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  1. Wow

    What the fuck is this thread lol. No offense but, is English not your first language? If it isn't, then I can understand you having a hard time articulating your feelings without coming across as cynically dismissive.
  2. I tried that. Nothing is happening. Edit: Got it to work. Wasn’t sure why it took so many attempts.
  3. @HusKy Need some help with this. I have Hyperweb installed and everything enabled in settings. But I don’t know what you mean by “installing Custom Script”. That seems to be a native feature and not something to install. I tried using the dropbox link you provided when they asked me for a link, and nothing happened.
  4. I know you're working with limitations and logic built from the base website, but I was wondering if you were able to make it so on Game Lists, you can omit tags from the list. Like for example, I want to see games I don't own by "omit selecting" the "Purchased" tag on my list, so it shows all games that don't have this tag. Or I don't want to see indie games, so I "omit select" the "Indie" tag from my list. Also, it would be cool if when you add a game to a list, a pop-up window shows up asking you to pick a tag from a drop down menu from that list. Would also be cool if you could sort your list by release date, or when games were added to that list. Btw, any way I can use this plugin on iOS while seeing my list?
  5. @HusKy You considering making a button that internally reads the guides in your trophy list/scans it to fill those labels?
  6. Does Japan have a Fourth of July sale? God bless America.
  7. $12 for Balan Wonderworld is $11.99 too high.
  8. Are the recent changes part of the new update? Not seeing the added complexity tags anywhere except on the right side of a game's trophy list. Edit: I can only get them to appear game by game by entering the guide itself. Not just the trophy list.
  9. PS5 is listed twice in the release date section. PS4 doesn't include the specific day it was released. It should be the same as the PS5 one. 4%2C PlayStation,January 4%2C 2022
  10. Thanks so much!
  11. Would you recommend doing the DLCs after platinum then?
  12. Is there a post-game?
  13. How late would you suggest? I don't even know if there is a post-game to do everything. Do you mean a fight against her? Or do you mean a fight will happen in the camp if I have her in my party?
  14. Guide says that enabling the DLCs from the start can add unnecessary complications for a first time playthrough. So at what point should I start them? Are they available to do post-game?
  15. Yea that’s fair. If you ever feel like you’ve done all you can for this extension and need a nee project, feel free to tackle this!