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  1. @DaivRules do me a solid and lock this thread after the vita messages have been shutdown, if i don't get to do it myself. Thank you in advance.
  2. Haven't been in here forever as i've been dedicating myself to other projects, like my trophy bot for discord and my trophy app for android/PC. Trophy hunting literally made me learn how to code, it do be like that.

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    2. DaivRules


      Cool. I switched careers to be a software engineer at work and currently use a lot of typescript/JavaScript. Working on a web app at the moment. 

    3. enaysoft


      Learn Unity or UE4 if you can :)

    4. TheYuriG


      Very cool, Daiv. I don't intend to pursuit a carrer in software, i like a lot what i currently do and this is only but a hobby.

      @enaysoft yeah i've considered to make some projects in Unity. Maybe one day

  3. I was going to update the list with the extra Hall of Fame entries, but then noticed @DaivRules did that for me. Thank you! Thank you @Smzthyy for continuing to support this cause long after I quit. Took me months, but your efforts were noticed. You were the hero we needed, but didn't deserved. Blessed.
  4. wow what a list - you are a legend

    1. TheYuriG


      There are others far better than me, look up @Floriiss

  5. Everytime I hear this song on YouTube, it reminds me you



  6. Hopefully events will work again. Last year, Boss rush was only avaiable once since i started playing in February and I was too heavily invested into other games at the time, so didn't put in the time and effort to get it done on the week it was on. Would be pretty shitty if I ended up with my second impossible game, but I wouldn't be overly surprised if it happened. Let's see how it goes as time goes on. Maybe they just forgot to add more events because LMAO PVZ Neighborhood amirite?
  7. I'll be locking this thread now and quoting @Bumperklever's post on the front. I don't see a point in keeping this "when the event is coming back" thread up, when such event already came back. For those of you who got it done, good job. I have been playing Destiny 2 and didn't really bother to try once I saw it wouldn't work with randoms at all.
  8. Yeah, this also works for some game that i think @Shadiochao also did? Maybe i'm tagging the wrong person. Something similar also happens with Spelunky, you can pop the all chars trophy without going to hell or beating the game, if the person playing with you did such thing already. I believe I made DanielDCN pop most of the difficulty based trophies for Magicka 2 just because we played together as OP did. At some point I intended to make a platinum account and just let people leech off that, but I ended up never going through with the idea. Having to put effort into changing the password to avoid losing the account and dealing with people messaging me all the time is just something I no longer have the desire to put up with, hence why I've shutdown my Terraria carries thread and I don't update the SSX guide either.
  9. You can still earn the trophy on the outdated console versions of the game, so the answer to this question is no.
  10. I'm only minor disappointed by the fact I waited a whole year to do leveling a single time from 0 to shadowkeep levels, so I could earn all trophies at once, rather than continuously coming back and there are no trophies to be earned. If i knew, I would have played on Forsaken's release instead, when that was fresh and all my friends were hyped about it. I really don't have any interest in Shadowkeep, despite owning it at the current moment. I don't really find this to be a big deal really, as that's less time going for trophies and more time raiding. I have the feeling there won't be a Destiny 3 since Bungie got money from the chinese to do a new kind of investment. If that's the case, I hope Destiny 2 gets the Rainbow Six Siege treatment and never get trophies again, despite being continuously updated every 3 months. This way, people who care about the game can continue playing (me) and those who doesn't care can continue ignoring it once they are done. We don't need another Killing Floor 2, no thanks.
  11. The in-game calendar also mentions it's "time for trick and treat" or something like that. I wonder if they purposefully removed those events because they were the least played mode or something.
  12. October's calendar is up and Boss Hunt isn't in it. From now to the 7th, there will be Cats Vs Dynos active as event, so get those trophies if the game is already on your list. 8 to 14 will be Capture The Taco 15 to 21 will be some kind of Old vs New game mode pt1. 22 to 28 will be the same event as above, but pt2. 29 to november 4 will have a healing based community event. Wonder if this game will complete a whole year without Boss Rush.
  13. Cats VS Dynos is active at the beginning of October. I'm assuming people will be able to see October's full calendar before the event is over, so some may want to wait until the October calendar is out before playing. We don't know yet, but they might do a Boss Rush event on Halloween, so people could potentially get both of thosse trophies in one go. This would be the ideal situation for people, I would say. As long as it wasn't confirmed by the devs, I wouldn't bet on it. I'm still hopeful that it will come in rotation another time, but I would also understand (and learn) if this game gets to be the second impossible game on my profile. I'm a patient person, I'll keep checking every month ad infinitum either until it shows up or I stop getting trophies overall. I'm lowkey hopeful that, despite removed, the event will actually show up in game within the next 6 hours. October is also just around the corner and it could happen by then. We will see, time will tell.
  14. You got the point entirely backwards. It's just a trophy, it doesn't matter if you did it the hard way or the easy way, it's just a trophy. It's not like beating the game or doing all upgrades is difficult regardless, the only 'hard' part of the plat is the speedrun and it's not advisable to use the armor for that because it wastes time and it's only avaiable near the end. EDIT: just noticed you have 11 posts, so unless you are an alt of someone else, you probably don't know these forums and how often this kind of behaviour is.