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  1. Thanks. 141 views, 1 like. Doesn't seem like the most eagerly anticipated game of all time, but sure looks fun. I wasn't interested before, but now I am. Graphics/color palette sort of reminds me of Bound in a way, which is very good.
  2. They don't care and sony doesn't care either. Why should you? I doubt any noobs would be smart enough to S rank everything, but yet dumb enough to expect to earn a platinum (if they even know that exists) without getting every other trophy. Is this even a game that a lot of people are going to randomly buy for quality rather than trophies? Is this some hidden gem that I never heard of? What is this?
  3. It's just some flavor text. Do you really need something to describe how to earn a platinum? Jesus christ.
  4. It counts as a win for everything. For the love of jesus, forfeit your way through that garbage game mode nuke. I also did Team Hunted and something else with this method.
  5. Those shiny blue things that only 1 in every 20 people get, think i've finally reached 3 digits of that. Pretty nice, huh.

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    2. UltraRareBoy
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      @ihadalifeb4this yeah, it's UR plats. 5% is 1/20

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      O, i'm just stupid. I thought you ment people that have 100 of UR plats. xD One day i will kind of learn English.


      Congrats dude! That's a big one. Your good gamer and one of best trophy hunters i had honor to meet.

  6. They did with my guy because they did not want to boost using PSN Messages. Make a discord server, invite all of the people and invite me. My tag is TheYuriG#5568.
  7. Pretty sure this thread has all the answers you are looking for. Lobbies were still there 2 weeks ago when a friend got his 100%.
  8. Nope, the person already said he had limited time and he already helped 2 others on my server. Edinhon didn't get the trophy alone and I was the person organizing it. You already have a group and a SP, work with that.
  9. Just pick whatever is the lowest from maximum. It doesn't matter what one person finds the easiest or where the person is the best at. Gotta be the easiest for everyone since you can't switch once you have started going.
  10. Please don't open a dispute if you don't intend to dispute. Hide the game if you have 2 or less flags or (just saw your DmC list, that ain't an option) choose between starting over clean or accepting your flags and moving on if you have 3 or more flags.
  11. There is no hard cap on the maximum of players, but the more people there are, the longer you will be doing this. It's pretty much up to you to decide how long you gonna bear this grind for. Has the group decided what will be the map to be played? Better choosing one and sticking with that the entire time. When the group is finished, let me know so I can cap the recent achievers and post it on the OP with the other groups. Good luck everyone.
  12. When that happens, Sly (and pretty much every other major trophy hunting website owner) is most likely implementing the whitelist against this type of thing. Pretty sure he just didn't bother up to this point because there are very few isolated instances where this happens and I'm quite sure the team would lift a flag if someone had the triple GTA V/COD BO2/COD [email protected] scenario on their account only to avoid taking out potentially innocent people out of the LB. Or not, I don't know. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me thrice, that shit ain't a mistake. I would just rather have a whitelist system active and having absolutely 0 leeway for hacked games instead, like PSNTL does.
  13. Games like these are the exact reason why the 2 flags leeway exists. It's not a feature to forgive 2 hacked games, it's some space for potential flagging errors that can't be proven as legitimate.
  14. And that's a skip. Not gonna put myself through that. I don't remember having to, just blasted through them as they came.