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  1. I'm not really a big Steven Universe person. The list looks pretty typical and maybe a lot easier than the previous game, I guess... What did you think?
  2. You mean this...
  3. Anyone remember playing the old school Ty the Tasmanian Tiger games?
  4. What did you think about the new trophy list?
  5. Dreams and Tera wasn't all that difficult. According to the guides, the platinum difficulty for Dreams was a 3/10 platinum and the platinum difficulty for Tera was a 4/10. I need to go back to do both. Also, GTA 5's 100% was hard because there is two trophies that are in The Doomsday Heist. I don't know I might go back to do the DLC's.
  6. Crypt of the Necrodancer. I liked the game but the platinum was extremely brutal from what I heard.
  7. Did anyone enjoyed the game back in the Steam days?
  8. I might pick this game up on either PlayAsia or eBay. We'll see.
  9. Anyone planning to get this game on Day One? Very typical SAO trophy list for me.
  10. Very grindy list, indeed!
  11. Zombie Vikings has reached 8000th players!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
  12. I'm currently writing on the Zombie Vikings guide. Who wants to collab with me in the Zombie Vikings guide? I already got the platinum and took me less than 15 hours and I am the #1 fastest in that game on PSNProfiles.
  13. I would change the difficulty rating to 10/10 on my guide. Because The Survival Mode trophies are the pain.
  14. GOTY for sure!
  15. Not a fan of these kind of game. The list looks okay. Not my GOTY and It's not one of my favorites either.
  16. @x_Sw4ggYDuD3xx and @NOWITSREYNTIME17 Please stop fighting, both of you!
  17. What region is this? I hope this version won't get crashed for some people.
  18. The PS4 version of Zombie Driver is here Trophy thoughts?
  19. Xbox One had the different list since It was from Ratalaika shit. It's also available on the Switch.
  20. I knew that NCSFan001 is being salty. I have to keep my BFBB R guide and I'll add Bushido_Cypher on my guide instead. And I'll be remove NCSFan001 off my friends list.
  21. I've never played a POWGI game before. It looks very simple with the guide just like the other POWGI games.
  22. I am so sick and tired of the game crashing. I was trying to do the platinum run for that game and it killed me because Ratalaika Games kept crashing way too much and I deleted it for 30 days. I'll never do the EU version or the AS versions ever.
  23. You need a Core Pack to get all the Survival trophies. I'm not sure if these trophies are glitched or bugged.
  24. Yet another Ratalaika shit with no Vita support. The list looks similar as the Shiba Inu one, Syrup, and Strawberry Vinegar.
  25. I must find the way to fix the bugged trophies.