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  1. God of War I : Platinum Difficult : 3/10 Time : 7 hr , 24 min fun : 10/10 God of War II : Platinum Difficult : 3/10 Time : 16 hr , 54 min fun : 10/10 God of War III : Platinum Difficult : 3/10 Time : 8 hr , 32 min Fun : 10/10 All know this Master Piece collection Roadmap & Strategy "If all those on Olympus would deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus will die."🖤
  2. Ninja Gaiden Σ Plus : Platinum Difficult : 10/0 Master Ninja + Trails Time : 4 week , 1 days Fun : 10/10 my favorite games This game requires high skill and patience while playing, I previously completed the game more than once and I have experience while playing this time My Strategy first play the game on normal mode until boss fight murai after you kill him and back to village when u kill the second boss the another difficult unlocked -> back again and start the game with hard & very hard .. until master ninja if u went get all trophy difficult first try -> keep using ultimate technique + izuna drop + all weapon & ninpo for get trophy farming cause its very boring 1000 enemy in each weapon required ( for get master ninja in all chapter u need kill alot enemy the enemy keep respawn when u open door or go another area & back keep kill them as much as u could + save manual for make sure dont waste u time -> in your way find all scrap + ninja logo ( and don’t forget change your weapon and upgrade them ) there is a video on youtube ahow you the strategy boss every mission & and holy mission if you stuck in one of them -> after complete the game go to trails make sure play every mission 4 times there is 76 mission = 304 for get platinum coin this the hardest trophy ( keep doing each mission make sure L1 keep you finger on him - and learn how to block and attack -Its boring and hard but its chance for get all farming trophy when you doing the mission & complete all of them took me like 4 days with platinum coin the trails for me 7/10 but still hard cause my skill gone i am not play like 1 year ago
  3. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag : Platinum Difficult : 6/10 with sharing is caring in Multiplayer if you did it solo Time : 1 week , 1 hr Fun : 10/10 best Assassin in my opinion with Ezio Collection before i played the game i am afraid there is no more player in online but i am surprised player still playing if you planing to get platinum black flag 🏴‍☠️ first -> play and finish online mode -> second about trophy lvl 55 its boring right if you play wolfpack solo take a while-> best chance to get 55 in 4 hr find 3 another player with you become 4 and great clan only 2 player then invite you to your clan and search public mode domination as clan -> you will find your friend -> dont capture any point and go find branch ( then let your friend come your area and kill him when you set in branch every 8 min you will get 24K Xp if you get more then 24K the xp don't count for some reason this is the easy way to get lvl up very quick ( important only with 4 player working ) Also i complete Blackbeard back with my friend -> know go story mode make sure collect money there is a mission have only checkpoint with 3 Templars just pickpocket them and reload checkpoint you will get trophy ( business and Pleasure & collect some money - when you playing complete story mode with all side mission i miss this part lol - when you playing as will use every divine underwater & collect all plan for upgrade Jackdaw and use Fleet kenway for get last Treasure ( Fire barrel storage) after upgrade beat all 4 legendary ship and make sure doing the other trophy ( trophy about collect 500 crew use sequence 3 mission 2 there is pirates near you help them and reload checkpoint you can help 15 crew every checkpoint and done - happy hunting Note : sharing is caring find some area and keep searching by exit game then open again for put you in different server in each exit i find the ( social chest in ( Havana &Nassau .. and the another island ..etc when i was playing Too the chest show up 5 times with me )
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 : Platinum Difficult : 5/10 Time : 1 month , 4 week Fun : 10/10 MasterPiece First i went thanks my friend @AnonymousPLC69 he really tired with me in All trophy Online mode and I really enjoyed with him Very good player RDR2 after complete the online when you played the story try focus on missable i was try do many save manual in each chapter cause the missable , & try got medal on your way try skin & study animal Especially when you go to the island ، for doing the rest like craft and collectibles... etc is easy the game just need time for platinum and there is a few guide on youtube is very good to do it quick
