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  1. Maybe another time (; madbuk?
  2. Follow me on Twitter! @SupBrahItsPaul

  3. I saw the new Evil Dead, nothing like the original so that was kind of upsetting. But looking at it in it's own separate way, scary as f*** and loved it.
  4. If you watch Two Best Friends go to E3 on Youtube, they show how the lightbar is not extremely bright and is generally not a nuisance.
  5. Without rebellion, there is no freedom.

  6. Kingdom Hearts 3 Last Guardian Dante's Inferno 2 A good Resident Evil
  7. I drank a little too much sake ^.^
  8. K-Pop Big Boss or Boss? (MGS)
  9. 10/10, Ryu is an absolute monster.
  10. Just accepted my 2v2 challenge in MK
  11. is scared to face me in MK (;
  12. is the original Ryu Hayabusa
  13. 10/10 if I put the fact you're a Noob Saibot fan aside
  14. All new and used for me, get them really cheap Perks of working at a game store
  15. Internet crying mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh