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  1. Sniper Elite 4 : 100% With All Dlc Time : 1 day & 17 he ( you can less ) Difficult : 3/10 for me Fun : 10/10 “ Take your place as greatest Sniper in World “ First i need all know this is my 7 times earn platinum & 100% note : i do it with pro partner his iD @majed_ksa457 my strategy i will explain everything i will explain as Steps 1- playing every mode in multiplayer and left the last one i left the radio mode ( cause i wait my friend ) when we play last mode and the trophy will pop i do channel changer trophy too 2- we start play Overwatch mission with All Collectibles + All Optional Object 3- complete all 12 wave in Survival Mode 4- after complete all Co-op trophy-> i go with my friend to Deathstorm 3the third dlc and complete this trophy ( Overkill - kill all sniper with explosion + Ghost town - kill every enemy in map + i do with it Extract Wernicke, Hänel, and Kehrer in one playthrough then complete the mission 5- after that my friend left and i am starting with main campaign + all collectibles + all optional object on cadet difficult 6- after that i am going to DLC Fuhrer in this dlc you can do manual save in each place for kill hitler and keep silent in first time for earn trophy complete the mission Without begin detected The rest Challenge is easy when you do it you will automatically earn complete all challenge in main game for one mission 7- after that go DLC deathstorm 1 complete the mission with the trophy you can do it in your way then - kill all sniper melee kill + drop crane on tank ..etc after complete the mission back play the mission for complete the challenge is very easy if you good stealth player 8- after that go DLc deathstorm 2 its my best dlc i love Night map in beginning when you open the castle there is a officer burn book make save manual when he throw the fire kill him you will earn trophy ( Read this ) in your way in same place there is island just shit in Red tank You will earn trophy too then complete your way when you open the second place there is a drop in roof just shot for kill 2 officer you will earn trophy - after that destroy the Door in the library and take the ( Neunfaust like RPG ) and summon Valkyrie Squad then kill then use Neunfaust ) after complete mission back again and do the Challenge is very easy but you need you good with it you can do it with manual save on cadet 9- i am go back complete the rest trophy for Deathstorm 3 and the challenge 10- about all trophies Difficult there is a way earn all trophy my friend make last checkpoint on each mission in sniper elite (before i playing the game ) there is 8 mission He playing in “ Authentic Plus “ With manual save for make save in last chechpoint on each chapter ( here he should be the host and make private mode and let him invite you / but don’t do any save just let him load every save he make in manual save then finish the last checkpoint you will automatically earn all trophy without manual save + the good position for last trophy about total distance 100 kilometre is the third mission in there is many enemy on bridge just tag them and make save then kill them in each kill you will earn up 500 meter ) good player not enough you have to be smart too
  2. Call of Duty Black ops 4 : Time : 7 months , 6 days Difficult : solo 10/10 with all DLC , if without DLC and with player 7/10 Fun : 10/10 for cod player in beginning you need know 1 thing if you chose this game For platinum you have to be very good player in online and good in Zombies, the hardest thing is ( All Blackout Trophy ) if you get it the rest is easy , i got all blackout trophy solo but took me long time & the annoying another trophy is Reach max lvl in zombie with 25 weapon max lvl + the last trophy when i got the platinum is him i need 11 weapon left fortunately There is Double XP for weapon i played 8 hr , half with friend but he left in round 38 and I complete the rest solo cause it’s really annoying trophy make you feel boring
  3. Middle Earth : Shadow Of War Difficult : 4/10 Time : 6 days & 3 hr Fun : 10/10 amazing Orc fight game i played the game first time in 2018 with platinum then i am back played again for 100% with DLC .. the game is amazing and much like it the way for platinum you have to keep your eye in Missable trophy + make Allies With your lvl and play everything until reach to the end for make sure complete the Missable + online Conquest the online one is annoying and he become more difficult when you keep winning until you reach lvl Captain you need 2500 Assault point -> and make sure mount every monster You can see for trophy raid the rest trophy is easy
  4. Vampyr : Difficult : 4/10 Time : 2 days , 17 Fun : 10/10 My Strategy in the beginning make sure start on Normal and when you earn this 2 trophy automatically ( From here to eternity + At down we row ) when you meet the doctor After boat reach in next dock you will meet ( Clay first time ) here -> do Backup save for first time kill Clay and second time don’t take his life You will get 2 another trophy ( Just take a bit + Merciful Releace ) -> for trophy Not even once you will Releace him -> when you go around and searching you will Allow to get this 2 trophy in hospital ( upgrade weapon with a model ) -> Eat 10 rat in your way -> same trophy its automatically unlock when you playing the story with boss fight -> just make sure make 2 Backup in beginning Ch.3 + Ch.6 and don’t kill any Citizen but some gun and melee weapon You have to kill Citizen make sure when you play collect the all gun and weapon & collectibles and start kill Citizen in Ch.6 cause you already have Backup after you complete everything puzzle and gather all Collectibles back you save Backup then finish the game you will get the platinum
  5. Spider-Man Marvel : platinum Time : 3 days 42 min total timing Difficult : 3.5/10 fun : 7/10 some time boring when you doing the criminal and collectibles
  6. Spider-man Miles Morales: Platinum Time : 4 days & 1 hr Difficult : 3/10 easy fun : 6/10 i like DC more then marvel My strategy easy game all need to do finish the game with all side mission & collectibles + challenge.. etc then back play on NG+ & platinum is your
  7. The legend of zoro
  8. Vis vis prison Spanish tv series
  9. When i am going to gym i keep listening ( roy jones can’t be touched without stop i really love this music
  10. I just buying new spiderman but still not playing lol
  11. I like challenge and spend good time when i have cause in last day’s I reduced my time
  12. Call of duty black ops 4 -> the last trophy who i need is get 25 max weapons and its just need time cause I can’t see more Double xp
  13. Holy shit thank you mate i think we need pin this thread
  14. Awesome, great news i am sure sony will keep get new ideas for VE Games in future
  15. I hope It will be different like friend say above