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  1. you can do glitch authentic with Sniper Elite 3 , make the game more easier & everything shown like you play on cadet difficulty all need to do 1- great lobby on multiplayer with your friend let him be the host 2- start deathmatch when you both in game move a little like 5 - 10 second and shot 5 bullet then leave then let u friend leave the game & you 3- make him go to cooperative then make authentic difficulty and u automatically in cause u already in his lobby then start the mission the glitch should work 100% last test 20/11/2020
  2. You can change it from setting to make the game look better
  3. yah this way is working before the server shut down - and there is a lot method depending inside the game you can earn scrap as well when u close the application and back immediately, or stay in game also the platinum can done with all “ up to the task “ challenge in 75 hr and up 100+ but you can complete scrap crew challenge totally less then 4 days , 8 hr , 49 min if u using method AC02 like the man up said 174-173-171 after 12 hr then he keep give u same this 3 number in each 1 hr & i dont know if that’s a glitch or something happen in server cause the game have alot glitch -> you can earn unlimited scrap to get trophy 10.000 & build all 4 stronghold after finish the game very quick-> but there is glitch happen with me actually 2 times unlimited storm shulter with more boxes scrap ( i love the game and i got platinum 4 times before it’s really back memories but last time when i played before server shutdown I explain amazing strategy with method or glitch earn scrap 171-173-174 per hr after 12 hr u started in AC02 ( I complete the game with platinum in 4 days & 7 hr = 103 hr -> they guide say u can do the platinum from 51-75-100 hr up i am still wired about what happened with me
  4. Call of Duty : Ghosts Time : 1 week , 4 days Difficult : 4/10 Fun : 10/10 with my team zombies
  5. Super Meat Boy Time : 3 days 16 hr Difficult : 10/10 Fun : 0/10 there is no fun i will explain why But its really true challenge high skill depending Console: PS4 It's been a while since the last platinum I exercised a lot even though I got Platinum before, three times I know it' crazy but I like these kinds of challenges, the problem is I try to break the time when I leave the game for the time the skill goes you need focus and patience I tried hard less than this time but I couldn't My roadmap 1 - on your way collect the bandages and beat the warp-zone don’t care if you daying ( and try get A+) very important to unlock the DW 2- beat the game 3- beat Cotten Alley and get A+ as well when you practice 4- check and complete beat the warp-zone + complete collect the rest of bandages for make sure unlock ( trophy the kid + you need all 100 bandages for Golden God 100% 5- back beat the DW with the rest Warp-zone *when you beat last Warp-zone in DW You have now to beat all holly game ( no daying ) i started with DW cause he always piss me off ( The factory DW - Salt DW - Girl boy LW - the rapture DW ) even I practice alot still I can’t beat them with first try even I beat it before alot but each time when i wanna try my skills be weakness The is 5 world expect the end & cotten Alley with DW they be 10 and the hardest map with me I mentioned them previously in parentheses after you beat all of them with no daying the Platinum is yours .. I cared about getting less time, and I didn't care much about platinum. I used to leave the easy worlds until my predecessors angered me. my hand still shaking when i write my experience
  6. God of War I : Platinum Difficult : 3/10 Time : 7 hr , 24 min fun : 10/10 God of War II : Platinum Difficult : 3/10 Time : 16 hr , 54 min fun : 10/10 God of War III : Platinum Difficult : 3/10 Time : 8 hr , 32 min Fun : 10/10 All know this Master Piece collection Roadmap & Strategy "If all those on Olympus would deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus will die."🖤
  7. Ninja Gaiden Σ Plus : Platinum Difficult : 10/0 Master Ninja + Trails Time : 4 week , 1 days Fun : 10/10 my favorite games This game requires high skill and patience while playing, I previously completed the game more than once and I have experience while playing this time My Strategy first play the game on normal mode until boss fight murai after you kill him and back to village when u kill the second boss the another difficult unlocked -> back again and start the game with hard & very hard .. until master ninja if u went get all trophy difficult first try -> keep using ultimate technique + izuna drop + all weapon & ninpo for get trophy farming cause its very boring 1000 enemy in each weapon required ( for get master ninja in all chapter u need kill alot enemy the enemy keep respawn when u open door or go another area & back keep kill them as much as u could + save manual for make sure dont waste u time -> in your way find all scrap + ninja logo ( and don’t forget change your weapon and upgrade them ) there is a video on youtube ahow you the strategy boss every mission & and holy mission if you stuck in one of them -> after complete the game go to trails make sure play every mission 4 times there is 76 mission = 304 for get platinum coin this the hardest trophy ( keep doing each mission make sure L1 keep you finger on him - and learn how to block and attack -Its boring and hard but its chance for get all farming trophy when you doing the mission & complete all of them took me like 4 days with platinum coin the trails for me 7/10 but still hard cause my skill gone i am not play like 1 year ago
