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  1. Good hint, I'll try it out tomorrow, thanks!
  2. Hello guys. Maybe someone else encountered this bug already, but I can't find my last Merlin trial. I'm stuck at 94/95 and looked up the whole map for a million times now and still can't find it. Awesome right? Or maybe I'm just blind. If it isn't so... does someone know how to fix that?
  3. "People don't change. We go round in circles." That's one of the best trophy names I've seen so far. Such two little sentences with so many meanings... and it's true! Change my mind.
  4. Hello fellas! For me it's time to move on with my life. I know you don't care, but I have to share this with you anyways. So... It has been exactly 10 years, when I received my first trophy ever. On November 16th, 2012. Now, exactly 10 years later I reached 1.000 Platinums and I think that's the perfect timing to stop trophy hunting and move on with my life. That doesn't mean, that i won't ever play again, on the contrary i will still play games, but now I enjoy them without focusing on the trophy list. I wish you all the best of luck and fun collecting trophies and I hope that you will achieve the goals that you have settled for yourself. I achieved my last own trophy today: "Get 1.000 Platinums." It feels great for me and I won't come back, promise! 🤝🏼 Maybe I'll see you around...! Greetings @Mods: If this post isn't welcome, feel free to delete it. PS: You're all doing a great job!
  5. That's weird. I got the Platinum for the game but I can't see a Trophy list on my PS5 and either in here. I only have the trophy pictures. 😂 But thanks tho.
  6. Any news?
  7. Hello there! I'm curious what your records in Endless Mode are. Mine are as shown: Level 01: 274.595 Points Level 02: 194.790 Points Level 03: 201.943 Points Level 04: 187.622 Points Level 05: 093.290 Points Did you beat me in any level?
  8. Geometric Sniper (PS5 version) is not syncing.
  9. Does someone know when the trophy list of the PS5 version gets synced to psnprofiles? Btw: Does someone know, if the Platinum trophy gets lined up in the back, when you already have it, but it isn't listed on the PlayStation and here? For example: I currently have 948 Platinums (when the list will get synced I'd have 949 Platinums) - will my 950th Platinum trophy the one I'm doing now (although it says I only have 948 Platinums) or will it be my real 950th, although the unsynced one gets linked later? Thanks.
  10. It's only the 12th November and people almost have the platinum... do they get early access or how can they already play the game? Release date is the 17th November.
  11. Hello guys, i need your help! Lately I've been getting the error code *CE-34878-0* just random quite often when I'm playing some games. The game just crashes in the middle of my gameplay and all my saved data is gone - that's really frustrating. Does someone know how to fix this? I've noticed that this mostly happens with new games - maybe Sony is giving me a sign that i should finally get a PS5... 😔 Thanks for every tip!
  12. Can't play Chapter 2 too... bought it right at the beginning and can't enter it.
  13. Anathema is bugged i guess. 🥲
  14. Best austrian trophy guide buddy! Appreciate your work bro ❤️
  15. I already did that. But usually you see an icon from the truck immediately after you bought the fuel, right? The thing is the truck icon doesn't even show up for me... I waited 3 minutes and nothing happened. Then I bought some fuel again - lost already 300 bucks for nothing and still no tank truck. ;(