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  1. Flagged for the second time over Army of Two: The 40th day. When is this hell going to end?


    The staff really should have discussed among themselves before allowing us to use the method to get the mask trophy rather than allowing us back then and then coming after us months later. I'm not going to dispute this, nor am I gonna hide the game. This is a CRT problem.

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    2. Mako


      shouldn't have cheated then smh

    3. TheYuriG


      if you can't do the time, don't do the crime!

    4. CelestialRequiem


      Glad you're back.


      Whether or not the tool should have been approved is irrelevant to the those who did get the trophy whilst it was approved.

  2. I'm gonna add some information here, for people just starting out, and then some other information for people who are already playing it. For the new players: Your currencies are separated by game version (aka early stacking works against you). This especially hindering if you don't manage your GP and see yourself still missing out on coins. Healers are incredibly overpowered and will render attacking their protected ships nearly useless. You will grow to hate those when playing solo. Corvettes are incredibly weak when you use them, but incredibly strong when the enemy AI use them. They only deal any damage from up close and, because they move so fast, you will have a hard time tracking and destroying them, despite their low health. Don't play this solo, bring a friend. Prometheus' server has a lot of new people coming in all the time. Get there, make partners, progress, and pop trophies. You will get a lot of wins while AFKing matches if you are not suiciding in Havoc. Don't fret over game mode wins unless you are 800+ matches deep. Idle early as much as you can. Feel like you gonna tackle this game at some point before the shutdown? Start AFKing matches right now, turbo and leave it going, you get an average of 100 completions per day, 0 effort. You can do this on PC with Remote Play and PS4Macro or on your phone with the Remote Play App and an auto-clicker app, look up whatever suits you best. For progressing players: You can get free GP by winning matches and redeeming the associated Progression challenge. You get +300GP at 50 wins (any mode) and +500GP at 100/250 wins (any mode). The best way to get a level 5 ship is to buy a hero lv2 ship (using 500 GP) and use it in Recruit. Hero ships don't get Ship EXP, but instead they only get free exp, which you can use to level any ship all the way to level 5. You can AFK your matches until you have enough Free EXP so you don't even need to play more than one Veteran/Legendary match per stack that way and you won't have to deal with the horrible queue times of the higher tier game modes. Turbo TDM is awful and has no trophies associated with it. If you get a match in that mode, quit it. It's not worth it. While it makes the healers less useful, it makes the Corvettes even more annoying to deal with. You can press triangle on a game mode to activate the blue lighting bolt that marks them as favorite. When a mode is marked as favorite, it will be favored when matchmaking so you will get more matches of that mode. This might cause issues with longer matchmaking times and sometimes you get into infinite matchmaking. I had this on and ended up matchmaking for 6h overnight, essentially wasting a whole night of progress. If you favorite a mode to get wins, make sure you can babysit the matchmaking every so many minutes. You should never be stuck in matchmaking in Recruit for longer than 10 minutes, ever. I've been told that if you restart your game before starting a longer idle session, the game won't get stuck into infinite matchmaking. I've been doing that ever since getting that advice and haven't gotten stuck in matchmake once since. True or not, it has been working for me and it's not much of a time loss if you quit the game at the end of a match instead of going back to the main menu. You can trade 100k coins for 500GP in the store, but you shouldn't need to if you are smart and only use your GP wisely (as suggested below). You can unlock a Hero Ship called Junkyard Prince randomly by playing Havoc. If you get this, you can skip buying a Hero Ship using your GP and use that to buy the Elite Pass instead. You can buy the Elite Pass for 1 week for 600GP or 2 weeks for 900GP. You get way more than enough to get 2 weeks and buy a Hero Ship for 500GP.
  3. No, you can't get it in Score Attack despite levels 1-4 showing your stats post-completion. Those stats don't get saved at all, so it won't count for the other 2 statistics either.
  4. I know I'm 2 months late, but congratulations! I've been watching your progress every few weeks and your determination was inspiring. I hope that your persistence will inspire others to get it done too.
  5. Man unironically replied to me only to spit on me, Jesus Christ. Thank God I don't need to deal with this kind of toxicity and I can instead focus on being useful to the community updating my trophy bot or writing guides.
