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  1. The guide that I would recommend everyone to follow is from this guy. Unlike most youtubers who split the missable trophies from the collectibles, this guys puts them all in one video in chronological order. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqmczBXswpY&list=PLdRzcMLl7YoZ43QgtbwOP-uBygIuJr3_T&index=3&t=0s
  2. Portuguese and Spanish players get an extra game, VR game 'Anyone’s Diary'.
  3. Bad writing aside, I'm thankful for HBO greenlighting Game of Thrones and giving it a satisfying end.
  4. Yes I'm aware of that that's why I searched for it on PS Store. My question is if the game is downloanable on PS4 because that is what the PS Store listing is implying, even in the description.
  5. Did Konami stealth released the game on PS4 or is this a PS Store mistake?
  6. Can't say anything about Overcooked as I never played it but What Remains of Edith Finch gets my recommendation!
  7. Dear friends, I might have just found our PS Plus games for May in the PS Plus hub and oh boy, there will be plenty of complaints.
  8. Indeed. Last year I remember using it twice to get a 20% discount on movie tickets (Cinemas NOS) but since then, it appears these discounts have been removed completely. This was our hub - https://www.playstationplus.pt/home, right now, they only have competitions and the current PS Plus games.
  9. That I did not know but you're absolutely right, the digital version of it does include all DLC content.
  10. A quick search on our PS Now region only leads me to the base game (RDR) and the Undead Nightmare expansion so presumably it doesn't have all the online DLC's since on the PS3 you would also have to buy "Legends and Killers" & "Liars and Cheats" packs to get 100%.
  11. They didn't send codes for this beta, it was automatically applied to your account. If you never received an email welcoming you to the beta or the PS Now Beta application didn't show up in your library, then you weren't selected.
  12. I forgot to mention. For those of you who haven't got an email (yet), there is a way to manually check if you have been accepted. Go to your PS4 library and check in the bought items if you have something called "Playstation Now Beta".
  13. Same here, I signed up when they added the news article about this.
  14. The beta began today and will last until February 26th from what I've been told. Anyone here got invited for the beta?
  15. I've fixed that for you.