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  1. Dammit! I was hoping that I could free 100 GB of space after completing the Doomsday Heists.
  2. This will be the standard price going forward. I'm glad that they set the early price the same as PS+. I wasn't going to renew it again next year for 99,99€ that's for sure.
  3. @Lorajet you were supposed to post your top 5 rarest platinums, not your general rarest trophies. Here's yours:
  4. Far Cry 2 - 0.56% Gran Turismo 5 - 0.63% Grand Theft Auto IV - 0.95% The Crew - 1.05% Shift 2 Unleashed - 1.07%
  5. Good job people, we made it! Sony, Marvel Make Up: Companies Will Produce Third ‘Spider-Man’ Film
  6. Let's see, 11 games for me. Magicka 2 - 11 Secret Ponchos - 9 Skulls of the Shogun - 7 Far Cry 2 - 6 Shift 2 Unleashed - 4 Grand Theft Auto IV - 3 Hoard - 3 The Crew - 3 Gran Turismo 5 - 2 Helldivers - 1 Killzone Shadow Fall - 1
  7. Gamers from Portugal and Spain get an extra game: Wizards Tourney.
  8. I will be fair and say it just became a lot harder with the introduction of a new Champions rank. Previously all you needed was 2500 MMR for a Gold IV rank, now you need 2600 MMR. That means the guide also has to be fixed.
  9. Yes you can. That usually happened for me when my team failed to detonate the 3 objectives in time and we had to retreat to the previous objective (capture the flag). I've only played on Rotterdam (Devastation map).
  10. I'm absolutely sure that I didn't play 10 matches because in most matches I was able to get 2 flag captures. As you can see I started playing this game 2 days ago so it doesn't take a long time to acquire this trophy, you just need to get placed on a good team.
  11. I've just obtained the trophy while playing Grand Operations.
  12. Considering that there are players who are still getting it, as recently as September 4th, I would say it's obtainable.
  13. Did the patch already released for PS4?
  14. It's confirmed! Battlefield V - Update 4.4 PlayStation 4-Specific Improvements Fixed an issue that was causing issues for some players on the following trophies: Jack of all Trades Globetrotter Death from Above Elite Trophy
  15. While nothing has been announced yet, apparently Tom Holland has been teasing on Instagram with Robert Downey Jr. that maybe he gets to stay on MCU after all. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1fUPgblShf/?utm_source=ig_embed Spider-Man features on Marvel's D23 2019 Banner. And the latest rumor on the internet is that Sony and Disney/Marvel made a new deal: - A 6-picture deal with Tom Holland, with an option for a 7th. - There are three more Spider-Man films after Spider-Man 3, which will be a new trilogy. - The second trilogy will focus on Peter Parker's college years including plans for Peter to meet up and team up with Firestar and Ice Man of the X-Men (based in part on the old Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon). - The other three movies are two Avengers films in which Spider-Man will have a larger role and become friends with Johnny Storm (Human Torch from the Fantastic Four). - Marvel Studios will helm and co-finance all Spider-Man related movies for 30% of the full profits (Disney previously wanted 50%, but Sony said no, which led to the talks falling apart). - Sony would distribute, but Disney will acquire exclusive digital and online rights for Disney Plus and affiliated TV networks. - Marvel Studios will helm and co-finance SpiderVerse live-action spinoffs under the same terms. - Venom will relocate into the MCU. - Sony will be given permission for TV live-action programs based on SpiderVerse properties (Sony only has film rights to Spider-Man, but needs permission from Disney for TV rights) - Disney wants the deal to be done before Saturday's Marvel panel at D23 Expo. - Spider-Man is also said to be a part of a D23 Expo panel. https://cosmicbook.news/spider-man-deal-7-movies-avengers