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  1. No, she's dead. Like in, deleted or destroyed. The people in the Galaxy can still build machines, the starchild stated that. But EDI is an A.I. It will be hard to recreate her entire personality. But it doesn't even matter. Mass Effect 3's ending is pure total shit anyway.
  2. The Destroy ending means all synthetic life dies. Wich means the Geth, EDI and all other A.I. dies. People dont unlearn how to build the machines, the starchild actually says that synthethics can be be built again. But EDI is pretty much dead. You can see her name on the memorial wall if you pick the Destroy ending.
  3. My mom plays candy crush on her iPhone sometimes. Does that make her a gamer? Hell no.
  4. You seem to like adventure games so i suggest you buy Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.
  5. Yep, i agree. They had to make things complicated and it didn't make any sence.
  6. Skyrim, in the matter of gameplay hours. The trophy where you had to kill a legendary dragon took forever.
  7. Great book, better than the movie imo. You should also read the sequel doctor sleep if you have the chance. I'm reading The Witcher: Blood of the Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski
  8. Dare Devil from GTA IV
  9. Exactly, it's also a good reason to replay your old games, instead of buying new ones.
  10. Yeah, i got the platinum and never touched the game again.
  11. Solid Snake and Otacon. Big Boss and Kaz
  12. I'm hoping it fixes some of the many issues the game has.
  13. I live in Belguim and psn works just fine for me.
  14. Another Red Dead game would be nice. L.A. Noir can die in my opinion.