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  1. Yes, already got the platinum recently and completed dlc without doing ng+. I understand that some players love the game so much that playing the game 7 times or more is so much fun or a huge challenge to them, and there's nothing wrong with that. A player has a license to play the game 1 million times or more if he or she chooses. Some players just love OP games. The Orphan of Kos or the last dlc boss kicked my tail about 5 times before enough was enough and I just went full beast mode and took a breather just to heal and that fight was so exhausting in my opinion that I don't want to fight him again or any other boss in a harder mode. There's nothing more I can gain. This is the main reason for the rant. 😂
  2. I have to agree per giving the game attention. Out of the 5 games I was playing within the time I was going for platinum this game got about 99.9% of my attention, because I didn't want to fail and have to start a new game for missing one or more items. The hidden secrets can easily be missed if a new player isn't focused and/or not using a guide. 😇
  3. It's very possible and can be done, but it takes a top secret build with the right gems. lmao 😀
  4. Don't challenge me to spend hours searching dungeons for some of the rarest blood gems just to erase your character in a few seconds. just kidding 😂
  5. Um, okay. 😂
  6. Not that I'm aware of and not interested in doing so. I play other games, so it's not that big of a deal. This was a game I put off since it's release based on others opinions about the challenge and guess what they were all correct! I had to see for myself.
  7. I've beat the game and dlc without playing ng+, therefore I've already accomplished my goal. This is only a rant post and nothing more. lol
  8. That's a fact. This game would have been more fun if we had at least one companion that will actually help fight in my opinion based on the difficulty of this game. That one factor alone would have made me a solid fan.
  9. One a positive note, this game gave me some good scares when I least expected them. I can sum this game up in a few words "high quality", and the developers and programmers are geniuses in my opinion. I actually felt as if I was fighting for my life, and that's a rare feeling in a game. The online co-op help in the hardest dungeon that curses 1/2 life and overall graphics are both superb! 🎮
  10. True story, however after already investing money into the game I got my monies worth by seeing what the game is about and earned my platinum. I have no regrets, but I've learned a lot from this lesson and happy that I didn't give up! 😂
  11. I already knew the game was going to be hard based on the comments of other players. I'm not interested in getting gud for NG+ and don't really see the point in playing NG+ knowing that the game gets more challenging. I almost gave up after some boss killing burn out. I was expecting some fun, but instead I felt as if I was being setup to fail. This will likely be my 1st and last related game due to the fact that the player is very limited on saving progress and must be creative to have more control over saving in game progress and "lack of fun" there of. I understand some may love this type of challenge and/or self torture. Again, I'm not interested in getting gud for NG+. 😂
  12. Bloodborne because of a lot of hidden secrets, missable trophies, and no way to adjust the difficulty. The game is simply hard. 😂
  13. In my opinion, the game was great until I had to overcome the 4 pit trials for the platinum trophy requirement. Not that anyone cares. I got it done with luck on my side and crushed the Enduring. 😂 🎮
  14. How to get ultra rare alien tattoo. Buy a bunker and a nightclub. Complete at least 600 bunker resupply steal missions, and start bunker resupply missions at 21:00pm - 23:00pm until you trigger the alien egg resupply mission near crashed UFO. Note: I've spent about 2 weeks of doing bunker resupply missions solo, and the alien egg mission triggered randomly during the 728th job. Visit nightclub and drink a Macbeth Whisky shots between 1am - 4am while raining or snowing or thundering until you spawn on Mt. Chiliad and wake up seeing a UFO. Note: It took me about 4 real life days, and the UFO spawns randomly. UFO encounter with alien mark: This is probably the rarest item in the game at this time. In my opinion, I think it's hard to get on purpose as a parody of seeing a rare UFO in real life. I own both the alien tattoo and space docker.
  15. RDR2's replay system was initially extremely difficult to complete gold missions with until recently, and I've lost interest in other platinum trophies after completing 70 gold missions with the requirement of checking off all marks in one run. 🤕 +