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  1. I missed the trophy for which the guards have to be grabbed as soon as they turn on the light and I don't know how many are missing. Advice? Do I do a new run or repeat mission 7 with three guards to grab? In the second case, do I have to finish the mission every time or save before starting to work for the trophy and, after having laid them all, do I reload the save?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm planning on doing the Now trial week to plat The Crew 2 and get Doom online trophies (only base game). Can I do them without starting the story? Are they difficult if done without knowing how to play? Are games found quickly or does no one play them? In a few years I'll be doing a one year subscription and I'll plat it, so I don't have to worry about servers
  3. Yes
  4. Hi everyone, I'm playing Mass Effect at the easiest level for the first time. I don't need to buy expensive items but should I do it? Will the credits and omni-gel carry over to the new run by importing the character or will they be reset?
  5. Hello everyone, since I have the Legendary Edition I wanted to ask you: do I have to reach level 20 even with the characters of the DLCs (Hell Boy, Atom, Darkside, etc...) for the Master Of All Trades Trophy? I ask because I want to have a nice Platinum screenshot with my favorite character.
  6. Hi everyone, I would like to buy a PS4 game but there is a trophy that requires a second DualShock. It's simple to do but I don't have a second DualShock. Can I use the Remote Play app on my smartphone? How you do it?
  7. I tried to make the AI play alone in the endless multiverse but at the end of each match you have to press X. How do you do it?
  8. I would like try to plat this game without boost it. Is the multiplayer died or do you find games easily?
  9. I did some testing on this test account and found that syncing happens automatically when you open the game if you are connected to the PSN. Just for that game. If you connect while the game is already open, the synchronization does not take place. I will do the online trophies all at once and then I won't connect to PSN again until I'm done. However, I will remain connected to the internet because I have to download games and play with another account with which I have no problems of 100%. Sorry about the year-end stats but it's too risky because I risk ruining the profile with all games at 100% in case the PS3 breaks down leaving games pending. I'm not sure I want to buy it back in case it breaks.
  10. because if the console breaks I am left with an incomplete profile. Thank you
  11. Hi everyone, how can I prevent the PS3 from automatically syncing trophies while always being connected to the PSN?
  12. Damn online trophies, I'll start from 3, thanks for answering.
  13. I have to make the UGC trophies but then I would like to cancel the save and start over in a long time, even years because I have to play inFamous 1 first. If the servers are closed, will I still be able to get all the powers? Will there be any way to get XP without UGC missions?
  14. Can you confirm that with Extended Cut DLC the Master and Commander trophy become totally offline? I ask because I'm dealing with Defender trophy but I will start the game in a very long time because I have to do the whole trilogy. Is the DLC free?
  15. Hi everyone, I'm only going to earn trophies online and then start over in a long time. I know that online missions are very useful for grinding xp, but in case the servers are closed, will it still be possible to get all the powers?