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  1. I'm expecting after the 25th this month. They usually let us see the next cycle a little before it starts.
  2. Ok, good to know you are ready for what it takes. I've been playing as a full completionist for the last 2 or 3 years, I think, and every 6 or so months, I reserve myself a week or two to play some random online game just for fun and not think about trophies. Just always remember that completion is fun to chase, but balance is necessary. Don't overdo it and step away for a while if you feel you are going to get burnt out. Always remember that the experience needs to be worth having. Best of luck to you.
  3. I could tell you a few dozen stories of people who went for completion and ended up broken and moved away from trophy hunting. The life of a completionist is very hard, controlling the impulse of playing random games at any moment is difficult and the reward is ultimately subjective. Some people find it worth it, but most don't. I only gave the previous advice because I rather be among casuals who don't care about stats, rather than highly stressed out people who can't stop thinking about the games they have pending while also not having the willpower to complete those games which would solve the pending games issue. But then again, if you wish to join us in this hard journey, I wish you nothing but the best of luck and the willpower to never give up in the face of adversity.
  4. My first advice would to not do this to yourself. The life of a completinist is a constant struggle and I do not wish this to anyone. Should you ignore the first advice, here are more: You can use the blank account trick to make sure you plat 100% of your offline games. For online-included games, boost the trophies first before you do everything else. Don't play games that you are not absolutely sure you can complete. Don't play games near release or games that are still getting updates. Build friendships with likeminded people so you can trade experiences with your hard and long journey. Support is very important.
  5. MK9 doesn't have any special features unlocked through online. I believe that MKX has some titles and whatnot that you can unlock by performing certain conditions online, like winning 100 matches and whatnot. MK9 has none of those. The guide in this site made by Sergen outlines all the information you need to complete the game. It's very throughout downright giving the needed information or linking it elsewhere when necessary, I do recommend using it.
  6. You can add Splinter Cell: Blacklist to that list as well, daily and weekly challenges are gone, but the online coop should still work. It's a damn shame that this is happening. I've started MK9, which still works really well, but then the sequel is busted. I'm done with MKX, but it's still sad for everyone else that still didn't. Hopefully it comes back soon, so people can finish that. I'm waiting for PVZ GW2 to be avaiable to be completed as well. Any month now...
  7. Not sure if I have said this to you before but you have an impressive and appealing collection of games platinum trophies and 100% status. Boy do I wish my profile was as good as yours :p. Anyways, are you going to go close for 100% completion on your profile becauseĀ the Burn Zombies Burn game's 100% isĀ unattainable?

    1. TheYuriG


      The idea is 99.9% because of BZB; I've already bought its DLC and did the only online trophy there is. Was intending to do it this month, but then the True Trophies challenge showed up and my plans were ruined.

    2. XLordXNightmareX


      What exactly is the True Trophies challenge if I may ask?

    3. TheYuriG
  8. It's looking really good for a starting project. I assume you will only improve over time. Hopefully you make a downloadable app version in the future, since i rather not view the site on my phone browser. See if you contact sly in private and see if he is interested in hiring you to make this reality. I was somewhat considering to do it myself, despite my obvious lack of knowledge, but I would rather have someone else with years of experience do it instead, which would certainly result in a much better product at the end.
  9. We all do, don't think most of the gamers are cold blooded people who doesn't get nervoous or pressured when playing games, we all choke. The start of my winning run was pretty garbage but i still made it with 4 minutes to spare. I'm sure you can do it with enough practice and commitment.
  10. I guess it would be selfish to ask for the rarity leaderboards to be fixed, since that would put me on the top 20 worldwide or something like that, so probably the Backlog feature and colorcoding trophies would be great to have first.
  11. I'm pretty sure the website still doesn't transfer your flags when you change your name, so hiding all of those hacked games and then changing your name should allow you to stay on the leaderbords for a while before the system is updated and you are removed again. Unsure how much is worth for you to pay for another name change in order to dodge the system a while more. But again, you can make a new account and add those titles there at 0% and participate in gaming sessions that way. This site doesn't care about having alts, so you can message people with the other account to play on this one. From what someone else said previously, it's not like you had massive numbers anyway, so you shouldn't ignore the option to starting over. New mentality, new account, looks a good idea to me.
  12. You cheated and your profile has been removed from the website. There is going to be no mercy, no clemency, no undoing on this punishment, regardless of what was the situation with you because this website doesn't care about the person behind the trophies when doing a ban, just the trophies themselves and yours are far too bad to remain on the leaderboards. Also because of the fact the site doesn't care about the person, just the trophies, you are welcome to start a new account and do your trophy hunting legit this time and participate on the leaderboards. I'm not sure why @B1rvine allowed this thread to remain open, but I'll assume that was an oversight and it should be locked shortly.
  13. I'm not worried, I was curious and now I'm not. Thanks for answering. Nice, i see how the change in the rule helps you. Haven't scanned through all replies before asking, but good to know the change wasn't just out of nowhere as it initially seemed to be.
  14. Obviously, but that doesn't answer my question. What I wonder is why increase the cap to 5 games within a 5% range? Are there even people with more than 1 game within that range that asked to add several? If it was 1 sub 40% and everything else sub 20%, i would understand. 20% is a lot of ground and there are lots of games that can fit in. 30% to 35% is basically the same percentage, I would find it's extremely unlikely a lot of people would have more than 1 game in that category and would like to add more to warrant a change in the rules. Unless I'm just overthinking the whole thing and you just changed it because you felt like it and that's the one and only reason behind the change.
  15. I don't intend to change my games but where there enough cases to make this change even worth doing?