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  1. Secret Ponchos x2 Super Meat Boy Pix The Cat Warhawk Woah Dave Far Cry 2 Little Deviants Twisted Metal Battlefantasia Olliolli 2 Bound Ibb Obb Max Payne 3 Curse And Chaos Foosball 2012 Flame Over Not going to count how many from each game. You can check here. This thread made me realize that 87 of my UR trophies are below 1% on this site.
  2. You gotta be fucking with me. You don't even have a single platinum or completed game, why are you even bothering to give an opinion about leaderboards which you obviously do not care about?
  3. my real game sellers. gonna keep my eyes on this
  4. PSNTL and TT already have that. PSNP has an ongoing laughable effort of rarity board mentioned before where hackers and/or people who hid their trophies aren't removed. Only reason why I'm not Brazil's 1st: I don't believe you know the difference between toxic and troll. So you are saying that new leaderboards are only OK if it gives you a better ranking position? Talk about selfish. This leaderboard would drop me several spots, yet I wanna see it seeing the light of day because additions are always welcome.
  5. I wonder if you people are legit unable to read the NEW in the title. Nothing is going away with this, people will just have a different way to checking their stats, your old rank will continue to exist as it has always been there. If you care about the idea, post how it can be improved. If you don't care, step away because this doesn't affect you in any shape or form. It's an addition and therefore it can easily be ignored if you don't wish to participate, since it won't affect anyone.
  6. I like this idea, although I'm a stacker myself. This wouldn't really affect people at the top of the leaderboards as they all usually just play the same ezpz stacks together, so it would just really subtract from all of them together. I would be personally curious to see my ranking if I wasn't being counted for my stacks. I could see myself going down a few dozen plats with this, taking away my Demon Souls / Sleeping Dogs stacks. Would be quite interesting to see. I also do believe that @Hemiak would enjoy this. I don't see this getting implemented ever because of how much effort it would take to categorize everything and how few suggestions are ever acknowledged, but I still consider this a good concept regardless.
  7. I've only managed to make one friend using my vita and it got me the modnation racers platinum. Every other remotely interesting person in my area was too much a weeb to bother actually having IRL friendships. You can't ^-^ or :3 IRL.
  8. All that this makes me think about is that the hacking people will release the new version of that thing once that's over and we gonna get another wave of 20 seconds vita plats profiles to ban.
  9. There is already a thread about this, but i'm gonna spare you the effort of doing the research:
  10. Spare me, brother. There is less than a dozen games with adhoc trophies and the majority of them were released when the vita was new and it was expected to be a huge success. I'm pretty sure devs wouldn't make that a requirement if they knew the device would flop. I'm also not sure what vita games you are saying that demand internet to be enjoyable. I don't think I've played a single one that had that as a requirement, apart maybe from helldivers, which I could understand people wanting to play it in coop rather than alone.
  11. a- no b- no You should sync it. The only trophy being added to your collection will be the first chamber. Everything else will be unaffected. As long as you didn't complete the 36 chambers thing for the other trophy, making that pop together, you will be fine.
  12. It's a feature if you have real life friends with vitas. Unfortunately, the majority of the trophy hunters have serious social phobia and will avoid most, if not all, contact with other human beings, as long as it's possible.
  13. Battle Block Theater
  14. Just need 1 or 2 more epic quests and I'll finish PVZ GW2's plat. Since there will be new ones tomorrow and I have to wait anyway, gonna wait until that to grab my final 1,5k plant kills. If PSNP had a fastest platinum board, either I would be 1st or really close up there.

  15. Really, dude? He is saying to get a break from the game, study and come back later, how is that not helpful? I could understand if it was the standart "GITGUD SUCKER!" comment, but that's not the case. OP, setup a gaming session and see if people help you there. The forums are not meant to use to setup boosting sessions.