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  1. as long as you are meeting the required number of players to start the match and go past pre lobby, you are fine and everything will count
  2. Your platinum could be legitimate, but the DLC trophies aren't, therefore you will stay flagged. You can hide the game and get added to the leaderboards again or ignore the flag altogether and carry on without your rankings.
  3. I did binoculars and landmines at the same time i was doing A2S, just hop into the warhawk as you fire it and it will count. I've done everything except for map specific trophies on dlc in the same map, Battle something, the biggest variation with ** for the APC. This is the same map that has the fortress variation, can't miss it. There are 2 jeeps in the spawn point closest to center of the map, place APC nearby, spawn there and run to jeeps or just use jeeps themselves. I did TOW, cluster mines, binoculars and landmines using this method + a few fuckups and swarm/homing/lightning until I was done with A2S. Binoculars are found on the second floor of the broken house near that spawn point and the landmines on the house exterior just behind the binoculars. I greatly recommend that you boost this with someone for efficiency. I did all of it in 15 hours while having a friend to help me. I was getting 6 kills per rotation with his assistance instead of the 2 I would be getting myself, so he hastened my process in 200% and i would have done it in 45 hours alone instead. From checking the stats of most people who completed, seems like they used CTF to finish their level grind, because most people i've checked had 1300+ game wins. I barely had 560 myself, since i used turbo CTF to boost exp (you can check my stats and see how many 4x4 and knife kills I have). You can check people's profiles by sending a clan invite and then checking their profiles through the invitation tab. Mentioning this in case someone wanna go through the massive list of achievers and wipe out the hackers. Remember that you can have your stats reduced, so check for air-to-surface and air-to-air time + total game time, troop time and vehicles time, that should give you a reasonable idea. If there are huge negative stats, it has probably been hacked. People who haven't finished the game, please do as VirtualNight said and hide your trophies and don't name your rooms after your PSN ID. I've been using my room as TYG and HEWWO in the past few days myself, but i'm seeing a bunch of "kjlajkle" and "fffg" rooms. Good job, hide your trackers. For exp, I was doing CTF with 3 turbos. Flew second ps3 to my base, put APC near flag and turbo'd 2 controllers on and while my main was knife turbo'd on . I was getting average of 600 kills and 3.3k exp every 30 min round with basically no effort invested once the setup was ready. If you have 4 turbos, it could go by faster. You get 1 point per kill +3 if they are carrying the flag and then + 3 extra every time you return the flag. Use return time as 15 seconds. End score was around 2.8k before being bumped by 600 points of the bonus medals. I also did this method for vehicle time, using the 4x4's turret, but you get only 1k exp and you gotta keep looking so the 4x4 doesn't destroy the APC nor the turbos bump off each other and fly away from the crosshair, it's quite annoying. 500 team wins, I did 400+ matches of TDM dogfight at 10 kills max. Good for getting kills too. Most annoying were Air Mines and TOW as i had to line up enemies for those, everything else was pretty smooth to do. If i remember anything else, I'll edit again.
  4. 10 hours yes get all other weapon badges at warhawk level and then get 20 kills
  5. Dodged the hackers and got the warhawk platinum a few minutes ago. Won't show on PSNP until i earn another, but you can see on psntl. I'm gonna sleep really hard tonight, but tomorrow i'll add my gathered information on the specific forums.


    That's one less dream game I gotta worry about now.

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    2. TheYuriG


      I really wanted to get this platinum, so i rushed my ass off when i was told they were going to shut it down and so I did. Thankfully I didn't run into any issues like hackers or servers being down for days or anything like that. Glad it was a smooth run overall and now i can considerably drop my hours played/day ratio. it was very exhausting

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  6. Sept 2016. Was it around the same time when that guy got the plat for Infamous in 21 seconds because he was autopopping sound shapes instead? If happened around the same time, then it's probably true, but still illegitimate. I couldn't find the quick popped list though. EDIT: found the original game. Seems like infamous and knack are literally the same game or something. First case happened in 2014 and it was patched shortly after, This was the person. Don't believe this glitch was still active 2 years later.
  7. PSN ID is coming. Soon we gonna have the same forum people that change their name every month to change their PSN ID every week.



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      You'll always find DamagingRob on PSN. Though I can't say the same about PSNP, based on my history. :P

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      Going to change mine to THCSwagMaster420...

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      Mine will be LoraJetprettiersisterthanLaraCroft

  8. I doubt it's possible to know how it will affect the website before the changes goes live. I'm betting users will have to reassign their new ID to their old profile, at least the ones that chose not to show previous ID. We will have to wait to see how it goes.
  9. You don't need to own the DLCs at all if you have a save with them completed. The trophies will just simply pop on the other versions, regardless if they were downloaded or purchased or installed. The game doesn't care, it will shower you trophies as much as you deserve them.
  10. Got the plat 3 times, might consider to do another 3 after shutdown, although I greatly dislike the beat school mode and don't want to buy the DLCs again after shutdown. Probably just gonna skip it altogether, don't really have that much interest in ezpz platinums.
  11. The Division has been my major gaming investment in the past weeks, as I've gotten addicted to the in-game achievement system and recently reached 4k commendation score (max is 5365 iirc). Although I do enjoy the game most of the time, I have a serious grip about with the complete gameplay difference between the pre 30 and the post 30. Game is very cover based, tactical shooter before you hit max level and then after... it's facetanking town. I don't have a problem with either model, I just wish the game was entirely one of them. Starting a second character for the dailies after having a maxed character was a really slow, boring, frustrating experience. You mentioned the lack of interaction between players. My experience is a bit different, me and players usually emote at each other pretty often on the back of the Base Of Operations. The Terminal, as it's called, is the major hub of the game post 30 as you can go anywhere and do whatever you need there. By aiming at another player and pressing the right stick, you can send them invites to join you and whatnot. At the back end of the terminal is also possible to use a laptop to matchmake. I'm assuming you didn't reach 30 yet as you don't seem to have interacted enough or matchmade with others too much so far. Matchmaking in this game is amazing as well, love it.
  12. it's much more about putting effort in the chase than it is luck. Don't give up, push forward and you will succeed.
  13. It's on .org, i'll link it below, i think @Dr_Mayus also posted the link somewhere, in the recent past. Sadly or not, i'm actually considering to stack this game since it's possible to use account switching and this is avaiable digitally. May god have mercy of my poor decision making. Link to rant. My posts are #10 and #11.
  14. Regardless of using your own saves or not, your time is impossible and should be removed from the rankings. That's how it worked for ps3 and how it should work for all systems, which i believe it's what is happening now.
  15. Update 3.69 came out. Does it affect this method?