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  1. Please let us know if you can consistently get this going.
  2. Yea no worries. Just a neat idea is all. The main issue is that it rounds entire days up. So 4d 1h is 5d there. Useless if I wanted to see where I am on time leaderboards. I don't speedrun games at all but when top 50 is possible, I usually try to aim for that.
  3. Noticed that just now. It's a good starting point but imprecise. Could you add hours/minutes to it?
  4. Not sure about this. However, pressing F5 will make sure you are looking at the primary list in the guide. I'm not sure if we're misunderstanding each other. It's already a feature you made in custom lists. Not sure how to insert images into this reply, but it's that notebook icon you have for entries in a "Game List" list. Would it be possible to have that notebook icon and maybe even the boosting icon to appear ALSO in our primary/default lists so we can quickly go straight to the guide from the main trophy list. To further clarify a use case, I go to my main profile via a PC bookmark, check my last/top game, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, see the notebook icon and click it, instant guide access. This suggestion is ultimately about cutting down time to reach a game's guide. This is happening, but in a slightly different form in the next update. How with it differ from what I suggested? Will it not be a toggle? I don't mind either way, I just hate having to dig up the guide I was just on after every profile update, similar my last suggestion. Isn't this already available? Gap tracks the literal gap between when first trophy and when last trophy are earned, not when first trophy was earned and right now. So if I start Assassin's Creed Syndicate and get my first trophy on Oct 1, 12:00pm, and my last trophy on Oct 3, 12:00pm, but take a break and check that gap on Oct 6, 12:00pm. "Gap" would say 2 days, 0 hours. Where as a "Time Since Starting" could say 6 days, 0 hours. I know this sounds wildly unnecessary, but I figured it would be worth mentioning how cool this would be for people who care about speed and leaderboards.
  5. A few suggestions: - Guide icon when viewing our primary trophy list, and not one of those custom lists. - Toggle to return to last viewed page when Updating List as opposed to redirecting to profile page. - Underneath where it says “Gap” when viewing a game, would it be possible to include how long it’s been since we earned the first trophy if the game isn’t 100%’d as a way of keeping track of where you are in the top 50 fastest achievers list.
  6. Probably won’t grab this til all the DLC is out and the season pass is on sale. But looks much better than Far Cry 5.
  7. Source on your forum profile pic?

    1. XXIIlII


      Sup. Sorry I found it in one of the replies In twitter. Don't know the source.

  8. Noticed you don’t have any FromSoft games under your belt. Try Bloodborne.
  9. In some nebulous perspective sure that’s a choice. A choice to not get sued into oblivion, not a choice birthed from charity.
  10. I wasn’t making a suggestion there. I was creating a scenario of people that took a break.
  11. I’ve recently found out that games have gotten new trophies long after their last trophy additions, sometimes being added 5-6 years after the fact. With that being said, nothing is stopping developers from adding new trophies to a game 10 years down the line, that are broken/unobtainable from the very start. Say you reach 100% completion and “retire” from gaming. 10-20 years later, that 100% completion could be reduced to 98% from a new trophy being added, and if those trophies are broken, you’re stuck with 98%. Zero Lab Games had made Indivisible and Skull Girls, alongside adding DLC trophies for both. - Indivisble got DLC trophies, with 3 being unobtainable from launch. - Skull Girls got DLC trophies, 6 years after launch which are indeed obtainable. Both of these scenarios would be unremarkable if it wasn’t for the fact that Zero Lab Games shut down. So they can’t fix Indivisible’s DLC trophies, and if Skull Girls got broken trophies 6 years after base game, you could imagine what that would do to completionists who had 100% for a long time up until that time. To anyone that wants to maintain their 100%, just be aware that, that 100% could be taken away from you at any moment, even if you were to stop gaming now. EDIT: Apparently Borderlands 2 JP list got a DLC pack 8 years after the last trophy addition. That DLC pack is also buggy/unobtainable, so all the trophies on that list are unobtainable. Can you imagine getting screwed by a game you finished almost a decade ago.
  12. We’re at 6 years now. Hoping to find one at 7 years that is also achieveable.
  13. It is. For some reason you think it’s a small deal.
  14. Not the same list.
  15. 6 years is the current record in this thread. Let’s keep digging.