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  1. Is PS Plus required?
  2. What a pity, so you should hurry. Anyway is progress automatically saved even if I log in, roll 5 minutes into the hideout and close the game?
  3. Do the kilometers covered in ballform in a private match alone that will end in a draw count for the trophy? I select the map with the pipes and head towards it in ball form for 12 minutes.
  4. Hello everyone, before proceeding with the purchase I would like to make sure that the PlayStation Plus is not necessary to get all the trophies. I was already informed at the launch of the game and the subscription was not needed. However today I saw the trophies in more detail and I read that for a couple of trophies you have to enter the multiplayer zone. Is it possible to do this without PlayStation Plus? Maybe something has changed with the game's many updates ...
  5. I would like to do the Hardmode immediately after collecting the notes and reminders in The Dark Descent. Do they all stay saved if I don't collect them in Hardmode?
  6. Maybe I'll buy WEE 2K22 for PS4 today but would like to know if Platinum is still obtainable without DLC. Was then Hell in a Cell card pack time limited or is always available? Besides, I also have a question that has nothing to do with trophies. Can the characters unlockable with the VCs be used even without an internet connection?
  7. Is the difficulty of the events affected by the base difficulty of the game? I ask for the PS4 but I think it's the same...
  8. Natural Talent does not want to pop. What can I do?
  9. Hi everyone, I know the game is always online but you can get the Platinum completely solo. Is this the same for all DLC? Is PS Plus required to play solo as well?
  10. Are there any online trophy? Do you know which version to buy to get all the DLCs with trophies?
  11. Hi everyone, which version of the game should I buy to get all the trophies? I don't have any games from the trilogy. This game has more versions and DLCs than The Sims 4
  12. Hi everyone, is a PlayStation Plus Essential subscription required to get the online trophies for this game and the GOTY version of the prequel? I'm not only referring to the trophies required for Platinum but also those for the DLCs.
  13. I wanted to install all the DLCs before starting but I wanted to get the trophy online first because of the DLC matchmaking issues.I thought the most popular version of the game was the one without any DLC.
  14. I would like to get the "And They'll Tell Two Friends" trophy without starting the game. I've tried looking for public matches but can't find them. I already got the platinum years ago, and by loading a level 50 character, I immediately joined a public game. Then I immediately switched to the other account with which I want to platinum the game again but could not find it. I read the discussion about DLC but in this case I think it has something to do with level. Or do I have to complete the first few missions? If I contact someone can they invite me without me starting the game?
  15. Do Far Cry 4, Deus Ex Human Revolution and The Evil Within work?