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  1. Another great suggestion that's gonna be ignored. Maybe if one day this gets implemented, then this also could:
  2. Just making sure no pointless fights are being started, glad to know you did not misunderstood him then.
  3. Pretty sure he was agreeing with your point and making a general statement, rather than calling you out.
  4. Doesn't look too bad, thankfully. Game is 7.7 right now which is way above average. Hopefully whatever issues the game has will be fixed in the coming weeks and the gamer perception of the title improves before it reaches its final state.
  5. How big would your list be? I might be able to fiddle with that with my bot, if you use discord.
  6. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/forum/5-site-help-issues-feedback/ Should be able to do that there
  7. My bot does a randomizer, that's so easy that I did it myself. What OP is asking is a lot harder to do because needs a lot more database.
  8. I see what you are getting to. In the example below, Uncharted Lost Legacy would be considered "easier" than AC4. Maybe it's not too hard to do. Just add up all the % and sort games by that.
  9. So in theory a game with 3 trophies, at 60% 70% and 80% should be higher on the list than a game with a single trophy at 90%?
  10. Move the golden trophy from the first Pacific Rift dlc into the second dlc. It's the only game in this website that doesn't fit the "195 points max" rule that Sony has for dlc. This was probably done manually before PSN had them separated in the system. Since the servers are dead and no one really plays the game anymore, no one ever raised the issue until now. https://psnprofiles.com/games/dlc?order=points
  11. They are very cheated. You don't fix it. This list is most likely forever gonna stay flagged. However, if you want to have your rankings returned to you, you just need to hide every game your friend played. As long as you have no more than 2 flagged games, you gonna be fine. This link contains the information you need:
  12. I'm assuming this is the list you got flagged for: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/475-demons-souls/RaiinSound_?order=date Seems like usage of a starter save. Already knew what you were doing, so just skipped redoing the same initial shit again with a more advanced save and redid what you missed on the following run. This is not relevant. They look very cheated.
  13. You need 40k in a single round, being the last one. There is pretty much only one way to do it, which is the one listed on pst.org's guide and works for both platform requirements.
  14. It was really easy before DLC since you could just pop everything really fast (6 minutes?) but then DLC happened and that's not as feasible anymore.
  15. I'm wildly assuming that the (ultra fast) PS3 list is being reported. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2340-minecraft/xH3ctiIciSk4Gx?order=date A bit over one hour for 100% with the days trophy being the first one? That's quite impressive. Must have been crazy to watch day cycle after day cycle to be ready to start working on trophies immediately after that trophy popped.