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  1. Ghost of Tsushima, excited to get to that one
  2. About 62 right now, I'd say around 25 of them I have no intentions of ever getting or are impossible to get. Call of Duty BO3, a bunch of my old roommates Fifa games, Injustice, etc. If I didn't hate how that little purple H looks I'd probably have them stashed away
  3. Damn man, I'd take that whole list but Max Payne 3 is probably the one I'd want the most. Bonus for that Manhunt platinum too
  4. Stay central and deal with the enemy that’s closest to you at all times. I’d also suggest running 1-1 and restarting if you don’t get 9+ coins to start so you can have a head start to afford at least the gun upgrade 1 and ammo upgrade 1 if you’re having trouble hitting them before they overwhelm you. Other than that not much to say except good luck and keep trying because the RNG is not on your side most of the time but with enough trial and error you’ll get it done.
  5. Bro are you serious? Spoiler alert!!
  6. I already know trying to find Cyprus is going to demolish my completion percentage
  7. My mistake there, meant to specify that! I'd say the real number probably isn't too far off though with the utter lack of marketing for the console versions. I completely get that perspective on it and I'd probably agree in theory but it's a pretty fantastic subversion of what at least I've personally come to expect in a game. It's definitely changed my view on the reward cycle in gaming and I think while palate cleanser definitely isn't the right word, it's the best I can use to explain how it feels to really struggle not in a git gud way but in a real "human" way in your decision making. Totally understand it's not for everyone but I'd still recommend everyone look into it like you did and see if it's the type of new experience that they want to get into and I think if more people were aware of it they might just take the plunge
  8. Fortnite and done in 50 minutes? Holy shit
  9. The fact there are less than 300 people who even own this game on PS4 is a travesty. This game is incredibly underappreciated and underrated. You need to play it and you need to play it on the hardest difficulty. This game presents you a challenge that few games are willing to give you, one that isn't about quick twitch combat skills but about your decision making and being willing to punish you for your choice, not simply giving you different cosmetic choices or negative stat debuffs. You'll be asked to choose between saving yourself or saving others at the risk that there won't be more precious medicine to go around when you need it most. This is a game that forces you to grasp that you truly cannot save everyone and it does it by forcing you to chose to save yourself in a way that's not just missing out on a few stimpaks out of the hundreds you've saved in an optional quest. You'll find yourself trading your last bullet for a slice of toast. It's a gaming experience unlike anything I've yet to come across and you'll certainly find yourself getting sucked into the mystery of it all. That being said I need to give a disclaimer that the PS4 version of this game is prone to crashing, ubiquitous long load times, and some issues with textures. I also ran into a point where I had over 100 saves on a run and had to go back and delete some which seemed to help a bit with performance. Without these flaws this game would be nothing less than a masterpiece. and even after navigating around them for a 40~ hour platinum run I wish I could go back fresh and experience it for the first time again. It absolutely deserves the $25 to play it, if not just to support these developers and hopefully get them a more competent PS port partner for whatever the next project they put out.
  10. Congratulations and go fish!
  11. All the FIFA games my college roommates put on my profile, Payday, and Battlefield Hardline are the worst offender. I hate soccer so I’ll never even attempt to get the percentage up nevertheless have to purchase them since I don’t have copies. Payday I knew nothing about other than a lot of people loved it and realizing it was pretty much only multiplayer is a huge turn off for me and I’ll probably not return to it. And Hardline is just a shitty game with a platinum that’s unobtainable, damn PSNow made it too convenient to mess my list up when I wasn’t paying attention to it
  12. Just had an issue a minute ago where I apparently reached the limit of 100 saves when I tried to make another save. Had to quit the game and go to application saved data manager and delete saves to continue with over a gigabyte in saved data. Could be a contributor but really shouldn’t be having that problem in a game released in 2019. Whoever did this port did a piss poor job for such an awesome game, a shame really it will keep people from playing it
  13. Is anyone else having issues with the game crashing after or while saving? Data isn’t getting corrupted thankfully but curious if anyone has found a work around