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  1. Yes. All trophies are obtainable. But there are a few trophies you can't get solo. “助けに来たぞ、友よ” Rescue a teammate for the first time “仲間大事” Rescue teammates 20 times “強靭な意志” Get rescued 3 times in a single battle There are currently no active players in the game and there are a lot of bots. So you need the help of friends to earn these trophies.
  2. Unfortunately, you can't fill your team with bots. You need to revive other players... I think the easiest way to get this trophy, requires a friend. First you play duo or squad mode with a friend. Then your friend intentionally goes down with storm damage and you revive him. Repeat this to earn the revival trophy.
  3. I unlocked the trophy. It is obtainable now.
  4. I will try it when the new season starts. I can't wait to unlock this trophy.
  5. The latest patch notes say something about fixing the Fully Kitted bug! In the next season we will be able to unlock this trophy. Fixed bug where players could not unlock the “Fully Kitted” badge
  6. The latest patch notes did not mention trophy fixes. I think if EA fixes it, they will write in the patch notes.
  7. The trophy did not autopop on the PS5 version. Is this normal?
  8. If you steal legendary items from a locked vault by loba ult, you can do it solo. You need to use the loba ult twice to steal the helmet and body armor from the vault. (The first ult takes 60 seconds, the second and subsequent ones 120 seconds.) There are three vaults in World's Edge, but one recommended location is near THE DOOM and LAVA CITY, because the other two places are more likely to be visited by many enemies. Another way to do this is to get a vault key from a cargo bot and open the vault. This method is a bit more difficult because it involves luck and you have to play solo or with your friends, otherwise your allies may take your items. Edit: Usually you can steal two items with loba ult. But if you steal an item from the vault, ult will break. So you need to use loba ult twice. Also, the probability that the helmet and armor are in the vault at the same time is not 100%, so you need to repeat the trials until the two items appear at the same time.
  9. I sent a bug report to EA Help. You can submit reports via this website, but EA does not seem to respond to individuals. We can probably do nothing more than wait for an update to the game.
  10. I also tried that today and the trophy didn't pop. It seems like no one has been able to get it since May 11. I don't know if this is a good approach, but I sent a bug report to EA.
  11. I solved it myself. Those missions showed up when I used the "Search" option in Dreams Workshop.
  12. I only see two missions in masterclasses. (Remixing Dreamiverse Dash, Sculpting and Level Assembly) What is the requirement for the third mission to appear?
  13. In Japan, "Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc" is released on PlayStation Portable, and there is no Japanese PlayStation Vita version. This PS Vita software was sold only outside Japan. Therefore, I think the Japanese version you found is the PSP version or "Danganronpa 1・2 Reload". I'm sorry for my bad English.