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  1. UPDATE: I've tried manually syncing trophies by going in on the ps3 and pressing triangle, and still doesnt seem to be doing anything. i've also obtained trophies on another game and that doesnt seem to have done anything either- and also the trophies aren't showing for this game. any further advice?
  2. Ah right i see. i've just resynced manually so will see if it updates as part of the next update today didn't know that
  3. Yeah thats the issue, I earned about 6 trophies yesterday and they're not syncing on here. the Progess updates when i manually sync via home button
  4. Tomb raider Legend is the biggest one at the moment, theres about 10 trophies that i've earned over the past week or so that are still not syncing on here. i reguarlly manually sync on PS3- pretty much every time i earn a trophy so i can see how many i've got left to earn Hmm maybe i'll trythat, to be fair i have been grinding tomb raider legend for the past couple of days for the plat I'm thinking i must have mine in Online mode as any time i go to check my trophy list it normally takes upwardsof 5 mins to sync all my trophies
  5. I've recently bought a PS3 - never had one back on first release, so have been replaying some of the games that i had on 360. however, for some reason the trophies are not syncing to my PSNprofiles profile. i have defiently got them in the game, and are showing on my trophy list on the ps3, however when i look at my profile on here, they dont seem to update that regularly. I have tried updating manually but to no avail. There's ones that popped 2+ weeks ago that still arent showing up on here for some reason. any ideas?