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  1. Not relevant. Therefore it's your problem. You should have joined a hacked lobby, hide the game and you will be readded to the leaderboards, provided you have no more than 2 flags on your account.
  2. I was agreeing with you.
  3. I know of at least 4 different trophy websites, 2 of them allow for instantanous updates without timers. The trophy information is also avaiable on the PS App, PS Trophies, YaPSN and whatever other mobile apps, also for free. I wonder why some people make such a big deal not being able to see your information in one single website when there are so many different options, but each to their own, I guess.
  4. As previously mentioned, you are not the only one that cares about this, as I also cared about it at one point, but it's how it is and it's how it's gonna be. The very reason why anyone can update anyone is why this website has such a huge database of "ghost" accounts, wether they are abandoned accounts, accounts from people who do not trophy hunt at all or simply accounts that haven't been updated in forever because of the broken auto update system. Every other website limits how many profiles can be added and that's why none of them will ever be as big as PSN Profiles for that reason. I don't really understand why you choose to try to stop people from checking your information though. You chose to make your information public on PSN, you chose to maintain an account here, why can't people look up that information? Let's say this actually gets done by a miracle and only you can update yourself here. People can still look up your information on PSN Trophy Leaders, True Trophies, Exophase, and PSN itself. People will still look up your information wherever they want as long as you maintain your privacy public on PSN. Why do you care so much about people looking at your trophies? It's just some numbers. If 3 or 3000 people visit your profile every day, this will have absolutely no impact whatsoever in your life other than you choosing to be bothered by it for whatever subjective reason you choose to let it bother you. The only person losing anything here is you, so why trying to change the system rather than try changing the mentality that people looking at your trophies, for whatever reason they might do it for, is somehow bad for you? You are acting on the symptoms, not on the actual problem.
  5. I absolutely get it. It won't happen. Updates will not be locked to any specific user. Every profile is public to everyone and anyone can update any profile and that's how it's gonna be. As mentioned previously, I've already believe to have requested the same thing years ago and it's quite clear it wasn't changed by now and very unlikely to ever be. I'm just saving you the effort of trying to support a change that will likely never happen. There are several different scenarios where this would be bad, those including you losing access to your account for whatever reasons and your profile no longer being updated again, ever.
  6. The website is designed around big numbers. It boasts clearly about number of users tracked, total earned trophies, total games tracked, etc. Allowing people to lock updates like that would hinder the legitimacy of the website statistics as not everyone would be updated to the latest, so various statistics like percentages, total game owners and much more would be outdated. I could go on with the long explanation, but I'm gonna save you time and jump straight to the conclusion: it's not going to happen.
  7. It's not going to happen unless you request to remove your profile from the database. Your profile being public allows others to access it and add ads to the page which generate revenue to the website. Making your profile viewable/updateable only by yourself would be like buying a certain part of the site HDD for your personal use. Doubt that's in the interest of the administrator. At some point in the past, I think I've also suggested the same thing, but it ended with no results. The view count in the profile exists for a reason.
  8. It's really hard to compete with Mighty No. 9.
  9. If you are premium, you can update your trophies every minute. If you don't want people to see your trophies on a public website, you should probably remove your profile from such public website.
  10. Most likely your connection is being garbage right now and it's being unable to sync to the servers. Going to settings and disabling internet connection should allow you to view local trophies and the trophy should show up there.
  11. irrelevant for offline games like the one being disputed. It would mess up the timestamps if not properly synced before the last trophy however.
  12. You can't switch worlds or it resets progress. I left the first world by accident in my run and it voided my trophy. You can leave stages and play at any order though, but that's not what happened. This list is cheated, you can't complete a stage from 2 different worlds at the same time like she did.
  13. Not possible, you can't switch worlds otherwise it resets the progress
  14. In theory, probably expired by 2016 at most, but you still should be able to redeem them regardless or contact sony with the purchase information to get another code working. Just make sure you have the receipt and whatnot.
  15. Can be done in private matches with as little as 2 people. Doesn't seem to be glitched, only just takes forever.