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  1. Source on your forum profile pic?

    1. XXIIlII


      Sup. Sorry I found it in one of the replies In twitter. Don't know the source.

  2. Noticed you don’t have any FromSoft games under your belt. Try Bloodborne.
  3. In some nebulous perspective sure that’s a choice. A choice to not get sued into oblivion, not a choice birthed from charity.
  4. I wasn’t making a suggestion there. I was creating a scenario of people that took a break.
  5. I’ve recently found out that games have gotten new trophies long after their last trophy additions, sometimes being added 5-6 years after the fact. With that being said, nothing is stopping developers from adding new trophies to a game 10 years down the line, that are broken/unobtainable from the very start. Say you reach 100% completion and “retire” from gaming. 10-20 years later, that 100% completion could be reduced to 98% from a new trophy being added, and if those trophies are broken, you’re stuck with 98%. Zero Lab Games had made Indivisible and Skull Girls, alongside adding DLC trophies for both. - Indivisble got DLC trophies, with 3 being unobtainable from launch. - Skull Girls got DLC trophies, 6 years after launch which are indeed obtainable. Both of these scenarios would be unremarkable if it wasn’t for the fact that Zero Lab Games shut down. So they can’t fix Indivisible’s DLC trophies, and if Skull Girls got broken trophies 6 years after base game, you could imagine what that would do to completionists who had 100% for a long time up until that time. To anyone that wants to maintain their 100%, just be aware that, that 100% could be taken away from you at any moment, even if you were to stop gaming now. EDIT: Apparently Borderlands 2 JP list got a DLC pack 8 years after the last trophy addition. That DLC pack is also buggy/unobtainable, so all the trophies on that list are unobtainable. Can you imagine getting screwed by a game you finished almost a decade ago.
  6. We’re at 6 years now. Hoping to find one at 7 years that is also achieveable.
  7. It is. For some reason you think it’s a small deal.
  8. Not the same list.
  9. 6 years is the current record in this thread. Let’s keep digging.
  10. That’s actually a pretty big deal. You got any links to threads?
  11. The triggers/requirements being changed are Ubisoft side. That’s quite common. Are you absolutely sure they changed the trophy descriptions? Can you give me any more details? Can you be specific on what changed on the literal list Sony-side that players see?
  12. Let’s see if we can find a game with a larger gap than 4 years. I want to accept this as the technical answer, but because players can’t even get those trophies, it doesn’t satisfy the whole “2036, you’re married with kids you see your 100% completion rate go down to 98%.” because you can’t do anything about it, and unable to “go back” to it.
  13. For things like the game tile art, trophy icons, trophy names, or trophy descriptions, has there ever been a recorded instance of any of that changing after release? I’ve been under the impression that anything related to trophies on Sony server-side is under lock and key.
  14. I’ve been wondering this for a long time, but what’s the game that went the longest without new trophies after release, just for it to get more trophies years later. The only game I can think of is Ghost of Tsushima with new trophies a year after launch. Let’s see if we can brainstorm the absolute largest gap.
  15. I hope you’re not referring to OP, but to those being a bit more dramatic. OP is being quite reasonable and even mentioned how petty it may seem. @PhantomFear94 I love this game, like A LOT. But this trophy tile is just so cringe, it makes my OCD just itch. I’ve never once seen trophy tiles change, so if they manage to make it look more PS5 UI appropriate, awesome. It’s not going to affect me because I already got my PS4 plat and avoid stacks.