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  1. That is a killer move - drains all mana AND stops mana gain for a full minute. No way to heal or revive Exemplars. Mind Sniper doesn't interrupt or prevent it, so the only option I see is dropping the boss' stagger bar but that's not exactly easy to do in the time he charges it up. So anyone have suggestions?
  2. I have been unsuccessfully trying to fight this guy for over an hour and unleashed a torrent of cursing for his sake. I haven't seen him at all in my first three runs and then of course when I do my One-Life Mode runthrough he shows up! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH Psyche Devourer does nothing. So much for a boss killer His sword attacks hurt like hell His special move is unblockable and takes half your HP He has a stupid amount of HP and high defense I figured out that Mind Sniper will interrupt his charge and seal him, which is great, but all the other points still make him harder than the final boss. I've managed to get him down to his last 10% but it was a lot of effort and then he raped me. Anyone got pointers for me? I mean I'm so pissed right now I won't be able to sleep until I beat him, but lay them down here for the next poor soul. PSA: He mentions Gaius' attacks so whatever you do DON'T support Gaius attacking the capital - this guy is not worth it. Edit: I finally calmed down and beat it after going back to do a few more levels and get better gems. Eventually I beat him with a team of Order Zulf, Chaos Long and Chaos Winchester. Spells were Soulmancy, Psyche Devourer and Bywwdi's Blessing.
  3. Just finished this game with my wife and this was by far the most glitchy, unpolished lego game I've played. We played together on the PS3 and through the Story we had no issues. Freeplay froze on us multiple times after about an hour of playing. The final level, Inside Information, froze on us reliably unless we turned off the cheats. Once the cutscene skipped itself and then we couldn't progress (had to restart level). Wandering around the world we had really odd things happen. The most recent one was when having to fight a troll, my wife's player couldn't switch characters. She dropped out and I switched to her character, but holding triangle just switched me back to the other player. Again, restarting the game fixed it. I've noticed a downward trend in the quality of these games, so buyer beware on future releases!
  4. There's no thread for this yet so anyone coming to the site wanting to get 5-stars on all the maps with a partner, feel free to post here. This trophy is not a stroll through the park. Some of the maps are particularly tough so you need to be near max level with the characters you'll be playing (Naya & Dalton are the most important here). You also need to know your role and stick to it for the best chance of success. There are some basic rules/strategies to follow in general for the various objective types, and if you don't follow them it's going to be chaos most likely resulting in a mission failure. Finally, while having a mic is not necessary, it sure is nice to communicate and know you're being heard when coordinating tactics. With those strict but oh so important caveats out of the way, post here with your PSN name, time zone and if you have a mic in order to find help or offer your assistance in getting the Echelon Agent trophy. Great information on how to work together in Echelon linked below. This is a MUST read! PSN: ChronoCliff TZ: EST Mic: yes Available most mornings 6-8am and evenings after 9pm.
  5. Thanks for opening my mind to this idea! It's always nice to be able to take matters into your own hands. Unfortunately those dummy accounts have all expired. Gmail is too secure and wants a phone number for the 2014 ones. I was able to remake the first one but then PSN is acting funny with it. So I started making new ones through hotmail. I'll continue the process tomorrow but for now at least these profiles exist for communal use. Format is email then PSN name. [email protected] ..where xx is 01-30 TimTrophyxx ..where xx is 01-30 Password to all emails: ps3trophies Password to all PSN: ps3trophies EDIT: Completed! 30 new dummy accounts for everyone's benefit!
  6. I'm still having plenty of fun on PS3 games and am plenty satisfied by them. FF7 Remake + Kingdom Hearts 3, now that they're both officially announced, will be my reasons for getting a PS4. I expect I'll get one late 2016.