopop happen (its either on import or by loading that save). It is worth noting however that the Remastered version has a few new trophies that may not pop if you haven't achieved their requirements.
  5. April 8th is the release date for the DLC (and by extension this update)
  6. Personally I did my play though on Normal back at launch, then came back a few months later to do the DLC clean-up which involved a NG+ highest difficulty speed run of the main story. And on NG+ even the highest difficulty it was pretty easy with an upgraded Aloy + gear
  7. Those seem to be the easiest 3 non VR games. Don't forget the Japanese stack of Subnautica for a 4th easy plat. VR Wise Astro Bot and Moss are pretty straight forward plats so I've heard (ie 3/10 hard or less) Horizon Zero Dawn when it's active in April is also a solid 2/10 challenging. Just time consuming
  8. From the main menu of the PS4 version there's an option to upload your PS4 save to the PS5 version. Then launch the PS5 version and everything you have achieved will pop when that save is loaded This site isn't going to ban you for auto-popping when its a feature built into the game itself. A lot of PS5 games have this ability and 1 second 100%'s without issue occurring. Plus there's games like Destiny 2 where you cant even avoid auto-popping since your progress in both versions is based off your PSN ID not a save file
  9. is the $10 upgrade live yet? It didn't come up in the PS store when I searched. Or is it buried in the PS4 versions in game menus like some games do?
  10. All of mine popped at launch after save exporting on the PS4 version. Although my console hard crashed for the first time ever right after the title card on the resolution/performance mode select screen
  11. Got a few of the franchise ones to pop on Friday. But now I'm back to a bunch of the misc. ones not popping (throwing dots, comeback, situational awareness, etc)
  12. Took it from Reddit, but here's a list of supposedly working gear combos for each boss to spawn. OP in that Reddit thread implied this is the full list bosses as well (not necessarily spawn combos).
  13. I've personally never seen more then 2 different ancients in a single run, even with 5 possible options at 90%+ My luck been so bad I did a run with 4 question marks and 1 old known boss. And got the old known boss 6 times in the same level and none of the new ones lol. At least I only need 2-3 more but its getting tough to find gear combos that produce unknown bosses. Good thing I hoarded a bunch of unique/gold tier gear to burn at least before this DLC came, saves that grind.
  14. Wouldn't be the first time they've delayed the announcement to combine it with a SoP/Conference show. Borderlands 3 (base game) would also be cheap game for them to give out as a PS5 title. It's been as low as $10 on sale (PS4 version which has a free upgrade). Plus it gets 2k/Gearbox a surge in DLC sales from the new players coming in and getting hooked
  15. I believe its also a PS Collection game. So PS5 owners can easily access it that way. Biggest benefit to this though, is there's no need to maintain a PS+ sub to play it. Unlike the previous two PS+ offerings Basically extending the length of the free trial of Funimation premium (paid version) from 14 days to like 3 months