  8. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag : Platinum Difficult : 6/10 with sharing is caring in Multiplayer if you did it solo Time : 1 week , 1 hr Fun : 10/10 best Assassin in my opinion with Ezio Collection before i played the game i am afraid there is no more player in online but i am surprised player still playing if you planing to get platinum black flag 🏴‍☠️ first -> play and finish online mode -> second about trophy lvl 55 its boring right if you play wolfpack solo take a while-> best chance to get 55 in 4 hr find 3 another player with you become 4 and great clan only 2 player then invite you to your clan and search public mode domination as clan -> you will find your friend -> dont capture any point and go find branch ( then let your friend come your area and kill him when you set in branch every 8 min you will get 24K Xp if you get more then 24K the xp don't count for some reason this is the easy way to get lvl up very quick ( important only with 4 player working ) Also i complete Blackbeard back with my friend -> know go story mode make sure collect money there is a mission have only checkpoint with 3 Templars just pickpocket them and reload checkpoint you will get trophy ( business and Pleasure & collect some money - when you playing complete story mode with all side mission i miss this part lol - when you playing as will use every divine underwater & collect all plan for upgrade Jackdaw and use Fleet kenway for get last Treasure ( Fire barrel storage) after upgrade beat all 4 legendary ship and make sure doing the other trophy ( trophy about collect 500 crew use sequence 3 mission 2 there is pirates near you help them and reload checkpoint you can help 15 crew every checkpoint and done - happy hunting Note : sharing is caring find some area and keep searching by exit game then open again for put you in different server in each exit i find the ( social chest in ( Havana &Nassau .. and the another island ..etc when i was playing Too the chest show up 5 times with me )
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2 : Platinum Difficult : 5/10 Time : 1 month , 4 week Fun : 10/10 MasterPiece First i went thanks my friend @AnonymousPLC69 he really tired with me in All trophy Online mode and I really enjoyed with him Very good player RDR2 after complete the online when you played the story try focus on missable i was try do many save manual in each chapter cause the missable , & try got medal on your way try skin & study animal Especially when you go to the island ، for doing the rest like craft and collectibles... etc is easy the game just need time for platinum and there is a few guide on youtube is very good to do it quick
  10. Sniper Elite V2 Remastered: Platinum Difficult : 3.5/10 Time : 1 day , 50 minutes Fun : 10/10 Tips+Strategy 1- first start overwach with my friend & complete all 5 mission quick its easy after that i tag 50 enemy and he shot then he tag 50 and i shot ( this is 2 trophy here ) some trophy unlocked when you played normally after that we started cooperative on and make him die 10 times then revive him this ( another trophy ) for done with coop after that we started game mode ( Bombing Run ) - you have to survival 10 times - this mode have ( A-B-C-D-E-F point ) first go to A-B then E-F and C-D if you did this you will beat every survival match maximum 6 min ( now you done with coop ) all rest trophy is very easy there is alot video in youtube ( but there is a one trophy ( Secret Service ) this map trophy Have glitch the all solider change position 3 times sometime you see him move correct with video on youtube and sometimes no ( you have kill all of them without begin detected ) dont be front the enemy stay behind him always now started the story mode on cadet with glitch sniper elite Trophy in every map last checkpoint ( when you started mission on Cadet and collect all collectibles the mission before end the mission in last checkpoint - Exit the game -> go select mission Chose the same mission -> on Sniper Elite Difficult -> when game loading quick Close Application then back again press Continue you will see your self in last checkpoint on Sniper Elite - do this strategy on each mission and dont forget the collectibles note : when play on cadet keep kill the enemy for get another trophy like distance - and kill when enemy move ... etc & last trophy i got platinum with it is iron lung you need hold your breath 30 min half hr and thats all
