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  1. Is there any way to start fresh save on PS5 when i have PS4 platinium ? I think there is link between PSN account and Neocore account, i think that character and progress is stored cloud coz you cant play offline and when i was trying on PS4 version to backup save and make something different that wont work. I have not bought PS5 version so if someone can cheak that would be great.
  2. I just dropped vita version, i cant play this with this frame rate. I was going for hard playtrough and last boss i just NO for me with 5-10 fps when he is spamming aoe attacks on last phase. I think better is crashing than 10 fps. Well hard is hard and you must play on nightmare so would say go for PS5 version. And ofc game is locked on PS Tv ; ( I really regret starting the vita version :(((((((((
  3. It is possible to make platinium playing only solo only by using maby something like raid/dungeon finders or i need a guild and premade party/raid ? I really want to try but i dont want to get involved to guild social nuances...
  4. I don't want to be rude, you don't look like the person who has been on this site since yesterday or has recently been collecting trophies. Why not take a look at the guide? All your answers are there. But basically the game has chapter select, and you may or may even have to go back to some chapters. Link to guide :
  5. Well, i have find a easy way to beat second phase, it is not 100% effective but it is quite effective. Try to position the boss so that he follows you by the wall, then he bounces off the wall and jumps at you, which is easy to counter L1 + left analog stick and you have easy punish. He will run at you sometimes, but try to avoid a fast backward R2. From what I can remember, I only died once in the second phase of doing this method. You can use focus for the whole game and suddenly on the last boss they decide that ... nope you can't use it 😂 Very cheap.
  6. How does % completion look on your 99 lvl trophy? I am currently on lvl 12 and the trophy tracking shows 8%. There are 99 levels, so it should go like 1% per level, right?
  7. Well people already confirms on xboxsa that achievements dont pop on Xbox after progresing on PC.
  8. geez only 1000h ? For lvl 99 I was prepared but for lvl 99 hardcore never in my life
  9. I hope that the function of transferring saves to USB drives will never be available. Just look at how many cheaters there are on PS4 who use save editor software or other save people to unlock the trophys. The only right option is to make cloud save for free. So far, the PS5 ranking is quite clean, not counting games with save transfer from PS4 that can be cheated earlier on PS4 but still should be better.
  10. I have a question about the Epilogue. I checked several guides and found some conflicting information. Some tutorials say that you need to get the full support of all (except Demeter) gods of Olympics (all hearts unlocked). In others that you only need 5 gods of Olympics, and in others that you do not need any and that and you have to kill Hades until you get a dialogue between Persephone and Hades that will trigger the epilogue. Some people who have already done this could say what they did to get the trophy. Sorry for my english.
  11. The leaks says that there will be not any constelation for Aloy. Here is link to her with her full skills and scaling Also on YT there are vidios with her elemental skill and burst animation.
  12. Amber is already screw up, Yoimyia comes out on August 10, later miHoyo and Sony gives Aloy for free as a 5 star character. Well... RIP Amber
  13. You can't. If you plan useing your character from PS4 then you can't. Only option is unlink your PS4 account in and make a new one. It is all server side.
  14. now it's time to update 36 fragments of midnight and turn off this light emitted by the square: D this game runs 15 fps maybe, I was very tired with doing it on vita