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  1. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare : Platinum#11 Difficult : 4.5/10 with DLC 9/10 still trying Time : 1 weak & 5 days fun : 10/10 All generations cod have amazing side In my heart the game still a lot player playing Zombie & multiplayer #Roadmap to platinum 1- play game on veterans and collect all upgrade & scan all weapon & complete all side mission required for veteran trophy 2- play Zombies spaceland it’s easy with pro player or if you have dlc collect all soul key when you have de cut you can do spaceland solo - I am doing everything solo without partner- only trophy I love 80’s it’s nightmare if you playing the game first time there is 100 location you can find all teddy ( there is 3 photo teddy & 5 toys ) you always find 7 and 1 Probably have glitch sometime not
  2. Zombie Army Trilogy: Platinum#10 Difficult : 3.5/10 Sniper Elite Difficult Fun : 8/10 Time : 1 week 2 days this game for who loves zombie it’s nice game I am enjoying with game cause I played with my friend that’s make game funny all need to do for roadmap to platinum play game on CADIT and make sure put Setup 1 Player always for make game easier then collect every gold bar & Bottol until finish game then play horde on CADIT to with 1 Player Setup 2 map in Horde have glitch all need to do still alive until wave 10 ( you can get 3 trophy - gold medal - sniper score ) in one horde just make sure your score up then 20000 or 23000 For more gold medal after that farming ( super elite - fire demon - summoner - each one you have to kill him 25 times ) & you need kill 5 enemy with 1 shoot all trophy farming like 5 in 1 bullet or kill 15 or 20 in any explosive or kill 5000 , 10,000 you can do in horde with ( 4 player setup on CADIT for a lot zombie 🧟‍♂️ thats all
  3. Dark Souls III : Platinum#9 Difficult: 3.5/10 Fun : 10/10 for me Time : 10 hr 32 min All know the amazing generation of dark souls . Today I will explain my Strategy in this amazing games with my Friend the legend player souls @Okba_Derouiche Before all I am played this game before and earn platinum this game like 38 times also helped a lot people and already complete NG+ 132 So let’s start First Step -> from the beginning with first boss is easy -> after beat the boss and in Second area my friend wait me in every door with his single -> he start with me after I beat Lord Of Cinder : Abyss watcher -> he give me Souls. / weapon / Lvl my character and let’s go to kill boss quick - in first Playthrough we defeated every boss also hidden boss until first flame -> without collect any collectables cause I’m running & also I am doing the glitch with cd first published + I have the game install in hard drive to Second Step -> after the strategy with boss Join every covenant in your way all of them until dark-moon this step with the first step Third Step -> with second Ending I’m collect every gestures and some pyromancies , sorceries , miracles / but be sure keep in your mind every this 3 trophy you will get it in last end when you pick every ashes in Firelink shrine for buy all pyromancies , sorceries, miracles & my friend give me the ring &Done the key you must know every step with remember everything it’s small game But it is in the Collectables like a maze
  4. The Last Of Us Part II : Platinum#8 MasterPiece Difficult : Easy Fun : 10/10 Time : 2 Days 9 hr I don’t know how started talking with MasterPiece From Naughty Dog I’m enjoying in every moment in game / amazing idea , story , graphics, soundtrack piece of legend the game is amazing until end Tips roadmap for Platinum 1- First enjoy with amazing game or play the game and collect every collectables 2- collect every pills 💊 and part ⚙️ You can then upgrade your both characters Ellie & Abby (Weapon/Skills)+ collect other trophy like Sharpshooter + High Score + put a hat 🎩 ... etc 3- play the game on NG+ and Collect the pills and part again for upgrade weapon and skills and The Platinum Is yours
  5. Here we go again with bandicoot look like amazing
  6. Zombie Army 4 Dead War : Platinum#6 Difficult : Easy with coop solo 4.5/10 Time : 1week & 2 days fun: 10/10 the All part of sniper elite is my favorite game ever same with zombie The game it’s really funny with coop but the (tips) for platinum - complete game with 4 player note : if some of this guys already complete the game before . He can great room and select section 4 each chapter on hard you can get trophy 4 player and all chapter & all difficult - the rest is collectables - but the horde you have complete all 12 wave from the beginning 1-until 12 - and there is 20 wave trophy survival - others trophy pop with playing automatically- the rest is get master weapon in all 3 weapon you already upgrade it and use it gewher 43 - kill 10 sniper in his Scope Thompson - Kill 200 zombie buy shoot his both legs mosin-nagnat m91/30 - kill 200 zombie over 50 matter thats all
  7. I have a lot games on my account for PS4 if working in ps5 that amazing
  8. I prefer without disc
  9. Easy but there is a lot collectables that’s mean enjoying and discover the world last of us 2
  10. This means the studio is surprisingly prepared to enjoy the game's creativity, story, design and Graphics
  11. The pre-order it’s load now I can’t wait 😍
  12. I will buy the black one
  13. Demons souls It’s look like amazing I can’t wait ps5
  14. Street Fighter IV : Platinum #5 Difficult : 8/10 ( High Skill Depending With Combo ) fun : 10/10 for me with my friend Time : 5 Days 22 hr it’s really amazing fighter games I love this kind of game when I was a child and I am really enjoying this time with my friend he help me a lot in online to get trophy faster and he is not in site , the game needed you know what you doing in every step also is really harder if you don’t Remember the Combo Character in every Fight cause if you miss hit you will die faster with computer combo High difficult in end it’s awesome fight game , I want take break same day after back to play Super Street Fighter What are you waiting to play and have fun if you haven't tried it before?
  15. I didn’t play this game 6 month ago but I think is still working