  11. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider : Platinum Difficult : 4/10 Time : 4 days , 11 hr Fun : 7/10 the story is good but the collectibles is very boring this is the first time played this part SOTTR the story not bad new skill,new weapon , new outfit.. etc And the dlc easy as well strategy play the game on easy difficulty after done collect all boring collectibles I suggest smoked or drink something when do this part and give your self time - after done with story mode and collectibles - play the dlc complete each tomb challenge then back play time attack on all dlc - then equip 7 different build for get 7 trophy On dlc - after that play the hard difficult- when I complete the collectibles 100%( Note + fix : trophy 100% have glitch when u collect the collectibles there is 3 Survival Cash + 1 relic if you dont find them after collect everything thats fain just close applications and open again when the game start you will see the map 100% and the trophy pop ) i play a few mission on hard and today complete the rest speedrun the hard difficulty have only checkpoint in your camp if u die you will back in your camp and its not that hard some player complete the game on hard in 3 hr
  12. Sniper Elite 3 : Platinum Difficult : 5/10 Time : 2 days , 4 hr fun : 10/10 one of my favorite games ever i like the shot distance & stealth kill i got platinum before like 5 time but this time for doing speedrun My Strategy first play the multiplayer you have to play 10 full match multiplayer i am surprised people still playing - i start with multiplayer for not lost the time - after done with multiplayer 10 match - great private match for doing all Ribbon its easy with your friend i did it in 1 hr expect one need player ( tag 3 enemy and let u friend kill them ) - after that start the game on cadet difficulty and collect all collectibles & the rest trophy like kill & hold breath and make manual save for better position for do them in half time - after done with story and got all expect the last difficult and coop trophy - i start the challenge for trophy ( every man - there is 6 mode 1- survival Solo - have 2 map 2- survival coop - have same 3- Overwatch- 3 mission You have to play all of them to get the trophy but there is the glitch most player happen with him ( if you done the solo & complete first 2 mission Overwatch the trophy will pop you dont need complete all of then in challeng mode only thats same happens with me now and in 2017 when the first time i have got the platinum there is some trophy needed farming like oxygen hold your breath for hour ( in every hold breath will take like 15 second exactly you just need keep holding ( and about trophy distance best position is airfield long shot just keep checkpoint after kill also i got 30 min hold breath with this trophy and thats - and last thing i did the automatic with my friend for fun speedrun without glitch then done
  13. Mad Max : Platinum Difficult : 3.5/10 Time : 4 days 7 hr Fun : 10/10 one of my favorite game i am sad to hear server mad max will shutdown in 31 Oct i got played first time in 2018 and really enjoying with everything also i am shear post before how to fix last Scavenge location before team game published new update so when i hear the game will R.i.p i am planning got platinum second time speedrun to be one in world Strategy first start with main mission untill u reach to pink Eye Stronghold they will told u needed clear area from 4->to->1 for start mission when i reach in this point i am back to beginning for clear everything Westland + photo relic + car body + scaveng location when i clear half map down there back to main mission the max now with u maximum lvl cause in this position u can got Road Warrior it’s enough repeter challenge can be done for max lvl -> after that i complete the story then doing all camp 100% there is a guide help me in each camp 3 or 4 minutes maximum for loot 100% after completing the camp back to minefield with dog before doing the minefield clear everything expect scavenge location cause u already clear half map after done back to minefield + all death race this is the fan part ( upgrade you magnum max lvl before play the death race you can destroy your enemy in race to make the race easier & some of race survival you have to finish before they destroy you & make sure you got legendary time with it - after complete every race open in stronghold to re-ammo to max for next race ) after complete the race destroy enemy vehicle with every archange after complete this steps back to loot all scavenge location then done
  14. Call of Duty WWll : Platinum Difficult : 5/10 i done everything Solo Time : 2 week & 16 hr ( going for 100% ) fun : 10/10
  15. No you have to do all item Character challenge by yourself or someone going help you in blackout cause for the otherwise The items keeper in you inventory at all