  5. Sniper Elite V2 Remastered: Platinum Difficult : 3.5/10 Time : 1 day , 50 minutes Fun : 10/10 Tips+Strategy 1- first start overwach with my friend & complete all 5 mission quick its easy after that i tag 50 enemy and he shot then he tag 50 and i shot ( this is 2 trophy here ) some trophy unlocked when you played normally after that we started cooperative on and make him die 10 times then revive him this ( another trophy ) for done with coop after that we started game mode ( Bombing Run ) - you have to survival 10 times - this mode have ( A-B-C-D-E-F point ) first go to A-B then E-F and C-D if you did this you will beat every survival match maximum 6 min ( now you done with coop ) all rest trophy is very easy there is alot video in youtube ( but there is a one trophy ( Secret Service ) this map trophy Have glitch the all solider change position 3 times sometime you see him move correct with video on youtube and sometimes no ( you have kill all of them without begin detected ) dont be front the enemy stay behind him always now started the story mode on cadet with glitch sniper elite Trophy in every map last checkpoint ( when you started mission on Cadet and collect all collectibles the mission before end the mission in last checkpoint - Exit the game -> go select mission Chose the same mission -> on Sniper Elite Difficult -> when game loading quick Close Application then back again press Continue you will see your self in last checkpoint on Sniper Elite - do this strategy on each mission and dont forget the collectibles note : when play on cadet keep kill the enemy for get another trophy like distance - and kill when enemy move ... etc & last trophy i got platinum with it is iron lung you need hold your breath 30 min half hr and thats all
  6. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider : Platinum Difficult : 4/10 Time : 4 days , 11 hr Fun : 7/10 the story is good but the collectibles is very boring this is the first time played this part SOTTR the story not bad new skill,new weapon , new outfit.. etc And the dlc easy as well strategy play the game on easy difficulty after done collect all boring collectibles I suggest smoked or drink something when do this part and give your self time - after done with story mode and collectibles - play the dlc complete each tomb challenge then back play time attack on all dlc - then equip 7 different build for get 7 trophy On dlc - after that play the hard difficult- when I complete the collectibles 100%( Note + fix : trophy 100% have glitch when u collect the collectibles there is 3 Survival Cash + 1 relic if you dont find them after collect everything thats fain just close applications and open again when the game start you will see the map 100% and the trophy pop ) i play a few mission on hard and today complete the rest speedrun the hard difficulty have only checkpoint in your camp if u die you will back in your camp and its not that hard some player complete the game on hard in 3 hr
  7. Sniper Elite 3 : Platinum Difficult : 5/10 Time : 2 days , 4 hr fun : 10/10 one of my favorite games ever i like the shot distance & stealth kill i got platinum before like 5 time but this time for doing speedrun My Strategy first play the multiplayer you have to play 10 full match multiplayer i am surprised people still playing - i start with multiplayer for not lost the time - after done with multiplayer 10 match - great private match for doing all Ribbon its easy with your friend i did it in 1 hr expect one need player ( tag 3 enemy and let u friend kill them ) - after that start the game on cadet difficulty and collect all collectibles & the rest trophy like kill & hold breath and make manual save for better position for do them in half time - after done with story and got all expect the last difficult and coop trophy - i start the challenge for trophy ( every man - there is 6 mode 1- survival Solo - have 2 map 2- survival coop - have same 3- Overwatch- 3 mission You have to play all of them to get the trophy but there is the glitch most player happen with him ( if you done the solo & complete first 2 mission Overwatch the trophy will pop you dont need complete all of then in challeng mode only thats same happens with me now and in 2017 when the first time i have got the platinum there is some trophy needed farming like oxygen hold your breath for hour ( in every hold breath will take like 15 second exactly you just need keep holding ( and about trophy distance best position is airfield long shot just keep checkpoint after kill also i got 30 min hold breath with this trophy and thats - and last thing i did the automatic with my friend for fun speedrun without glitch then done
