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  1. I just finished this game and if you want to buy it and you can do it for less than 6€ you definitely should. It's not the best game from Assassin's Creed Universe but it's easy and pleasant. Sure there are some bugs and problems but if I got platinum after 5 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes and believe me I'm not a Trophy Hunter at all you can do it faster if you want. It is worth it if you pay less than 6€.
  2. Someone said here that the given story seems to check out, really? So the guy had time to copy his save files before his HDD crashed but he didn't have time to sync trophies? It's not that hard to do it before you turn off your device. I do it every day even if I didn't get any trophy that day. Sorry but there is something in this story that does not allow me to believe it.
  3. I've never lost any SP in multi. There was one time when I lost some SP in single and it was after loosing connection to autolog. Next day I saw that I have some mods unlocked but the races that unlocked those mods are not done. Now I always check connection to autolog so I don't loose any more points. Maybe the same thing is in multi? I mean you have to give autolog some time to send data from PS3 to the servers
  4. I am using that map on german site and after doing 50 gates 2 of them did not worked at all. There is an option that my 2 missing gates were smashed during the race but not by me. I probably need to start all over and try to smash them all. There are 138 gates and I need only 135 so 3 of them can be glitched and I still get the trophy. I will check that as soon as I get all DLC trophies (2 left but I cant get ppl to do the uncanny trophy). Well today I deleted my old save and started the game from the beginning. Using the map on the german site I found all 135 of 135 gates. Funny thing is that I have smashed all of them before and I really dont know why the game didnt count them. Only thing that comes to my mind is that some of them were smashed during a race and I didnt hit them as a first so the game count that. Anyway "The Gatecrasher" trophy is mine and so is platinum. Thank you all for help.
  5. I know its an old topic here but I just want to know how the heck can I smash them all? I've got 133 out of 135 and I cant find any that isn't smashed before. I deleted the game, installed without patch, started new game and still cant get all, I smashed almost all (without those 2 that are probably glitched 27 & 104) installed the patch, smashed them and nothing still 133/135. Started new game with the patch smashed 32 gates but game shows only 30, what the hell?! Heh and now there is no gate 104 getting better and better this trophy ...
  6. Hello. So you are saing that you hit the billboard, did the longest jump and still didn't get the trophy? If yes than the only way to try to get it is by starting new game.
  7. Didn`t like the AC3 as much as AC2 so I think that I`m not going to buy it. Even if it turns out that this is the best part of the AC Universe. You can say what you want but the truth is that AC3 had many problems and the story wasn`t so interesting.
  8. If it is automatic than why some games have the DLC some don't? They had that info in previous layout.
  9. I've got a question about the DLC, yes I know I'm asking often. I know that you need to add every DLC manually but could you explain why there are differences between the bars of the DLCs ? For example game Assassin's Creed III looks like this: http://picturepush.com/public/12211582 yet another game Uncharted 2 looks like this: http://picturepush.com/public/12211583 I'm telling that there is something wrong and I don`t like it or something like that. I just would like to know why there is no common pattern. Another thing why do you put twice the same thing just adding the "trophy" or "requires" word. I know that I need the DLC to obtain those trophies. IMHO there should be one name of the DLC, under the name you could put 0 of 0 trophies (if you have none) and that is the left side of the bar. Right side of the bar is fine. And yes I know that the info about the trophies is shown when I get one from that DLC.
  10. I've got Stylish plugin for the browser. I've made my own background colours and it looks better. Thanks. I haven't seen the answer so I'm going to write it once more. What is wrong with those DLC?. I saw Sleeping Dogs and that game has both DLC but what happened with other games? I mean is it this site problem or Sony is making some strange thing? Yes! I've got crappy TV, laptop, PS3 and smartphone although my car is great because it can`t show any website Thanks Sly that is truly the answer I was expecting from a professional site developer
  11. Set the monitor like you said but is impossible to see that RGB colour coded 241 245 253 is really blue. It is to close to white 255 255 255 and setting the monitor to see that they are not the same will change other websites. Could You please change the blue colour for a while to 230 230 253 then we will see is it better or not. And please Sly, I really respect what you are doing here, it is a great site and I know you put a lot of work and your time to make it better but please don`t tell me one more time to do something with my stuff just to have this site looking better and other look like crap.
  12. Yeah ok but there was something down there and I could click it if I was able to put mouse over it. I thought it was "like it" but now I know it was "Report this" nevertheless there was a problem Ok this should be the last one I found just now. http://picturepush.com/public/12135424 About that bgcolour in trophy list when I change the gamma from 1 to 0.6 there is a difference but everything else looks like sh*t, my eyes start to hurt and it`s the only option I can change in my laptop. I`ll check it on my PC. Still I think it is possible to change the colour for few minutes just to be sure
  13. After a good lesson I came back with another problem. This time I've got a print screen I can and will show. http://picturepush.com/public/12131569 (can't really put an image here, don't know why so I'm putting URL to it) The problem is that the button "like" is moved to the right and hard to see or click. Checked Opera browser and it also shows hidden button.
  14. Now I can't see it either. Maybe after the HDD / RAID crush DB got fixed and the problem is gone. Less work for you Look I`m not posting what I see because I have nothing better to do. I know what I saw unfortunately I didn't make a print screen and it is a lesson for me. One more. In gaming session when I press "My games only" I've got: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/gamingSessions.php on line 136 Probably because there is no game that I have in my profile.
  15. Sly I am not searching games. Just go to game page pick letter and as first game I have the game that is not starting with this letter for example when I pick letter "C" I`ve got "When Vikings Attack" game as a last one on the "C" letter page. This game is not starting with "C" and there is no word starting with this letter. When I go to the "L" letter as first game I have "Knytt Underground" and there is no "L" letter there. So don`t tell me that I am searching something because I`m not doing that.