  6. The issues raised by this thread are the very reason why I quit being active in these forums back in 2019 and I continue to be reluctant to be active again. The forum experience is so godawful. Something else that I didn't see mentioned here is the people racing to be the first to create a thread about "trophy thoughts", they actually unironically COMPETE to be the first to create those threads and they are usually worthless at the time of creation. I don't know if these are still going (haven't seen them in a while, but then again I'm no longer active in these forums either way), but it's just another issue that didn't seem like it was ever going to be solved and it wasn't worth fighting for. It's not my case, but it honestly sucks for anyone that isn't able to find and join a community where they can actually fit in and leave PSNP behind, which I assume to be the case for the people who get most upset about this. I sympathize with this thread on a very deep level.
  7. I don't know if this belongs to this thread, but could the Mugen Soul stacks be renamed in English?圧倒的遊戯-ムゲンソウルズ압도적유희-무겐소울즈
  8. Great, did you notice if it only allows you to deposit as many coins as before or if you could do more than that? Unfortunate! Hope it eventually gets sold in the shop for you then Man is too powerful to be left alive! What did you grab to cause the crashes? Brimstone bombs? Hemolacria? Playdough Cookie? 3 dollar bill? Angelic Prism? Crickets Body?
  9. Yeah it shouldn't unjam the machine, i don't think Ahnk does it too, but the more controllers you have, the faster it goes. Shame you dislike it, it's the easiest mode to break. At least you are hasting it and reducing your time spent with it so you can go back to 'normal' runs.
  10. I don't know how efficient this is regarding getting all Greedier completion marks on all chars, but you should be able to put the clicker on the second char, craft schoolbag on your tainted Cain, and make a new Forget Me Now to just reset the Greedier boss floor, so you can use the clicker to then play a new character with the second controller and getting another completion mark really quickly. In fact you should even be able to use the second char as ANOTHER TCain and make a schoolbag on that too so you can have one char using Clicker and Forget Me Now/R key while your main focus on crafting everything else for the second char. Of course if you are going this way, you should just plug more controllers to get more completion marks in a single run, as long as you have a way to generate energy (maybe something broken with 48 energy or sharp plug + Mom's Kiss + Wafer on a character that only has soul/black hearts (you can make TCain do this with Guppy's Paw, I believe)). There are so many ways to break this game, I can't wait to get a PS5 and do all stacks simultaneously using multiple controllers to speed up the process. It's gonna be great!
  11. Bruh You must have subscribed to the forums for this game at some point. Go here and see if the FOLLOW button is active and deactivate it to fix it. You must have missed a step somewhere. Your unlocks won't save if you see the crossed trophy on the left side, which is what I assume it's happening to you. Which guide were you using, mine at or mine here? Or someone else's?
  12. Just so you know, shopee is like a asian Ebay. The .br address just translates everything to Brazilian Portuguese, but you can access it in basically any language.
  13. Fret not because i'll shout out your website every possible moment that it's relevant for Yura. Maybe consider using the website logo in your signature to accompany the text you have as images draw more attention? I'll DM you! or maybe I won't because I still have the 201/200 inbox messages and can't delete any. Do you use discord?
  14. Just stumbled upon this on your signature by accident. You should REALLY advertise this more than just a single line under your posts. Your work is amazing! I would love to offer support to PlatPrices with Yura, saw that you had even an API page about it, really forward-thinking. I'll talk about it with @Froopy the Temmie to check if they are willing to integrate with Cowbear as well. I see that you have a "Contact Us" link, but it straight up opens the email to send one. I'm interested in knowing how would you like to receive feedback if you care about some?
  15. PSNP doesn't mark every possible store where you can get a stack otherwise it would be a cluttered mess. It only marks the most popular region. Games on the JPN store can be either the NA or the EU stack, it's not really set in stone. Most of the games I've played from there were NA but Dandara was EU. If you want to find out which stack a JPN game will belong to, your best bet is to stalk japanese players and try to find your game on their list using the search feature on their profile. You can find plenty of JPN players if you check recent players on games with JPN-only stacks. Catherine is a good pick, also Journey to the Savage Planet and Valiant Hearts PS4 due to being on JPN PS++.