  8. Mad Max : Platinum Difficult : 3.5/10 Time : 4 days 7 hr Fun : 10/10 one of my favorite game i am sad to hear server mad max will shutdown in 31 Oct i got played first time in 2018 and really enjoying with everything also i am shear post before how to fix last Scavenge location before team game published new update so when i hear the game will R.i.p i am planning got platinum second time speedrun to be one in world Strategy first start with main mission untill u reach to pink Eye Stronghold they will told u needed clear area from 4->to->1 for start mission when i reach in this point i am back to beginning for clear everything Westland + photo relic + car body + scaveng location when i clear half map down there back to main mission the max now with u maximum lvl cause in this position u can got Road Warrior it’s enough repeter challenge can be done for max lvl -> after that i complete the story then doing all camp 100% there is a guide help me in each camp 3 or 4 minutes maximum for loot 100% after completing the camp back to minefield with dog before doing the minefield clear everything expect scavenge location cause u already clear half map after done back to minefield + all death race this is the fan part ( upgrade you magnum max lvl before play the death race you can destroy your enemy in race to make the race easier & some of race survival you have to finish before they destroy you & make sure you got legendary time with it - after complete every race open in stronghold to re-ammo to max for next race ) after complete the race destroy enemy vehicle with every archange after complete this steps back to loot all scavenge location then done
  9. Call of Duty WWll : Platinum Difficult : 5/10 i done everything Solo Time : 2 week & 16 hr ( going for 100% ) fun : 10/10
  10. No you have to do all item Character challenge by yourself or someone going help you in blackout cause for the otherwise The items keeper in you inventory at all
  11. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 : Difficult : 6/10 Fun : 10/10 Time : Totally 1 week , 1 day my strategy 1- play the game on hardened and get as much as you could AL and other trophy kills + collect all collectibles 2- when your weapon and lvl up unlock all core + make all 5 class different weapon for upgrade all weapon the best mission for farming weapon with solider enemy not robots its ( Rise & Fall ) Then play the game on Realistic 3- Play combat immersion on realistic there is a glitch still working all you need to do bring you friend already done realistic make him sit on chair then u friend sit in sometime , 3-7 try it work 4- play the game on veterans without daying the best chance with this Difficulty Chose in every class you have ( Emergency Rever ) it’s automatically revive and dose not cout you die 5- play shadow evil zombies & multiplayer trophy its very easy thats all
  12. The Trophy Fixed Now - 2020/9/3
  13. Hello PSNP Yesterday when i was play new update published for Zombie Army 4 Dead War The DLC his name : Caged Fear Trophy Name : Something Wicked This Way Come I played the DLC with my friend when we got the trophy he won’t sync but when we played another game & earned trophy he sync expect this trophy show me error ( 32136-5 ) me and my friend and no one in leaderboard earned still showing not Obtain - and we played online must Sync automatically any note ?
  14. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Difficult : 3/10 - 5/10 boring many fight Time : 4 days , 4 hr Fun : 7.5/10 Easy Strategy for get platinum first play The Adventure mode it will be take like 3 hr and half for trails Master & do all another trophy like change character, do 50-hit combo & dont begin with main story complete ( survival - free battle ... atc ) i prefer use character ( Sasuke with Ultimate Finish - inferno Style: Susano flame control ) easy way for get 30 win in 1 hr and do all another league with him - after you practice and play a lot fight go to story mode you have to keep your health 90 for get ( S ) Rank sometime needed good combo with good health for get ( S ) try use Ultimate Finish - there is some mission you have weak character like ( obito vs madara ) try change your character by support like ( Kakashi Hatake ) And press then and keep your chakra up if you get damage just “ retry “ the match until you Dont have any damage then you will get ( S ) Rank ...
  15. Dragon Ball Z : Kakarot : Platinum Difficult : 4/10 Time : 1 days , 16 hr fun : 10/10 my childhood until now