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  1. Can confirm Lollipop Chainsaw is indeed a very fun hidden gem. Definitely worth it.
  2. I don't think they really care about the skylander servers, seeing as they won’t patch the Black Ops 2 league trophy either. I wouldn’t keep your hopes up
  3. Do you have to finish the game on crushing first or can it be every other difficulty, for example normal?
  4. Im seeing mixed answers so can anybody confirm if you can save on survival difficulty and upload your save game to the cloud and reload if you die?
  5. Does This still work on the most recent version?
  6. Agents of Mayhem The Evil Within 1 Terminator Resistance The Order 1886 Code Vein Sleeping Dogs Dead Island Definitive Collection Tales From The Borderlands special mention: Lollipop Chainsaw for Ps3. (Needs a remaster imo)
  7. Is it fixed in today’s update? (1.10)
  8. Are they fixed with today’s update? (1.10)
  9. Does anybody know what the best way is to farm resources for the all upgrades trophy? Most of the farming guides on YT and the video’s in the trophy guide have been patched and i hope to complete all the upgrades as fast as possible.
  10. Anybody has some new tips on how to get this?
  11. I can confirm the 2 online trophies are both obtainable as of January 15th 2021. I have just earned both trophies with the method stated above.
  12. Im thinking about starting this game but does anyone know if it has missable trophies?
  13. So all trophies can be obtained in rocket bot attack mode now?
  14. I don’t think its achievable anymore, i played until you get acces to the message board but you can’t interact with it anymore.
  15. It would be a shame if its unobtainable, im going to try to get it soon and will post here if i got it or not